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time means
24 Nov 2008  #121

lmao thats funny

25 Nov 2008  #122

please check website polish-citizenshi.pl - it will help

2 Dec 2008  #123

Please check website polish-citizenship.

You can find an information about polish citizenship and polish passport there.

17 Dec 2008  #124

In the meantime, I have a race with a friend to completely memorise all the verbs in "301 Polish verbs" but thakfully not all the conjucations and perfectives.

Go wildman, go!

18 Dec 2008  #125

Join the race if you like :)

26 Dec 2008  #126

- Sorry, Moddie, I'll try to be gentler towards that thing.

8 Jan 2009  #127

Watched an invasion whilst there

Was it military activities around the area?

8 Jan 2009  #128

Was it military activities around the area?

Nie, it was a recreation of an invasion, bunch of guys dressed in German / American uniforms driving around in Jeeps and Motorcycles. They had an encampment set up in the light house area and then parachutists dropped onto the beach with tremendous accuracy.

31 Jan 2009  #129

Do you have any other information that might help me? I would greatly appreciate it..
please email me @ sweething815@aol.com

Thank you

time means
4 Feb 2009  #130

All those schools sound pikey - I don't know anything about them but the names are just so .... pikey

lol :-)

5 Feb 2009  #131

But i guess the Clubs in the Uk are okey. Aslong the booring brits don't invade the club.

You are really clever.

24 Feb 2009  #132

hello pls am from west africa how will prosses poland visa

24 Feb 2009  #133

Rocking, do you want to study or work in Poland ?

26 Feb 2009  #134

this is what she got from me,

got brain? use it...

26 Feb 2009  #135

Paid for the wedding, holidays to nice places,

Got the impression she wasnt his wife? But if she is...yeah he's fucked.

27 Feb 2009  #136

forgive my english ShelleyS , "never a truer word spoken" i got it wrong if u were correcting my english , and if u r saying the the spoken is never become true so im sorry again it did

27 Feb 2009  #137

Would that be a lemon sole or...? ;)

27 Feb 2009  #138

At 25 some kind of switch went off in me.

what are you on about !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sucking blood of another poor guy :)

27 Feb 2009  #139

Thanks for the tip preacher. I also got more tail than I can handle for 10+ years, and the one that spoiled me, was a beauty queen.

Good luck in your "shallow life"

Wroclaw Boy
27 Feb 2009  #140

It has to be asked dude are you ugly?

27 Feb 2009  #141

PMSL >>>>>:0...spot on vrotswav boy

27 Feb 2009  #142

It has to be asked dude are you ugly?

Are you !!!!!!!!!

me i dont think so,
Ive never had any problem getting girlfriends.

28 Feb 2009  #143

Are you !!!!!!!!!

The amount of exclamation marks speaks for itself :))
Ive never had any problem getting girlfriends.

And thats why you've been milked like a brown cow, Casanova.

2 Mar 2009  #144

Get the best layer you can find! Sorry to hear that!

3 Mar 2009  #145

Italian guys - lazy bastards with huge egos, only egos ;)
Spanish guys - no way to understand them/vain roosters...

You have to taste the greek guys.

3 Mar 2009  #146

Just dont live with their mothers...:}

3 Mar 2009  #147

You have to taste the greek guys.

I was "tasting" polish ones and will take a breake for some time ;)

6 Mar 2009  #148

I'm foreigner who's currently live in poland, and i just want to let the people know who wants to come to poland work and live here.....man?! you are about to make a huge mistake in your life....... consider some different country before you waste your money and your time....basically you wouldn't want to be here

6 Mar 2009  #149

consider some different country before you waste your money and your time

Hmm, maybe I will consider Zimbabwe then.

7 Mar 2009  #150

hahah you are right

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