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Tour agencies from Poland interested in Serbia

25 Apr 2015  #1

This is really good news. From time to time Polish touristic agencies organized trips from Poland to Serbia for the Poles who wanted to visit grave of maybe greatest Polish national hero of all times- Zawisha Czarny that is buried in Serbia, near the Golubac fortress. Now, interest for destinations in Serbia rising. For sure that is also sign that standard of living in Poland improves and Poles start more and more to travel. Anyway, Poles are welcome in Serbia. Very welcome. They would be in Serbia accepted as our own people.

Polish touristic agencies interested in Serbia


BELGRADE - Eight touristic agencies from Poland interested to list Serbia in their destination offer have arrived in Serbia on Tuesday and will stay in the country until April 24 at the invitation of the National Tourism Organisation of Serbia (TOS) and national airline company Air Serbia.

A workshop will also be organised for the Polish tourism operators during their stay in the country, and it will be attended by representatives of tourism in Serbia.

25 Apr 2015  #2

Crow, apart from Kosovo Polje, what other sites are important in Serbian history? In particular, are there any important sites relating to Partisan activity in WW2?

26 Apr 2015  #3

In particular, are there any important sites relating to Partisan activity in WW2?

if you are interested in that part of history, i would warmly suggest you to visit monumental complex dedicated to WWII `SREMSKI FRONT`. During the battle that occurred as culmination of period, October 21, 1944 - April 12, 1945, more then 13.500 Yugoslavian partisans (mostly Serbs) died in battle, while enemy casualties were 30.000 dead (Germans and Croats). Yugoslavian partisans were supported by the Soviet Union`s Red Army (that lost 1.100 soldiers in the battle) and Bulgarian army that switched sides, abandoned loyalty to Axis powers and supported Yugoslavs (lost 630 soldiers in Srem battle).

Srem is region in the Voivodina province, northern Serbia.

Its a huge monumental complex with a museum in its center. Museum have a form of Thracian tomb.



The Syrmian Front

The Syrmian Front was an Axis line of defense during World War II. It was established as part of the Eastern Front in late October 1944 in Syrmia and east Slavonia, northwest of Belgrade...


26 Apr 2015  #4

I might have wanted to visit Serbia, but you have completely put me off the country. Whenever I hear the word Serbia (which is hardly ever, except on here, thanks to you and no-one else) I immediately think 'Crow'. You do more damage to your country than you could ever believe.

26 Apr 2015  #5

When you visit Serbia, you would think nice even about me.

26 Apr 2015  #6

What are the best flight / rail (ideally cheapish flight) options from Warsaw to Serbia? I'd actually like to visit, especially Belgrade or Novi Sad.

'Scuse me asking about direct options Crowie, but I don't much like guided tours. Much nicer to visit privately.

27 Apr 2015  #7

I am visiting Belgrade in the summer Crow have you got any tips or useful phrases please?

21 Aug 2015  #8

Merged: Air Serbia signs codeshare agreement with LOT Polish Airlines

a business article. Good news who see god in better business cooperation between Poland and Serbia.

Air Serbia signs codeshare agreement with LOT Polish Airlines

10.06.2015 01:49:00 Source: SeeNews

Air Serbia said on Tuesday it has signed a codeshare agreement with LOT Polish Airlines to provide travellers with enhanced connections between Northern, Eastern, Southeastern Europe, and the Middle East.

"[..] our commercial partnership with LOT is a crucial step in further enhancing our presence in Northern Europe via Warsaw. We are now able to boost our business and leisure travel offering between Serbia and the Baltic States, and onwards to other endpoints throughout this strategically important European region," Dane Kondic, Air Serbia's CEO, said.

When it comes to flight, Poles are really blessed to have business deal with competent Serbians and not with incompetent Germans. God just love Poland

Fly safely, Fly by Air Serbia


21 Aug 2015  #9

competent Serbians

Air Serbia is currently under the management of Etihad Airways.
I flew with them last year, and for the price I can't complain.
Only problem was the 12 hour stop in Belgrade. Do you know there is nowhere to smoke in the entire duty free (after passport control) section of Belgrade airport? People were smoking in the toilets - including airport staff that actually showed me this handy trick :)

21 Aug 2015  #10

Air Serbia is currently under the management of Etihad Airways.

Let us don`t forget that is 51% of the company property of the Serbian government.

Only problem was the 12 hour stop in Belgrade.

Why is that a problem? for 12 hours, you spent some money in Belgrade, didn`t you? ;)

People were smoking in the toilets

well, true. Serbian toilets are like cafe bars now. Actually, kind of safe heaven.

21 Aug 2015  #11

spent some money in Belgrade, didn`t you? ;)

I tried some local beers and I enjoyed that. But 12 hours is seriously long. At least they had free wifi and it was fast. In general, every single interaction I have ever had in my entire life with Serbs has been positive and pleasant.

21 Aug 2015  #12

But 12 hours is seriously long.

i remember few comments from TV, about those stops in Belgrade. Seams that Air Serbia faces some temporary obstacles in her `conquest` on Europe and world. Seams that some airports and air companies increase prices of their services to Air Serbia what if accepted, may increase costs (prices of tickets) and therefore reduce maneuverable space for competition. That force Air Serbia to perfect its timing and maximally use its own and friendly resources. This agreement with Polish LOT (in mutual interest) must be among the attempts of Air Serbia to deal with situation, keeping competitive prices.

21 Aug 2015  #13

But 12 hours is seriously long.

It's the problem with Air Serbia that while their network is good, they just don't have the frequency on flights to make connecting through Belgrade worthwhile. That's why I suspect this codeshare agreement is a two way thing - it will get more flights from WAW to BEG daily (once the restrictions on LOT end), and will also allow Air Serbia to offer connections such as POZ-WAW-BEG rather than everything going through Frankfurt/Munich like now. It also means the possibility of some interesting connections - for instance - Sarajevo and Podgorica rather than having to fly to Frankfurt first.

From LOT's point of view, it will also mean that Air Serbia will funnel some transatlantic traffic into WAW too.

Etihad have done a fantastic job with Air Serbia - within the space of a few years, they've gone from the disaster that was post-war JAT to a decent airline. Of course, Etihad's game is obvious - but for Serbia, it's a win-win situation.

21 Aug 2015  #14

Exactly, delph. Polish LOT can revive in cooperation with Air Serbia, while for Air Serbia that cooperation may have decisive positive impact on future of company. Locations of their infrastructure, suggests their symbiotic relationship. Polish LOT and Air Serbia can use each others as bases for the `next jumps`.

It also means the possibility of some interesting connections - for instance - Sarajevo and Podgorica rather than having to fly to Frankfurt first.

nicely said.

On a larger picture, that what we see now is actually re-establishing of the ancient Balkan-Baltic wealth flow. Long time ago that wealth flow was put under control of Romans and then west of Europe. Sarmatian connection, Poles and Serbians are coming back.

Anyway, Serbia is full of natural beauties. In a next photos i would introduce Kopaonik mountain resort to you, which is also national park of nature. This is the place where i had been and tasted during summer and during winter.

Summer images of Kopaonik


Too many pictures, please limit their number to a few only (about four is enough)

22 Aug 2015  #15

Where in Serbia is it, Crowie?

It looks like it's somewhere in the West/South West of Serbia, near the Jabuka border crossing maybe?

17 Oct 2015  #16

I have never been to serbia. I wonder next time I am in europe how hard is it to go there and see the place?

Crow if I go there will I be arrested for my anti russian views? No way I would ever go to russia but having been to all the Western countries and south they get boring and it would be nice to go somewhere without the usual throng of gypos.

18 Oct 2015  #17

Crow if I go there will I be arrested for my anti russian views?

you won`t be arrested even for anti-Serbian views. British ambassador is open enemy to Serbia and nobody even dream to arrest him. Man is nasty and dirty person but, he is free and happy here.

So Mars, no, you won`t be arrested for anti-Russian views. Actually, when there is reason to it, among Serbs, you would always found people eager to criticize anybody who deserve to be criticized. People in Serbia are among best informed Europeans and in their nature Serbs are most balanced Europeans in their political views. We are not easily confused neither by the west, neither by the east of globe.

No way I would ever go to russia but having been to all the Western countries and south they get boring and it would be nice to go somewhere without the usual throng of gypos.

if you didn`t visit Serbia you can`t say that you visited all Western countries. Here, in Serbia, West was born. Here was old core of Sarmatia/Thracia and also, after Italy, crucial region of the Roman Empire, where 17 Roman Emperors of classical antiquity were born.... When in the early middle age German nobility still used hands in order to eat, every Serbian peasant used cutlery. Belgrade, Serbian Capital was founded by the Celts (here known as old Slavs) and represent one of oldest capital cities of Europe. Capital that was 55 times destroyed by the invaders and same number of times re-built by Serbians. Here in Belgrade, non-aligned movement was created, what made Belgrade to be natural and real world Capital. In that same Belgrade, ideas for liberation and independence of modern Czech, Slovak and Polish states, got wings. Same can be said for all today `independent` South Slavic states, who were all liberated by Serbians. And much more interesting things you can found out if you learn about Serbia.

See Mars, you didn`t visit all Western countries.

I have never been to serbia. I wonder next time I am in europe how hard is it to go there and see the place?

welcome to Serbia.

just to tell to those who travel to Serbia via Belgrade`s Nikola Tesla airport. Don`t be surprised if you, after lending, spot how naked and drunk Irish run and jump all around you. Its normal here.

Goli i pijani putnici terorisali osoblje beogradskog aerodroma

Flight heading for Turkey forced to make emergency landing

best air flight company in Europe

Air Serbia Theme Song - The Wings of Europe


Air Serbia - Facebook


best air flight company

Who said that, a Polish tour agency, a Polish media? It looks like a commercial.

fantastic news, indeed

Steven Seagal coming to work in Serbia (i believe in our economy but this...). Seagal is touristic attraction for itself. One more reason for Poles to come to Serbia.

President, PM receive Hollywood action star Steven Seagal

Seagal "expressed the willingness to set up a film association and help attract investment and employ young people in Serbia," Tanjug is reporting.
.................... Vucic "supported Seagal's idea on opening an aikido club in Belgrade

1 Dec 2015  #18

Only in Yugoslavia... ;-)

1 Dec 2015  #19

Exactly :)

Steven Saegal and Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic - ITS A DEAL

Steven Seagal in Belgrade`s pubs


another good news.

Air Serbia got right to make direct flights to USA! All who likes to flight in safety planes may rejoice now. Safety is good business. Best business, Slavic business. Don`t put your life and lives of your family members by using planes of questionable companies and people. In hard times only hard and professional people can provide you the best. Fly by Air Serbia!

Vucic: Green light for direct flights to United States

Belgrade has been given the go-ahead from Washington for Serbian planes and crews to fly to the Unites States, Aleksandar Vucic said in parliament on Wednesday.


Air Serbia Catering: Fine dining above the clouds


Air Serbia Premium Lounge - Opening Ceremony


Many Poles who coming to Serbia, coming in order to visit sacred grave of Zawisza Czarny z Garbowa, by many, greatest Polish national hero of all times, who gave His noble life in service of Poland, on the behalf of Slavdom and whole Sarmatia, for freedom of Serbians. As trustworthy man of Polish king Władysław II Jagiełło, Zawisza was spending a lot of time in back then Serbian despotate (last free zone of Serbian Empire) leading Polish campaign of support to Serbian resistance to Turks. Also, Zawisza coordinated transfer of Serbian winged cavalry units from Serbia that crumbled under the pressure of Ottomans, to Poland. Those Serbian riders that came to Poland played crucial role in formation of Polish winged cavalry and Hussars, as well as Hungarian Hussars. In Poland, those Serbs would become legendary, known as Racowie- military instructors, elite force and fist of Polish Kings.


Zawisza Czarny z Garbowa (also known as The Black Knight; c. 1379 in Stary Garbów, Poland - 1428 in Golubac, Serbia), bearer of Sulima Coat of Arms, was a famous Polish medieval knight and diplomat

Zawisza Czarny was a famous Polish knight, winner of many tournaments, a symbol of a knight and a model of all knightly virtues. His father was Biernat from Garbów. Zawisha`s black armor is located in the armory of Jasna Góra Monastery, in Zawisha`s beloved Poland.

Zawisza became for many Poles one of the most popular folks heroes thank to his exceptional bravery and proverbial reliability and loyalty. Famous is the Polish saying: "Polegać na nim jak na Zawiszy" (Rely on him like on Zawisza). This motto also became part of the Polish Scouts oath.

A monument to Zawisza Czarny near Golubac fortress, in Serbia, has the inscription: ``In Golubac, his life was taken by the Turks in 1428, the famous Polish knight, the symbol of courage and honor, Zawisza the Black. Glory to the hero!`` Zawisha is considered a hero in Serbia, too. Story says that when sow that battle is lost, he made his last charge onto overwhelming enemy, with one other Polish cavalryman and one Polish foot solder. They made charge rather to die fighting then retreating. When he was killed, Turks mutilated him and decapitate his head. His body was at night saved by local Serbians and buried close to Golubac fortress, near one spring. Since that time water of the spring is considered sacred and spring still exist.

Sacred spring of Zawisza Czarny, Golubac, Serbia

Glory to Zawisha! Long live Poland!

21 Oct 2016  #20


Polish Tourists Created a Stunning Video of Serbia · STILL IN ...

video >>> vimeo.com/178020302

Heading to Guca Trumpet Festival (Serbia). Poland - Balkans. Moto trip.


Hell isn`t that far; 65 C degrees measured in Serbia

Less then 1000 km from Poland. Ozone layer failure above central Serbian town of Jagodina. Extraordinary measures by government. Quarantine in houses best protection.

source: srbijadanas.com/vesti/info/izmereno-cak-65-stepeni-u-ovom-gradu-u-srbiji-je-pravi-pakao-2017-08-03

4 Aug 2017  #21

Crow I got good news for you. Serbia topped the Financial Times index in terms of greenfield investment attractiveness.

"Serbia scored 12.02 in the index - and the score "indicates that in 2016 it attracted more than 12 times the greenfield FDI that would be expected for an economy of its size. Serbia's otherwise disappointing economic performance has been outweighed by regulatory reform, low labor costs and access to the EU single market [...] most investors are attracted to Serbia as an export platform rather than as a market in its own right."


4 Aug 2017  #22

How come it's a good news? Its just like it was with Greece. Country used by Germans to sell german products at the cost of their own economy and manufacture. Look at Greece now after it got exploited in the very same way by the 4th Reich.

5 Aug 2017  #23

How come it's a good news?

Haven't been to Serbia, have you?

Serbia attracting investment is great news for them.

6 Aug 2017  #24

How come it's a good news?

It is good news.

Its just like it was with Greece.

Serbian case differ from Greek in any sense.

most investors are attracted to Serbia as an export platform rather than as a market in its own right."

This is crucial. Literally, there is no country in the world that can offer to investor what Serbia can. You have factory in Serbia, you can `tax free` sell to Russia and on entire SU market. Also, thanks to having company in Serbia, you may apply to buy some rare natural resources available in Russia (normally available only to Russian companies). Then, all products produced in Serbia have super-beneficial status on Chinese market.

Simple, if you have company/factory in Serbia, your opportunities, quantities of your production are unlimited.

Country used by Germans to sell german products at the cost of their own economy and manufacture.

In Serbia, Germans are just one among many investors. Money comes from all meridians. Germans hare don`t create, neither control conditions. They here came to avoid their own isolation, seek for the window of opportunity open only here.

johnny reb
6 Aug 2017  #25

Polish Tourists Created a Stunning Video of Serbia

No doubt your part of the world is starting to become more popular with tourists thanks to Melania Trump.
I just read this article and had no idea that Slovenia for example is an up and coming tourist destination.

Serbia has much to offer also in the tourist trade and with that stunning video it gets word out to the Polish and Americans to come and visit us.

6 Aug 2017  #26

Great party for Polish Independence day in Polish embassy in Belgrade, Serbia >

The reception was attended by representatives of the Government of Serbia, members of the diplomatic corps and the Polish community in Serbia, as well as business leaders, public figures and representatives of religious communities.


Independence Day of Poland, in Serbia


Civilian and military representatives of Serbia on the start of video

MUST SEE - Do something for yourself and spot this >>> take it >>> feel better >>>

EXIT Festival's mts Dance Arena Global Phenomenon


NICK VUJICIC - motivational speech @ EXIT FESTIVAL


10 Mar 2018  #27


Poles can come and dig - Serbia allowed free gold digging in its Pek river, the biggest golden river of Europe

Spread the word! Gold rush!

I apologize for didn`t bring this news earlier. If you have spirit of adventurer you can come to Serbia and enjoy in gold digging and then take gold for yourself. Story is real. Its not story created to attract tourists or something. Its very real golden river with enough golden particles to make you rich if you dedicate yourself to it. There is not enough golden particles for commercial industrial digging but, enough for private diggers. So, Serbia`s government forbid industrial exploitation even to small enterprises in order to open space to common people. You can come from any part of the world and you are free to dig. I checked. Couldn`t found any data on eventual compensation to state in case of bigger founded golden quantities but, I presume, if you get bigger quantity of gold that`s least of your problem.


Some live in neighboring woods and digging. They always found enough gold to desire to continue to dig. Nature is story for itself.

some info here but you as well can google on Pek river in Serbia and of course check in with nearest Serbian embassy >

and the golden particles are released and carried away in the waterbeds of mountain rivers. The Homolje area of eastern Serbia is rich with gold, harboring the biggest golden river of Europe - Pek.

Kao nekad u Srbiji: Ašove u ruke i u lov na zlato
Tools in your hands and dig for gold


18 Mar 2018  #28

[moved from]

Poles go out of Britain where they don`t like you and come where you are loved!


I see. So, things stand good, I mean bad in Britain. Beautiful. Let me just familiarize you with some aspects of Serbia, too. We also consolidate, no matter obstacles that Britain and friends imposed on us.

By the `Blumberg`, Serbian dinar is second safest money in the world. Also, by the Financial Times, Serbia is the top country in the world looking by the performance index of greenfield direct foreign investments.

What I want to tell you, spread the world brate. Your little investment in Serbia can make you more financially independent. Plus, by investing in Serbia, you strengthening Poland.

Some of ideas for your investment here could be from tourism to the industry and construction. So, by just buying apartment in Belgrade Waterfront project you for sure made yourself good investment. You invest 1 dinar and minimum 3 coming back to you in some time.

This ongoing project attracts more and more investors > Belgrade Waterfront >



18 Mar 2018  #29

So, by just buying apartment in Belgrade Waterfront

Send me a link to a good Serbian property search site brat

18 Mar 2018  #30

I just did. Always good to know where you can retreat after great love received in UK.

In Serbia, Poles are loved!

you can start from these real estates links >


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