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23 Oct 2022  #1,141

But Cojestdocholery insulted you, not Russians.

I don't give a sh*it about cojest so he can try to insult me all day long.
What did the Soviets do with those polish bodies in Katyn? Did they use them to feed their dogs raw or roasted?

It will only show how sick in the head you are.

Not any sicker that the Russia-hating morons celebrating their deaths. You want to report how many were killed? Fine. Just don't dance ...

23 Oct 2022  #1,142

I don't give a sh*it about cojest so he can try to insult me all day long.

So, Soviet whor, why did you fly off the handle and vowed to mention Katyn everywhere?? It was your emotional response to Cojest calling you shyt or sth.

23 Oct 2022  #1,143

When you, Russia-hating morons, quit dancing on their bodies and stop that idiotic double "SS" sh*it that is an insult to the millions who died at the hands of the real SS I will stop celebrating Katyn. Your choice, fu*cking idiots.

23 Oct 2022  #1,144

Your choice,

Yes, Soviet whor, it is our deliberate choice. Like always. :):):)

23 Oct 2022  #1,145

Said a real who*re.

23 Oct 2022  #1,146

Those RuSSists are becoming sicker and sicker each day.

...and the moron density per square meter higher and higher.

Did anyone in your family get fed to the dogs in Katyn? No? I am sooo sorry...

23 Oct 2022  #1,147

But Cojestdocholery insulted you, not Russians

I didn't insult it. Filth can't be insulted. I simply pointed out that it need to be avoied because it stinks, is toxic and doesn't bring anything to the forum. Absolutly usless and boring sh't.

23 Oct 2022  #1,148

Couldn't agree with you more.
How do you know what I post? Just curious...

23 Oct 2022  #1,149


He Clownozo, Its Sunday are you going to be here until midnight again?

23 Oct 2022  #1,150

In your head maybe lol

In real life not in your imaginary world.

23 Oct 2022  #1,151

Its Sunday

Yes, I know. Still thanks for the info. hahaha

until midnight again?

Who knows? It depends if you are funny enough. hahaha

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