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Montenegro Serbs to overthrow pro-NATO regime in Montenegro. Devastation of churches.

19 Oct 2015  #1

Latest rapports says that Montenegro dictator Milo Djukanovic left the country. For those who don`t know, just to say that Milo Djukanovic was the last communist dictator that ruled in Eastern Europe thanks to western European and USA support. Djukanovic is also one of greatest European mafia bosses.

Next thing that is expected is re-union of Montenegro with Serbia. Bosnia and Herzegovina are also on the way to align its policy with Serbia and to re-join it in next few years. Those who sponsored dissolution of Yugoslavia failed. Serbia would rebuild it.

Incidents as thousands protest in Montenegro

Source: Beta, RTS, Tanjug Monday, October 19, 2015 | 09:45

Several thousand people on Sunday protested at Podgorica's Republic Square against Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic and his government.

Those who gathered chanted, "He is finished," and referred to the police as "dogs," and then threw rocks, spray tear gas and flares at a police cordon that did not react.

Djukanovic had "left the country on a plane around 18:30 hours" and asked the participants in the protest to be calm and act in a dignified manner.

Montenegro police clash with anti-government protesters


Podgorica, protest, 1.oktobar 2015 - protesters waving with Serbian and Montenegro flags

People chanted: `Milo lopove!` (`Milo thief!`)


SVI GOVORI SA PROTESTA - TV VIJESTI 27.09.2015. - demands to governmant


19 Oct 2015  #2

Crow, do you really think there's a chance for Yugoslavia to reunite? Probably not as a country, but more a political union as you said.

20 Oct 2015  #3

Yugoslavia would stay in history and stay remembered as one of societies predecessors to newly emerging Intermarium. Serbians would now focus on Serbian question what Polish elites around Polish prince Adam Czartoryski suggested them. But, back then after WWI, it was hard to focus on Serbian question and unite solely Serbian lands (no matter of Orthodox and of Catholic Serbs) when non-Serbian but still Slavic Slovenia was threatened to stay as part of Austria and Italy in that case. So, Serbians chosen Yugoslavia and gave shelter to Slovenians. Then, in environment of Uni-Polar world and Cold War, within Yugoslavia, Serbians were exposed to deeper disintegration of their ethnic being over the religious lines.

So, i think that would Serbians now correct one historical injustice. Serbs would reunite and they would create strong Serbian state, healthy Slavic society with underlined tolerance on religious differences among Serbs of different religious background.

On the other side, when Serbian lands (today`s Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzegovina) re-unite in one state and if Macedonia and Slovenia and possible Bulgaria (there were ideas that Bulgaria join when first and second Yugoslavia were formed) show intention to join with that new Serbia, there would be Yugoslavia. Even then, i am sure, it would be just pretext to joining of South Slavs into the Intermarium (just via Yugoslavia), as Pilsudski himself contemplated on that. But, this scenario depend on elements that are outside of our perception at this moment.

You would note that i didn`t mention Croatia as part of eventual new Yugoslavia because i don`t think that is realistic that Croatia survive as a state. Its just the matter of time when would Catholic Serbs and remaining Orthodox Serbs of what is now Croatia rebel against Croat oppression and decide to join with Serbia (Dalmatia-Adriatic coast, Slavonia and some other regions). What remain from Croatia (real ethnic Croatia) would stay oriented on Germany and won`t seek its future in Intermarium.

Protesters and police in violent clashes in Montenegro


Podogrica (Montenegro) (AFP) - Montenegrin protesters on Sunday hurled stones and used pepper spray against police, who retaliated with tear gas during a rally of several thousand seeking the prime minister's resignation.

Demonstrators in the tiny Balkan nation are calling for "genuine elections" organised by a transitional government in place of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, who has been at the centre of power since the early 1990s.

"Milo thief!" and "He is over!" chanted the protesters, who eventually dispersed after about an hour.

'Protests Won't Stop' Until Montenegro PM Resigns



People carried placards calling for Djukanovic to step down, while some waved Serbian and Montenegrin flags

Montenegrin protesters plan daily protests until the prime minister steps down, as thousands attend Sunday's anti-government rally in Podgorica.

Merged: Devastation of Churches built by Nemanjic nobles, ancestral house of Polish Jadwiga; Should Poland react?

In a family tree of Polish Jadwiga, Serbian Nemanjic dynasty is the only Imperial noble house. So, highest ranking nobility in family tree. Therefore, Nemanjic`s noble house is considered to be original ancestral house of Polish Jadwiga. Nemanjic`s were only European Imperial nobility that was crowned, respected and recognized equally by the Pope from Rome and by the Patriarch of the Constantinople.

Jelisaveta (Elizabeth) of Serbia was the great-grandmother to Jadwiga of Poland and Mary of Hungary.


Jadwiga of Poland

Anyway, Nemanjic`s built many Churches and monasteries on Kosovo and Metohija, in Raska region, in Dubrovnik, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

These days, Churches built by Nemanjic`s are being desecrated and devastated by the Muslims extremists on Kosovo who dared to apply for UNESCO membership, while for that having support of the western Europe?

So, the question of this thread is what should official Poland do? Is this the right moment for official Poland to stand and publicly support and defend values that so eagerly promote- tradition and family? Is this the right moment for official Poland to openly support campaign of Serbian government, Campaign against Kosovo's UNESCO bid?

spot this >

#NoKosovoUnesco: Campaign against Kosovo's UNESCO bid


The Serbian president's official YouTube channel has published a video about the destruction of Serbian cultural heritage in Kosovo.

The Truth #NoKosovoUnesco


As you can learn watching video above, on the places of devastation of Churches regularly appears graffiti with inscription- ISIS.

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To be able to understand processes within Poland, one must observe what`s going on around Poland and how people that is kin to Poles react on continental events

This is how Serbians defend democracy during protest in Belgrade



Source: Tanjug Thursday, March 10, 2016 | 09:35

23 May 2017  #4


Should Poles more agreesively protest against Polish governmant because of Poland`s Kosovo recognition?

Question is simple and, please reveal you stance publicly so that your voice here may act as correction factor to leadership of Poland and even to Polish public. Polish government to correct this injustice done to Serbians by official Poland, to annul Kosovo recognition and, Polish people to more openly stand and show its disgust to shameful acts of Polish politics that too often tend to satisfy foreign interests on the account of Polish interests. True, it was Tusk who made possible Poland`s Kosovo recognition but, Shidlo lady don`t show intention to annul that.

Poles and Serbians, forever in solidarity. So that we stop to retreat. Slava! Sarmatija!


God save Poland, save Serbia!

True, we Serbians have a need for your support Poles. But, more then we need you, it is Poland who needs you. It is Her who don`t need this burden of lie, injustice and manipulation on its soul. THEY lied on us Serbians, Poles, sisters and brothers. But, when back then leadership of Poland recognized Kosovo, as Tusk himself admitted, because Polish EU and NATO partners asked for it, leadership of Poland didn`t harm only Serbians but also Polish vital and strategic interests and, what is worse of all, leadership of Poland harmed soul of Poland.

That is in the game here. For, what have you accomplished my sisters and brothers if Poland lose its soul. So, you know your duty. On streets and support Serbians. Because truth walk with us. Because we didn`t fail. Because, after all, we believe in Poland. In shining, pure and eternal soul of Poland. Because we are Serbians, loyal, last bearers of venerable Sarmatian name.

In Kosovo, it all started with lies, Security Council told


Walker, of the OSCE, had ........ to act in an objective and impartial manner, but he ........ abused his mandate ......... in order to achieve goals that are now exposed and include formation of an independent Kosovo and Greater Albania.

It started with a Lie - Nato Aggression against Serbia 1999 Part 1


Sarmats awake!

Rola Niemiec w rozbiciu Jugosławii - by Prof.dr hab. Jerzy Robert Nowak, Radio Maryja (2008-04-26)

Jacek Mojkowski o Kosowo: tu rządzi mafia

Kosowo: pocałunek Almanzora na czole Europy, złożony przez USA - Stanisław Michalkiewicz

Janusz Koewin Mikke: Amerykańskie samoloty BOMBARDOWAŁY MIASTA CYWILNE odrywając KOSOWO!

23 May 2017  #5

Crow, we really don't care about Kosovo. But, tell us all, what would Serbia do with predominantly Albanian population of Kosovo if it ever regained control over this area?

23 May 2017  #6

what would Serbia do with predominantly Albanian population of Kosovo

History shows clearly that some Serbs would go with genocide and ethnic cleansing, just like they did in Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Kosovo. Probably a spot of mass rape thrown in too.

23 May 2017  #7

Anti-Serbian propaganda was invented by those who help spreading Islam in Europe, while Serbians were/are obstacle. Tomorrow or maybe already, Poland would be or is obstacle. What would you Harry then? Speak against Poles, same as you speak against Serbians today? Or, maybe you already speak against Poles?

Do you?

24 Oct 2017  #8


Serbia`s syndrome of neutrality spread; Slovakia could move out of NATO; What Poles thinks?

I sow an article today about possible Slovakian abandoning of NATO in next 10 years. What you people think? Should Poland declare military neutrality?

Slovačka izlazi iz NATO? (Slovakia moving out of NATO?)

Slovaks say that NATO only creating problems to them, confronting them artificially with Russia, and also not giving solutions on global challenges such is terrorism and migrants.

24 Oct 2017  #9


Good riddance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will gladly not have to invoke Article 5 for frigging, MONTENEGRO! What a joke, is that even a real country? When daddy Vova Putin moves in with little green men to protect the 0.01% Russian speakers in Montenegro, I will be laughing with my popcorn out.

24 Oct 2017  #10

Should Poland declare military neutrality?

Of course not and it will not either. Poles are too determined to do the right thing and to defend those who are threatened and cannot defend themselves, which is why we saw brave Poles breaking Polish law to protect the innocent against evil Serbian invaders in both Croatia and Bosnia and why modern Poland has forces in the independent state of Kosovo to prevent another Serbian invasion there.

24 Oct 2017  #11


Harry shut up...That is all Nazi-Jew NATO George Soros funded propaganda from the Rothschilds and the Lizard People. None of that ever happened, it was all lies and it was orchestrated by Victoria Nuland as a conspiracy to keep the Slavs down, and keep the Serbs from becoming Slav leaders and elevating them to their rightful place as masters and overlords of the entire World.

25 Oct 2017  #12

the Rothschilds and the Lizard People

Tell us more

25 Oct 2017  #13

That is all Nazi-Jew NATO George Soros funded propaganda from the Rothschilds and the Lizard People.

Why are you failing to mention the Illuminati?! Are you one?

keep the Serbs from becoming Slav leaders and elevating them to their rightful place as masters and overlords of the entire World.

That's not a bad effort but you really need to throw at least a few mentions of Svetovid in there and at least one "Slavija!" if you're really going to get close to pulling it off.

26 Oct 2017  #14

Of course not and it will not either.

Yes, and why would they. When they don`t know what is good for them, Anglos knows.

That's not a bad effort but you really need to throw at least a few mentions of Svetovid in there and at least one "Slavija!" if you're really going to get close to pulling it off.

Add word `Sarmatia` in it and I`m in.

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