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Nazis vs the English vs Americans, who was worse?

3 Feb 2018  #1

Nazis murdered some 11 million people out of it 6 million poles

The English murdered half of an Irish population the other half was enslaved, they raped and murdered Scottish too not even saying about what they did to China India and Africans. Not even saying that British Anthem is really an English military song an English soldiers were singing while invading and raping Scotland numerous of times. Believe it or not but Scott's are forced to sing that song today.

Not even saying anything about the financial support Nazis and Hitler were getting from England especially from the royals before the war.

Americans some sources say they killed millions of natives. Today USA does some crimes against humanity guantanamo is one example, to get oil it invades other countries.

So who really was the worst criminal were the Nazis really the worst ones?

3 Feb 2018  #2

So who really was the worst criminal

It is the Americans in my honest opinion. Not only did they murder millions directly, the present wars are their doings only, which is indirectly resulting in loss of millions of lives. They win hands down in this contest of killers.

Casual Observer
3 Feb 2018  #3

Ahem, go your local library, get an atlas off the shelf, and have a look at the names of rivers, mountains etc across Australia, Canada, USA, and then get a phone book for northern Ireland and check out how many names begin with 'Mac-' and 'Mc-'.

I think you might find quite a few Scottish names, spread all over the 'English' empire ;)

3 Feb 2018  #4

And since when Northern Ireland is part of Scotland? Or was it ever?
As far as I remember after the English murdered half of the Irish, enslaved other half the English took part of Ireland and named it northern Ireland and when the Irish fought the English asking the English to return Northern Ireland back to Ireland the English were saying it's protestants and catholics fighting each other in Northern Ireland, lmao

Apart from that. An example there's town called kosciuszko in the US does that mean kosciuszko was member of an English empire? And member in English colonists?

There's mountain in Australia called kosciuszko does that mean kosciuszko was an English prisoner sent to Australian prison?

So let's take closer look,

USA invaded Iraq, it invaded Libya, it invaded Syria, Vietnam USA do control some countries
Also USA saved Europe from Nazis and actually thanks to us of a Germans are what they're today, thanks to USA southern Korea is what it is today and thanks to USA Japan is what it is today.

Americans don't only destroy they do sometimes good things too. I just don't know why they left Poland after wwii probably because of Nazis offered them its scientists who took Americans to the moon.

England from all countries it controlled and control it only has developed one and only because of it thought it won't be taken from them, Hong Kong. Adapt from Hong Kong England has never helped nor developed any country or place and whenever wherever the English went they always left destruction and death. China India Africa USA Canada and many more.

A actually am happy it is Americans who control the world today and not the English

Casual Observer
3 Feb 2018  #5

And since when Northern Ireland is part of Scotland? Or was it ever?

The Irish 'plantations' (colonists) were largely from Scotland - Scottish protestants. Just look at the common surnames today. 3-4 of the top 5 surnames in Belfast are Scottish names (Johnston, Beattie etc). If you look at the top 50, it's full of Mc's.

3 Feb 2018  #6

Those comparisons are negligible, not to mention unrealistic! What is your point here exactly, not wishing to appear unfriendly?

3 Feb 2018  #7

Nazis murdered some 11 million people out of it 6 million poles

Nazis murdered much much more people. Check your data.

3 Feb 2018  #8

'the English' 'the English' - you sound a bit thick tbh

3 Feb 2018  #9

How things develop in Europe, looks like all the time English magnates were side by side with Germans, Nazis. Not to speak of American magnates. All monster after monster.

3 Feb 2018  #10

@Casual Observer
Well you are right, Scottish were servants of the English and the English moved Scottish farmers to Northern Ireland in case if the Irish wanted to fight, the English will always say it was the Irish fighting Scottish or protestants fighting catholics.

Let's not forget Scotland was Catholic before forced to become part of the church of England.
The point is that it was the English who stole half of Ireland from the Irish and they never willed to return it back to Irish people.

I was just comparing Nazis to the English and Americans.

If you know a bit of history of England and Germany and us of a you will know that the English have killed way much more people than Nazis.

Wikipedia says 11 million murdered by Nazis.
About 10 million Africans killed by the English during slavery not even saying about how many Chinese Indians Irish Scottish died because of the English

3 Feb 2018  #11

"Killing" per se bears little comparison between the usual spoils of war in which countless needless, yet unavoidable, deaths will result and the systematic, legally authorized, wholesale slaughter of one of several targeted groups slated for extermination, not only on ideological (Jews/Sinti-Roma aren't Christians, hence are pariah in our midst), above all, and moreover, BIOLOGICAL grounds (the Jew/SInti-Roma is a bacillus whose very presence invades and contaminates the "Aryan" host body and therefore must be eliminated at any cost)!

The distinction couldn't be more abundantly clear to anybody concerned with factual history instead of cultural relativism.

3 Feb 2018  #12

aren't Christians, hence are pariah

Oh I guess once the mohamedans make their move to reclaim their stolen land they will be the new evil doers and christians won't be so bad and so the world rolls on.

4 Feb 2018  #13

Once again, dolno, the comparison scarcely holds water, as the true Muslim faith is NOT a bunch of jihadist maniacs hell bent according in their Holy Book on systematically exterminating root and branch every "infidel", even upon the latter's conversion to the Islamic creed!!

In the Nazi's case, even the most one-hundred percent "kaisertreu" (loyal) German, (numbering many converts to Lutheranism among them, by the way), wounded in the Great War, determined to create poison gas against Britain (Fritz Haber), author of the "Hymn of Hate" focusing on England (Ernst Lissauer) etc., NONE was safe from extermination, so long as they were full Jews. No amount of currying favor with Hitler (e.g. the Judenraete) saved them from torture or the gas chambers. The Nazi creed was outlined in >Mein Kampf<, and slavishly followed. Hitler declared openly that Germans are "barbarians and proud of being barbarians."

In Turkey, Jews who relinquished their faith in favor of the Muslim, could live and prosper in Turkey. Not so in Germany. Even certain Jews who avowed to survive by attempting to become ardent Nazis were rejected, again on purely biological grounds.

4 Feb 2018  #14

Hitler (e.g. the Judenraete) saved them from torture or the gas chambers.

Glad you blame the Nazis for the hollocaust.

4 Feb 2018  #15

Whom else?

5 Feb 2018  #16

'Mac-' and 'Mc-'.

Just to clarify, Mac is the Scottish form and Mc is the Irish form. MacDonald is a Scottish name, McCarthy an Irish one :)

@David 555 you have a very superficial and somewhat inaccurate understanding of Irish history. If you're interested in the subject, read about it more thoroughly. If you're not then fine, but don't use it as an example for discussions. Just to put you in the picture a little - the Gaelic Irish had a good relationship with the Highland Scots. Read about the Jacobite Risings. But the Lowland Scots were another matter entirely and they're the ones who planted Ulster and their descendants remain in Northern Ireland today. Their behaviour was an absolute disgrace, every bit as bad as the worst English examples.

As for the Scots being 'forced' to convert, they embraced Protestantism very enthusiastically. It was their own choice. After all the English never succeeded in forcing the Irish to convert. The Protestant faith in its various forms was spread throughout Scotland not by persecution but by Evangelism and figures like Calvin who was a close ally of the English evangelist John Knox.

Finally regarding the Scots having to sing the English national anthem, once again, that's their choice. They had a referendum and voted to remain in the UK.

As for the English taking half of Ireland, the North of Ireland comprises 6 of Ireland's 32 counties, so let's be accurate, not half, not even if you use 'Irish logic' :))

5 Feb 2018  #17

Heck, Christmas wasn't even declared a legal holiday in Scotland until around 1959, I think:-)

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