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Mental competency test in Poland

20 Feb 2014  #1

Does Poland have a competency test? What is the law for competency?
20 Feb 2014  #2

Language or mental competency?
20 Feb 2014  #3

Wlodzimierz, Mental Competency
20 Feb 2014  #4

Search for articles in Psychiatria Polska.
There are no official procedures or guidelines for the assessment of legal competency. It is determined, if necessary, on the basis of an interview and psychiatric examination carried out by a doctor or specialist in psychiatry (Kiejna et al., 2008).
16 Aug 2016  #5

In the United States the Superior Court handles mental health issues, marriage and etc.
Something ordered in CA. generally is 8-digits. In WA it has 9-digits with the first two digits being the year and the 3rd being the type of case.

I had two weeks of jury duty and was one of the last two jurors to be cut. My checks for jury duty were navy blue

made out to me, but the stubs were different, they had:
-JD With A Code and below ME With A Code-
Do they have this option in Poland for competency?
18 Aug 2016  #6

Poland does not currently have juries (12 men or women bold and true) deciding your fate. The only time that a 'competency test' would be required would be if you were to stand trial and were pleading that you were 'not of sound mind and body' ( limited mens rea) when carrying out the crime.

Everyone is assumed competent until you come to trial.
18 Aug 2016  #7


To add to: If the US Tax Court has you as competent through an attorney, then this is what you will have in Superior Court also.

Correction: Competent-Competent Through An Attorney.
19 Aug 2016  #8

Has a Doctor examined you and determined that you are mentally ill?
19 Aug 2016  #9

How does that work in Poland? The reference here from before is fine, but I don't speak Polish, so I wouldn't know
what's in it.

-Can competency be regained?

-Do you need court approval to get married?

-Who handles your money? Is it a relative being the state don't want to pay for a state guardian I would think.

If someone has a limited guardianship then they would not need court approval to marry.It all depends on what type
of guardianship one has and what's in it. When it's Guardianship Of The Person you would need court approval on somethings.USA.

Correction: Limited Guardianship,USA.

Some Miscellaneous: For A Diagnosis you got the date, time,type and Primary Diagnosis.

Bill Order:1 were you also have Rank: Primary: is were the outpatient clinic you go to files a claim with the county so you can get services there. The ID# , if it has 3 to 5 digits, then their attorney filed the claim on your behalf, so your competent through an attorney. If it's something like 8- digits, then it's going to be court ordered.

The clinic is Rank as Primary.So they are the one who handles the claim, not you them.

More Miscellaneous: In WA, even if you have a Full Guardianship, you still can make your own decisions if your 18 years old and the clinic already showed you the medical report. Once they show you the Medical Report then it's your call.They have cause once they show you the Medical Report.Health Decisions.

What is a competent juror? And how does it work in Washington State for competency.USA. Do they have this option also in Poland? Need both.

In Washington State the Dept. Of Health issues the marriage license-Certificate Of Marriage. The DOH does not check for eligibility, but if you have a guardianship on you and later the court finds out that DOH issued you a marriage license then Superior Court will schedule a review hearing to decide whether the marriage is valid, or invalid.

540^Bed Bugs next door, you might have to leave for the day! Correction: 540 Bed Bug Inspection.

540-Is a petition and or witnessed by a judge.

i-next to online accounts and transactions does not stand for incompetent, it stands for: Individual or Individual Account.

540-a writ by which a court directs a public or corporate body or officer, or a lower court or judge, to perform an official duty.

These posts are separate from each other!

If someone were found competent through an attorney and later they wanted to marry, then they would have to have their marriage witnessed through an attorney otherwise they can't marry.

The marriage application asks for two witnesses.
Maybe filed through an attorney?

Other: If you have a guardian then you can only sue someone if you have the envolement of your guardian. Without the envolement
of your guardian you cannot sue.

If someone sues you can challenge the lawsuit and get it thrown out. Unless you have to report to the judge that would be different, you would have to get permission then.

In, WA even if you have a full guardianship you can still make your own medical decisions if it's done on your behalf. You have to be 18 years old or older. Unless you have to report to a judge then you would need permission. The judge can't help you unless you tell him what's going on.

The guardianship can be changed or terminated through an Ad Litem-Guardian Ad Litem, which is a court attorney. They submit your application or request to the judge. The judge will grant you a hearing or deny you a hearing based on if you have or don't have something like:

- A passing test score
- Earnings For The Year-IRS Office(Need 12 Months)

You will be contacted 30 days after the Ad Litem submitted your stuff.
If the judge denies you a hearing they have to tell you why!
Call them up and make an appointment to come in.

Competent through an attorney means you need a Notary from an attorney to marry! A disabled person that gets married can make their own decisions except for financial ones.
26 Nov 2016  #10

LCHSP1-Is legally competent through a lawyer. The rest is easy to figure out.
160-Is delinquent through a tax attorney. A transaction code.
Housed but competent! Still getting my stuff!

My full address is the Primary. Also the rest of these postings are separate from each other!

You can marry on a protection order.
You can marry anyone but the party who has the order!

State marriage laws don't place any restrictions on who can marry based on whether they've been convicted of a crime, are under a protective order, or where they live.USA.

If a person is on probation or parole, they should refer to their specific probation/parole officer to make sure they're aware of any specific restrictions. General protective orders don't stop someone from marrying, other than the subject of the order.USA.

Competent through an attorney means that it has to be approved through an attorney for it to go through!

In Washington State the state constitution gives the Superior Court judge the right to make decisions on mental health related issues and marriage through jury duty or other action.

They can find you competent or incompetent through jury duty.
Competent-means that you are able to handle your own affairs for?
Incompetent-means that you are not able to handle your affairs for?

If you go to school to get licensed as a beautician. Then later you can submit your license to show competency in Superior Court, WA.

Petition For Guardianship is filed at the Superior Court-Clerks Office. Someone petitions the court, and if the judge grants the petition, then you can't if it's checked off as revoked. If your situation changes later you can always give a letter to the clerk and maybe they will give you a hearing to petition the court again, to get the restriction removed.WA.USA.
The Iron Sheik
23 Jan 2017  #11

Well, in Poland no one tests for mental competency. This is apparent in the number of Brits who come to teach English, frequently for beer money, or to supplement their pensions because the cost of living is lower in Poland. Their competency is highly questionable. Take for instance the gay Brit who failed at running a language school in Warsaw. He over paid for an office in downtown Warsaw, hired some bizarre male "friend" as his secretary, and then they spent the day chain smoking cigarettes together. The business failed, he claimed, due to the Polish owners removing him from management. He then blogged online, that he had been unable to find competent teachers, when his staff continued to work for other successful language schools. He was also known to hit on the straight men under contract with him, who very plainly didn't swing his way. Ultimately, he went to Doha, Qatar, after his school failed to refill his bank account, (quite possibly by doing certain favors for the local gay community). Truly, a person of dubious mental competence, but Poland doesn't check for that, although an AIDS test might be required from such people to protect the public health and welfare.
25 Jan 2017  #12

Maybe Sergeant Slaughter?

The librarian is telling me that he is the attorney for the library and that he representing the library and he needs something in my defense. So I gave him my Compass Math Score off of Degree Audit, it's over a year old is why it's there. Some miscellaneous.

Can they legally do this way in Poland with a librarian's attorney?
Backtracking here: In Washington State you have to be 18 or get permission from the judge to marry.USA.

Rights Revoked/Reserved In A Petition

-To vote or hold an elected office
-To marry,divorce,or enter into or end a state registered domestic partnership
-To make or revoke a will
-To enter into a contract
-To appoint someone to act on his or her behalf
-To sue and be sued other than through a guardian
-To possess a license to drive
-To buy,sell,own,mortgage, or lease property
-To consent to or refuse medical treatment
-To decide who shall provide care and assistance
-To make decisions regarding social aspects of his or her life


Reserved-Is what you get to do.
Revoked-Taken away. What you don't get to do.
If it's checked off as being revoked, then you can't do it unless you get court approval.Petition For Guardianship.

You can marry on a protection order as long as you are not in the order.

This thread should be POLAND related
The Iron Sheik
5 Feb 2017  #13

Ah, but only heterosexual marriage is permitted in Poland. So the homosexual male Brit who spent his days chain smoking in his office on Aleje Jerozolimskie while his business failed might be considered mentally incompetent if he tried to marry his male assistant.
11 Feb 2017  #14

He might need Medicare Part B-HRSA?
The Iron Sheik
11 Feb 2017  #15

Well, he may very well have AIDS, but since he is a Brit living in Poland, no part of Medicare is available to him. In Poland, they will and have locked someone up for knowingly and willfully spreading AIDS as a menace to public health.
12 Feb 2017  #16

That's hardluck! Aint no lie. It's a crying shame!

Grand Juries-Decide whether to bring charges against someone.You are summoned to appear and ask questions.

Trial Juries-Decide whether your guilty or not guilty.

Voir Dire-Are questions mostly from the Defense Attorney to find out were potential jurors stand. Questions are used to pick a jury that is fair to their client.

Example: With me the summons was court ordered for me to appear, but the excusual was not! They tried to get in contact with me but the number they have for me was no longer in service. I'm glad I checked in.

-They had to many jurors is their reason for excusing me.
The Iron Sheik
18 Feb 2017  #17

For most people who are HIV positive, it's about life style choices that they made. The same could be said about smokers getting lung cancer. In this case, both would be from life style choices that he made. I won't weep for him.

That's hardluck! Aint no lie.
It's a crying shame!

25 Feb 2017  #18

In Washington State, USA. The state constitution was amended in 2005, so if someone had a guardianship imposed on them before
2005, then it's going to matter if it's a full or partial guardianship. After 2005 it won't matter because they will let you vote-

unless the court order states otherwise.

So, if the guardianship were imposed before 2005 and it's a full guardianship, you can't vote. This is more miscellaneous on competency!

If someone is competent through the state it means they have you through an attorney.
Some more marriage: Only parties to a marriage can sue.Washington State,USA.
WA.USA. has a services card that might pay for meds.425-229-1099 TTY711.

If I had someone in my family who could only count to 6, then I would say that is only a learning disability,
because if you were DD you wouldn't be able to count anything-0.

What about voting. I have Rod D. for KC Council, District 1. Everyone in my biulding got an ad.

Some more about the voting: My ballot is filed by an attorney and witnessed by a judge. Your ballot has been accepted for tabulation.

LC-Letter Of Credit.

JNL#: Business Journal>Banking for a ledger account.

LC- is a written statement by a bank or other financier that it will backup
or pay the financial obligations of a merchant involved in a particular sale.

Paid Insufficient-When you don't have enough money in your account to cover the check, so
the bank paid and you would have a negative balance-this is LC.

W0816 could be Division Of Banks?

CAFADOM-Is were they let you sue through an attorney. This would be on a bank statement.

46-is ACH G/L

177-is 12 USC 177a

177A-means that it has been redeemed.

What about a benefits letter from social security? If the letter has a Claim Number, then it's an attorney handling your claim.
a payee account is different because you have a guardian, and so the guardian is the owner on the account.
Correction: W0816 is a Washington State bank number.
23 May 2017  #19

These are all separate from each other.

=AC and AC1 might be a court attorney? Waiting for a proxy.

Correction: Waiting for a proxy funnel.

Some of these posts are together and some are separate from each other.

AC-could mean acknowledgment. AC1 could be an attorney?

AC or AC1-acknowledgment of a signature or document. All this is on the web address for the library's-Ask The Librarian option.

I guess in Germany FF/FF means false form their competency?
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