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USA News and Poland - Part 3

cms neuf
14 Nov 2020  #2,731

No evidence of cheating - and I know plenty of Trump voters who accept it. The other sore losers only need a few more weeks to get used to the truth.

Cargo pants
14 Nov 2020  #2,732

I know plenty of Trump voters who accept it.

Yes,just waiting to see how much more we have to pay in taxes for those illegal scum.

johnny reb
14 Nov 2020  #2,733

....nothing in the german news though....

This will help explain it:


14 Nov 2020  #2,734

No evidence of cheating

A Tennessee resident has gone public after discovering that someone used his name to cast a mail-in ballot in Maricopa County, Arizona. The county claims that an audit of votes found no irregularities.


cms neuf
14 Nov 2020  #2,735

Russia Today ? LOL should stick to telling us how many goals Vladimir scored in the ice hockey.

14 Nov 2020  #2,736

No evidence of cheating

Actually there's a lot of evidence but the usual suspects in the mainstream media aren't.... eager to point it out.

I like this take, pointing out the procedural divergence from previous elections...


A lot of people who understand statistics a lot better than I do think something fishy (or extremely rare) was going on....


I'm sure Biden won the popular vote and just might have won the EC but I wouldn't rule out the idea that strategic vote fraud helped push him over the line....

cms neuf
14 Nov 2020  #2,737

So I read the first one and it s a joke, his argument is so simplistic and based on a throrough examination of bellweathers but he misspells the word probably 30 times in that article.

No info on who this blogger is but I see his sidebar had lots of articles about gays, Jews, morality etc

Second one I get a broken link.

There is a right wing media that generally supported Republicans, at least until 2016- Fox, Daily Mail, WSJ, FT, Economist etc. why haven't any of those reported or analyzed some of these claims ? Even better why doesn't Crazy Rudy present it in court ?

14 Nov 2020  #2,738

lots of articles about gays, Jews,

He's terrible on some topics and pretty good on others (especially related to cultural and political cycles, he realized that polling before the election was extremely off...)

Here's a link to the source: short story when the blue bars and red lines diverge.... there could be something fishy going on...


cms neuf
14 Nov 2020  #2,739

He he ok :) but I just started on my whisky thanks to lockdown despair so I will read it tomorrow!

14 Nov 2020  #2,740

Too bad, Biden is too old for jail. I think Trump will find him suitable place in madhouse.

14 Nov 2020  #2,741

Hah, just sow how Croat ustashe media celebrate Biden and fear of Trump's return. They fear Trump restoring USA-Serbia alliance.

Ustashe knows Germany and EU are behind fraud elections in the USA. It also means Vatican is involved against venerable Trump. Didn't I told here Vatican is evil.

Ahahaha crucial error of Vatican. It now practically attacks the USA.

14 Nov 2020  #2,742

Love it


btw. What we are doing here on this forum " is extremely dangerous to our democracy" ;-)

14 Nov 2020  #2,743

Yes,just waiting to see

Did you see the MAGA March today?

cms neuf
14 Nov 2020  #2,744

LOL what is about this Jame Woods guy - a forgotten B list actor who hasn't had a hit in years. Seriously Spike name the last film you saw him in - I did say Casino but then I noticed him in Stuart Little when my kids were watching it.

The million maga March should be called the thousand man march - there will be more people at the Andzrejki special down the Red Apple Buffet.

To be fair some of them had come from far away - even from Texas and Florida. How did Trump salute them ? By going to his golf club LOL

14 Nov 2020  #2,745

a forgotten B list actor who hasn't had a hit in years

Going by that criteria what the F do you know an anonymous account on an obscure site? How about you focus on a massage not on a messenger?

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