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USA News and Poland - Part 5

13 Mar 2022  #2,821

. I want their disgusting parades banned too!

Promotion of this way of life is unacceptable.
Acceptance and toleration is fine and good.
But promotion is just unacceptable.

Its almost like saying that kids born with downs syndrome or some other mental or physical disability is a positive thing!
It is unfortunate and we need to help these people as much as we can.
But it should never be promoted as a good thing.
And we should be doing all we can to stop these things harming people in the future.

14 Mar 2022  #2,822

And we should be doing all we can to stop these things harming people in the future.

I wouldn't allow my child to watch one of those parades. If it were only adults, I wouldnt care. They try and brainwash the kids into thinking this behavior is normal, well it aint!

14 Mar 2022  #2,823

behavior is normal, well it aint!

That's why they picked rainbow colors.

15 Mar 2022  #2,824

US swamp has a problem...How to explain Putin's red line and his tanks in Ukraine while ignoring the undebatable fact that NATO really did move to Russia's doorstep. That narrative was made verboten here and those who say such things, as Romney just has suggested, should be arrested and thrown into a military prison. He did not include execution without a trial. Except for Tucker, only in the USSR and Hitler's Germany the talking heads were so happily united in their opinions.

So what's the best explanation for the world being close to a nuclear WW3? Of course, it's not the peaceful and cuddly NATO. It's Putin's craving for a legacy. Or because he is bored. Or because he is mean and cruel. Or because he dreams about restoring the USSR...

Anything as long as you don't say NATO.

johnny reb
15 Mar 2022  #2,825

US swamp has a problem...

Do ya think ?
Retired Marine Col. Mitchell Swan released a video ad yesterday opposing biden's "woke" focus in the military amid Russian Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

You design a military to be lethal, not to be woke, not to be diverse
The biggest European land war since World War II, and where is our military focused: Gender Dysphoria and woke training, Swan says in the video, THIS IS INSANE !

Putin's reviewing nuclear options while we assess transgender therapy options.
Yes, the Swamp has a problem alright.

15 Mar 2022  #2,826

So Biden is supposed to visit Poland. Is he going to guarantee for 10 days as all other "we the people" are forced to? If not, Poland is a joke. Obviously, few people will discuss it because they believe they are slaves of the government.

15 Mar 2022  #2,827

Is he going to guarantee for 10 days as all other "we the people" are forced to?

Is he an electronic device?

On a more serious note for vaccinated people there is no quarantine. I travelled to Poland twice recently and no quarantine needed.
Not to mention there were always different rules for different people (e.g. people working and living on the Polish/German bordwr)

17 Mar 2022  #2,828

Is he going to guarantee for 10 days

He was a rambling mess today and called Kamal Harris his wife. An embarrassment and total failure, please keep him over there.

johnny reb
17 Mar 2022  #2,829

Our top three leaders, biden, Harris amd Pelosi are all a total disgrace to the United States of America.
And we screamed at the anti-Trumpsters with T.D.S. to pull their heads out.
But no, they didn't like Trumps nasty tweets and still were crying that Trump stole the election from Crooked Hillary.
They suckered for and were stuck on the Russian Collusion Hoax smoke screen for four years.
The low information butt hurt voters didn't care who the best man was for the job, they just wanted Trump out hell or high water.

Well ya dumb bastards, ya got what ya wanted so live with it.
Next time maybe you will listen to commonsense.
Speaking of, where did all the Liberals go around here ?
I want to finally tell them, "We told you so."

17 Mar 2022  #2,830


Their pathetic stabs of blaming all the high prices on Putin is comical.

17 Mar 2022  #2,831

If you people, in your madness, refuse venerable Trump he can always come to free Serbia.

Trumpe brate!

johnny reb
17 Mar 2022  #2,832

Crow, the Swamp is doing everything humanly possible, short of hanging him, so he can't run for president in 2024.
Just think if the media would have attacked Crooked Hillary, for her endless crimes, the way they have Teflon Trump.
She would have put a gun to her head.

17 Mar 2022  #2,833

Lunacy of Clinton family is worldwide known. Some say that people have President exactly as people deserve. So, after moron Biden, won`t be Trump. I expect mad Hillary.

17 Mar 2022  #2,834

Lunacy of Clinton family is worldwide known

The only thing Clinton and NATO did well was cleaning up that mess called Yugoslavia.

17 Mar 2022  #2,835

They just intensified antagonisms, siding with Germany that sponsored nazism and nazi-islam in Bosnian Muslims and in Croatia.

But, don`t worry, Serbia will solve all problems here. Region turning to us for guidance and nazism of any kind will be defeated. Plus, we shell reduce influence of Constantinople and Vatican.

18 Mar 2022  #2,836

The Leftards have finally admitted that Hunters Laptop is 100% authentic! Now, is the big guy going to be investigated???

Hunter Biden's infamous laptop confirmed in New York Times report

Can you say election interference? Lock them up!

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