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USA News and Poland - Part 5

8 Mar 2022  #2,791

Now I know that 69% of Americans are multimillionaires. From:


83% of Americans support the economic sanctions imposed against Russia by the United States and its allies. Americans are also willing to make sacrifices in support of Ukraine. 69% of Americans, including 58% of Republicans, say they support economic sanctions against Russia even if it results in higher energy prices in the United States.

How do I know that? It's because they didn't say up to what price of energy and everything else. Only a multimillionaire would not care if gas is 4, 14, or 24 bucks per gallon and ground chuck - 100 pere pound. That's how.

A reasonable person like me would say: I don't mind paying more at the pump and stuff but at X per gallon I am done with that support because I have to support my family first.

BTW, I am good for up to 5 per. After that, the whole world can go to hell.

hes going to make mistakes in desperation.

Like a said, a desperate guy with nukes may be a major nuisance.

8 Mar 2022  #2,792

This guy takes being a maskhole to the next level.

8 Mar 2022  #2,793

I have no idea.

Short answer (not my idea, lots of people have written about this) and when I write 'men' and 'women' I mean most, not all.

Women find fulfillment _as_ women in their biology (especially the ability to have children), men have to find fulfillment outside of themselves.

A woman who loses her job and can't find another might feel upset as a person but she doesn't feel like less of a woman.

A man who loses his job and can't find another does feel like less of a man (working is part of the traditional performance of masculinity). Related to that is the idea of a personal mission (again as part of self-fulfillment). This is a real part of traditional masculinity and almost all men have some kind of personal mission (it doesn't have to be fulfilled but it has to exist).

Communism made it impossible for men to have personal missions and deprived work of everything that made it meaningful to most men. You couldn't be promoted due to competence or fired for incompetence, you had no control over how much money you made and were generally powerless to make any kind of meaningful change.

The overall and overwhelming meta-message for men (more than women) in communism was "You don't matter!". Men are always more... disposable than women so it took a long time and large numbers of men burning out to have real social effects.

johnny reb
8 Mar 2022  #2,794

There are over 400,000 reasons in Arlington National Cemetery to stand for the National Anthem.

8 Mar 2022  #2,795

Short answer

That was good, maf. I actually read the whole post and couldn't agree more.
Men need missions. And that is why some will start wars and be on the ultimate path to fame, glory, legacy, and possibly even a monument with a horse.

If it takes invading some sh*ithole 7000 miles away, so be it. There will be enough idiots to go there and kill the locals. "For our freedoms", of course.

10 Mar 2022  #2,796

For the benefit of stupid Polaks who know sh*it about the US laws...


There, you can find the indictment. The short of it is that you propagandize for Russia or any other foreign government all day long as long as you do it AFTER you register as a foreign agent under FARA. Duh!

This is what the US swamp aka congressmen and senators do when they don't get re-elected. Mostly for China, of course, because that's where the money is. Just ask the clown in the WH or his son.

FARA - The Foreign Agents Registration Act Posting opinions on PF is not a violation of FARA.

10 Mar 2022  #2,797

For the benefit of stupid Polaks who know sh*it about the US laws...

Look stupid yankee troll why would Poles know or care about US laws?
PolAmKrak is an American and he says you are a dimwit that has no idea about law in the US.
So shut your FAT piehole dimwit!

johnny reb
10 Mar 2022  #2,798

Look stupid yankee troll

Don't insult us Yanks who love Poland.
He is a Russian transplant (immigrant) to the U.S. and hates Poland.
That makes him a stupid Ruskie Commie troll.
We refer to him as, "Ruskie Rich".

10 Mar 2022  #2,799

PolAmKrak is an American

No, he is not. Americans don't hyphenate themselves. Having a US passport does not make some a-hole an American. Rosenbergs had US passports - just like Pollard and Kissinger. Coincidently, all Jews, but that's another subject.

10 Mar 2022  #2,800

all Jews

Does Illinois need to be denazified? Send the Russian Army!

10 Mar 2022  #2,801

Does Illinois need to be denazified?

We have too many Bolsheviks and RINO's. No Nazis or white gangs.

11 Mar 2022  #2,802


I just watched a Cook County Judge tear Jussie Smollett and new Ahole and sentenced him to ......

150 days in cook county jail! 30 months felony probation, $125K restitution and a $25K fine.

Justice is served or is it Justice for Juicy? Hahaha

After the Judge sentenced him. Smolett jumped up and proclaim his innocence, yet again! Just before they hauled him away! What a clown!!

You gotta watch the video, get the popcorn out!

11 Mar 2022  #2,803

I just watched a Cook County Judge tear Jussie Smollett

He should have ripped into the CPD for assigning close to 30 officers to investigate this bs. I would send a rookie to "check it out" and tell him to spend no more than 8 hours - if the "victim" passes the polygraph test. The lying pos would blow it for sure.

Today, "we have to trust women", gays, and kneegrows. If you don't you are fired.

11 Mar 2022  #2,804

That 150 days in cook country will take its toll on him. They will have to put him in protective custody or the other inmates will kill this guy. He should taken his punishment like a man instead of that dramatic acting job as they were hauling him away....funny for me though:)

11 Mar 2022  #2,805

his punishment like a man

He should now identify himself as a woman. He would be safer there and be the first woman in the history of the world who got another woman pregnant. Then a book and movie rights... Am I a genius or what...

11 Mar 2022  #2,806

Then a book and movie rights...

You never know he might find the man of his dreams inside Cook Count Jail:)

Ill try and think of the name of this movie before Dave Chappell beats me to it! lol

11 Mar 2022  #2,807

Ill try and think of the name of this movie

Come up with something really good and I will declare you a PF co-genius.

12 Mar 2022  #2,808

Heres a good one.....

12 Mar 2022  #2,809

A gay, black, leftist - our next second president in ten years. We already had a prototype so this one will be a shoo-in. White chicks will love him...

I just watched Dateline about a woman who disappeared while working at one of the US Virgin Islands. When the program was over I googled for murder rate at this slice of heaven; it's 92 per 100,000 and the highest in the world.

Then I looked up the racial composition. It's 76% black and 16% white. Those damn white racist nazis...This is really embarrassing.

13 Mar 2022  #2,810

US Virgin Islands.

The Cayman Islands is the only place left that I would visit in the Caribbean. Id rather go to Aruba or Costa Rica. Avoid Mexico at all costs these days as well. Hec, were better off staying in the USA.

Go down to Florida and catch an imaginary Marlin at the bar..lol

13 Mar 2022  #2,811

Go down to Florida

To me, Siesta Key beach has no equals in the US. I would move there yesterday if I could talk my wife into it. Ain't gonna happen...

13 Mar 2022  #2,812

To me, Siesta Key beach has no equals in the US.

The only beach nicer than Siesta Key is Sanibel Island. The West coast is a 1000x better because of the sugar sand and less dickheads from NY and NJ. It might have all changed now bc of the pandemic, so many of them Aholes flocked down there to escape the Democrats. I hope, they stuck to the Miami side. I feel like going back down there and checking it out.. I probably wont want to come back unless its all obnoxious NYers now.

13 Mar 2022  #2,813

I drove to Sanibel and found it kind of empty. Never made it to the beach.
We liked Siesta Key because there are so many stores and restaurants. Did you ever eat at the Turtles?
I actually like Florida in summer. So empty...I will be there this year no matter what. Seems like Poland is not an option anymore.

13 Mar 2022  #2,814

I drove to Sanibel and found it kind of empty.

Its actually part of a nature preserve so they dont have much the nightlife at all. Its a big Island and Captiva is at the end and famous for the "green flash" sunsets like Key Weird... Butt no homos..lol Its the shelling capitol of Florida, so it brings these kind of tourists....

I used to live on Ft.Myers, Beach the party Island, thats were all the bars and bands are, spring break, wild girls etc:)

My favorite little nook is Bonita Beach ( Bonita Springs) between FMB and Naples..Not many ppl knew about it, probably not now though.

Too many cops in Florida that bust balls for nothing, like an open beer on the beach. I actually had to spend a night in jail for it...lol

13 Mar 2022  #2,815

My favorite little nook is Bonita Beach

I remember looking at some properties there. The beach was cute but the parking lot was really small. The same with Naples. I had to pay 5 bucks at Marco Island.

13 Mar 2022  #2,816

The beach was cute but the parking lot was really small.

Its like a ghost town there during the summer you practically have the entire beach to yourself. Get bored, head up the island for some shrimp and a beer:)

Im watching SNL right now and its nothing but anti heterosexual jokes and total woke bunk! Each skit has sth to do with promoting their tranny agenda, its not comedy, its propaganda!

We need to vote these Phucks out!!

13 Mar 2022  #2,817

anti heterosexual jokes

I developed such an ability to spot fags and trans that I amaze myself. It's instant. Today, every new comedy has to have that mandatory black gay guy. BTW, why do they move that special gay way? Can't a guy be gay and behave normally?

13 Mar 2022  #2,818

I developed such an ability to spot fags

Its called "Gaydar" just like radar. I can spot a fag a mile away as well. Dykes too!

Can't a guy be gay and behave normally?

It a mental disease, nobody is born this way, thats their big lie.

It doesnt help having a constant woke agenda being pushed upon innocent children. The whole world is messed up bc of these weirdos.

13 Mar 2022  #2,819

Its called "Gaydar"

LOL! My missus and I have this tool too.
Listen, I don't have a problem with gay people, it is what it is, they can't help being the way they are.
It is the promotion of gay life as somehow normal, which I object to.
And teaching kids that this is normal is wrong too.
Teach them.that it is acceptable but not that it is normal.

13 Mar 2022  #2,820

And teaching kids that this is normal is wrong too.

If they kept this nonsense out of schools, I probably wouldn't be so hard on these freaks. I want their disgusting parades banned too!

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