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PF poster Sobieski - sad news

10 Oct 2016  #1

I just heard today that Freddy, who posted here for several years as Sobieski died several days ago. He hadn't posted here for some time due to serious illness resulting from a bad accident.

His funeral is tomorrow in his native Belgium and there will be a requiem mass here in Warsaw at a date to be arranged. He left behind a wife and young children, also both his parents have survived him. He was a thoroughly decent person who did a lot for the community here in his adopted home, worked here in television production and was for a long time connected with the palace museum at Wilanów.

10 Oct 2016  #2

That's terrible news. RIP Sobieski.
10 Oct 2016  #3

Oh dear, that's really very sad. I remember him well. May he rest in peace and God bless his family.
10 Oct 2016  #4

RIP Sobieski. This is very sad news indeed.

(Even despite the fact that I was nearly always with disagreement with him on the PolishForums.)
10 Oct 2016  #5

It's really really sad. He was only 54 and didn't deserve the last few months of ill-health that he had. Almost anyone who watches Polish TV will have seen or heard his work (he translated the script of films etc that the lektor reads out as well as doing subtitling and other things) and he was really passionate and knowledgable about Polish history, language and culture. I gather his funeral tomorrow will be a big one and the requiem here is also expected to be big - so many people knew and loved him.

Perhaps some of us could attend and meet afterwards, a sort of PF meet-up which I think he would have liked.
10 Oct 2016  #6

and was for a long time connected with the palace museum at Wilanów.

... which probably explains his nick "sobieski" on the PF.

What was his illness if it's not a secret?
10 Oct 2016  #7

it was due to multiple injuries (if I remember correctly, internal injuries) received in an accident some months ago. The last I heard from him (quite a while ago) he seemed to be recuperating however he didn't give many details.
10 Oct 2016  #8

oh I liked Sobieski - that is really sad....:(
10 Oct 2016  #9

Would this be the same Belgium person who's wife has a Cafe/restaurant on ul Zurawia ?
10 Oct 2016  #10

As far as I know his wife works in the same field as him. I don't remember him mentioning any restaurant which I think he would have, had she owned one. There's an online book of condolences here if anyone wishes to leave a message
10 Oct 2016  #11

Notice however that the book of condolences indicates two women associated to him. One of them is described as 'wife' while the other as 'partner'.
10 Oct 2016  #12

well maybe he was separated....:S
10 Oct 2016  #13

Yes, that is true, he was separated and had a partner. He mentioned her job once, not connected to bars/restaurants.
10 Oct 2016  #14

that is really horrible news - RIP Sobieski and hope you are telling them how to cook frites properly up there !
10 Oct 2016  #15

RIP Sobieski. Condolences to his family.
10 Oct 2016  #16

Unbelievably upsetting. Sobieski was a good man, and took part in one of the best pranks ever on PF.

Never had the pleasure of meeting him personally, but he understood Poland well and passionately believed in the country.
10 Oct 2016  #17

Wow, as a fellow slav i concur, Sobieski seemed like a very knowledgable, and kind person who definitely believed in Poland which i admired. May he rest in peace.
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