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Voting In The United States

11 Oct 2016  #1

In Washington State voting is through the county so if someone files a Voter Challenge
and County Elections thinks it's crediable, then they will notify said person of a hearing on whether
to cancel their voter registration.

The other way would be through Superior Court. Someone would get an Exparte hearing
and show cause, if the judge grants the motion, then will sign an order finding said person incompetent to vote.County Elections will comply
with the court order and match you up with their database, then send you a letter telling you that their cancelling
your voter registration due to court order and what your rights are to an appeal.
16 Oct 2016  #2

In Chicago, If you "vote early you can vote often"

Seriously, you can look it up, it happens every election. Dead people vote here as well:)
8 Nov 2016  #3

It will be on their website when there is a Voter Challenge!
31 Dec 2016  #4

Or in some states when a voter registration challenge is received, they review it for sufficiency. If it is deemed sufficient, which means the challenger has

provided all the necessary information to proceed with a hearing. No decision has been made yet. They contact bolth the challenger
and the challenged voter about a hearing date and how the process works. At the hearing bolth parties are able to present evidence
to the Director Of Elections which oversees voter registration challenges. These are not heard by a Superior Court judge.

The decision by the Director will be sent to bolth parties, it may result in a voter registration being cancelled or not> it will depend on the evidence

presented, all this information will be placed on their website during the challenge process and kept up for a couple of weeks after the hearing and the decision has been given. Some More About.
2 Jan 2017  #5

Hey, Don't forget about all those sore losers that deny and cry the results of elections, they blame everyone but themselves!

Every person should have a valid state issued ID, you need one do to practically everything else except vote?????

Its just another way the Dems try to cheat on elections.
3 Jan 2017  #6

I agree, Joker. The lackluster Dems allowed the Frankenstein's Monster into the White House, created on the drawing board of the former's own laziness and complicity!!

What's a Democrat's favorite dance number? The side-step tango:-)
johnny reb
3 Jan 2017  #7

The lackluster Dems

Liberals will do anything to make democracy more "democratic".
You know what they say, if our candidate doesn't win, it's not democracy.
3 Jan 2017  #8

"Democracy" derives from "demos", "the people" in Greek. It doesn't mean the billionairs, the banksters, the gazillionairs etc... ; it means ALL the people:-))

These are facts, you can't debate facts, only opinions. It's as if you're debating with me "Oh, Mark, NO, Albany isn't the capital of New York State!"

If one were to say that, it would be flat WRONG!!

Same applies to your statements about what makes America "great". They are wrong. They always were and they'll always be, so deal with it.

Trump? Heck, we could do soooooo much better.
3 Jan 2017  #9

what makes America "great".

What makes America great, Lyzko?
3 Jan 2017  #10

The qualities which make America great are the same attributes which make AMERICANS great, namely, fairness, balance, just reward for an honest day's labor at a decent living wage and the feeling for which we can thank Roosevelt that every citizen is valued because of what, and not who, they are:-)

We've lost this idealism since Reagan, since the gov't decided that it and not the Lord should decide who is fit and who is not.

The Nazis were social Darwinists as well, or have you conveniently forgotten?
4 Jan 2017  #11

The lackluster Dems allowed the Frankenstein's Monster into the White House, crea

Why can't you give him a chance before you criticize him?

I voted against Hillary because of the decades of undeniable corruption. Obama is the worst as well.

However, if she would have won. I would just accept it and hope for a better candidate next time.

The Democrats have acted like little babies for the whole world to see, everything they tried has backfired!

The desperation and subsequent meltdown of the Dems has been an enjoyable experience:)
johnny reb
4 Jan 2017  #12

Why can't you give him a chance before you criticize him?

When the shoe was on the other foot and the Liberal Media Polls had Crooked Hillary the winner the Liberals were nicey nicey and how we must bury the hatchet and work together.

What happened with that philosophy ?
They refuse to debate our present president yet they are already criticizing our President elect before he even takes office.
(Even though Trump has accomplished more in the last month for America then obama has in the last eight years)
4 Jan 2017  #13

Really. Johnny?? Such as what, for instance? He hasn't made a public speech in a dog's age, he tweets because he can't handle the printed word and he's even thinking (shudder!!) about writing his OWN inaugural address:-) Sure he can handle it all?LOL
johnny reb
4 Jan 2017  #14

He hasn't made a public speech in a dog's age

I guess you are as frustrated as your liberal bias media is by President Trump telling them that he does not need them. lol
There is a new Sheriff in town Lyzko so get use to it.
You now play by HIS rules.......get it !

which we can thank Roosevelt that every citizen is valued

If FDR had had a CLUE.... he wouldn't have interfered with the Monetary system and price controls that only PROLONGED the Great Depression ! BUT NO ....he had to pretend to know what to do....which had the effect of PROLONGING the misery of that time.

(You got the name 'MOTHER THERESA' & ' FDR' ... CONFUSED THERE !)
And it was only the 2nd WORLD WAR that could save HIS (FDR) sorry butt FROM THE DUMPSTER OF History.
So, Now our "Social Democrats " have to try to "massage" that History ...to make THEMSELVES feel better...and hide the facts .

TYPICAL LIBERALSIM........Taking the principles of anyone...EVERYONE...and claiming THEY ARE THE "AUTHORS" !
Disingenuous, at best !

We've lost this idealism since Reagan,

IDEALSIM !!! That TRULY is what 'fuels' you folks.

The Nazis were social Darwinists as well, or have you conveniently forgotten?

( LOL, do I need to remind you that Joseph Stalin called Liberals: "USEFUL IDIOTS !" ... AND FOR A GOOD REASON !
i.e. so they can "FEEL" good about Themselves !
If they look CLOSE ENOUGH, they have NOTHING to brag about.
Best example of that is BARACK HUSSEIN oBAMA !
Oblowme THROWS money at a problem... and walks away !
(well,...he DID 'tweak" the HELL out of OBAMACARE... BUT it's still a failure !)

We've lost this idealism since Reagan

IDEALISM: 'We've lost this idealism since Reagan...' ?????
Lost it SINCE we lost Reagan, you mean !
What's part of the OBAMACARE? = DEATH PANELS! .... who decides if people can GET life-saving Care, Depending on how OLD they ARE ? Or what ? but that IS part of the CURRENT [Affordable Care Act ] health care that is COMPETELY DEMOCRATIC !

(NO REPUBLICAN INPUT !!! ) 'remember' ?
The Democrats ARE "BIG GOVERNMENT" ! FDR = BIG GOVERNMENT ! Who are you kidding ???
Who took GOD out of the schools/classrooms and made it illegal TO PRAY IN SCHOOLS, OR BEFORE FOOTBALL GAMES, OR PEP RALLIES ????? = DUMOCRATS !
No PRINCIPLES NOW, Just DESIRES ! ("oh I WISH everyone was gonna be o.k. !")
How about: Margaret Sanger.... founder of PLANNED PARENTHOOD ?
A Liberal that began the organization as a way of "controlling" the NEGRO POPULATION in the U.S.A.
Talk about the Nazi's being 'SOCIAL Darwinists' (geeeez Louise) !
See.... that's how YOU Liberals like to "MANIPULATE HISTORY" = a la SOL ALYNSKY !
You Toads Re - write History on a REGULAR basis.... then claim it as FACT !
Only GOOD news there... is that a LARGE MAJORITY of the poor aborted babies.... "could have" grown up to be DAMNED LIBERALS !
Alynsky is ALL you've got !

But get ready Lyzko........... :-)
A VERY BIG ENEMA................with the 'initials' "DJT" is headed your way !
AND............ THE REALLY BIG NEWS ??? = YOU'RE GONNA GROW TO LOVE-IT ! ! ha.....
4 Jan 2017  #15

You act/talk as though it's against the law to spend money on citizens. Before FDR, there were scores of us who would have prayed for the miracle of some sort of aid, either from the local church, charity or the Salvation Army! No one desires a return to those times, at least no one who lived through them and didn't go crazy as a result:-)

Not everyone is the same, and as times changes, government must change with it. Intelligent people make allowances for the next man, or suffer the consequences of their inaction! Where around 1890-something, it was more than possible for some male teen to run away from home, get a job without schooling which could pay for a cold-water flat and a single bed in the middle of nowhere (WITHOUT asking for a handout from mom or dad - considering they weren't already dead!!), scrimp and save money because lots of other folks were in the same dilemma, that's not the way things are any longer thanks to run-away immigration and favoritism.

Whereas "Big Government" wasn't as necessary way back when, it became necessary when Roosevelt became president, or this great country might well have gone the way of Nazi Germany.
johnny reb
5 Jan 2017  #16

You act/talk as though it's against the law to spend money on citizens.

That s EXACTLY what America has done, throw money at the problem and walk away thinking the problem is fixed when in reality it has only compounded the problem you idiot.

Then when that doesn't fix the problem Big Government throws more money at it......and then more.
Just look at our welfare state. Wake Up son !

It has done just the opposite by creating even more dependents.

some sort of aid, either from the local church, charity or the Salvation Army

Food stamps (free food), Medicaid (free health care), W.I.C.'s (single mothers help), S.S.I. (free cash money), student loans (free college), low cost housing (in some cases free or almost free), free legal aid, Manna (more free food), church food pantries (more free food), hell Lyzko, the welfare give away programs are endless to the point a person makes three times the money NOT WORKING then if they were forced to get off their dead asses to get a 9 to 5 job.

Your "Progressive Thinking" of "Throwing money at it" has handi - capped America.

Where around 1890-something, it was more than possible

Because during that era you either worked or starved because there were no welfare programs.
People accepted the fact that not everyone was a Bill Gates and not everyone got a participation trophy.

thanks to run-away immigration and favoritism.

You Liberturds welcome immigration with open borders and demand favoritism by rewarding failure.
Socialism Does Not Work !

it became necessary when Roosevelt became president

You will see how wrong you are when President Trump starts draining the swamp.
He is already starting to clean house.

Damn I would love to be one of your students to blow your b.s. out of the water every day.
You are either a true Dumocrat OR.........you just like to get me going don't you

Check this short video clip out which will help explain it clearly to you.

5 Jan 2017  #17

Help NEVER goes out of style, any more than illness is restricted to the rich! As soon as ideology began to replace necessity is when the US started going to hell in a handbasket, sir!

Pre-Reagan, although not immediately before, there was a sense of solidarity throughout the entire country, we saw mirrored in our popular media aka TV entertainment, when the latter still was something of a moral compass.

Ever since the late 70's with Werner Erhard's EST, the US's been on some sort of friggin' joy ride, emboldened with the bilge that "THE WORLD BELONGS TO ME!!!" rather than the correct "I BELONG TO THE WORLD!", women particularly went overboard on choice, often making the wrong ones which disadvantaged the male while enriching themselves thanks to the misguided (even if well-intentioned) Women's Lib Movement.

Life is NOT a joy ride, but a mission, from which one may find the opportunity to wrest pleasure from her clutches, but not something which is to be enjoyed at the expense of others less fortunate.

Trump is adding a mean spirit to an already derailed society and before long there will be more disenfranchised white men rampaging, acting out, and killing until someone in government finally understands that if the problem isn't identified at the outset and then placated, EVERYBODY's gonna suffer big time.

Once, a rich industrialist who made his money honestly or inherited his wealth, could walk down any street in middle-class American without fear for his life; he was where he was, the rest of us were where we were and all was right with the world.

As soon as Reagan began tinkering with that and knocking everything off kilter, that's when things began going downhill at breakneck speed.
johnny reb
5 Jan 2017  #18

but not something which is to be enjoyed at the expense of others less fortunate.

So what do you call obama's Redistribution of Wealth in your Progressive Thinking ?
Put the shoe on the other foot.
It's the working people having TAXES taken out of their paycheck each week to support those who refuse to work.

EVERYBODY's gonna suffer big time.

obama/Clinton have made sure of that.

Reagan began tinkering

If Reagans tinkering upset you just wait until Trump starts hammering.
You are one lost cause Lyzko.
5 Jan 2017  #19

Which is why thinking people have left the country, many of them who could! In a functioning society, NOBODY should be the "lost ones", because once, people fulfilled their responsibilities. Can't believe when you watch "Leave it to Beaver", you don't have a hankerin' for those past times.

There'll sadly be oodles of work for law enforcement as more and more frustrated Americans start a-shootin' and a-stormin':-)

However, because YOU'RE never affected, that makes it all ok, right?
5 Jan 2017  #20

The Nazis were social Darwinists as well, or have you conveniently forgotten?

Well, your option is to be a great philanthropist using other people money. Why don't you use your own money to help others rather than robbing people just that you would feel good about yourself?

Jeszcze Francja nie zginęła (France is not yet lost) [17]PF poster Sobieski - sad news [17]

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