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Voting In The United States

johnny reb
6 Jan 2017  #21

that you would feel good about yourself?

EXACTLY......Liberal Logic.....the participation trophy, everyone is a winner even if you are a failure as long as you feel good about yourself.
Lyzko gets it as bad as he doesn't want to get it.
Interesting... how he places himself "in - the - Line - of - Fire" ...

Before FDR, there were scores of us who would have prayed for the miracle of some sort of aid,

Whaaaa' ??
Where do you get this "HOLIER - THAN - THOU" INCLUSION ?... how can you THINK YOU KNOW ?...what ANYONE thought or felt 80 Years ago !

Get Serious ! (Wait, let me Guess, you're an "Associate Professor" for some tiny Junior College in BumF**k Jersey, who always (REALLY) wanted to be a philanthropist creative writer. So here you go !

And the "short-shrift" you give your American Brothers... WELL.... bloviates ! .... Clueless.

No one desires a return to those times, at least no one who lived through them and didn't go crazy as a result.

Do you ever LISTEN to yourself ??? What Clap - trap rubbish !
The Americans that survived the Depression and WW II were a HELL of a lot stronger than YOU, My Socialist - Liberal MARXIST FRIEND. You...obviously... would have been in the small minority (if there were ANY at all) that would have been TOO depressed, Too afraid, to just CARRY - ON and work HARDER to overcome your problems.

Yes it WOULD have been HARDER for you, then, without a dozen BAILOUT programs and before the Invent of 'THERAPY DOGS' for you to slobber on and help you FEEL - BETTER about yourself.

Not everyone is the same, and as times changes, government must change with it.

Now, THAT being said...the "natural progression" (for you) Is OBVIOUS ! "Trans gendering" !
Then What ..........FULL - ON ABORTIONS 24/ 7 so YOUR Daughter won't have to suffer the punishment of an unwanted pregnancy as Barry Sotoro has proclaimed.

IN REALITY (certainly, you must Have SOME semblance of how THAT works...) Gov'ts. Work for the good of the MAJORITY of the People....NOT because it's IMPORTANT to make Everybody "FEEL GOOD" about themselves !

The Tail does Not NEED TO Wag the dog every time when you 'Bleeding Heart Liberals' see an 'Underprivileged' person.
Your little attempt at 'Creative Writing' about the "male teen, running away from home...get a job without schooling which could pay for a cold-water flat..." (etc, etc, ad Nauseum) is really quite pathetic in it's attempt at Sympathy !

I'll bet you, (being the Marxist you appear to be) are quite COMFORTABLY ensconced in a cozy little 'flat', cottage, or 2,000 Sq. Ft. domicile somewhere in the "Wilds" of Northern New Jersey,(or better YET ) New England....and have NEVER KNOWN 'WANT' OR 'HUNGER' OR 'COLD' ! You're the product of Hard - working parents that made SURE... little "Tully Boscum" had a 'full-tummy' and pretty little suits of Short - pants and ties with beanies to wear.

Disingenuous OF YOU, MY Boy !
It's FAKE Crocodile Tears !
Try to REMEMBER Your "SHINING - EXAMPLE of "Successful Socialism" is CUBA !
Or some very small little Scandanavian Country of 30 Million People. NO !
Your Socialism - "Ideals" have FAILED and Failed MISERABLY every TIME they've ever been RAMMED down the throat the of the People !

...ANY People ! Why can't you see that Lyzko ????

Whereas "Big Government" wasn't as necessary way back when, it became necessary when Roosevelt became president, or this great country might well have gone the way of Nazi Germany.

So, after FDR FINALLY figured - out that "PRICE-FIXING" and manipulating Interest Rates (Sound Familiar, Barack ?) was NOT going to work to change the Economy it was TOO LATE !

FDR the Socialist, had already "Screwed - the-pooch" so hard it couldn't even WALK !
So............ World War II was the only SOLUTION LEFT ! Nice....

or this great country might well have gone the way of Nazi Germany.

You have NO GRIP what - so-ever of how that war effort was conducted !
Yes, there were Problems (Mainly from Labor Unions, Who were NOT SHY of declaring their beliefs & FAITH in the Commies of the Soviet Union... kinda like you, now I think about it.

Please... lighten up and ....well...get a REAL JOB !
6 Jan 2017  #22

Change is relative, I agree, but certain changes such as Trump's proposing, we can all do without. We never were a country merely for the top, but for the middle and even the bottom as well:-)
johnny reb
6 Jan 2017  #23

No doubt, every President made mistakes...........and some like Obama and Jimmy Carter were even complete failures.

We never were a country merely for the top

Time you get a clue Lyzko.
I learned that was a myth when I was eighteen and the Vietnam draft was on and all the minorities and middle class were getting drafted while the upper class (top) kids were getting college deferments, shuffled off to Canada, getting medical deferments for things like hang nails and teeth braces.

How did you ever get so brainwashed to the Left is my question for you today.
6 Jan 2017  #24

I can assure you that had I been of age, I most certainly wouldn't have gone to Canada, Sweden or anywhere else!

The point here is that Trump is a president who's forgotten that equally worthy citizens are not ALL located at the top 1% of "earners".

Prior to Reagan, no one would have even considered actually excluding deserving people from housing, jobs and so forth, simply because they weren't millionairs-))

Plenty undoubtedly thought it, but no one, certainly no PRESIDENT would have had either the stupidity or the audacity to actually put such a plan forth.
johnny reb
7 Jan 2017  #25

I most certainly wouldn't have gone to Canada

And truth is that you have no idea what you would have done after seeing a few of your buddies come home in body bags.

The point here is

The point here is that WE suffered through eight years of Obama and it is now your turn to suffer through eight years of Trump.

NOW you know how WE felt when Obama got elected.
This is gonna be fun.
7 Jan 2017  #26

With regards to Obama's accusations that Putin is guilty for Hillary blowing the elections.... LOL

7 Jan 2017  #27

Johnny, my good man, again, it's never a question in serious circles as to whether it will be "fun" or not!! I just informed you that life is not a joy ride, but a mission. Merely to elect someone in order to watch another group squirm or wince, reminds us all of the Germans who voted in Hitler under the infantile guise of, "Now someone's gonna get you Jews!! Ha-ha, I can't wait!!" (accompanied by gleeful cackling).

Such reactions of yours and others like you are childish and unworthy of consideration by any thinking being:-)

Pack it in, old man! Trump'll be out anyway come the next six months and Pence'll move in. Perhaps not an improvement policywise, but it's better than what we're getting by 1/20!
johnny reb
7 Jan 2017  #28

Merely to elect someone in order to watch another group squirm or wince,

You don't listen do you ?????
I DIDN"T VOTE FOR TRUMP to make you squirm.........
I voted for Trump to keep Crooked Hillary OUT !

Pack it in, old man!

I am not he one doing all the whining, you are so best you suck it up and get ready for eight years of no participation trophies.
7 Jan 2017  #29

Hillary is/ was no more "crooked" than the Man With The Red Necktie, fella, don't you get it yet??!
johnny reb
7 Jan 2017  #30

Lyzko, just because I like you I will share an explanation of EXACTLY how CROOKED Crooked Hillary really is.
Maybe this will help YOU GET IT !
After you watch it please share your thoughts:

johnny reb
8 Jan 2017  #31

I think it all goes back to the "SNOWFLAKE Theory": The Liberal Marxists Buttercups have had their "way" for Eight Years !

So they continue to cry and moan and stomp their Feet !
SO now.......Here's the BAD MAN Trump........who's gonna make the Illegal Mexicans GO Back Home, Make'em PAY for a new Wall and do all kinds of stuff that They DO NOT LIKE.

The Libs' are casting about looking for "ANYTHING" that is Mean Spirited to label the red necktie with !
Spoiled children indeed !
Lyzko, you are a good example of that old point......... A little Knowledge is Dangerous !
Add that with how you skillfully sow innuendo steeped in exaggeration of "Progressive Politically Correct Thinking" and we have a full blown typical Whining Liberal Buttercup.

I must say that you really are a Hoot.
8 Jan 2017  #32

Hillary is/ was no more "crooked" than the Man With The Red Necktie, fella, don't you get it yet??!

My goodness Lzyko, you're living in denial. lol!
8 Jan 2017  #33

Johnny, I don't "get" it, 'cuz there's nothin' to get:-) You're typically arguing a double standard. If a little knowledge is dangerous, whaddya call a whole lot o

IGNORANCE aka your statements up till now??!

@Ironside, if I'm in denial, then what does that make you? You and Wulkan are then equally in denial about anti-Semitism in Poland, both its extent as well as its danger. Do us a favor and just quit projecting:-)
8 Jan 2017  #34

You and Wulkan are then equally in denial about anti-Semitism in Poland,

What that got to do with the topic?

if I'm in denial,

There is no 'if' about it, Lyzko. It is so painfully obvious that I almost feel embarrass on your behalf Lyzko. You seems like a nice dude but so deluded.
johnny reb
8 Jan 2017  #35

What that got to do with the topic?

Nothing, it is one of his re-directs to avoid the facts.

Johnny, I don't "get" it, 'cuz there's nothin' to get:-)

Said the Snowflake that melted because Crooked Hillary lost.
You wanted Crooked Hillary to continue with the failures of the obama administration.
And before you ask, what failures again, let me refresh you.
Eight years of war
Lowest economic growth in America's history
Record number of mass shootings
Record number of terrorist attacks in America
Record number of people on Food stamps
Fewer home owners from the time he took office in 2008
Record high health insurance costs
Record high National Debt
Worst rioting since 1967
Highest poverty level in America's history

And this is what you Socialist Liberal "Snowflakes" call 'success' and say that there is 'nothing to get'.

You seems like a nice dude but so deluded.

Plus +1
Didn't Christmas feel a little more special this year with President Trump "Making Christmas Great Again".
8 Jan 2017  #36

America has lost the way, but Trump's scarcely the one to lead us (back) to the Promised Land:-)

@Ironside, please don't patronize me!! I simply meant that I'll gladly stop being in denial about Hillary as soon as you people START fessin' up about the degree of anti-Semitism in present-day Poland, that's all.
johnny reb
8 Jan 2017  #37

America has lost the way

Is that a nice way of saying that obama was the worst president of all time ?
We tried to tell you yet you Snowflakes voted for the loser TWICE !
obama's biggest accomplishment was building the strongest Republican Party ever.
obama blamed Bush and now he is blaming Russia.
Crooked Hillary lied and tried to blame it on a video in Benghazi.
I don't think Trump will play the blame game.

Trump's scarcely the one to lead us (back)

Better then continuing on the lost way with Crooked Hillary.
Again, I did not vote for Trump, I voted against Hillary.

to the Promised Land:-)

Trump being an Alfa male gives a chance at least.
Not like obama who told Putin to, "Cut it Out". lol
9 Jan 2017  #38

Is that a nice way of saying that obama was the worst president of all time ?

This is Better:)

johnny reb
9 Jan 2017  #39

My favorite one of the bunch was the two little dogs looking up with guilty innocent looks on their faces.
The caption was, "We are glad you're home, the Russians pooped in the hallway."
9 Jan 2017  #40

A new American memorial: TRUMP'S FIRST DAY, 1/21/17, commemorating the start of a tragi-comedy.
America in Memoriam
1776 - 2017

President Ford got it all wrong; our national nightmare isn't over, it's just beginning. Obama's only here to write the post-mortum:-)


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