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Prospects of Eastern Europe and Eurasia is to become last bastions of Western culture ?

18 Mar 2016  #1

In not that distant future, that what remain of Western world would exist within Eastern Europe and Eurasia. In Eastern Europe (and Slavic influenced Central Europe), it would be possible if project of Intermarium become reality, while when we speak of Eurasia, there would be Eurasian Union around Russia.

That is how things develop considering global mega trends. Do you agree?

18 Mar 2016  #2

Larry King

John Rhys-Davies

Larry King interviewed John Rhys-Davies >>>> Must see >>>>

John Rhys-Davies: Islamic Civilization Very Likely To Supplant European Christianity

Published time: 4 Dec, 2015 23:25
Acclaimed actor John Rhys-Davies ........... tells Larry why he's convinced the Islamic culture will replace Western Europe's Christian civilization. And, why he calls ISIS "the perfect vehicle" for psychopaths.

18 Mar 2016  #3

ADMIN, i kindly suggest this thread for discussion in news section. This isn`t off topic. This is for real public discussion. This isn`t from racial or religious focus. Its about culture and kind of civilization what one want to live in.

This thread deal with specific topic, sure from personal angle but anybody are free to say what they think. i`m not convinced that USA or western Europe can manage to found strength to preserve their civilization. Poland and Eastern Europe in general, Russia,.... can manage, i think.

So, please, Admin, return thread where i originally positioned it. Thanks for respecting freedom of speech.

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