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Russia threaten to use A-bomb if NATO attack Serbia again - does this protects Polish interests in the region?

1 Mar 2018  #1

We are now in situation similar to one before WWI occurred, when Germanics declared war on Serbia. In respond, Russia entered the great war. As a consequence of chain reaction of events, as Polish prince Czartorisky anticipated and hoped having contacts with Serbian throne, Poland acquired its independence. Does this new situation, new escalation, may again lead to new independence of Poland, in some chain reaction of events. So, does this Russia threat in some twisted way, actually, suits to Poland`s interests? In sense that it can thwart western European/USA pressure on Serbia and that way open space for Poland`s-Serbia`s joint projects, such is Intermarium, for example?

Anyway, as Putin clarified, Russia threaten to use its nuclear potentials in case of NATO attack on Russia or any Russia`s ally. Time is that all who endangered Serbia`s sovereignty start to think, to think twice and trice and to think hard, before continue to insist on partition of Serbia or to decide to launch some new attack on country which Russia traditionally consider to be more then just an ally.

Spot article and videos there >

Putin: Ako napadnu - lansiramo nuklearke / VIDEO
translation: If they attack, we launch nukes

Moskva -- Putin .............. Rusija ima odgovor za Ameriku, kao i da će svaki napad na saveznike smatrati napadom na Rusiju.

translation: Russia have respond for USA and also every attack on allies would be considered to be attack on Russia.

an Serbian article

Putin promised to protect Serbia

Predsednik Rusije govorio je danas na redovnom obraćanju Federalnoj skupštini i poručio šta će se desiti ako bilo ko napadne Rusiji ili bilo kog njenog saveznika.

translation: President of Russia spoke today on annual meeting in Federal assembly and presented what would happen to anyone who attack Russia or any Russian ally.

Putin's annual address to Federal Assembly (FULL VIDEO)
VIDEO > youtube.com/watch?v=iDGvrdqQZVY

1 Mar 2018  #2

xD funny theories

2 Mar 2018  #3

This isn`t funny to me. Spot the image. I assure you, its not funny neither to British magnates, neither to anybody there. But see, Britain is one of main NATO hawks and proponents of aggressive policy on Russia and not only on Russia.


Effects of Russian Sarmat A-bomb in hypothetical Russian respond on attack from Britain

7 Mar 2018  #4

Serbs are too friendly with Russia.

7 Mar 2018  #5

When Anglo-Franco-Germanic axis in deal with Islamic league illegally and outside of UN mandate threatened Serbians and Serbia, call for support was sent to all Slavs and to entire world that value sovereignty of states and positive UN charters. Slovakia, Russia and many others (most of the globe) never recognized Kosovo and partition of Serbia. Speaking of situation within Slavic world, Czech Republic recognized Kosovo but President Klaus and then Zeman, too, prevented establishing of Czech embassy on Kosovo. In Poland, president was against recognition, while Polish government recognized Kosovo admitting that doing that under pressure of Poland`s EU and NATO partners. In entire Slavic world (and not only Slavic) public is solidar with Serbia and Serbians. Many countries these days annulling and revoke its Kosovo recognition, Czech Republic being among those that started such a process.

Now, Russia is able to offer even better assistance and I don`t see anything bad in it. Actually, more is Russia involved here and more Russia supporting Serbia, Poland is safer from any hostility from western Europe and from Russia. Its even shame how official Poland behave on both- on Serbia and on Russia, having in mind all benefits for Poland`s Geo-strategic situation that coming from the development here in the region. Such a behave of official Poland is even in direct opposition to stance of great majority of Poles, when it comes to Serbian question. In one hand it appears that official Poland resist to dictate of EU, while on the other side directly and most brutally betraying and ruining Poland.

8 Mar 2018  #6

Serbs are too friendly with Russia.

Their puppets really.

8 Mar 2018  #7

My people is alive only because Poles wanted that we survive Turkish invasion. Russians also came in our aid but much later. If not for the Polish prompt reaction it would be late for the southern gate. If puppets, my people is only puppet to its eternal gratitude to our beloved brothers and to our great white and beautiful mother Slavia.

You know, one must come back from the grave, to be able to truly understand meaning of words `our great white and beautiful mother Slavia`. When Serbian says that its not same as somebody from the west of Europe ``glorify`` white race. Serbians were on the verge, on edge of the hell. You know, historical records of my people speak of Scordici- greatest Celtic tribe, Tribali- greatest Thracian tribe and as of old core of Sarmatia. Historical records says that before Turks arrived Serbians were most numerous ethos of Europe, even more numerous then Russians. Today, we are only scattered remain of ourselves. To survive we battled for centuries, to save our bodies and our souls. Our females lived with scared and cut of breasts to make themselves ugly. Our boys lived without few fingers that were cut of by their fathers. Our children and people was main trade article on Arabian slave markets for centuries. It was hell on Earth.

What I want to tell you, you can`t imagine what we feel when encounter ideology such is Nazism that is invented by western Europeans. Invented by those who live on tradition of Rome and Greeks that only desired to merge with Semites. False, everything is false in them. In them, false Whites. That Nazism serving primarily to delude, confuse, weaken, shame and destroy true Whites. Whites that are normal and essentially tolerant human beings but vigilant in their right to live as free and as they like to live. True Whites, us Western, us Slavs.

Point is. We don`t need false ideology to be Whites. One need desire to live. To have heart.

15 Mar 2018  #8

The strange thing is that Serb and Russian,though similar,are not mutually intelligible.
Whereas I would say that Polish and Russian are,just about.
I think we Poles know and understand Russians better than Serbs.
And Poles therefore need no advice about Russians from Serbs.
We know them better than you do.....

15 Mar 2018  #9

Linguistically, Serbian stays in the middle between Polish and Russian, equally close and equally far from both. Serbian is core language.

So, you better come and invest in Serbia. We Serbians knows everything.

16 Mar 2018  #10

Serbian is core language.

Crowie, do you understand Slovenian at all when it's spoken? I read somewhere that it's tough for Serbian speakers to understand.

16 Mar 2018  #11

You have wrong info, delphi. Slovenian is very understandable and readable to Serbians. Really not a problem.

16 Mar 2018  #12

Serbian is core language.

errrr not really, a core slavic language needs and infinitive... croatian would have a better claim as the core language (though in actuality an intermediary form of slovak and croatian would be closer

Of course the constructed Itnerslavic is even closer


pretty easy to read for me with just Polish (and bits and pieces of other slavic languages)

17 Mar 2018  #13


Croatian is almost extinct language. Language in use in today`s Croatia is Serbian language, while almost 100% of population there represent people with Serbian genetics, where maximally 10-20% bears genes of real ethnic Croats that once existed but were destroyed by Turks. Croat language is used, how I heard, by less then 3.000 people in one tiny region above Capital Zagreb, in Zagorje. Still even those 3.000 or less of them of course using Serbian language for the reason of communication within society.

20% of today`s Croatia was/is real Croat ethnic land. Rest, 80% is Serbian ethnic land under Croatian yoke, thanks to German, Austrian and Vatican`s schemes. But, now at least Vatican washing hands from it, as we see these days.

17 Mar 2018  #14

Language in use in today`s Croatia is Serbian language

That's just the kind of extrmist Serbian fantasies that convinced every other country in the former Jugoslavija to get as far away from Serbia as they could politically.

Good job, Serbian nationalism, you've destroyed one country and now you're trying to sucker Poland into becoming a Russian vassal state.

Just get out of here, you're not even funny anymore you genocidal freeek!

17 Mar 2018  #15

I just gave you info. By how you talk, you are the one that here promote ustashe Nazi genocidal ideology. Fact that major EU and NATO powers support same stance that is yours telling much about them. Truly much. For they supported extermination of Orthodox Serbs, their forcible conversion into Catholicism, their ethnical cleansing and, absolute assimilation of old Catholic Serbs. They supported stealing of Serbian language and lands. But, we are on Earth and God is upon us all. How we speak and how we doing, He will judge to us. Just give Him time. Just a little bit more time.

17 Mar 2018  #16

just gave you info

No you just gave unhinged crazy dogma, I've known Croats who had to hide in their cellars from Serbian bombs (they were quite clear that they are Croats and the ones bombing them were Serbs). Talk to them and keep you crazy Russian fantasies away from Poland.

Russia is to Poland what Turkey is to Serbia. case closed.

17 Mar 2018  #17

No reasons to argue with you. You are fanatic. Winner will take it all. Seams that to be only rule. Rule imposed on world by imbeciles such is Bill and Hillary Clinton and other lunatics. But, no problem. If that`s the game, if that`s the point to prove to be stronger, we Serbians are born to that game.

Russia is to Poland what Turkey is to Serbia. case closed.

Russia mistaken on Poland, true. More mistaken on Poland then Poles on Russia.

But, we Serbians handling that problem. We bringing changes to the position of entire Slavic world. We braking chains that hold Poland. All chains. Those in the hands of Russia and those other much stronger chains that are set on Poland by false friends of Poland from the west of Europe. And Poles knows that.

17 Mar 2018  #18

You are fanatic

I don't want Poles to be slaves of Russia. You do. No more to say.

18 Mar 2018  #19

Crazy. You behave like a child, after all. Cooperation among Slavs and Eastern Europeans you equalize with servitude to Russia what is far from reality.

Poland actually have historic chance to take part in formation of Intermarium, together with Hungary and Serbia. I think that Poles do have all historical reasons to trust to Hungarians and to Serbians. One of ways for us to work on Intermarium was/is to establish normal relations with Russia, Vatican and China, etc..... Important neighbors, powers and centers. That was just first step to us. It is Hungarians and Serbs that created situation in which Poland don`t have to humiliate itself in front of Russia, China or anybody else. Poland is welcome to come among us, Her loyal friends and brothers, when ready. To help us organize our common future in a ways that suits us all.

So, what the hack your childish brain tailing about? What pressure issuing EU and NATO on Poland and what Hungary and Serbia? We act as cure on Poland`s wounds.

9 May 2018  #20

[moved from]

We Serbians were stupendously loyal to England. Then, UK government made a deal with Germans, France, Saudis and entire Islamic league to reduce Serbia to little peace of sh**. UK actually sent her soldiers to fight side by side with worse Arab mujas against Serbians, while also provided media propaganda logistics to whole operation, with aim to demonize Serbians in the eyes of world public. But, only western Europe was exposed as demonic.

9 May 2018  #21

Get real.
Serbia messed up big time.
Now they are having to live with the consequences.
Accept and live with your mistakes and faults or forever regret them.
Until yon accept your guilt,Serbia will never be respected by sane,sensible,normal people.
Just like your best friend.

10 May 2018  #22

Serbia messed up big time.

What big game? For whom big game?

We live here and outsider England & Co. have their ``game`` here? And didn`t asked us for opinion? That is my dear, their problem. Their BIG problem.

11 May 2018  #23

Something what BBC and CNN won`t tell you >

If EU continue to push Serbia, EU would face much stronger consequences from it then from Brexit. If Serbia declare that give up from EU, we would have situation that some more countries from the region won`t join to EU. Moreover, permanent Serbia`s give up from EU would send strong signal to Czechs and Slovaks, to Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania, to people of Poland, to Crna Gora, to Bosnia and Herzegovina, to ethnic Serbian regions within Croatia, to some other countries, to be on stand-by and wait for next Serbia`s move regarding new Slavic, Central and Eastern European conglomerate, kind of Centroslavia, new Commonwealth or Intermarium.

Literally, Serbia do have capacity to destroy EU. No, not by wishing to do it but just wishing to survive and prosper without being molested by western European dictate. And NATO and EU can`t insert some new military pressure on Serbia considering that other players of Multi-Polar world strongly oppose to it, and I don`t mean just China and Russia.

Serbia`s cultural impact on other Slavs and Slavic influenced peoples are tremendous. Add to it gradual consolidation of Serbian economy, no matter all obstacles by EU and NATO powers and even those powers aren`t anymore united how should approach to Serbia. For price due to pressuring Serbia is higher and higher and hardly acceptable to complete opposition that seek to re-model region on the account of Serbians and Serbia`s interests.

What is real history, what politics and what is myth in Greek-Polish, Slavic relationship? [60]Italian mafia killing in Slovakia - What Visegrad Group doing to deal with mafia ? [7]

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