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What is real history, what politics and what is myth in Greek-Polish, Slavic relationship?

5 Mar 2018  #1

What is real history, what is politics and what is myth in Greek-Polish, Slavic relationship?


Somebody asked in another thread. Let me answer here

@Crow: You do know that your precious Sarmatians owed every bit of civilization to the Greeks and Romans right?

First of all. Never separate name of Sarmatians from name of Thracians (what is best seen on example of medieval Serbian state; Serbia/Rashka < Sarmatia/Th-rashka). Those two ethnic designations coexist parallel since unknown past. This dualism in ethnic designation is one of most interesting things to which science yet have to give answer. Still, there are theories.

Then, there are open questions about magnitude of Sarmatian/Thracian (ie Slavic) physical realm in ethnic/genetic sense and plus there was (and still is) even wider their cultural area.

In any case, what we can say for certainty, because really most of the continental Europe, Eurasia and even Anatolia back in past belonged to Sarmatian/Thracian world, is that Greece and Italy, back in past surely belonged to Sarmatian/Thracian physical and cultural realm. It is absolutely impossible (I repeat, impossible!) that population of what is now Greece (being mostly on Balkans) and Italy (being mostly on Apennines) develop separately from the continent that supports them. Origin of Greek and Italian population have base Slavic (ie Sarmatian/Thracian) genetics and initial cultural background. Rest is history. Real history and politically colored history and, myth of course.

6 Mar 2018  #2

Greeks are very important to western Europe in game of controlling Slavs. So, expect Greece to benefit in situation when Slavs strengthen.

Veliki Pan Pilsudski wasn`t crazy when spoke of Greece in Intermarium. He knew Serbians would explain to Greeks.

6 Mar 2018  #3


Ha ha ha

What can a non culture tell a society that stands unlimited above you?

6 Mar 2018  #4

Ha? What?

I don`t consider Greece to be non culture. I never said that. You didn`t understand me.

6 Mar 2018  #5

I consider Serbia a non culture. No history. No philosophy.

6 Mar 2018  #6

No sodomy.

6 Mar 2018  #7

I consider Serbia a non culture. No history. No philosophy.

Did you not read what crow said

I don`t consider Greece to be non culture. I never said that. You didn`t understand me.

no need to abuse crow

6 Mar 2018  #8


They have plenty of sodomy over there. Did you ever see how they "live"?


Of course not as much sodomy as catholics do.

6 Mar 2018  #9


So @Marino_Kat, this is your "glorious" country and nation. But you still dare to lecture anybody about being European. What conclusion should one make out of it except that you suffer of a severe lack of intelligence or that you are a common provocateur. Either way you and creeps like you don't belong here.

In conclusion - stop making a fool of yourself showing your ignorance and stupidity.

Could our Greek friend whom not a single woman will resist please confirm this?

Yep. Middle aged sexually frustrated western "desperate housewifes" seaching for cheap young meat. But as I have read their gigolos have competition now. Turks are in the business too. Whom should poor old Helga chose now? Giorgos or Mehmet? After all they look so similar. :)

6 Mar 2018  #10

Of course not as much sodomy as catholics do.

Or the Greeks


6 Mar 2018  #11

Did you not read what crow said

No. He don`t read. Only tongue work

no need to abuse crow

yes. I am virtually raped here. But, it telling more of rapist then of me.

10 Mar 2018  #12

[moved from]

Just look how Alexander behaved in Egypt. He greated the great Apis bull in the temple of Ptah

Here is Serbian Knez Lazar how he was looking at the Battle of Kosovo back in 1389 (with bull horns on his helmet). and prior to slaying of Turkish Sultan Murad, as Serbian generals planned in preparations for battle and resumed to apply tactics of their brethren Alexander of Macedon, his tactics used at the Battle of Gugamela, when cavalry of Alexander penetrated as the spear into the enemy ranks onto the position of enemy leader, putting all force at the peak of the spear, braking all enemy resistance. For that manuver, Serbians needed one nobleman at the leading point of the spear and that was Serbian Milos Obilic, Voivode of Knights dressed in battle in metal plates by the oldest Sarmatian tradition, with dragon on his helmet. And he did it, he personally killed Murad (before he himself was killed), only Turkish sultan ever killed in battle.

Look little Greek, is this enough of the bull horns to you >>> are they big enough >>> go pray to them >>>

Knez Lazar Hrebeljanovic

Voivode Milos Obilic

See, Greeks of the time knew that Serbians were Thracians and Sarmatians. Duka, Byzantine chronicler, for Serbs also used name of Tribali, name of main Thracian tribe. So, you Greeks know truth but you lie. You may eat that lie as well, one day.

Not a single peace of our history won`t be allowed to be stolen. Not a single. Not to any perverts. To try that is to declare holly war to the Serbs because for us, loyalty to ancients is above everything. Protecting ancients we protecting future of our children. So, beware how far you Greeks goes with provocations.

10 Mar 2018  #13

Abu Yahya Zakariya Bin Mohammed al-Qazwini

Thank you very much for this information. I am now very interested in what he has written, once I have enough spare time at the end of this month I will look thoroughly into this. They have thankfully a translation of hisEin arabischer Berichterstatter aus dem 10 Jahrhundert über Fulda, Schleswig, Soest, Paderborn und andere Städte des Abendlandes at the library.

@Dirk diggler

Actually Norway, France, Germany, etc. all have higher rates of mass shooting occurences per million people as well AND higher rates of deaths occurring in a mass shooting per million than the US.

As usual, nothing of what you write is based in reality. Germany had 3 mass shootings in this century, with less than 40 Germans dead.


Norway had one infamous mass shooting incident in 2011, with a high number of victims, which you can only count as a statistical analomy. You can conclude from this that Norway has a high number of mass shooting victims per citizen, but only if you disregard basic math that you ought to have learned in high school.


Even France does not qualify as this. Interestingly, since that statistic was posted, among the three European countries, only Germany witnessed one more mass shooting in Munich, whereas we had several more in the USA.

Every other country had at least five out seven years without a death from a mass shooting.

It would be nice if you could at least get the basics right here.

@Crow: Are you sure that Serbians are not also secretly Romans too? You might as well claim their history as well for them if you are going to claim the ancient Greeks.

As a side note, it is really amusing that the Serbians later came to oppose the true liberators of the Balkans from the Ottoman yoke, in form of the Austrians. I guess they never got over the fact that all they ever managed to do was to lose gloriously, while the Austrians managed to win with glory against the Ottomans.

Here is a dedication to someone whom every Serbian should consider their true hero:


To my knowledge, there were even some Polish soldiers fighting in the army that liberated Belgrade.

10 Mar 2018  #14

Prince Eugene of Savoy got his respect from the Serbs. But he is far to be liberator. He contributed. And his front line consisted from Serbians and Hungarians. In some battles, yes, Poles also took part.

But, if we were to speak truth, key battles against Turks were three battles: 1. Battle of Kosovo (Serbs vs Turks)- that stooped Turkish invasion into Europe for minimum 70 years, 2. Battle at Vienna (Poles vs Turks)- that broken Turkish renewed advance onto Europe and 3. Battle at Kumanovo (Serbs vs Turks)- that destroyed Turkish European army and forced them to retreat behind Bosporus. All the rest are just contributions and side battles that often were followed by European betrayal of Serbs due to western European/Vatican collaborations with Turks. Sure, only Poles didn`t betray us and they did all to help us sincerely. Together with killed Serbian leaders in battles against Turks, only Poles lost their King and highest ranking nobleman in fighting. Then, when we were on the knees, when even Poles were broken and our hopes started to wain, Russian arrived and waged 100 year long war with Turks and when Russian Empress Catherine the Great, Lusatian Serb in its origin, promised to Turks never-ending war because they dared to harm and humiliate Serbians.

So, spare me of talks about Germanic battles against Turks. Please. Only, Serbs, Poles and Russians did the job here properly. And paid price.

10 Mar 2018  #15

key battles against Turks were three battles:

I agree with you on the first and second, but the Battle at Kumanovo had hardly the same impact as other conflicts before. The Battle of Lepanto broke the naval supremacy of the Ottomans and ensured that they would not dominate the Mediterrean, but most crucially, it were the Austrians under Eugéne of Savoy who ended the Ottoman Supremacy in the Balkans and their direct threat to Europe. The Ottomans lost their status as superpower in their wars with Austria, Serbia fought in 1912 only a shadow of their former glory. Serbia might have accelerated Ottoman decline, but it was Austria who started it and made it possible.

Russian Empress Catherine the Great, Lusatian Serb in its origin,

Catherina was not Lusatian, she was not even born there. She was born in Prussian Pommerania as the daughter of a Prussian field marshal and ruler of a territory which was not part of Lusatia.

11 Mar 2018  #16

Catherina was not Lusatian

First of all, it is she that considered herself to be Serbian/Sorbian and belonged to elite that believed in Pan-Serbian line from Baltic to Balkan. I just share info with you. Her hate on Turks because they held part of Balkan Serbs under occupation was legendary. Plus, she had active connections with Serbians and Poles around back then Russian throne. No, I don`t point on her Polish and Serbian lovers but, on issue with Peter Tekeli, Russian general of Serbian origin that prevented massacre of resisting Zaporozhian Cossacks no matter received specific order from Catherine the Great about punishment for Zaporozhians. For that, at first, she wanted to separate Tekeli from his head but later awarded him with Order of St. Alexander Nevsky for quelling the Zaporozhian Cossacks without spilling a single drop of brotherly blood.

Anyway, speaking of northern Serbs, you mistaking when putting Serbs solely in what is now Lusatia. You may dislike it but, Germans are nothing but Serbs in their origin. And not only them. No matter how deep you dig, you always found some Serbian trace of them.

Catherine the Great was born as Princess Sophie of Anhalt-Zerbst. Her father was Christian August, Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst. See, Zerbst (Serbišćo in Sorbian) is a town in the district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.

11 Mar 2018  #17

it is she that considered herself to be Serbian/Sorbian

She obviously did this for propaganda reasons, since she had to explain why a German princess was ruling over Russia. But as stated before, there is no actual connection here. She was born in Prussia and her family did not consider themselves as Slavic before she married the crown prince of Russia. She received a mostly French education, and prefered French philosophy about everything else.

She was a very competent monarch though. And she knew that learning Russian, changing faith et al was the key to one day waearing the crown, as she wrote in her diary.

You may dislike it but, Germans are nothing but Serbs in their origin.

Of course. And so are Greeks, Romans et al.

No matter how deep you dig, you always found some Serbian trace of them

There is a pretty well known saying among historians about this. "Goths are everywhere!" A few decades ago, people were obsessed with finding traces of the Goths, and many artifacts across Europe were atributed to them, until people realized that there was little proof for it, and that distinguishing from other artifacts was next to impossible. If you want to see Serbians everythere, they will be everywhere. Just do not expect any decent historian to take you seriously.

And no, I do not "dislike" the thought of Germans being of Slavic origin, since a) most Germans have one way or another ties to other countries anyway, which is not surprising given its' location and b) I have Polish ancestors in my direct family line. What I abhor is people constructing some very outrageous ethnic connections based on a very selective interpretation of historical sources, which has been debunked for over 70 years now.

Though I must probably give you credit for being so outrageous about your insistance that Serbia had somehow such a great influence on Europe while leaving so little behind themselves.

11 Mar 2018  #18

She obviously did this for propaganda reasons, since she had to explain why a German princess was ruling over Russia.

Oh, she had propaganda phases when she stated how is she Russian. But, those were just phases. She was Serbian.

If you want to see Serbians everythere, they will be everywhere. Just do not expect any decent historian to take you seriously.

You know, all European nations/peoples have extremism about something `Greater`. Still, it doesn`t mean that one people could be right about those claims.

If Greeks and Romans in past spoke of Serbs as of Thracians and Sarmatians. If Polish legends speak of Polish Sarmatian origin. If there are traces of Serbian name all over Europe. If linguistic and genetic science confirms everything.... well, why would I give up from my ancestors, history. For the love of nations that desired to destroy Serbs and Slavs since time immemorial and even when they pretended to be our friends their true nature regularly was revealed sooner or later. For them? For you? Please, be serious.

11 Mar 2018  #19

Yes, Greeks spoke about Thracians. But...

1. Thracians were not slavics and 2...Thracians were seen as pathetic primitives by our ancestors.

I never heared about that serbian guy with the funny helmet. But you know propably some of ours.

My people fought battels your puny history cant imagine. We crushed the persian empire and saved Europe from orientalist despotism multiple times.

The village i come from is in the region Lakedaímōn. One of the more famous kings of our region is King Leonidas

That said, what i saw in Poland...was mostly...mud.

That said...in Poland it was cold and dirty and you could see people have not much. In the villages appeared to be no public life. Just old people looking out of windows.

They shot the commercial at some forest national park. It was cold and i dont know...well at least they paid good. It was caleld Biolacenzska park or something like that. They had special cows there with long fur and such stuff.

I had to carry wood shirtless...it was damn cold and i had to do it multiple times. You can guess by my facial expression how much i liked this ****.

forest np

The girl i was fimled with was hot but she was from Estonia.

I felt a bit cheated because they first said its in Krakow but it was only where we meet and started.

But hey its 1500 € and this will get me closer to my australia trip in September

11 Mar 2018  #20

Oh, my ...
It doesn't look photoshopped at all.

11 Mar 2018  #21

I have to say Marino that picture looks gay, but guess you posted it to get some comments, stop lugging wood and stick to waiting on tables so you can afford to buy a shirt, you will get scratches on your shoulder and catch your death of cold if you are not careful.

So its the greeks who ware logging our forests, beware Greeks bearing breasts and all that.

johnny reb
11 Mar 2018  #22

It doesn't look photoshopped at all.

Sure it is or were you just being sarcastic kaprys.
See the circumference of the log in front of his face and then the log suddenly gets much smaller behind his head (ear) where he photo shopped putting his head on someone else's body.

Next we will be seeing one of him riding Putin's horse bare chested. lol

11 Mar 2018  #23

you make best satire. You cant imagine how much i must laugh about all this trash you post.

I give you a hint, Slavs have no history and you also have no famous persons in history.

You claim Thracians?

1. You have nothing to do with Thracians
2. We Greeks labelled Thracians are primitive savages

11 Mar 2018  #24

@johnny reb
Oh, Johnny, not only does the photo look photoshopped, the whole story doesn't add up.
So we have a 'model' brought up from Greece as if it wasn't cheaper and easier to hire someone here. The guy in the photo is pretty attractive, but it'd be easier to find someone equally or more attractive here.

They have him fly to Kraków and then take him to Białowieski National Park - about 7-8 hours drive. Why not any other airport closer to Białowieża?

Why would anyone shoot a commercial right after the snow has melted? Why not when it's green or snowy everywhere?
Finally, having chosen the last ancient European forest, they choose to take a photo with so few trees in the background ... at a not very attractive site ... after all the effort.

Poland is not Greece ... there are a lot of forests outside cities everywhere. Forests or fields. If he had been to Poland, he would know it. They would have found a similar location just outside Kraków. By any road ... somewhere deeper in the forests though judging by the look of the 'road' in the photo.

I hope Marino learned something about the geography of Poland now.

11 Mar 2018  #25

I should go and take part in discussions on some of these Reconciliation Seminars, sooner then later. Oh, how would I f*** them there. In many ways of mental Kama Sutra.

11 Mar 2018  #26

easier to find someone equally or more attractive here.

damn right no one beats Dolno lol.

11 Mar 2018  #27


You cant. You are Serbian. You get no VISA for the EU.


You have to apply like a Nigerian or someone from Congo.

Btw can you travel Pristina? :D

Keep to the topic of the thread please

11 Mar 2018  #28

What is this? What is that image? By the God, this thread starting to looks like as recruit center for pederic tending male population. No, not just that. Its even sado-mazo.

I have my Slavic Sarmato-Thracian connections. I am omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. I travel faster then light.

11 Mar 2018  #29

the whole story doesn't add up

no it doesn't, I'm starting to believe this is all just a prank by some troll with nothing better to do, maybe with the express purpose of becoming a foil for Crow (in which case, god bless! their interactions are hilarity incarnate)

my favorite part is that he's glad for the money because it will help him get as far away from Greece as possible.... which is hilarious if you think about it for a second

11 Mar 2018  #30

a woman with piece of wood

I might have found a photo of the other model.
(Quite a popular meme some time ago, btw).

No ba!

It is quite possible tbh.

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