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US senators to probe Soros' use of his fortune to sway US foreign policy

3 May 2017  #61

Fake news.

Did he give the link to CNN?
3 May 2017  #62

US senators to probe

So Clinton`s & friends goes to jail
3 May 2017  #63

you're supporting

And you're selectively supporting Soros' bleeding-heart handouts conceived by him as window-dressing to offset all his evil misdeeds.
Spouting more cheap Włochaty & Disciples-style proapagdna, are we?!
Many people support causes that coincidentally crisscross, overlap or dovetail with those of their political opponetns, but that does not imply acceptance of said opponents' entire agenda. There have been cases of a Christian group and rabid feminists protesting against the opening of a porn cinema in the neighbourhood. The Church group because it promotes immorality and the feminists because it violates womens' dignity. That's about the only place they see eye to eye!
3 May 2017  #64

Any proof of that?

You know as well as anyone that Soros' ultimate aim is to do away with countries, borders, nationalities, races, even sexual differences (gender ideology), and promotes both sexual deviations as well as marijuana in whose haze all these aberrations and irregularities may seem "cool" and acceptable.

If you don't know this, (and I'm more than sure you already do), I ain't gonna do your homework for you. Just Google and learn for yourself.

BTW the ever-sinister Soros is working with chemcial giant Monsanto to create a synthetic marijuana which could be ppassed off as something else and circumvent anti-drug laws in many places.
3 May 2017  #65

We Serbians warned on Soros more then 20 years ago
3 May 2017  #66

warned on Soros

Just proves the point I tried to get across to the Dolphin (Delfin in Polish). I agree with you about Soros but do not believe Serbia or Slavs in general represent any kind of Herrenvolk. Just another minor country, just another language group.

Incidentally, personally I'm glad the Dacians (regardless of whether they were originally Slavs, Scythians, Celts or Martians) have created a Romance-language outpost in eastern Europe.
3 May 2017  #67

Just another minor country, just another language group.

Exactly. We do have right to preserve our unique values and culture. All civilizations have. That`s best for humanity, Glorious diversity.

Incidentally, personally I'm glad the Dacians (regardless of whether they were originally Slavs, Scythians, Celts or Martians) have created a Romance-language outpost in eastern Europe.

Glad or not to you but that was Roman plan. To dilute Slavs (ie Sarmatians). Romans were systematical and murderous.
3 May 2017  #68

Roman plan

Not just Roman. The aim of every empire eas to spread its culture, language, ideology, etc. across conquered territory. Babylonia, Ancient Greece, Napoleon's France, Tsarist Russia, Prussia, Nazi Germany, Greater Serbia, etc.
3 May 2017  #69

Greater Serbia?

My friend, do you think Greater Serbia how is defined (and invented) by Austro-Hungarian anti-Serbian propaganda or how is defined by Polish Prince Adam Czartoryski? See, when Czartoryski invented term he was pointing on ethnic Serbian territories- mainly shtokavian speaking area on Balkan and Central Europe. For Czartoryski, Greater Serbia had to happen after Serbian liberation from Ottomans and Austro-Hungaria. For Czartoryski, Greater Serbia was simple ethnic Serbian territory and Serbs of all three faith- Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim. So, Czartoryski merely was pointed out on free Serbian lands when spoke of Greater Serbia. Czartoryski even underlined that is for existence and independence of Poland, necessary that Greater Serbia exist. He relied only on Serbians when fought for Polish independence.

You know, back then patriotic Polish elite was desperate to achieve full liberation of Poland but, had problem- they couldn`t trust to anybody, not to Russians, not to western europe, not to Pope. Then, Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz gave inromation about Serbs and after that Czartoryski suggested strategy- stick to the Serbians and we`ll got independence. Poles listened to him and Poland won its independence, exactly playing on Serbians. Did you know that it was Czartoryski who gave idea about Yugoslavia to Serbians? Yes, it was him.

See, my friend, we aren`t that lucky, we Serbs and Poles. No, that was not about Greater Serbia. Milosevic didn`t have that on his mind. Seselj had that idea in mind and he still have but, he and his Radical party never ruled Serbia, never won on elections. Accusing Serbia for idea of Greater Serbia would be like that somebody accuse for example France for ideas of Le Pen and she never won elections (well, now, maybe she will). Absurd. See?

As I said, we aren`t that lucky my friend. Unity of Serbians and their territories isn`t reality, for now. You Poles would have more to wait. As Czartoryski suggested- Weak Serbia, weak Poland. Czartoryski was right in everything. He was so right.
3 May 2017  #70


NGOs: Grassroots Empowerment or Tool of Information Warfare?
2 Jul 2017  #71


Evil multi-billionaire Soros out to destroy his native Europe

Evidence is mounting that the evil Hungarian-born US hedge fund speculator George Soros will stop at nothing to destroy the continent from which he sprang. Although refugee camps are already bulging at the seams and Euroepan countries are reluctant to accept more newcomers, though his Open Society Foundation Soros is bankrolling a fleet of passenger boats to transport even more asylum-seekers across the Mediterranean. Human traffickers are making a fortune on the procedure. An investigation is under way in Italy into the "abnormal" amount of funds that allows even small agencies to hire ships." Italian authorities have so far uncovered several NGOs financed by Soros' Open Society Foundations. Italian investigator Zuccaro said "the facilitation of illegal immigration is a punishable offense regardless of the intention." According to EU Immigration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos, some 80% of the North African migrants arriving in Itay have no legal right of asylum.

2 Jul 2017  #72

absolutely decent and altruisti

That really is off the wall! Soros is a demented old multi-billionaire playing "God" on the world's chessboard and using his fortune to bankroll ships to sent more migrants across the Mediterranean, his dodgy NGOs to destroy people's cultural heritage, undermine patriotism and Christianity, meddle in the banking systems and internal affairs of other countries, promote racial mixing, deviant lifestyles and destroy Western civilisation. One old piece of sh*t!
2 Jul 2017  #73

and using his fortune to bankroll ships to sent more migrants across the Mediterranean

Anyone would think that you've got history as a propagandist with the nonsense that you post on here, Polly.
Dirk diggler
3 Jul 2017  #74

I love zero hedge...

Also yes delph there are many sources including am interview with Soros where he admits this.


Around 8 min mark
3 Jul 2017  #75

history as a propagandist

Remember this is all to do with Kaczynski trying to gain personal control of development aid money. He hates the fact that philanthropic donatations from the Soros foundation, as well as funding from Norway, go to neutral non-governmental organisations, some of them not aligned with his programme.

Hence the demonisation of Mr Soros by certain posters who strongly support the Party here.
3 Jul 2017  #76

neutral non-governmental organisations

Do you realise what you have typed? "Neutral" like f*g, baby-butchery, test-tube-baby and alien-horde promotion?! That bastard Soros uses his billions and shadowy NGOs to foist his evil agenda on nations, governments and people everywhere who think for themselves and refuse to play the game according to his sinister, megalomanic rules.
Dirk diggler
3 Jul 2017  #77

I dont care about pis or po one way or the other. They both have their good and bad...

Soros is still a scumbag who used the Nazis to help steal Jews posessions. He felt NOTHING seeing his own people being shipped off to death camps. He was just happy it wasn't him. Then he was even happier when he realized he could now get their stuff. This is a guy who's used his money and politics to bring down banks leaving lilnguys broke as well as many other things he's done. Maybe his philanthropy is his way of atoning for his sins.
3 Jul 2017  #78


Applied to Soros, a mega-euphemism to be sure! A philanthropist serves humanity. Who is he serving by bankrolling passenger ships to dump more migrants on Europe's shores? Eventually Europe will say: "BASTA!" "ÇA SUFFIT!" "GENUG!" "DOŚĆ!" We cannot aborb any more third-world asylum-seekers. What will become of Soros' benificiaries-turned-victims? He is only ego-tripping and engaging in cheap self-promotion. When he's gone, let others curse him and worry about the consequences! -- he seems to be saying.
Dirk diggler
3 Jul 2017  #79

He doesn't care about the people that his charity helps or people who die on the way. Its all part of a game to him I mean he's said so himself
3 Jul 2017  #80

as a propagandist

We all know when confronted wtih undeniable facts you play the "unreliable source" card. Let's see how you do with this one:

On March 5, a new investigation undertaken by Italian authorities links NGO's tied to and funded by globalist George Soros as being involved in both human trafficking, and helping pay for ISIS terrorists to infiltrate the European continent.

Using the guise of 'aiding' Syrian refugees to get into European countries, these Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's) are actually shipping non-refugees from North Africa who are part of an ISIS run smuggling operation.

Investigations by Italian authorities and others have found that NGOs funded by among others George Soros, are actively financing private ships to smuggle tens of thousands of illegal North African refugees into the EU via Southern Italy. The human trafficking is reportedly linked to ISIS smuggling networks. If confirmed by authorities, it could potentially open the NGOs to criminal charges .


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