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Vale Sean Connery

14 Dec 2020  #31

Nope. Roger Moore, first Bond in 1973, last in 1985.
Do you know what the rule of the first initation is?

14 Dec 2020  #32

But of course! I'd clean forgotten:-) Initiation?? I don't recall, paw.

16 Dec 2020  #33

What? Didn`t you read the encyclopedia of sex? I read it when I was a teenager - my parents didn`t have time to talk to me about those issues so they supplied me with a few dozen books. I read them all.

The rule says that the emotions you experience at your initiation will remain in your mind forever. My first Bond was Roger Moore so I learnt from his style what the most classic archetype for the character should be - witty, humorous, self-ironic, flippant.

17 Dec 2020  #34

I knew he had pre-teen sex with an older nurse.

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