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A Critique of Modern "Art"

2 Apr 2018  #61

visit the Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain

I went there years ago, amazing :-) Went to see his house too.

Last week I went to see an Escher exhibition.

2 Apr 2018  #62

Art is not always a beautiful

If it is not then it is a crap not art.
Beauty is a prerequisite factor of art that can be also difficult challenging and uncomfortable.

2 Apr 2018  #63

Yep, you do that! It'll be an eye opener, I'm sure:-)

@Ironside, beauty is relative....so is ugliness!

2 Apr 2018  #64

Escher exhibition

Hope you enjoyed it. I like Escher, but have never been to an exhibition featuring his work.

Another really good one is Gottfried Helnwein:

2 Apr 2018  #65

Escher's clever, but not a "great" artist, in my opinion, as his work doesn't change our world view in any perceptible way, instead, it mirrors it:-)

Yet another subtle distinction here, but I trust you see my point.

4 Apr 2018  #66

Hope you enjoyed it.

I did. It wasn't planned, I just happened to be where an exhibit was being shown so thought I would go along to have a look.

As a child, I remember being fascinated looking at his pictures, especially Waterfall and Belvedere. I think it is the very preciseness of his work that appeals to me.

As for Gottfried Helnwein..........some of his work in your link is downright creepy and frightening!! Der Untermensch II has more than a touch of the Hannibal Lechters about it! Looking at other pieces, they get you thinking. I like the installation piece 9th November Night.

Escher's clever, but not a "great" artist,

That cleverness has made him very well known though! Yeah, he;s not a great artist in the traditional sense but his work is appealing.

Beauty is a prerequisite factor of art

Yes and no. Most of the works that I like would be descibed as beautiful, but as in the case of Dali and Escher, their works are not beautiful but they say something to me. What I can't bear is abstract art, especially those pieces of work that look as if they have been done by a 5 year old child.

The last painting I looked at and fell in love with was one by Gustaw Gwozdecki which was hanging in the National Museum in PoznaƄ. It was called Kobieta with flagon or something similar. It wasn't the type of painting I normally would have gone for, but the colours in it were amazing. I just stood in front of it for about 15 minutes wondering if anyone would notice if it went missing ;). I tried to get hold of a print without success as he appears to be largely unheard of outside Poland, but i don't think a print would capture the colour of the original to be honest, The colours in it almost shone.

4 Apr 2018  #67

There I have to agree with you:-) He certainly was clever.

6 Apr 2018  #68

Enjoy two art works unfolding simultaneously. A time lapse rapidograph sketch with ink wash accompanied by the delightful musicianship of The Gloaming. You feel good after this.


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