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Russian Trolls.

15 Mar 2018  #1

There seems to be quite a few Russian Trolls on this forum.
Moderators,can't you do something about this?

15 Mar 2018  #2

Name them.

15 Mar 2018  #3

I think there are more Marxist commies than Russian trolls on the forum, as Russian trolls maybe infers some payment for services, I know for sure there are a few here awaiting some Russian secret service operative to jump in and pay for some of the SH$te they write here.

Some expats here went to Poland in the PRL days to immerse themselves in all things commie, but then found themselves trapped in a new Polish democracy without any financial means to return to their homeland.

Mixed bag here that's for sure.

johnny reb
16 Mar 2018  #4

The Saul Alinski Commie Socialist propaganda that a couple of the ex-pats here post against Poland and the free West is what is most notable as far as trolls go here.

I was very enlightened to think how these useful idiots could get so indoctrinated and brainwashed by the old Saul boys teachings.

Mixed bag here that's for sure.

Mixed bag is putting it politely.

16 Mar 2018  #5

There seems to be quite a few Russian Trolls on this forum.

You are not a Russian troll? Prove it !

16 Mar 2018  #6

Lol!!Just read my posts!
I have nothing against ordinary Russians but hate their rulers.


Good point.Maybe more Marxists than Russian trolls.
I can't understand ANY Pole having a great love of Russia.
Unless he or she is a Communist.

16 Mar 2018  #7

Spot on, luckily they keep their heads down in the real world of Poland.

17 Mar 2018  #8

What about threads with title like.... Anglo Trolls or Zulu Trolls, Saudi Trolls, Paki Trolls, etc? Let`s not underestimate situation.

17 Mar 2018  #9

Marxist commies


17 Mar 2018  #10

Guess who ---

17 Mar 2018  #11

What's the point in making such statements if you're not going to name them?

17 Mar 2018  #12

Wot so you can go off and whinge at the mods again, complaining about Dolno abusing his fellow marxist MEMBERS.

Anyway lets get back on topic ....

Will anyone admit to being a Russian troll here? If so please give your reasons below.........

17 Mar 2018  #13

Wot so you can go off and whinge at the mods again, complaining about Dolno abusing his fellow marxist MEMBERS.

Nice to see that you consider yourself a Marxist...

17 Mar 2018  #14

Well it should have read abusing members who are Marxist, but never mind English was not my first language and you seem to have a need to nit pick ,

17 Mar 2018  #15

So you admit to abusing other members now?

johnny reb
17 Mar 2018  #16

and you seem to have a need to nit pick ,

It's called "Baiting" dolno.........same warning you get for abusing other members.
Baiting is a form of ABUSE.
Here, let me report it to a Mod. for you dolno.

Anyway lets get back on topic ....

I concur.

12 Sep 2018  #17

There seems to be quite a few Russian Trolls on this forum.

There seems to be a quite a lot of UK trolls on this forum as well.

It always amuses me when someone creates a thread about trolls, are usually trolls themselves, dont you think so?

Rich Mazur
12 Sep 2018  #18

...or because they disagree with the "troll". Like in: I hate your guts because I am too stupid to argue back, therefore, you are a troll. Or a NAZI, or a Trump something.

cms neuf
12 Sep 2018  #19

If ever any of these Russian trolls have grandkids then they could spend some interesting fireside chats in 50 years time about how they spent their 20s in a dark basement posting racist comments and trying to wind people up about abortion.

Quite a pitiful way to earn a living really

Rich Mazur
13 Sep 2018  #20

There are many reasons why I intensely dislike Polish people. One of them is that they talk in riddles.
Why don't you, a-holes, speak directly and use simple sentences with nouns, verbs, dress-up words, and commas. If a post is about me, just say it.

13 Sep 2018  #21

There are many reasons why I intensely dislike Polish people.

Not any more intensly that Polish people dislike you, you Kremlin troll without a mother.

13 Sep 2018  #22

speak directly

you are an idiot. A dumb mf and I really hope that you really are an impostor. Hey have you chosen your coffin yet?

Rich Mazur
13 Sep 2018  #23

That was direct. Bravo. With minor grammatical errors but at least easy to understand.
BTW, who is it that I am pretending to be and for what purpose? Do you think anyone here, including you, would be worth that effort?

cms neuf
13 Sep 2018  #24

Whyever would you think people were talking about you ?

Sorry for the copy paste mods but this is from Wikipedia

The effect created by such Internet trolls is not very big, but they manage to make certain forums meaningless because people stop commenting on the articles when these trolls sit there and constantly create an aggressive, hostile atmosphere toward those whom they don't like. The trolls react to certain news with torrents of mud and abuse. This makes it meaningless for a reasonable person to comment on anything

Rich Mazur
13 Sep 2018  #25

Forums are battlefields, not feel-good safe spaces.

As it is impossible to make the enemies change their opinions or even their facts, the only thing left is to make them feel the pain of appearing stupid and without good counter arguments. Nobody comes to a forum to find a beer buddy. Duh.

cms neuf
13 Sep 2018  #26

Why ? I would be perfectly happy sitting and having a beer with most people on this forum.

Not sure I would want to drink with someone who has so little self respect that they make their money abusing people with lines fed to them by a supervisor.

Rich Mazur
13 Sep 2018  #27

Then why the f*** are you bothering with me? I wouldn't want a beer with anyone, you included. But I would with Putin ahead of everybody else.

cms neuf
13 Sep 2018  #28

Yes - as well as being a champion hockey player, wrestling bears, diving for antique vases and beating pro wrestlers it turns out that Putin is also an award winning brewer of craft beers.

13 Sep 2018  #29

Brilliant!Add champion liar to that too folowing todays revelations that The GRU agents were actually just tourists who love Salisbury Cathedral so much in their 2 day holiday that they spent both days there......and stayed in a hotel in East London......you really could not make it up.

Russians don't give a f**k,when they lie,they just go all the way!
Which brings me to...
@Rich Mazur

I have never,ever,met a Pole that hates Polish people.....you are not a Pole,just a Putin loving,paid Russian Troll..... hope you can find something worthwhile to spend your meagre,ill gotten gains on in Mother Russia.....

13 Sep 2018  #30

Well, A Russian troll Ludmila Kozlowska from Ukraine, has been found to use found from Putin to destabilize Poland. Poland issue EU warrant and soon after she has been invited to Bundestag. Germany are going all the way against Poland. They're breaking EU law, they are undermining NATO. They work hand in hand with Putin.

I hope it will change when Merkel will be gone.

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