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Let's debate American Politics

17 Oct 2017  #1,501

@Dirk diggler

People who have been able to exist most of their lives without ever having a proper job or serving their country.

I'm paraphrasing Nigel Farage a bit, who is a brilliant politician.

Dirk diggler
17 Oct 2017  #1,502


A brilliant man. The problem is people have such **** poor role models now. And anyone who would be considered a good role from Clint Eastwood (who recently said Americans were turning into a nation of pu$$ies), trump, farage, MacArthur, hell even Putin would now be derided misogynist xenophobicchauvinistic or 'mean' or even just populist. Well the world is mean and populism isn't a bad thing at all. It literally means appealing to popular interests, appealing to ordinary people

johnny reb
17 Oct 2017  #1,503

I wish she would just go away already

Her and odumbo both.
Just go enjoy your children and grand children and realize you are "has beens".
Nobody cares because we all have seen that self serving opportunist Crooked Hillary is a liar and cheat and that obozo is a Islamic Muslim out to destroy America.

Both of them are prodigies of Saul Alinsky rules for radicals which stands for everything that America stands against.
How the Democrats of America can be so blind and daft to this is simply baffling.
Socialism DOES NOT WORK !

Dirk diggler
17 Oct 2017  #1,504

Not a bad book actually. I've read it. I wish more blacks and Latinos would too so they could realize how their being duped. They black slaves of the us past have merely switched from being under the heel of a slave massa to a slave of the liberals who give them 'free stuff' but doing nothing to address the problems of the community. Any senior black man or woman will tell you they have far more admiration for groups like black panthers who actually organized health clinics, hot lunches, rides to school, armed community patrols, etc. The blm movement are punks.

Socialism DOES NOT WORK !

Except in the one case of Gaddafi's Libya, maybe Hussein's Baathist Iraq... otherwise no... and the Americans and French establishment messed that one up terribly.

and possibly China but that's more of a one party capitalist non-welfare state type of country

17 Oct 2017  #1,505

@Dirk diggler
@johnny reb

Anyone who sympathizes with socialism or the teachings of Marx just has no credibility at all to speak. The history is decided on those ideologies, and they belong in the bin with national socialism and fascists. Two sides of the same coin.

17 Oct 2017  #1,506

who sympathizes with socialism or the teachings of Marx just has no credibility at all to speak


Dirk diggler
17 Oct 2017  #1,507

sympathizes with socialism or the teachings of Marx just has no credibility at all to speak

It's one thing to sympathize, but another to understand their ideology and have respect for their movements and such. I'm firmly against Marxism-Leninism, etc but that doesn't mean a person can't read about it especially since the remnants of such ideologies (in their now present day morphed forms due to societal, technological, historical, cultural changes that came with modernity) pervade modern society. Like they say, gotta know your enemy. I'm sure MacArthur hated Rommel, but nonetheless as one general to another he sure as hell had respect for him. When the Nazis bombed Westerplatte with a battleship and the soldiers held out despite having no food, no ammo, nothing at the end even the Nazi commander admired the Polish commander's courage and allowed him to keep his szabla (a symbolic sword of officers) after he and his remaining troops were arrested after surrendering.

johnny reb
17 Oct 2017  #1,508

Just how DOES this Happen ???
Hillary was "running" down the stairs with a cup of coffee and her "high heel" caught on the carpeting and she fell backwards....(NOT forwards !) ... and broke her toe !

How is that even PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE ?
Gravity..... Forward MOTION... catching a 'heel' ... causes her "momentum" to CHANGE 180 DEGREES ?
So that's how the media portrayed it to have happened.
After some questioned it an investigation was done and the truth came out......
He ducked, and she hit the coffee table !
Hopefully the same truths and karma will happen when they investigate Benghazi, her giving the Russians 20% of Americas uranium to the Russians in return to pay her husband and former president Bill Clinton hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches in Russia, her destroying 30,000 e-mails that had been subpoenaed by bleachbit washing them, or all the rest of the felonies that she is guilty of.

We kept trying to tell you so..........
The FBI reportedly buried evidence tying the Clinton Foundation to a Russian bribery scheme underway as the obama administration decided whether or not to give Moscow control over U.S. uranium reserves.

FBI officials collected evidence of a Russian bribery scheme that started as early as 2009, on obama's watch, including an eyewitness account (backed by documents) indicating Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton's charitable foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that provided a favorable decision to Moscow.

When are they going to lock this Witch up ??????

18 Oct 2017  #1,509



The same thing with Hillary Clinton in the United States who is speaking about the rights of women, about Trump as a sexist, while her campaign was financed with a good deal by the Saudis, where women are worth less than cattle and they can beat her up on the street if they're upset if she violates some of their sharia laws...

18 Oct 2017  #1,510


I'd have thought people on this forum are smart.. the story (while certainly is true) is a fabricated distraction by the mass media / FBI from the Vegas massacre.

johnny reb
18 Oct 2017  #1,511

Sources please.
The Vegas security guard that went silent/missing just turned up and made front page news today.
The real news today is about Crooked Hillary's shady connections with the Russians for profit.
As the media continues to lose their collective minds over $100,000 worth of Facebook ads allegedly purchased by Russians during the 2016 election, the Senate Judiciary Committee has finally decided they're going to take a look into a shady Russian deal that handed Putin 20% of America's uranium reserves, was approved by the Obama administration during an ongoing FBI investigation into charges of bribery, extortion and money laundering by the Russian buyer and netted the Clintons millions of dollars in donations and "speaking fees."

Lock her and Slick Willie up and take the Clinton Foundations assets under the forfeiture laws.

19 Oct 2017  #1,512

Just an aside here, I've always found it most telling that whatever our Tweeter-in-Chief happens to disagree with, he automatically, practically knee-jerk (with clear emphasis on the latterLOL) glibly dubs "fake news".

Says a lot about the man who's allegedly the leader of the "Free World":-) He keeps threatening every day to continue to do his duty. G_d only knows what that entails!

johnny reb
21 Oct 2017  #1,513

One of the greatest dangers that face America is the "permanent political class".
Trump understands this and is slowly 'draining the swamp'.
He stated that he did not realize how deep the swamp is.
Bannon is right on the money with Trump on this one blaming it on the George Bush's.
"There has not been a more destructive presidency than George Bush's," Bannon said, as boos could be heard in the crowd at the mention of Bush's name.

Bannon said Bush has no idea whether "he is coming or going, just like it was when he was president."
The remarks came during a speech thick with attacks on the Washington status quo, echoing his call for an "open revolt" against establishment Republicans.
Elites loud mouth John McCain should be the first one ordered out to pasture to rid us of these dead weight dangers.

Dirk diggler
21 Oct 2017  #1,514

@johnny reb

Bush expanded the powers of government more than any dem could dream of - NSA, patriot act, etc. He was the one who really made it so the presidents office and feds are above the constitution and can spy on any citizen.... And they say snowden in the traitor

21 Oct 2017  #1,515

The remarks came during a speech thick with attacks on the Washington status quo, echoing his call for an "open revolt" against establishment Republicans.

He is right in this. One can agree with his views or not but in this he is right on his money. D and R some of them are just cozied up with each other that much sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.

21 Oct 2017  #1,516

@Dirk diggler

I actually did my thesis on Bush and presidential signing statements to expand the powers of the presidency, in 2008. I proposed that they constituted an unconstitutional line item veto.

Dirk diggler
21 Oct 2017  #1,517


Despite that though he remained extremely popular - mainly BC of 9/11 though

21 Oct 2017  #1,518

The Dems are still tryin' to oust him! Lord knows I sure hope they make and in so doing give the idiotic, red-neck Red Staters the political kick in the teeth many so richly deserve:-)) Might even wilt some of 'em too and teach 'em a little modesty, less in-your faceness into the bargain.

Problem in this country is that ever since the advent of the Woodstock Era, the pendulum has swung either way the heck too far left or the opposite, leaving nearly zero in-between.

Dirk diggler
21 Oct 2017  #1,519


Not gonna happen. The southern strategy has worked like a charm since Nixon. The most genius thing the dems did in recent history was putting a southern (Arkansas is considered fairly southern by most. Or atleast it has a similar flavor) governor who campaigned with shifting the dems a bit more to the right. People don't talk about this much but Clinton actually was pretty conservative in many aspects - pro business, pro law and order, anti union, etc. He made a killing with enhancing the 3 strikes policy and further privatizing the prison system. The blacks called him the first black president BC he liked watermelon and fried chicken but he locked up blacks and browns in droves. Plus he took away a lot of control from unions in the 90s and gave it back to the business elite esp with NAFTA.

Back in the day politicians would openly say n!gger n!gger (as atawater so eloquently put it) and segregate but that all died with Goldwater (a deeply popular Jew in the red South) and his loss. Now we don't say racial epiteths but politicians still say things like states rights, no forced busing, law and order, silent majority - it's all the same stuff.

And that's how trump won too...

Only possible change may come in the 2040s when whites become the majority minority but even then whites will dominate states like Wisconsin Alaska the south etc. Both sides know this that's why one is so pro immigrant one so anti esp when it comes to Latino immigrants.

21 Oct 2017  #1,520

Sooner or later hopefully the former, this country will come to her senses and see Trumpo for the blubber and blather he is! Trust my family and I will live to see the day. Heck, we'd be as plum tickled as the time we finally burnt our mortgage papersLOL

Dirk diggler
21 Oct 2017  #1,521


Most urban dwellers up north, minorities, young and educated, etc already do.

Most rural, white, blue collar with an increasing amount of black and Latinos (esp Cubans) still like trump though.

He's not dumb, he's just not a polished politician and he works poorly with others. For someone who narrated art of the deal and carries himself as the ultimate deal maker, he's actually a poor mediator. Then again he's use to working with mostly type a alpha male wasps and Jews, not women, minorities, socialists, etc. Even the wealthy 'liberal' new yorkers are a different breed than their west coast counterparts.

21 Oct 2017  #1,522

He's parleyed bullying into a high art form is what he's done! He's a man of average intelligence with above average family connections growing up.

Dirk diggler
21 Oct 2017  #1,523


There's nothing wrong with being a bully - you just have to do it tactfully. Anyone who knows bill gates will tell you he bullied and screamed at his staff to do better. Everyday at my conpany people 'bully' others to perform better - it may be gentlr, it may be a threat of being fired,it may be criticizing ones intelligence. I hear people call each other moros, idiots with an f word in front nearly everyday ever since i climbed up to a middle tier corporate rank. The lower ranks were actually far nicer to each other - the higher up the more backstabbing, treachery, deceit, bullying, etc. Nonethelesd thats how sh!t gets done. Besides people like leaders who give off an image of being better, being strong, being energetic and outspoken perhaps even crass. Some call it being a bully, I call it having a type a alpha male personality. Humans really aren't that much different than a pack of wild dogs. We both establish communities in dogs case packs, in our case cities countries etc. The top dog gets to rule after battling it out with any contenders - now its more civilized but in many countries its still a bloodsport. In this case trump is top dog because he defeated all contenders via the primaries and then election.

I certainly wouldn't say he's of 'average' intelligence as the average american is far dumber. Also, he went to Wharton for an MBA but actually his grades or education were never brought up. With bush he was reportedly a c student and enjoyed his drink and cocaine while with obama they questioned if he even attended in the first place. But yes I doubt he would've been nearly as wealthy if not for his fathers connections in NYC. Screw the supposed $1mil loan from his dad, that meant nothing. Its his connections that counted. Still though, he could've blew it all away and ran the trump organization into the ground. Instead he expanded its portfolio and took it to an international level. So I def give him props for that atleast. He did grow the business a lot from what his dad left him. He's no mastermind like martin shrkeli though

22 Oct 2017  #1,524

There's EVERYTHING wrong with being a bully as obviously you've most likely are or were one, but have never been bullied:-)
Bullies are weaklings and morally deficient, no more, no less!!

22 Oct 2017  #1,525

American double standards.


Damn idiots provoking then crying when Russians fly within international air space...

Not even mentioning that American pilot woukd stand 0 chance against Russians aircraft.

22 Oct 2017  #1,526


Wow.... a Pole being sympathetic to Russians? Are you serious bro? They are BOTH our enemies, so relax son.

22 Oct 2017  #1,527

I just stated a fact. Didn't say a word about if I like Russians or otherwise. Learn to read child.

22 Oct 2017  #1,528


Lol it's hard to take you serious when you say Americans pilot would stand 0 chance against Russian aircraft. And you claim to have served in the military? Cmon man.

22 Oct 2017  #1,529

Of course American pilot would stand no chance in f18 against Su 27 in a dogfight. Seems you know nothing about fighter jets.

22 Oct 2017  #1,530


Nah you made a blanket statement, you didn't specify which aircraft. That wasn't your point anyway, your only goal is to be intentionally antagonistic.

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