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Let's debate American Politics

22 Oct 2017  #1,531

Blank statement? I pasted an yt video and commented on in in a line below. You have to be really dumb to think I was talking about anything else. Seriously you need to learn to read dude.


So if I pasted a vid of Russian and American boxing where the American dude was disabled and the Russian was 2m tall monster and then commented on it saying "American guy has no chance" you'll be here saying that it was a "blank statement and trying to convince others that I generalized about all Americans?


Su 27 OBLITERATES F 18 in aeronautics, manuverability and agility. In a close distance dogfight American pilot ( the one in the vid. NOT EVERY AMERICAN PILOT LOLOLOLO) would stand no chance.

Anyways. I'm gone. Hate to waste time on stupids.


22 Oct 2017  #1,532


I didn't watch your video. I took issue with you posting in a thread about American politics in order to take a dig at Americans while endorsing Russians. Period.

22 Oct 2017  #1,533

Its about 50 years since any Russian aircraft design shot down any American or Western designed aircraft.

22 Oct 2017  #1,534

I didn't watch your video

And you call me ignorant lolilolo.

Propaganda is a part of the politics and not just American. You in the Western USA-influenced media hear about Russian provocations taking place over Black Sea when a Russian aircraft passes by an American destroyer wich is THOUSANDS of miles away from US territory and in close proximity to Russian border. Yet you dont hear about stuff in the video i posted which was taken several miles from Russian border (thousands of miles away from US territory) in international airspace. Americans are the biggest hypocrites in the World.

And again. Su 27 DESTROYS f18 (f18 is OLD TOO) in every aspect. Either its speed, agility, manuverability or fire power. If you think it's also equipped with 25 years old technology you're simply an idiot (coz Russians don't modify their aircraft's lol ). Ask ANY US pilot who had a chance on flying Su 27 or Su 37 and he will tell you how wrong u r.

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