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I encourage Polish Americans and all Americans to vote for Mr. Trump

7 Nov 2016  #1

So here it is the American elections are coming up shortly. I would like to urge all Americans reading this...especially Polish Americans....to vote for Mr. Trump. With all of the wikileaks revelations on Hillary...she is beyond a shadow of a doubt a corrupt criminal. Also her husband Bill back in May....insulted Poland and Hungary for having Mr. Trump's immigration policy to keep out dangerous Third World migrants. The Polish American Congress as well as Polish and Hungarian officials..... have demanded Bill and Hillary Clinton to apologize for this. They have not.

As a Polish American Trump supporter...one reason among others I am voting for Trump, is to annoy the disgusting Anti-Trump Anti-Polish "American" media.

Hillary should be in jail and not running for president. We should vote for Trump, not only to make America Great again......but to defy the Clintons and the crooked Clinton/Establishment media. Even quite a few Black leaders don't like Hillary.

7 Nov 2016  #2

Hillary Clinton is a dangerous woman and a case for the psychopathological ward. I would also like to call upon all Polish Americans and also Serbians living in the Chicago area to vote for Trump who is surely a lesser evil.
7 Nov 2016  #3

Well you can vote for whoever you like MediaWatch.

But what is better for Poland is clear - someone who supports NATO, opposes Putin, supports free trade and supports the EU (which is driving growing living standards in Poland).

The alternative is someone with no experience in politics, a patchy business record, the patience of a kid, simplistic answers to complex problems and deep prejudices.
7 Nov 2016  #4

cms, I will take my chances with Trump. Trump at least came to the Chicago Polish American Congress to talk to Polish Americans about their concerns.....while Hillary has REFUSED to talk to the Polish American Congress after being invited.

Youtube search "Donald Trump at Polish American Congress"

IF Clinton gets in she will try to force Poland to take in dangerous Muslim migrants while Trump will not. This IS important for Poland.

And Trump does support NATO. He specifically said at the Polish American Congress how he respects the fact that Poland is current on its 2% GDP military payments for protecting itself and that he supports Poland/NATO.

I also think Trump will keep the peace in Europe, especially with Russia. IF Clinton gets in....there is a much larger probability of Poland/NATO/US going to war with Russia because of Clinton's stupid policy of having a "No-Fly-Zone" policy against Russia. This will lead to war with Russia.

See: A vote for Hillary is a vote for war with Russia

7 Nov 2016  #5

Sure - all valid arguments but I don't share them.

My Pol Am family is split - about half voting Trump (mainly those in NY and PA) but the ones in NC and Florida where it will count more are voting for Clinton

certainly it will be interesting :)
johnny reb
7 Nov 2016  #6

Another reason to vote for Trump is that he said the second thing he would do the first day he is in office is repeal Obama Care.

Hillary says that she will continue Obama Care no matter how bad it is failing ever American.

Obama promised that we could keep our private doctors if Obama Care was implemented which turned out to be a lie.
Obama promised that it would be more affordable then our private health care plans which turned out to be a lie.
The first year for minimum wage workers that REFUSED to sign up for it were fined $350 and this year they will be fined $650 to help support a failed plan.

Next year the increase for it's cost is about $4000 per year per family to keep it afloat.
(Take that out of a minimum wage workers pay check......OUCH !)
Now Hillary says we MUST not repeal it and wants to keep it in place so she can raise the price of it next year.

It is a failed policy yet Americans are FORCED to pay for a dictators failed policy.
The only way Obama Care works is if you don't and those people's health care is subsidized by the government and pay nothing for it PLUS get Medicaid for free health care and are voting for Hillary with their hands out and their palms up.

Trump will put an end to this crap immediately.
And let me say when the migrants coming to our Country get more benefits, subsidizes, welfare and have more rights then our own American Troops do........We need change and fast.

And even if Hillary does get in, this Country will be paralyzed for at least two years with NOTHING getting done because she will be spending ALL her time trying to stay out of prison.

Trump is the best ticket in 2016. :-)
7 Nov 2016  #7

I would also like to call upon all Polish Americans and also Serbians living in the Chicago area to vote for Trump who is surely a lesser evil.

In urban areas of Chicago live 500.000 Serbians, while in rural areas and around city live 1.500.000 Poles. If these 2 mil Slavs vote for Trump, it could even make a difference in final outcome.

Add to it votes of Slovaks, Ukrainians, Czechs and Russians in the area, it is in total about 2,3 mil Slavs of Chicago. Slavs in America for Trump!
7 Nov 2016  #8

You encourage then Polish-Americans to vote against the New Deal Era which allowed most to come, prosper, and benefit comfortably upon retirement??

You must be off your rocker, mate!
7 Nov 2016  #9

I also am voting Trump. His position on Poland is on target.


Contrast this with Bill Clinton's recent comments while campaigning for his wife:

7 Nov 2016  #10

But what is better for Poland is clear - someone who supports NATO, opposes Putin


cms do you think she will be able to save Donbas?

Will she be efficient? :)
johnny reb
7 Nov 2016  #11

the New Deal Era which allowed most to come, prosper, and benefit comfortably upon retirement??

That was during the Industrial Revolution and America needed migrants to build infrastructure like rail lines, cars, and printing presses.
Those days are LONG GONE and we are no longer in a industrial revolution but a technology revolution where unskilled workers are not in demand.

Roosevelt was at the right place at the right time just like Trump is now to put America back to work by resending the NAFTA agreement and bring our jobs back to America putting people back to work and taking them off welfare and government subsidized handouts.

That is why the hard working Polish people in America will be voting for Trump.
Trump is our ONLY hope as all Hillary will do is continue with Obama's failures.
8 Nov 2016  #12

In urban areas of Chicago live 500.000 Serbians, while in rural areas and around city live 1.500.000 Poles.

Chicago is the second largest Serbian city after Belgrade. ;)

HIT Answer - When they asked a Crnogorac who will win the American elections.


8 Nov 2016  #13

Very amusing :)

Anyway, it is interesting that Poles always goes hand in hand with Serbians. Even in USA, in Chicago. Isn`t it. Its like a destine.
8 Nov 2016  #14

By all means vote for Trump if you think it's best for the US.
But don't attempt to pass off Putin's ally as anything but an enemy to Poland.
8 Nov 2016  #15

Trump would rather then Clinton show respect for Slavic interests. Clinton family traditionally rather works with Muslims and Germans against Slavs. That`s just how it is.
8 Nov 2016  #16

Johnny, what you and yours always seem to conveniently "forget" (LOL) or more likely overlook, is that just because those times have passed, doesn't mean, indeed, never meant, that those needs passed with them:-)

Unless you're willing to give half the country, including every senior (even those who fought in the Big One) in America, a frontal lobotomy a la Communist Russia, thereby allowing them to calmly walk into poverty, distress, and homelessness uncomplainingly, then SHUT YOUR STINKIN' TRAP!!!

The New Deal NEVER went out of style, because it was never in style; the Reps have been gunning for it ever since 1932 or so, its very existence was one of the happiest, yea flukiest, of occurrences which ever graced our great nation:-)

You and Trump dishonor both what it means to be an American, much less a HUMAN being!
johnny reb
8 Nov 2016  #17


My My, seems I hit your little nut nerve on that one Lyzko. LOL
(Truth stings dunnit it !)

was one of the happiest,

Naw, Raeganomics was the happiest when he jump started the economy with people that worked for a living instead of YOUR kind that vote for a living.

I see the cheating has already start with "slippery fingers" as an accuse. lol

LEBANON COUNTY - When several voters at polling locations in a Pennsylvania county previewed their ballots Tuesday after choosing Republican nominee Donald Trump, they saw something strange: it was about to tally a vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

In other cases, voters who attempted to vote a straight-party Republican ticket saw the machine had changed it to a Democratic Party ticket.
The other issue, they said, could be the result of oil on a screen could cause a voter's fingers to slip.

I can't make this stuff up. LOL
9 Nov 2016  #18

Russia China and North Korea are very happy today.
"This is what you get with democracy" as China put it, a resounding endorsement of the Single Party State .

The official Communist Party newspaper People's Daily says in a commentary that the presidential election reveals an "ill democracy."

China's state media and government-backed commentators have actually supported Donald Trump throughout the election campaign

johnny reb
9 Nov 2016  #19

Thank you F.B.I. Director Comey.
You know she is guilty.
Can't wait to hear her concession speech.
Hillary and Huma will now be heading south for the Mexican border with all the illegal Latino's.
Let's get this corruption cleaned up President Trump and make America Great Again.
Lock Her Up !
9 Nov 2016  #20

A serious post for a change.

Americans, I'm truly proud of you. What you showed the world today was magnificent, it goes beyond political preferences or ideology (if only your lefists and SJWs could see this, but they won't so just enjoy their tears for the time being). You showed that your people is not cattle, and not even the most unified, brainwashing, manipulative body of media + showbiz the world has ever seen could not herd and make you follow their will.

Ultimately, as much as I'm happy with all the SJW, cucks and lefists' tears on this absolutely glorious day, the feeling I have most, now that I think of it, is admiration that you could pull this off. The mark of a people that will never be slaves.

Tons of respect. All the luck for Trump and God bless America.

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