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I encourage Polish Americans and all Americans to vote for Mr. Trump

9 Nov 2016  #31

Haiti is not vertually a third world country. It is mega third world, one of the poorest on earth
johnny reb
9 Nov 2016  #32

But Haiti is virtually a third world country Johnny

So......I said if you want to see what poor are then go to Haiti. America has no poor people.

so one doesn't expect to see poverty social deprivation and squalor on the scale that it exists there

It does ? What "scale" are you referring to ? What are your sources.
I have always thought it was a very small percentage of legal AMERICAN citizens that are deprived and that is because of their poor choices.

who have been unable to elevate themselves from the poverty into which they were born.

That is why America is called the land of opportunity.
If you work hard and make good choices you will be successful.
How many Polish and Irish people came to America that didn't know how to read or write nor have a penny in their pockets become MILLIONAIRES ?

They didn't ask for ANY government subsidizes, handout, welfare, entitlements.
Once again, Their are no poor people in America.
9 Nov 2016  #33

What "scale" are you referring to ? What are your sources.

The American government produces its own stats on the subject. They're here in this article:
9 Nov 2016  #34

Their are no poor people in America

that;s true, I once met an American and he had 27 Lada cars, honestly

Mazarattis on every street, so much so that kids tend to throw stuff at them; not rocks though, no, in America people are so rich they throw gold bars at stuff.

Another time, I met an American and he owned 14 different belts, 2 for each day of the week; hot-damn he was rich

No poor people in Amerikay

I once read that because America has no poor people that they eat faberge eggs for lunch, I thought that was weird coz normal people eat eggs for breakfast but hey, that's Amerikay

No poor people in Amerikay
That's certainly true, you'll never read a truer thing from Johnny Reb, he's never fibbed in his life, not once, no never.

Lies make baby Jesus cry and Merikans hate to see the baby Jesus cry; they're no problem with adult Jesus being tortured on cinema screens, but the tears of baby Jesus are basically kryptonite for Merikans

Gawd bless you Merikay, good feckin luck
9 Nov 2016  #35

I said if you want to see what poor are then go to Haiti. America has no poor people.

If you compare the US to Haiti, then you're right. Although the folks in the countless, run down trailer parks across the country as well as the people living in some of the hellholes in the south like New Orleans and vicinity might disagree with that.

Stick to the topic please
9 Nov 2016  #36

Uhh, in the end folks, Johnny Reb, this means you too, we didn't vote FOR Trump, but instead AGAINST ObamaCare:-))

How could be honestly vote for anyone so against our core values as DJT?? Heck, you're from the Island, say, Merrick, have decent-size house, earn so-and-so much a year, yet your Obama healthcare bill keeps skyrocketing, s!@#$t, you'd vote against Obama too, right?
10 Nov 2016  #37

Well I was wrong about votes in PA not counting. OK, election over - you voted for this guys so enjoy the consequences and don't complain when it goes wrong.
10 Nov 2016  #38

What happened to "unbiased" polls predicting with 80% certainty that Killary will win by a landslide?
14 Jan 2017  #39


Vote for Trump was vote for Putin

.All Polish Americans who voted for Trump should've emigrated to Russia .It is still time, please move to Russia. US will be much better off without your intellectual power.
14 Jan 2017  #40

why? Aren't you in Canada already?

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