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Poland`s aid to Ukraine if Russia invades - part 2

7 Jul 2022  #6,631

have been subjected to over the past 8 years.

....from fr|ggin' RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!

Get your attribution straight...

7 Jul 2022  #6,632

And this is where life just is not fair sometimes

v interesting wat bobko and velund have to say, at the end of Autumn,and the ukranian counter attack. my guess is all the ruski puff will be gone and they will be pleading and crying to the united nations about human rights violations etc boo hoo, cause that's the only recourse the invaders, having been humiliated and driven back can face?

or it will be a frozen conflict but the ukris have made some significant counter-attacks.

either way whatever way it's lose lose for the russians.
i think bobko and velund realise it, but they're not at the acceptance phase yet, it will come in time, soon. perhaps they need some therapy where they live in usa to deal with it?

7 Jul 2022  #6,633

it will come in time, soon.

Stop willing and start ising. Russia is winning.

7 Jul 2022  #6,634

ussia is winning

and will be coming for Alaska soon.....



So... I guess it'll be easier than ever for you to make your russian dream come true!!!!

7 Jul 2022  #6,635

Bobko and Velund are Russians so while they spew disinformation and make untrue claims, I expect it, and respect their position in a way. The other POS trolls and basement living losers are another story. They bring nothing to the conversation. Crnogorac3 and people like him should have to face people for their activities. Cowards hiding behind screen names on message boards posting pictures and video glorifying death of innocents. Those people need to be dealt with in a special way.

Bratwurst Boy
7 Jul 2022  #6,636

Finnish parliament votes for stronger border fortifications with Russia


....that decision coming only a few days after Poland finalizing the wall at the border to Belorussia....Russia + friends have become the ones to be kept out of Europe, by all means available, how sad is that?

7 Jul 2022  #6,637

Russia + friends have become the ones to be kept out of Europe

If they refuse to behave like civilised Europeans and act like barbaric Mongols, it is their own fault. Let them keep to Asia where they belong.

7 Jul 2022  #6,638

There is a difference.

Shouldn't you stop that war of aggresion? You can play a victim and attack at the same time only in a deranged Russian mind. In reality you should either stop the war by moving back to your country or stop crying and wimpering everytime you got hit! Can you do that>?

Russia is winning.

like you in life or you just keep telling yourslef that, maybe someone will buy it. lol!

7 Jul 2022  #6,639

You can play a victim and attack at the same time only in a deranged Russian mind.

Hey, Velund, now you are getting the taste of it...when you try to rationalize and justify. Please don't because they don't read such things.

The simple point is that Russia does what Russia wants because Russia can. Straight from the Pentagon manual of good manners.

If you want to drive them nuts, post about life getting back to normal in the liberated Mariupol and other places.

7 Jul 2022  #6,640

If you want to drive them nuts,

is that your goal in life? You are another nujob, you should have been locked up with pawian.

7 Jul 2022  #6,641

life getting back to normal in the liberated Mariupol

don't forget to mention the museums!


or the indifference of the occupation forces to the needs of civilians


and finally there are lots of new mass graves!


I guess for russia.... that all would be pretty 'normal'...

7 Jul 2022  #6,642

Quoting from:


According to the Mariupol City Council, the Russian forces occupying the city robbed its museums, taking all valuables, including paintings by Arkhip Kuindzhi and Ivan Aivazovsky, and "unique" icons

They learned how to steal by watching the US and the EU steal private property from the Russians who met Putin for vodka.

7 Jul 2022  #6,643

They learned how to steal

Since when have russians ever needed to learn how to steal? Theft is woven throughout ever facet of russian life!

More news about Mairupol getting to russian "normal".... why use sappers when you can use random civilians as mine detectors?


Bratwurst Boy
7 Jul 2022  #6,644

....hmmm.....stealing art from museums.....that usually do only armies who don't plan to stay.....

So...no annexation of ukrainian territory in the end?

7 Jul 2022  #6,645

Putin's sanctions are affecting ordinary people in America. Stop it Putin, it's not fair.

Economist David P. Goldman: "...the real inflation rate is 20%, the highest in US history. Rent, food, energy and automobiles account for 63% of the US Consumer Price Index (CPI), but for the majority of US families, they make up the vast majority of monthly expenditures."


Ukrainian prisoners complain that the Russians give them tea without sugar. Imagine that torture, without the sugar. 😱


The mayor of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky (Odessa region) had a fight with the chairman of the district council and called him a 'complete drug addict' during a meeting.

Drugs in Ukraine? Who would've thought...


Move out from Russian Odessa, you primitives.

Germany refused to supply Ukraine with old Fuchs armored vehicles.
The refusal was announced by German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht.
She explained the decision by her unwillingness to "rob the Bundeswehr" and refused to make an "irresponsible decision," writes Bild

It is even better for Ukraine if they do not deliver those cans. What would they do with them?

🇷🇺🇺🇦⚡Today, during the successful offensive of the units of the Vostok group northwest of Slavyansk, the elite of the airborne assault troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine surrendered.

Against the background of the rapid actions of the assault detachments of the 29th, 35th and 36th armies of the "Victory" group, with the support of artillery and army aviation, the enemy, without offering resistance, chooses the only chance to survive - to surrender.




Purely so that hamericans won't blabber nonsense


the former location of "gamechanger" US supplied m777 near Lisichansk

7 Jul 2022  #6,646

Germany refused to supply Ukraine with old Fuchs armored vehicles.

Scholz is Putin's b}tch, just like Merkel was.... why would anyone be surprised...

7 Jul 2022  #6,647

why use sappers when you can use random civilians as mine detectors?

You can volunteer...

7 Jul 2022  #6,648

As could you... since you're on russia's side in Mariupol it seems natural that you should step first (while being glad things are getting back to normal...)

7 Jul 2022  #6,649

As could you...

I don't have to since Russia is winning.

7 Jul 2022  #6,650

ussia is winning.

As I suspected, you're mainly interested in hurting people.... being pro-russian is just a cover for that.

7 Jul 2022  #6,651

How does an objective statement of facts that...

Russia is winning.

...leads to that I am...

...mainly interested in hurting people...

Is everybody here mentally ill?

7 Jul 2022  #6,652

Woolen socks, scarves and hats and gloves



It begins.


7 Jul 2022  #6,653

Putin, lift the sanctions, the world democratic order is falling apart


7 Jul 2022  #6,654

Is everybody here mentally ill?

besides you?

get help your desire to hurt people is not good or healthy....

7 Jul 2022  #6,655

get help your desire to hurt people is not good or healthy....

Did you read that list in 15631?

7 Jul 2022  #6,656

Is everybody here mentally ill?

Looks like problems with mental health almost anywhere. I think we should simply stop to try to say anything to this MFs. Let they drown in their own poison once Ukrainian troops will start retreating at speed of fastest vehicle they still have operating after two last heavily fortified city aglomerations in Donbass will be taken. The rest is open steppe and small villages - nowhere to hide from airstrikes and not a lot of civilians to hide behind their backs.

7 Jul 2022  #6,657

They became indians in order to avoid mobilization. It seems that some on the forum want these people to die more so than the Ukrainians themselves. Logically.


7 Jul 2022  #6,658

In liberated Lisichansk, today.


7 Jul 2022  #6,659


You are both way overconfident in the Russian military.
They have exposed themselves to the world at being totally incompetent in fighting, logistics, planning and tactics.
Ukraine will not allow them to succeed and if they ever dare to take on a NATO nation, They are finished.

7 Jul 2022  #6,660

Looks like problems with mental health almost anywhere.

They just bounce between insignificant bs and personal insults while ignoring the big picture that Russia, like the US, doesn't give a fu*ck what mafs and Paulinas think.

All I know is that so far I have been spot on right about everything - from Z-P=0 to that volunteers are not only pathetic morons but that they actually contribute to deaths and destruction in Ukraine by prolonging this misery.

Also, Russia-hating imbeciles, throwing around that alleged high Russian body count may work in the US or girlie Europe but never in Russia. In fact, it has the opposite effect, if any. Putin simply cannot afford to just say oops and call it quits the way the US did after 20 years and trillions.

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