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Stance of Poland in UNESCO on behalf of Serbia and Kosovo, no support for western European initiative.

19 Sep 2015  #31

ah, you won`t ruin my nice moment of relaxation. But, for the sake of info for my Polish sisters and brothers, i would make an effort. i think that Poles deserve to know

So, i would simple, stop to eat for a moment (just for the moment), then,...... take my mouse,.... thaaats it.... enter word `Shqiptar` in my google search,... and here it is.... > now, i would just pres it... > liiiink > en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shqiptar > let me just copy paste >


Harry, i expect apology from you, if you even know what that mean. If

Jerzy Haszczyński, Polish journalist, reporter and chief of `Polskie Rzeczpospolitej`, about some strategic aspects of plans for Greater Albania >

Wielka Albania, wielki problem (in English: Greater Albania, great problem)



Jerzy Haszczyński

Wielka Albania to wielki problem dla Zachodu. Każe się zastanawiać nad sensownością uznania niepodległości Kosowa.

19 Sep 2015  #32

enter word `Shqiptar` in my google search,... and here it is.... > now, i would just pres it... > liiiink > en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shqiptar > let me just copy paste >

Here in Poland, just as in your country and the rest of the world, that word is a slur.

A better test, would be that if you were walking down a street here in Poland and you saw a Albanian walking towards you, we both know you wouldn't dare to call him "Shifter". Because we both know he would most probably kick you senseless. I'd happily hold his coat while he did that and then buy him several Polish beers as a symbol of Albanian-Polish friendship and solidarity.
19 Sep 2015  #33

I'd happily hold his coat while he did that and then buy him several Polish beers as a symbol of Albanian-Polish friendship and solidarity.

just wait and you would see. Shiftars are great strategic problem to Poland. Mortal wound in fabric of the restoration of Poland`s power. So, they would go down, for i am sure, Poland would refuse to die in silence.

At a time when Poland pledge to form Intermarium as Her final solution to the pressure from the west and east, Poland founds that Shiftar plans for Greater Albania (grabing the land from Serbia and Montenegro) directly cut Poland`s aces to the warm seas. If come to it, it would prove to be mortal wound for Poland on the long run.

Germany controls Dalmatia (Croatian part of Adriatic), with full loyalty by Croatia and in any global deals in case with long term borders among civilizations, Dalmatia is last peace of land that would Germany (EU) deliver to the influence of Poland (ie Intermarium). Black Sea of what is now still Ukraine, would be in long term deal among civilizations, taken by Russia (ie Eurasian Union), which is also desperate for warm waters.

Analyzing Her chances, Poland would found that Her only solution demands support to Serbians, so that via loyal Serbs, Poland can assure its access to Adriatic and secure its connection to Greece (and Greek warm seas), potentially, on the long term, also part of Intermarium. At the same time, by contemplating on problem, Poland would found that `Serbian connection` to the warm waters actually represent in fact traditional realm of oldest Polish Kings, which Serbians defended for centuries, against overwhelming Turkish/Islamic and Germanic foes. Plus, by defending Serbian lands, Poland would all the time have legality on its side and, historical justice.

So, Harry, all logic suggests that would Poland, not only support Serbians but, if necessary, even military intervene on the behalf of Serbs. It is only what Poland can do if wants to secure its survival and to prosper. And when Poland hit hard into the project of Greater Albania, realizing what could be price if lose, Poland would hit with all power that is left in Her.

Crow, from this post, please refer to people from Albania as Albanians. Thank you.

Warsaw: Serbian Kosovo, Polish Silesia!





In Poland, we have another similar problem.

So, Poles alreday understand that are Albanians their problem, too.

Crow, from this post, please refer to people from Albania as Albanians. Thank you.

alright. By the standards of western Europe? Ok then

Polish and Albanian interests in collision

This is what says Albanians >



This is what says Poles >

14 Oct 2015  #34

This is what says Poles >

No, that is what racist morons who regularly bring shame on Poland say.
15 Oct 2015  #35

Harry, what you want to tell exactly? Do you maybe consider tragically died Polish president Lech Kaczyński to be racist moron? Kaczyński also considered Kosovo to be part of Serbia. Or maybe you consider Vaclav Klaus, former Czech president, to be racist moron? He also consider Kosovo to be part of Serbia.

What is your point Harry?
15 Oct 2015  #36

Kosovo to be part of Serbia

awwwww Crowie, still with that ? It's finished man come on, if you open your eyes and see the reality it will help you a lot in your life, you'll see.
15 Oct 2015  #37

aIt's finished man come on

its far from finished. You`ll see. As Serbian president Tomislav said today, recognition of Kosovo independence by any Serbian government would lead to Civil War in Serbia. So, his message is clear. Serbia won`t abandon itself and coalition around Serbia is stronger then coalition behind Albanians. Even, no matter NATO and EU, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Bulgarians or Greeks would never fight and wage war against Serbians. They would actually support them. And not only them. Serbians would liberate Kosovo and Metohija. Serbian victory would mark the moment when Slavs stooped to retreat and when ended era of Drang Nach Osten.

Spot Serbian opposition >



Albanian Mujahideen In Syria


Ptaku - Kosowo jest Serbskie(NaRa)

Thanks Poles

Pozdrav Poljacima iz Srbije. Together we are stronger!
16 Oct 2015  #38

Crow - what case is this? It look to me like instrumental but maybe it's dative. and dual number? In Polish the dual has been retained in vestigial form in words that come in pairs: rękoma, oczyma, uszyma (the latter is rare).

Polish eqivalent pozdrowić would require the accusative: Pozdrów Polaków.
16 Oct 2015  #39

Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Bulgarians or Greeks

Everybody has enough your wars Crow, it's been way too long. All these countries have problems of their own and I can assure you that all they or any country would do if you started another war in the balcans is kick your behind to stone age. FFS just leave it alone man, they're living in their home you're living in your home everybody seems to understand that except you.
16 Oct 2015  #40

Everybody has enough your wars Crow, it's been way too long.

see how you easily sunk in propaganda invented by western Europe and USA, in their deals with Islamic league.

what wars? Serbia didn`t wage any war. Not a single (NATO bombing in 1999 was only direct Serbia`s open conflict with NATO but even that conflict wasn`t started by Serbia). If Serbia was involved directly in any war, i assure you, map of region would look different. In reality, only local Serbs in Bosnia and in Krajina were involved in Civil War (in former Yugoslavia) directly, while unfortunately, Serbia didn`t do much to help them, for sure due to political reasons. But i now understand calculations of Serbian academic elite and that is- what local Serbs lost in this Civil War, defeated by overwhelming foes, Serbia would regain by diplomatic and cultural victory in some cases, in some cases by the brute force, when the time is right.

After all, Civil War in former Yugoslavia happened because west of Europe wanted that blood, first Germany and then rest of the western Europe supported by USA and all of them in deal with Islamic league (Turkey and Saudia Arabia on the first place). So, first victims of those conflicts were always local Serbs. Then they organized themselves and accomplish much but, NATO/Islamic league/EU openly sided with aggressors, sending troops and bashing image about Serbs in mass media.

In case with Kosovo and Metohija (two regions), it was conflict initiated by the rebellion of local Albanians sponsored by NATO/Islamic league/EU. Rebellion started by the terrorist actions and then turned into guerrilla and open war.

Reason for every one of these conflicts was to minimize healthy Slavic factor (Serbians) and to support those in the region who are pro-Islamic or pro-Germanic oriented. Serbs were obstacle to it and they were attacked without mercy, in open war, in mass media. But, Serbians didn`t say their last.

What i can tell to Poles is that Serbians can`t be blamed for these conflicts. Serbs defended themselves. From region to region, other South Slavs supported Serbs or as it is case in our time, South Slavs from many regions (Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro) of former Yugoslavia wants to rejoin with Serbia now. Even mainly Muslim regions. Other South Slavic regions such are Slovenia (solely Catholics) and Macedonia (Orthodox Slavs) harry to improve relations with Serbia. It is global regional process and represent biggest proof that Serbian policy was just and right. 25 million people here speaks Serbian language, in region where you have approximately 12 million Serbs.

It is duty of any Serbian to inform Poles whats going on and that those who sponsored hostility against Serbians, tomorrow would, without any doubts, sponsor war against Poland. And Poles do have all historical reasons to trust to Serbians and have all historical reasons not to trust to western Europe, USA and Islamic league.

All these countries have problems of their own and I can assure you that all they or any country would do if you started another war in the balcans is kick your behind to stone age.

don`t say that. Serbia is not Syria. But better look what force arises to protect Syria from western European and USA meddling and, Slavs within EU and NATO already refusing to dies for western European and USA magnates. Now, in case of that serious meddling of USA and western Europe, in Serbia, NATO and EU would already collapse and Russian and Chinese soldiers would remodel map of Europe, this time, most probably supported by Hungary, Czeska, Slovakia, Poland, Greece and Serbia, of course.

nope.... considering that you must be English, let me tell you something. Serbians designated Britain as the main force that is behind all their troubles, that is Britain that great mastermind of the Slavic misery. Serbs would now repay the debt to English from time of Ottoman occupation of Serbian lands when Britain collaborated with Turks prolonging that way Turkish presence in Europe. Serbians work against Britain in every opportunity and they would effectively expel British influence from every Slavic country. i am pretty sure that would Britain learn great lesson and experience real regret for its evil ways. Let Britain live in interdependance with Saudi Arabia and Turkey and just f*** off from Slavic world.


Now when Poles understand what is in the game everything would be more easily. Racowie- military elite of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth aren`t alone.

Sarmats are awaken!
16 Oct 2015  #41

considering that you must be English

No Crow, I'm not English. May I ask what age group do you belong to ? Just curiosity .

are Slovenia (solely Catholics)

According to google :D in Albania around 25-30 % of the population is christian ( catholic,orthodox ), from what I read you consider albanians as mainly terrorists who are supported by the islamic league etc. What do you make of them( the christians in Albania) ?

In the Balkans,religion has caused a lot of trouble,just look at the way Bosnia is divided today and I think it's mostly because of differences in what people think they should call God ( Allah,God,Bóg,Dio,Θεος, etc )
16 Oct 2015  #42

No Crow, I'm not English.


What do you make of them( the christians in Albania) ?

Christian Albanians are subjugated to Islamic ones who dominate relying on Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

just look at the way Bosnia is divided today and I think it's mostly because of differences in what people think they should call God

Its not that simple as `academic` circles of the Anglo and Germanic worlds portrait things. Yes you have people of different religious background here but its not the problem as long as there is no foreign meddling. When comes sponsors from outside, people in the region clash. When there is no foreign meddling, region naturally gravitate around Serbia and Slavic cultural values. Look processes within Bosnia and Montenegro. Most of people there this way or another tend to re-unite with Serbia.

Only Serbia can secure balance in the region.

This is how Albanians thank to USA for sponsorship. On the other side we see how USA losing control over one more terrorist group that was created to serve, among else, to USA interests.

K. Albanian "sent U.S. military personnel data to IS"

Source: Tanjug Thursday, January 28, 2016 | 13:48

A Kosovo Albanian accused of hacking the personal data of over 1,000 U.S. military personnel has appeared in U.S. federal court in Virginia.

The agency reported he is believed to be the leader of a Kosovo "internet hacking group,"

Same could be with data of Polish military personnel on Kosovo

How have Albanians wronged Poles in the past?


Simple, by constant;y working on formation of greater Albania what endangering vital Poland`s interests

"Kosovo should have referendum on unification with Albania"

Source: B92, Tanjug Thursday, September 29, 2016 | 11:27

A member of the Kosovo Assembly from the ruling PDK party has spoken in favor of organizing a referendum on Kosovo's "unification with Albania." ..... According to Nait Hasani, Kosovo should "use the constitutional right to pass a law and organize the referendum."

It was all about it. That is why NATO attacked Serbia. To won Greater Albania for Muslim world, as services to Muslim magnates, in order to weaken Slavs and generally to increase tensions in the world. Those are reasons, rest was war propaganda.
9 Nov 2015  #43

In a clash of civilizations that today occurred at UNESCO, in case with Kosovo`s UNESCO bid, that was strongly promoted by western European powers (namely- Britain, France and Germany), voice of Poland was one of decisive for the failure of initiative that self proclaimed and illegal Albanian state of Kosovo fails to acquire UNESCO membership. Representatives of Poland were abstained during voting, what is by Serbian media considered to be heroic act having in mind all pressure and incentives by Britain, France and Germany which was issued these days on all UNESCO members. When all seams lost for Serbia and when Albanian cause needed only three voices for their great diplomatic victory, Polish representatives announced that they are abstained. from voting.


Seams that official Poland refusing blindly to follow western European dictate and started more seriously to listen voice of the Polish people that already in many public occasions gave support to sovereignty of Serbia.

Kosovo's bid to join UNESCO fails

UNESCO has not accepted Kosovo as a member; the proposal failed to gain a two-thirds majority at the organization's General Conference in Paris on Monday.

Source: B92 Monday, November 9, 2015 | 13:52


Among the countries that voted against were Brazil, China, Russia, Spain, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Palestine, North Korea, Slovakia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Bahrain, Indonesia.

Those who abstained, included, among others, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Colombia, Greece, Nigeria, Peru, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, and Zambia.

10 Nov 2015  #44

Do you have info on the reason why Bosnia did abstain?
10 Nov 2015  #45

why Bosnia did abstain?

that my friend, is biggest proof that western European and USA war anti-Serbian propaganda greatly exaggerated when spoke of Serbia and Serbians as regional evil. It is quite opposite. Serbia is in the region, not only by Slavs of former Yugoslavia but also by Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania seen as regional leader and most positive, stable and prosperous country here. Not to mention that whenever influence of hostile foreigners drop (Germany, Britain, Turkey, France), among Bosnian Muslims and Catholic Croats, you have increased number of those who declare themselves as Serbs (no matter religious provenience), what is quite natural, because they are Serbs in their origin but, by some powers is forbidden to exist as Serbian, whenever those powers have possibility to influence region. Also, many tend to declare themselves to be Yugoslavians. That is also heresy for all former Yugoslavian republics except in Serbia where that is tolerated and accepted with understanding. People in the region see how Serbia behave and accept equally Serbs and on those who aren`t Serbs. People in the region knows very well what is truth about conflict in former Yugoslavia and people now massively sympathize with Serbia (that bravely stood to defend Yugoslavia, a unity, loved country that was destroyed by deception of hostile foreigners) what pressuring local regimes and moving them to be closer with Serbia.

Serbia and Bosnia agree to strengthen cooperation

Source: Tanjug Wednesday, November 4, 2015 | 13:36

The Serbian government and the Bosnian Council of Ministers held a joint session in Sarajevo today and agreed to strengthen cooperation.


Merged: EC president and former Polish PM Donald Tusk to make "surprise visit" to Belgrade, Serbia

Serbian media in english and serbian languages writes and speculate about reasons for Tusk`s surprise visit to Belgrade. Tusk`s timing is very interesting. He asked to visit Serbia in situation when Serbian officials already have ongoing and had announced several other diplomatic meetings:

1. Tusk coming to Belgrade in same day when Serbian president Tomislav Nikolic coming from Belarus
2. Tusk`s coming to Belgrade immediately after the visit of NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg to Belgrade
3. Tusk coming to Belgrade the day before Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic travel to China

EC president to make "surprise visit" to Belgrade

Source: Blic Wednesday, November 18, 2015 | 14:25


European Council President Donald Tusk will arrive here on Saturday, the Belgrade-based daily Blic reporting.

The daily said that Tusk will arrive in Belgrade for a meeting with Vucic "immediately after the visit of NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg" and also after "the meeting that will be held in Brussels on Friday."

SAZNAJEMO Donald Tusk dolazi u iznenadnu posetu Beogradu

i hope that Tusk won`t try to convince Serbians to join NATO. It would be disguising, really. i also hope that Tusk won`t try to convince Serbian officials that Serbia have to introduce sanctions to Russia or that Serbia must increase number of received refugees. i sincerely hope that Tusk have enough dignity not to try these things. Plus, it would be against Serbian interests and even against interests of Poland, too. i expect to hear something original from Tusk when he visit Serbia, not just usual statements of EU officials. Not to mention that i hope that Tusk won`t speak against business with Chinese or Belarus companies.

All in all, i want to recognize love for Poland and for Serbia in his statements, not just his love for western European interests.

This was not good



EC president Tusk and Serbian PM Vucic at news conference in Belgrade, Nov. 21, 2015

i sow the rapport of news conference after the meeting of EC president Tusk and Serbian PM Vucic. i would also provide links here for all who are interested to see themselves. So, after i sow rapport, in my opinion, that was hard meeting in which new demands and for sure new blackmails were delivered to Serbia. Considering that Serbian PM underlined ``that would Serbia know how to protect its interests`` (in case with migrants) and in a tone how he said that and all said in case with topic during news conference, i concluding that Tusk came to Serbia to ask greater effort by Serbia then he expect efforts from other countries. Side by side with topic of migrants, Serbian EU path was mentioned. So, its a blackmail. Do as EU tell you or else ... Meaning, what we see here is that Tusk didn`t come to represent Poland in Belgrade but, just to represent his masters in Brussels and western Europe. China was also mentioned. Serbians PM practical gave explanation (meaning, he explained it to Tusk, too) during conference that Serbia didn`t initiate new bilateral meeting on highest level with China but that China initiated meeting, sending call to Serbia. PM Vucic then underlined that would Chinese companies came to Serbia with new projects, that would Serbia and China sign new contracts. In connection to topic, on question of journalist, Serbian PM Vucic underlined ``that is he himself dedicated and loyal to EU path but that even if he thinks that its not best path for Serbia, he wouldn`t tell it publicly.`` He said: ``i hope you understood what i want to tell even between the raws.`` This was clear diplomatic message that Serbia won`t give up from its independence no matter all pressure form EU but would found way to prosper and make business anyway. Best proof that meeting with Tusk was unpleasant came when Serbian PM said that would already ``in December, many of those who miscalculated with Serbia and wants to play games with her, get their answers.``

Web site of EU council > three very good video clips from news conference >

President Tusk visits Belgrade

Very sad.

transparency on what doing politicians who spending money of Polish tax payers

i would like to inform my Polish sisters and brothers what Donald Tusk doing on Slavic South, in the realm of future Intermarium. No matter that Tusk officially represent EU, still, people in the region connects him with Poland. With a reason considering that Tusk was Polish PM.

Anyway, wherever he goes, Tusk rising tensions. As politicians he failed, as Polish patriot he failed. Man is walking embarrassment for political option (voters) in Poland that stays behind him.

Macedonian president criticizes EU's approach

Source: Tanjug Monday, November 23, 2015 | 12:24


Another failure of failed politician - Donald Tusk in Skoplje, 23. Nov.

"Macedonia is a textbook example of how (the EU) should not treat candidate countries," Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov has been quoted as saying.


During his meeting with Tusk, the Macedonian president also criticized the EU for its attitude towards refugees as his country is suffering the consequences of setting of quotas, Greece's failure to register refugees, and of "unilateral decisions."

He noted that Macedonia did not receive funds for solving the crisis, "although those were promised on several occasions.

Merged: Polish soldiers of the 15th "Zawisza Czarny" Mechanized Brigade on Kosovo, to monitor fragile peace

In numerous contacts with representatives of official Poland, Serbian officials issued necessity for Polish army presents on Kosovo. We can say that Serbs don`t need to worry now, when is mandate of Polish army in the region prolonged.

Polish Soldiers Will Stay In Kosovo For A Longer Period Of Time. Request Submitted To The President

PUBLISHED AT: Wednesday, 09 December 2015, 14:14

According to the information published by the PM's office, the operational activities undertaken by the former contingent are to be prolonged, for the period between 1st January and 30th June 2016.

Currently, within the scope of the Polish Military Contingent, constituting a part of the International Forces in Kosovo and former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, soldiers of the 15th "Zawisza Czarny" Mechanized Brigade are involved in the operational activities undertaken within that region.

In environment of constant thereat by the Albanian Muslim extremists, what recently includes threats from Albanian veteran members of ISIS, it is of exceptional importance for us Serbians to have strong Polish military presence on Kosovo. No life and protection for local Serbs (who live in ghettos) without Polish army there. Without Polish army, last Serbs and with it last Slavs there would abandon the region.

Kosovo: Islamic State graffiti sprayed on Serb homes

Source: Beta Friday, November 27, 2015 | 17:06 /

Islamic State (IS, ISIS) graffiti have been sprayed on Serb homes in ethnically mixed neighborhoods in northern Kosovska Mitrovica, the police have confirmed.

"Security measures have been undertaken, there are more mobile and pedestrian patrols. A special unit has been included in the ethnically mixed settlements of Bosnjacka Mahala, Tri Solitera and Mikronaselje. They are controlling traffic, vehicles, and passers-by," he said.

So Poles are there, as the last line of defense. "Zawisza Czarny" Mechanized Brigade is on duty
29 Sep 2016  #46

greater Albania what endangering vital Poland`s interests

How? Polish people care nothing about Albania or Kosovo (a useless bit of land that Serbs want for idiotic living in the past reasons).

How does seem great Serbian defeat mean it should remain part of Serbia? That's just the dumbest nationalism going.
29 Sep 2016  #47

Greater Albania is part of so called `green transverse` idea that as a spear must stub into Europe, as preach the enemies of venerable true core of Western world- Slavia (ie Sarmatia).


Albanians who call themselves Shiftars are cancer in any plans about rise of new glory of Poland. It is the cancer that threatened to cut Poland from access to the warm waters of Mediterranean, by destruction of Slavic south and Serbians as main, if not the sole healthy regional Slavic factor capable to offer resistance to threat.

Well, we rapidly approaching to the moment of Poland`s final decision. Meaning, Poland would behave as serious Slavic power, willing to protects its own interests and interests of those who are loyal to Poland- speaking about this case- Serbians.

Considering that Albanians (Shiftars) announced another violent move, Serbia announced military intervention, legal by its own constitution, in order to protect its property.

So, Polish forces on Kosovo can:

1. join to Serbians
2. fight against Serbians, side by side with Albanians and ``rest`` of NATO/EU
3. decide to stay neutral, which is at least message of political and moral support to Serbians.

i look forward to see Poland fight for right cause, side by side with Serbia. By the God, honor and courage, we shall prevail! Sarmats awake!

an article

Vučić: We are nullifying Priština's decisions

Source: B92 Tuesday, October 11, 2016 | 15:26


"Trepča is of extreme importance and we are going to guard it. I don't understand why the Albanians did this. They cannot be actually thinking about entering the flotation in the north by force! We are not going to allow any interference with the right of ownership," Vučić said.

11 Oct 2016  #48

destruction of Slavic south

Maybe everyone else knows about this, but I have no idea what the Trepça issue is about. On whose territory does it lie. What are Albanians and Serbs doing about it. What is meant by flotation? You are in media res in that respect but not everyone has a clue as to what is involved.
11 Oct 2016  #49

Oh, situation is very interesting. Especially if you know that Poland have Zawisha Czarny mechanized brigate located in the region. BDW, speaking of symbolism, Zawisha Czarny (by many- greatest Polish national hero) died for liberation of Serbia from Ottoman Turkish yoke.

There are few important approaches to situation that should be taken in consideration if one analyze strategic situation and possible development:

1. Kosovo is by Serbian constitution part of Serbia (Serbian southern province of Kosovo and Metohija- short Kosovo)
2. UN resolutions that basically recognize Kosovo as part of Serbia. Officially, region is UN protectorate.
3. Albanians (Shiftars) declared independence back in 2008
4. region is effectively NATO protectorate and NATO doesn`t recognize Serbian sovereignty. In fact NATO militarily won region for Albanians back in 1999. NATO have its military base on Kosovo (Alb. Kosova)

5. region is also unofficial EU protectorate. Official EU negate Serbia`s sovereignty
6. Serbia have special ties with Visegrad Group and negotiate for membership. As member of Visegrad, Slovakia support Serbian sovereignty and didn`t recognize separation of Kosovo from Serbia. Public in Visegrad group countries massively support Serbia`s sovereignty.

7. Serbia have special ties with Russia and Russia have kind of emergency ops base on the south of Serbia, just near administrative border with Kosovo

8. Serbia have signed special military alliance with Hungary, kind of mutual protection pact.
9. Serbia have special military deals with China

If Albanians move to overtake rich Trepca mines (on the north of Kosovo), that are by UN resolution under Serbia`s control, Serbia would militarily intervene. It would be legitimate military action by Serbia`s constitution and by UN resolution.

So, if come to this scenario, NATO may face serious crisis, much worse then it was crisis when situation with Turkey escalated. Consequences for NATO may be that Visegrad Group collectively refuse to act under NATO command and choose to stay at least neutral in incoming conflict. Ultimatelly, NATO would collapse. Hungary and Slovakia may even surprise by direct aid to Serbia. Possible even Czech Republic. Situation with Poland is complicated. If Poland support Serbia openly, it then must lead into formation of Intermarium. In that case, Poland may face serious internal turmoil but, under control. If official Poland act against Serbia- Poland would face tremendous internal turmoil where official Warsaw may lose control over situation which may result even in armed conflict between ruling establishment and citizens. Visegrad Group in that case would collapse, while Poland may face crisis in relations with Slovakia, Czeska and Hungary. Poland may found itself in war with Russia and China.

But, realistic scenario is most probable Poland`s neutral position if comes to new conflict on Kosovo. That, or siding with Serbia, only in case that official Poland conclude that have support of major world powers for formation of Intermarium (ie New Commonwealth).
11 Oct 2016  #50

[moved from]


But Kosovo is mainly ALbanian, 90% I believe. Most of the Serbs have moved elsewhere. And most countries have recognised Kosovo as an independent state.
11 Oct 2016  #51

Poloniuse3, what are you suggest??? This:

* Destruction of concept of sovereignty of countries, what is essential UN charter?
* Ethnically pure states?
* Right to national minorities to secede when/if they achieve majority in the given region?

Think of it, man. Then, take in consideration that ethnic map of Kosovo and Metohija changes in last 650 years, since time of Ottoman invasion on Serbian lands, where Albanians (Shiftars- as they call themselves and never use term Albanian for itself; interesting- isn`t it but, western Europe insist to call them Albanians what as word originate from Slavic word Alba = `belo`/Eng. white, while Shiftars even aren`t of European origin) were fist of that invasion. Later, number of Serbs was again reduced during WWI and WWII, where Albanians again were fist against native Serbians. Finally, new wave of Serbians was expelled from the region during NATO attack on Serbia in 1999. For all that time, while Serbians were expelled and/or murdered, Albanians were stimulated to reproduce, with many new of their settlers came from Albania (Shiftaria). Also, for all that time, during periods of peace, Serbians tolerated Albanians whenever Serbian state was restored in the region. Not to mention that even 60% of land in Metohija belong to Christian Serbian Orthodox Church, as practically private property in last 1000 years.

So, additionally, you suggest:

* That international community needs to reward invaders?
* That international community needs to discourage tolerance of minorities?

12 Oct 2016  #52

in last 1000 years

I'm suggesting to stop living in the past. Every country had its golden age, but if every country now demanded the same amount of land it had centuries ago, the world would be in constant war. Things change. Wars, migrations, expulsions, refugee flight, border shifts, natrural disasters, etc. change the ethnic composition of countries and regions. You have to accept it. There will be no Greater Serbia. Concentrate on the land you've got and try to make something of it rather than greedily looking to predominantly Albanian Kosovo. Forget the Battle of Kosovo. That is now only history. At present: Косово је Албанац!
12 Oct 2016  #53

but even now, new threats coming from Shiftars (Albanians). So, they shall learn that they aren`t overlord of the region. Reasons, past or present, we would found some, to prove the point, to show them their place, to show them that time when Slavs retreated represent long gone history.
12 Oct 2016  #54

show them their place

Their place for the time being is Kosovo. Ideally, Albania should annex Kosovo so as not to have split-up ethnic enclave. That has been the undoing of the Balkans. Moldova and Romania should also merge. And all the Serbs and Croats should be in one country: Serbia and Croatia. Never forget: Косово је Албанац!
12 Oct 2016  #55

Serbian constitution nicely says: Kosovo is Serbia!

See that Poles knows that >

Kosovo is Serbia - Poland

12 Oct 2016  #56

Serbian constitution

The constitution needs to be updated to reflect present-day reality, not the mediaeval Battle of Kosovo.
12 Oct 2016  #57

Serbian constitutions are generally very wise.

Do you know that 200 years ago, back then constitution of Serbian Kingdom was condemned by the USA, because of its paragraph: ``Even slave, if come to lend of Serbians, is slave no more.`` It was first Serbian-USA diplomatic conflict.

You know, these kind of things writes the history of peoples and countries. Rest is just daily politics but, this, this is it.

Merged: Pro-Serbian manifestation in Poland - Kosowo jest serbskie! 2016

Great news for Polish and Slavic patriots in Poland and abroad!

Polish patriotic organizations ONR i NS Zadruga organized massive Pro-Serbian manifestations in few venerable Polish cities. As they were Pro-Serbian, expression of brotherly Slavic solidarity, with full Sarmatian connection at work, manifestations were also protest against many evils that threatening modern Polish society that facing unprecedented and unseen political pressure by the heretical, mentally malformed, demoniacal, cruelly and greedy individuals and institutions of Anglo, Germanic and Franco worlds.

Now go, listen and see for yourself. Poland raised Her noble voice >>>

Kosowo jest serbskie! - manifestacja ONR-u i NS Zadruga - Białystok


Kosowo jest serbskie! Pikieta - Kraków


Thank you Poles!

Velika je Poljska!

Together we are stronger! Honor and courage!
19 Oct 2016  #58

manifest = document

manifestation = revelation

Do you perhaps mean "Pro-Serbian DEMONSTRATION..."??
19 Oct 2016  #59

i don`t know. Organizers named it `manifestacja`. But true it could be also understand as protest or demonstration.
30 Oct 2016  #60

Crow - what case is this? It look to me like instrumental but maybe it's dative. and dual number?

yes. Its dative. Plural

Kome > Poljacima (To whom > to Poles)

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