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Stance of Poland in UNESCO on behalf of Serbia and Kosovo, no support for western European initiative.

11 Jan 2017  #91


yes. But under deep emotions and still controlling myself (I have good nerves). How could I react. A Pole was stubbed by Shqiptar knife and Poles were beaten by Shqiptar police. I was upset and plus brat Admin calmed me. I suffered enough. What you now want? Are you moron?
11 Jan 2017  #92



Thank you for reminding us all that whatever squabbles Poles and Albanians might have had in the past, both nations must remember about the menace posed to peace and security by some Serbs. Obviously not all Serbs; in fact most Serbs are nice people, it's only a small minority of Serbs who love to invade neighbouring countries in order to rape women and children and to murder all those who are not strong enough to either defend themselves or to escape.

Poles remember what it's like to be invaded by stronger neighbours and Poles remember what it's like to suffer genocide and ethnic cleansing at the hands of those invaders: that is why Poles were amongst the first to fight to defend the new independent states of Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo when the people there were at risk of rape and/or murder at the hands of the vile minority of Serbs. It's why our troops are still in Kosovo.

Your vile racism is a reminder to us that not all Serbs are the pleasant people that the average Serb is. Your words remind us that any real or imagined way that Albanians have wronged Poles in the past or that Poles have wronged Albanians in the past is irrelevant when compare to the threat posed by the disgusting rapist scum that Serbia is unfortunate enough to have as some of its citizens. And they remind us that some Serbs are laughable cowards who can only be brave over the internet or when they face an unarmed woman while they hold an automatic weapon. Poles and members of all nations must continue to stand shoulder to shoulder against such vile Serbian rapists, murderers and cowards; we look forward to more Serbians joining us in our stand against scum.
11 Jan 2017  #93

that is why Poles were amongst the first to fight to defend the new independent states of Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo when the people there were at risk of rape and/or murder at the hands of the vile minority of Serbs

Bollocks. Most Poles know Kosovo je Srbskie. Polish soldiers went there not because they wanted but because they were ordered to go there. My cousin was stationed in Kosovo and he and most of his soldier friends regret it. He told me how they were ordered to not intervene when mujahedins were on killing spree. I'd rather believe my family than you and your false propaganda.
11 Jan 2017  #94

Shqiptars are mortal enemies of Polish strategic interests. Yet to be obvious to all
So, we soon coming to the epilogue of one sad adventure. France have chance to wash its hands form cooperation with terrorists and to show that they aren`t free in France, that France isn`t anti-Slavic, that France have dignity.

Serbian state officially asking France to extradite Serbian citizen- ethnic Shqiptar Ramush Haradinai wanted for acts of terrorism, commited on Serbian territory, in province Kosovo and Metohija.

Serbia officially asks France to extradite Haradinaj
Source: Tanjug Tuesday, January 10, 2017 | 14:12

The Serbian Ministry of Justice has sent an extradition request for Ramush Haradinja to the French judicial authorities.

They scre! you then they apologize. Mistake or provocation? Should you believe them? Only if you are naive

Voice of Albanians website apologizes for "Polish concentration camp"

Polish government Web Site

Voal.ch, a website run by Albanian emigrants in Switzerland, used a defective .......

In a phone call with his Albanian counterpart, Poland's ambassador to Switzerland expressed his indignation at a phrase that is unfair to Poland, and recalled that occupied Poland was merely a site of Nazi German concentration camps.

Development on case of Ramush Haradinai

Shqiptars openly collect money to bribe France. Disguising. >>>

"No expense spared" to secure Haradinaj's release - daily

... Meta, saying he was "convinced that France is working on releasing Ramush."

In the meanwhile

"New evidence against Haradinaj, indictment expanded"

The new evidence will be sent to the French court dealing with the case as soon as it has been translated into French - which is expected to happen before the end of this week.

Arrest warrant for Thaci is valid here - justice minister

The arrest warrant issued for Kosovo President Hashim Thaci is still valid in Serbia, "as the procedure against him is ongoing," says the justice minister.

Serbia wants embassies protected from "Albanian terrorists"

The Foreign Ministry has asked several countries to increase security of Serbian diplomatic missions that are the potential targets of Albanian terrorists.

12 Jan 2017  #95

France decided - freedom to terrorist, freedom to killer of Serbs,.. until the final decision about his extradition. Hes passport has been confiscated to prevent him from leaving the France but, to let such a caliber of terrorist form the prison is equal as giving him full freed. French deals with Muslim world are obviously above the France`s obligation due to Interpol cooperation.

Let us remember and, after all, let us admit, we aren`t surprised. We got one more poof of how we Slavs were naive for ever trusted in France. Naively trusted in nation that was born for Roman onslaught of 3 million native European Slavs. How sadly and deeply, we Sarmats fall from the heights of majestic splendor of our ancient civilization. Truly, how did our might fallen so that worse then us, makes such insults to us, real jokes.

Haradinaj released from prison pending extradition decision

Back on topic...
13 Jan 2017  #96

Serbia is Russia's ally, to hell with them.
13 Jan 2017  #97

Serbia is independent Slavic country and all Slavs are free to support us. We sent call to all. Right now Russia is capable to help and its alright. Slovakia also helping by refusing to recognize Kosovo separation. Czech Republic is on the half way to annul its Kosovo recognition. Public in all Slavic countries, Poland included, is united in desire to see Serbia`s sovereignty protected.

Back on topic...

Yes, I agree. So, considering Poland`s EU membership and Serbian president mentioned EU, I giving an info >>>

EU influenced Haradinaj's release, says Serbian president

Tomislav Nikolic thinks the decision of a French court to release Ramush Haradinaj is "an indication that the Serbian indictment against him would be rejected."

"I think that the EU gave such a directive to all its member-states," Nikolic told Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti.

Under such relations, he continued, "there will not be justice for the innocent Serb victims of the crimes committed by Albanians."

13 Jan 2017  #98

Serbia is independent Slavic country

Yes, Serbia is an independent Slavic country and should not stick its nose in the affairs of neighbouring independent countries like Kosovo. Woudl you want Kosovo to start lobbying in the UN to have recognition of Serbian independence revoked? When Yugoislavia was disintegtrating, the Serbs arrogantly sent their aggressive troops into Croatia, Bosnia and other former Yugoslav republics in an ill-fated attmept to create a story-book "Greater Serbia". Hopefully they have abandoned that plan once and for all!


Shqiptars call themselves that way

Every nation has the right to use it own national term for members of other nations. And what is proper in one language such as Polak in Poland, can be pejorative in other languages, eg Polack in English, Polacke and die Polackei (Polackland) in German. Before WW2 the Italians pressured Poland to stop calling their country Włochy and pushed Italia instead, but Poles stayed firm and it's Włochy to this day. In English Albanians are called only Abanians. Hateful Serbian Albania-bashers derisively use the Shqiptar label to insult the proud Albanian nation.
13 Jan 2017  #99


Kosovo is Serbia because Kosovo was taken by force from Serbs, because ethnic Serbs on Kosovo were reduced in number not in natural process but forcefully, by sinister plan and actions of Shqiptar Anglo, Germanic, Romanic and Muslim sponsors. Therefore, as cradle of our statehood and our spiritual life, as our land from the ancient time, as our fatherland, Kosovo would be liberated by Serbians. Kosovo that is now turned in nacro mafia Muslim caliphate NATO and EU protectorate.

There is no positive human value that NATO and EU leading powers didn`t hijacked in order to separate Kosovo from Serbia. From media lies and bestial anti-Serbian propaganda to open military attacks, from economic blockades and embargoes to detraction of nature by use of depleted uranium on our civilians and army.

Probably biggest shame in history of Poland represent fact that by simple membership in NATO and EU, Poland was forced to be part of it.

Poles don't give a flying copulation about Albanians, Albania or whatnot.

but official Poland did recognized Kosovo.

It was scandal. Scandal even in front of entire UN GA. PM was for that and president against but, Poland did it to satisfy Poland`s NATO and EU partners, as Tusk himself admitted.
13 Jan 2017  #100

Poland is now officially involved in the case of Haradinai, after /citation/ "Serbia is calling on all EU members to respect international law and is demanding Ramush Haradinaj's extradition without delay,"

source: Serbia wants France to extradite Haradinaj "without delay"


few more quotations:

Serbia will not give up on prosecuting all persons accused of war crimes until they have been brought before justice, says Marko Djuric.

a former KLA commander and Kosovo prime minister, ..... Haradinaj "personally took part in the torture, murder, and rape of civilians."

"Is the EU founded on the values based on the rule of law?

"Is it possible that a man who is responsible for the murder of children is being released, those who carried out an aggression against Serbia. I wish to say this time that we believe in the justice system of France.

Serbs arrogantly sent their aggressive troops into Croatia, Bosnia and other former Yugoslav republics in an ill-fated attmept to create a story-book "Greater Serbia".

more lies. But who care. My dear, we Serbians now understood the game. Nobody care for justice in this world. International order is destroyed by western Europe and USA Clinton`s. We Serbians shall know how to protect our interests.
13 Jan 2017  #101

not in natural process

What in your books is a natural historical process? History showa us that borders have changed as a result of wars, invasions, annexations, withdrawals, ethnic evolution and revolution as well as natural calamities. They may be forfceful but are very much natural historical developments. Kosovo stopped being Serbian when Serbs became a tiny minority and the Albanian majority were deprived of their rights. The Battle of Kosovo was back in the Middle Ages. This is the 21st century.

Косово није Србија! Косово је слободна и независна држава!
13 Jan 2017  #102

. Kosovo stopped being Serbian when Serbs became a tiny minority and the Albanian majority were deprived of their rights.

So you are saying that in Bradford, Luton, parts of Malmo, Marseille ect where Muslims form a majority they should be given the right to secede? This can be seen for example by the name of Muhammad being the given name most often in London and the second version of that name Mohammed the 7th most often name.Usually this name in the province of West Midlands is on the first and sixth place while in Yorkshire on 2nd and 9th place. England has 9 provinces, and here they are in 3 virtually very present. The Kurds are a nation of 40 million yet they don't have their own state while Albanians can have two, stop calling them Kosovars because they are not native to that land. Show me one of their constructions or monuments before the 19th century in Kosovo, guess what you won't find any. Or why shouldn't the same right be given in the US where Mexicans form a majority? Don't you see how deeply flawed your logic is?



What goes around, comes around.

Косово није Србија! Косово је слободна и независна држава!

There is a UN resolution 1244 which guarantees that Kosovo is legally a part of Serbia. As long as Russia has veto power in the UN Security Council it will never be admitted in that organisation. What is taken by force could also be returned by force and American troops will not be around to protect them forever. As much as I am sad for what they are doing to my people there, how many of our churches from medieval times they have desecrated equally I am sad for the Albanians themselves because they are a people degenerated by Islam.




You should be really ashamed of your comments, because throughout history at the very least Serbian people never did anything wrong to Poland and Poles, in fact, they helped Poland and Poles as much as they could, whenever they could and as much as they were able to in the given situation.

13 Jan 2017  #103


Kosovo - NATO bases and ISIS training camps side-by-side in the land Washington and Brussels tore from Christian Serbia to hand to Islamist terrorists


globalresearch.ca/isis-daesh-training-camps -in-kosovo-recruitment-of-terrorists-by-ngos/5537652

13 Jan 2017  #104

t all depends how far back one wants to go. Who occupied what is now Serbia before the Serbians settled there? Every nation settled in different throughout history. To deny that fact, one could insist that the 13 colonies should be returned to Mother England. Prior to then, howevrer, the land belonged to Mongolian-rooted natives (American Indians). The difference between Muslim concentrations in the UK is that Kosovo adjoins Albania. By rights, the two should merge. Everythign that de-Balkanises the hot-headed chauvinists of the Balkans is a step in the right direction. We cannot rule out that eventually dense Hispanic concetrations in th SW of America will seek to ahcieve autonomy or even independnece. Under Trump that does not seem too liekly, but later -- who knows?
13 Jan 2017  #105

The US invaded and bombed our country murdering in the process many inoccent people. They could not allow a small but a defiant nation like the Serbs to lead separate & different politics from theirs. Albanians were just an excuse and false pretext they needed to occupy this land so they could blackmail Europe and the rest of the World by preventing constructions of pipelines and other regional projects & cooperation which they percieve threaten their interests. Not to mention the use of Albanian ISIS terrorists to destabilize neighbouring countries in order to achieve for the US it's geopolitical interests.



13 Jan 2017  #106

plans for Greater Albania

Why is Greater Albania worse than Greater Serbia? Follow Poland's example where Poles have grudgingly but realistically reconciled themselves to the loss of the country's eastern marches and 20% of their pre-war territory.
13 Jan 2017  #107




The curse of Tsar Lazar
Whoever is a Serb and of Serb birth,
And of Serb blood and heritage,
And comes not to the Battle of Kosovo,
May he never have the progeny his heart desires,
Neither son nor daughter!
May nothing grow that his hand sows,
Neither red wine nor white wheat!
And let him be cursed from all ages to all ages!

13 Jan 2017  #108

By the God, this thread nicely developing.
13 Jan 2017  #109

murdering in the process many inoccent people

What about the 8,000 men and boys cold-bloodedly murdered by Serbian cut-throats at Srebrenica and the counltess Bosnian women raped by Serbian thugs? Somehow you never mention those victims. NATO prevented anothwe 10,000 or more more innocent Bosnians being murderedby Serb fanatics. The Battle of Kosovo is a closed chapter in history.
14 Jan 2017  #110

Tsar Lazar

Until Crow started his pro-Serbian ramblings on PF I had never heard of the Battle of Kosovo. Since he had repeatedly referred to it one got the imrpession that it was some spectacular victory for the Serbian side. On reading up, it turned out the Serbs were defeated and their army destroyed. Here is part of the wiki account:

"Although Ottomans managed to annihilate the Serbian army, they also suffered high casualties which delayed their progress. The Serbs were left with too few men to effectively defend their lands, while the Turks had many more troops in the east. Consequently, one after the other, the Serbian principalities that were not already Ottoman vassals became so in the following years."
14 Jan 2017  #111

I just realized that this Polonius3 promote anti-Polish interests on Polish Forums. He is here voice dedicated to NATO and EU leading powers that desperately need justification of their aggressive politics. Plus, he operates with lies, half facts, propaganda and nonsense. Plus, he humiliates himself publicly.

Good to know that.
14 Jan 2017  #112

anti-Polish interests

To be pro-Polish today means to be pro-American and pro-NATO. Tha fact won't be changed by Crow's crybabying that his blood-stained compatriots got what they deserved for their ruthless Srebrnica masacre and mass rape of Bosnian women.

Srebrnica was the Serbian Katyń!
14 Jan 2017  #113

Srebrnica was the Serbian Katyń!

Again your lack of honesty.

Only genocide in Srebrenica happened on Serbians. Then, just then, yes, happened war crimes on Muslims. But war crimes, not genocide.
14 Jan 2017  #114

not genocide

Yes, genocide. Genocide occurs when members or one nationality or ethnic group are singled out and targeted for execution. Only Bosnians were murdered by blood-thirsty Serbs in Srebrenica.

AMERICA WILL ALWAYS STAND BY POLAND IN DEFENCE OF FREEDOM. Today is a red-letter day in Żagań, where the US armoured brigade has only just been officially welcomed to Poland. It was a moving and uplifting ceremony reflecting age-old Polish-American friendship. "We have waited a long time for this day," Defence MIn. Macierewicz said in a welcoming speech. "We were often isolated and thought we would never see this day, we often felt we alone were defending civilisation against aggression from the East. "America will always stand by Poland in defence of freedom," US Ambassador Jones assured Poles.

14 Jan 2017  #115

Man, Poloniuse3, nobody can`t guarantee anything to you if you join to mujaheedines in attack on Serbians. See, Serbians become little bit crazy in those situation but otherwise they are nice people, I assure you.

14 Jan 2017  #116


Russia: Vucic thanks Putin for help in protecting "territorial integrity" of Serbia

Polonius & Ironside from Russia we see only a hand of friendship and cooperation in various fields that is of beneficial interest to both countries while from the so-called West there is only blackmails & extortions.

Being the only country in Europe which has a Free Trade Agreement with Russia possibly Serbia can be the bridge of cooperation between Poland & Russia. If a Polish company opens a branch in Belgrade it could export tax-free goods to Moscow and bypass the EU-US sanctions. Why not lead a policy of cooperation instead of confrontation for a change?
14 Jan 2017  #117

Polonius & Ironside from Russia we see only a hand of friendship and cooperation in various fields that is of beneficial interest to both countries while from the so-called West there is only blackmails & extortions.

Well said.

Serbia can be the bridge of cooperation between Poland & Russia.

Those are our best hopes in common Slavic interest. Issue of apple re-export is just one of many possibilities.

Crnogorac brate did you this today about that train. See, Sqiptars used local Serbs on Kosovo as hostages of situation and PM intervened to stop the train in order to prevent open hostilities with Sqiptars? But he also sent warning to them, not to try to molest local Serbs down there anymore. He said its last warning. Vucic then said he consulted with Russian, USA and Chinese officials and informed about situation.
14 Jan 2017  #118

Crnogorac brate did you this today about that train.

For the first time in 18 years the train from Belgrade to Kosovska Mitrovica! Russia has given it as a gift to Serbia, and the Serbs decorated it with frescoes from our monasteries - Visoki Dečani, Peć Patriarchate, Gračanica and the Bogorodica Ljeviška. On it says in 21 languages: KOSOVO IS SERBIA!



14 Jan 2017  #119

Sqiptars mistaken for prevented that train to arrive on the north of Kosovo. Those Serbs there live in ghettos, exposed to Muslim terror. This was real hope for them. Hope for normal life. But I think that`s it. They got final warning. Serbia coming back to Kosovo. Its ours

visoki Dečani, Peć Patriarchate, Gračanica and the Bogorodica Ljeviška.

just for the record- Serbian medieval monasteries under UNESCO protection
15 Jan 2017  #120

They got final warning. Serbia coming back to Kosovo. Its ours

So, you live there? You're planning on moving there? Or is the "Kosovo is Serbia" your usual hot air?

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