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Stance of Poland in UNESCO on behalf of Serbia and Kosovo, no support for western European initiative.

18 Nov 2016  #61

Let me inform Polish public that Albanians (Shiftars) remodeling realm of the Slavic South damaging it greatly. No, not that they themselves can defeat Serbians who are strongest healthy Slavic element in the region. They alone can`t. They can`t even if they have support of some other local elements such is German satellite Croatia. Problem is that they have support of western Europe, USA Clinton`s & Co and Islamic league.

If Albanians succeed, path to destruction of Slavic South would be established. Situation is alarming because Albanians fly on the wings of Nazi ideology, which consider Slavs inferior and see them as newcomers to territories where they live.

I must tell that it becoming upsetting to me, to see official Poland, officially on the Albanian (Shiftar) side. I see that official Serbia pretend not to see this, pretending that is everything alright with Poland, when it is not. Must be that official (public, too) Serbia tend to give more time to Polish patriotic forces so that they can affect official Polish policy regarding general Slavic (with it, Polish, too) interests. Its not in question that Serbians feel Polish support but, somehow that support isn`t loud enough to bring changes to official policy of Poland.

Some say that reason for lack of Polish support to Serbians coming from close Serbia`s-Russia`s ties. But see, it is Russia who responded to our call for help when western Europe and USA, side by side with Islamic league, started to support destruction of Yugoslavia and Slavic South. See, it is western Europe and USA that support expansion of hostile non-Slavic element (Albanians) on the wings of Nazi-Islamo ideology, in the region. If it is so, what is then role of Poland within NATO and EU? To give legitimacy to ideology that works against Poland?
27 Dec 2016  #62

Crow the problem is that despite your unquestionable patriotism and readiness to sacrifice, (I am sure that tomorrow if Serbia is ever attacked you would be among the first to volunteer in the defense of the homeland) sadly many people have so far failed to recognize who the real enemy is. You cannot attack the "lesser evil" in front of the greater evil. Albanian Islamic terrorists are only cheap statists of the American military power in the region.


The territory they now occupy they have received thanks to NATO warplanes bombing Yugoslav army positions. What could Albanian Shiptars do 1 on 1 against the Serbian army? That we were able to see... however, these people have "mentors". It is these mentors who are trying to convince Poles that Russians are their "No.1 enemy".


I believe it is wrong to say that Serbian people are anti-American or even to use this term. No, no, for me there is only one true enemy and these are not "Americans", I personally have many American friends, the American people themselves are the first victims of those behind the NWO - the bankers from Wall Street and those who control the military-industrial complex who created this experiment that we are now all living in.


I am convinced these Atlanticist scumbags want to destroy the Serbian people because they lost 10 valuable years solving the Serbian question, it halted NATO's unstoppable "Drang Nach Osten" towards the East - the heart of Eurasia, which allowed precious time for Russia (which was in total collapse during the 90's) to recover and once again become a World power. Had they concentrated their full efforts at destroying Russia which was on it's knees morally, politically and financially with tanks on the streets of all major Russian cities trying to stop disorder, I doubt a Russian patriot such as Putin would have been able to seize power and to restore Russia. So Serbia's sacrifice was not in vain and all those inoccent people who were murdered by NATO didn't die for nothing. I am sure and I am ready to sign right now (virtually to sign) that all history books of the future (that present true history) will show that the Serbs organized first armed resistance against this globalistic menace that threatens to destroy the sovereignity of all nations.


And that cures the tears over little Milica the youngest victim of NATO bombing who was only 3 years old when she was murdered and she is a symbol of the Serbian resistance.


27 Dec 2016  #63

NATO warplanes bombing Yugoslav army

The question to ask is why NATO warplanes bombed the terroristic, genocidal (Srebrnica et al!) Yugoslav army guided by fanatical leaders dreaming of a "Greater Serbia". Those leaders are now internationally recognised war criminals. In all conflicts there is blame on all sides, but it is rarely equal blame. Croatians and Bosnians also sinned, but Serbs sinned most of all. If it wasn't for NATO's interventon they would have wiped out the people of Muslim Bosnia.
27 Dec 2016  #64


This is the truth about the fraud called Srebrenica - John Schindler former NSA intelligence analyst

So Polonius the lies that you and the rest of the American public were fed by the propapanda mainstream media machine are slowly falling apart similar to the WMD's in Iraq that are nowhere to be found.


This is how much those who carried out the Orwellian "humanitarian" bombings really care about human rights.
27 Dec 2016  #65

Nobody give a **** about Serbia. Except that they as best friends with our enemy.

28 Dec 2016  #66

You Poles are lucky to have general Krstic in Poland. He can easily organize you in case that problems with terrorists escalate. How I heard NOP already have consultations with him. Seams that Poles very much care about brat Radislav Krstic ( en.nop.org.pl/2014/05/09/nop-solidarity-with-general-krstic/ ). Did you heard that Poles actually organized first Serbian Chetnik brigades some 200 years ago? Yes, they did, God bless them. Great are the Polish contributions to Slavdom. `Velika je Poljska` as we Serbians used to say.

See, Poland have great energy and potential. I think that Serbia humbly wants to help in channeling of it. We have good ideas. >>>

Krzysztof Krawczyk & Goran Bregovic - Moj przyjacielu >>> youtube.com/watch?v=g0kgw2kkFnM
28 Dec 2016  #67


28 Dec 2016  #68

Serbians were forced out from their native land on Kosovo, while western Europe and Clinton`s clan supported expansion of Albanians (Sqiptars) there. Serbians are punished because of their independence and loyalty to Slavic world.
28 Dec 2016  #69


I enjoyed watching the Shiptars mourn and weep when Hillary lost the elections together with Harry, but Crow you seem to underestimate the turncoat mentality of our neighbours and how quickly "adaptable" they are in new circumstances.



Did you heard that Poles actually organized first Serbian Chetnik brigades some 200 years ago? Yes, they did, God bless them.

28 Dec 2016  #70


Polish Chetnik - Stanislav Krakov


During these wars he was wounded seventeen times and was awarded eighteen times

28 Dec 2016  #71

Tusk is not Polish crow so forget about him.
28 Dec 2016  #72

Donald Tusk is as Polish as our Dear Leader Jarosław Kaczyński. Tusk was our Dear Leader prior to Jaro.
28 Dec 2016  #73

Donald Tusk is as Polish as our Dear Leader Jarosław Kaczyński

Tusk is not Polish, i.e. he is not culturally Polish. He just another polishspeaking soviet.
28 Dec 2016  #74


Last speech of Serbian President Slobodan Milošević of FR Yugoslavia
31 Dec 2016  #75

Albanians from Kosovo captured by German police. Police prevented another bombing attack in Germany ( b92.net/eng/news/world.php?yyyy=2016&mm=12&dd=23&nav_id=100048 ).

In Macedonia Albanians protest to prevent public installation of cross ( b92.net/eng/news/region.php?yyyy=2016&mm=03&dd=04&nav_id=97259 )

In Serbia, on illegally separated Kosovo, local Albanians attacking Christian believers during Christmas ( b92.net/eng/news/politics.php?yyyy=2016&mm=01&dd=06&nav_id=96611 )

In Montenegro, Albanian citizens were fined for provoking tourists with Albanian flag ( b92.net/eng/news/region.php?yyyy=2016&mm=06&dd=23&nav_id=98408 )

Kosovo Albanians joins to Arab and Afghan refuges as illegal migrants, initiate problems on Hungarian-Serbian border ( b92.net/eng/news/crimes.php?yyyy=2015&mm=02&dd=06&nav_id=93108 )


Albanian Muslims on Kosovo, self-torturing

One day, I told my mother that I have an Albanian guy ......... My dad has grounded me for as long as I have an Albanian boyfriend ......... He is not allowed in my house, near his presence, or even discussed about in the house.

love your parents.
4 Jan 2017  #76

ahahah hahaha hahahahha hahahaha hahahahahahah

I just learned that is Albanian (Squitar) politician Ramush Haradinai of self proclaimed NATO and EU protectorate narco-mafia anti-Slavic state of Kosovo, arrested in France as terrorist on the Interpol warrant issued by Serbia. So much about Kosovo recognition as independent. Finally that western Europe begins to realize facts.

BDW, Ramush is one very ugly man.
Honest Pole
5 Jan 2017  #77

The Albanian language is an Indo-European isolate

It's not indo-european at all, it's a language isolate.
Honest Pole
5 Jan 2017  #78

Actually no, it seems to be indeed like Hittite.
5 Jan 2017  #79

Problem with Squitars (Albanians- as western Europeans call them) is that they stealing Slavic land and that`s not nice. For that, they shall be treated as any invader. They shall learn what is the price for intrusion into the Garden.
5 Jan 2017  #80

Squitars (Albanians- as western Europeans call them)

"Sir" and "Ma'am" as you call them to their faces. If you used that racist slur you pollute this forum with, even the feeblest Albanian grandmother would stomp you into the dust.

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