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I am thinking of running ads whether on Craigslist Poland or elsewhere

12 Jan 2018  #1

That simply say I am looking for models and potential sex partners for photo shoots and films but only if you find me attractive we can do sex shoots you do not have to agree right away and can do just the modeling. There are already other much more agressive ads out there on Craigslist Poland like Ive already showed you guys so what is preventing me from making one as well? Just because I happen to be less creepy and much more attractive than those guys whoa re living the life and fuking girls Ive dreamed my whole life of fuking and who ignore me at every turn doesnt mean I shouldnt get as enterpreneal and agressive and creepy as them, after all life is going by me and if I dont do it now what makes you people say id ever do it?


There are some super hot girls sitting in front of me and plenty of dudes all over the **** site world including fat, ugly and what have you get to fulk them while I dont even know how to say hi to them. SO what do you people really expect?

They are even kissing one another and one has a pop stick she is hitting the other with. What makes those old pervs on oldje and other sites better than me that they get to do that with them while I dont?

WHo wants to settle or have a life of settling for someone who you are their settle when all you have to do is become a producer or enter the world of **** and you wont have to settle no more?

What is stopping me is not any morality or being seen on video or anything of the sort, I just dont have the connections or the skills do to certain Web things like know how to do preview pages and collect money, but have done basic Wordpress sites and such. What is also stopping me is I lack the connections or know my way-in into the industry. Someone please give me some advice. I have real talent for sex and really could have sex like five times a day with even five diff girls and not feel a thing about it just good. Even when I lost my virginity at 22 I had zero absolutely zero emotional connections to her or cared about her in any way nor did I ever about any of my partners in my whole life. And I have a big dick and will lick most ******** even.

12 Jan 2018  #2

man, the only ad you need is for mental help

Taxpaying voter
12 Jan 2018  #3

SO what do you people really expect?

I expect that if you don't get the help you clearly need you're going to end up in prison or in the ground. Please get some help.

12 Jan 2018  #4

What is also stopping me is

The subconscious knowlege that you're on an expressway to self-destruction?

This is getting boring, you're not standing out, you're boring and trite.

Find a psychoanalyst and you might become interesting.

Dirk diggler
12 Jan 2018  #5

Very few people in Poland use craigslist. Most have no clue what it is. There's better free ad sites out there than CL.

and will lick most ******** even.

Weren't you just complaining a few days ago how Western men treat women like goddesses and will go down on a chick? FTS I'd never put my tongue in the same place I put my kielbasa

What makes those old pervs on oldje and other sites better than me that they get to do that with them while I dont?@ Ssdd

Mainly money and the ability to 'sponsor' a girl as its called in Poland. If you're able to give a girl a decent amount of money every week or buy her stuff like many of those guys do (or at least the girls believes that they will upon receiving sex) then youll have the same.

The order goes money, b1tches, respect

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