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USA News and Poland - Part 2

cms neuf
10 Mar 2020  #3,631

First Bush was quite articulate

Dirk diggler
10 Mar 2020  #3,632

Biden's dementia is his most promising attribute in terms of getting the nomination and being president if he wins. It makes him easier for ZOG to control.

10 Mar 2020  #3,633

Biden Snaps at Michigan Auto Worker Over Guns, Curses at Him

Biden though doesn't quite look the part.

Another day another gaffe. In surprised old Joe didn't challenge him to a push up contest! LOL

johnny reb
11 Mar 2020  #3,634

Trump is drawing such large crowds when he speaks that the number of people that are standing outside of the convention halls that can't get in when Trump is speaking out number the crowds that Biden draws in total.

Trump's speeches average 50 minutes and Biden's average 7 minutes.
They want to keep Biden away from the microphone for a, a, a some dumb reason......I forget.
Biden calling a Detroit Auto Worker a horse's ass was a very bad move on his part.
The Auto worker ask Biden about him saying he was going to take our AR-15's away from us and Biden said that was a lie that he never said that even though it is very well documented and on tape of Biden saying that very clearly.

The Auto Worker was right.

11 Mar 2020  #3,635

Typically, Republican like to throw the proverbial monkey wrench into the wheels of prosperity and comfort, leaving all for them and nothing for anyone else!

Who presided over the the '29 Crash?? Ol' "Shantytown Hoover", that's who! And how about '87?? George Bush I. 9/11?? The list goes on and on. Reactionaries gum up the works from which the Dems then have to bail us out.

Trump's been garnering support because the Corona Outbreak's popular with xenophobic Southerner's, his support base, who summarily despise both foreigners and Northerners.

johnny reb
11 Mar 2020  #3,636

which the Dems then have to bail us out.

Like odumbo did by trying to spend his way out of debt ending up spending more than all the other presidents in the history of the country.

We saw how well that worked putting millions on the welfare wagon just like welfare F.D.R. did and how Free Bernie wants to.

Took Trump to put them and more all back to work with more people working now then in the last 50 years increasing the tax base.

Once you figure out that the free stuff is the most expensive stuff you will finally get it.
Until then the Dems are just hopeless idiots.

11 Mar 2020  #3,637

Corona Outbreak's popular with xenophobic

Fashionable only in hate-filled liberal circles. No matter how ridicules accusations are fine with Dems if hurting Trump. Since when pointing the finger at the guilty party, in this case, China

is xenophobic? We should be screaming out of the top of our lungs: enough of China. The most disturbing is total silence while elite raking enormous profit from the destruction of our manufacturing base and not only manufacturing. President Trump can't do it alone even worst against the, loved by Lyzko swamp

11 Mar 2020  #3,638

How about the equally hate-filled Republican Conservative circles? Nobody usually mentions them:-)

11 Mar 2020  #3,639

Biden wonders what happened.

... while he with son was busy stealing money from some third world country.... ;)

johnny reb
11 Mar 2020  #3,640

Nobody usually mentions them

That's because there are none.
Did you see how the Conservative Party just sat and laughed at Ripper Pelosi when she ripped up Trumps speech ?

I honestly and sincerely don't think they make them any dimmer or dumber then him, Ptak.
And the real sad part is if he really is a school teacher (which I highly doubt) would mean that this is the kind of outfit we have teaching our youth.

No wonder our country is going to hell in a hand basket.

11 Mar 2020  #3,641

Ah ha! I see. Again like Archie Bunker, you're right and everybody else is wrong, huh?
Well, ahem, maybe you got your lense cap on ass backwards, bud!

johnny reb
11 Mar 2020  #3,642

Democrates always start the name calling when they have lost a debate like you just have. lol
Biden is another good example of this as you can see here:
I can't believe you eat with the same mouth all that hate spews from.

11 Mar 2020  #3,643

Biden DID definitely lose control, no question. Still, compared to Trump's tirades and vulgar rants, Biden sounds pretty tame:-)


I stand corrected. Bush No. I was quite articulate. The same couldn't be said for his son, who drunk or sober, couldn't pronounce "N - U - C - L - E - A - R" correctly....until his near final address to the nation:-)

11 Mar 2020  #3,644

Biden's average 7 minutes.

One of the conditions of the Biden/Sanders debate will be a 7 min time limit. This will be the first time in American history such a limit will be enforced. Its all because the swamp Dems are paranoid that Biden wont be able to think that long enough and will bumble the questions. I wonder what the Vegas odds are on Biden having a Geritol moment are?

Also, forget about them standing behind podiums, the 2 old farts are going to be sitting down at a table instead. Im sure the moderators will be from CNN and will ask softball questions only, its a total farce.

The real debate will be with Trump and I hope he doesnt accept these new rules to help Bumbling Joe, he wont last 10 mins before a meltdown and subsequent push up challenge.lol

... while he with son was busy stealing money from some third world country.... ;)

I cant wilt for Trump to tear into Hunter Biden durning the debate and watch Joe blow his stuttering top. Get the popcorn out for this one:)

Democrates always start the name calling when they have lost a debate like you just have. l

They get the trophy for blaming ppl for the exact same thing that they are doing themselves.

Like Hunter Biden`s corrupt activities, they all claim it has been debunked and uncontested and they all turn a blind eye and look the other way. Which is the biggest LIE in the world! Who debunked it? CNN?? Anderson Cooper or the lib parrots?? UnContested????? Its being contested by 1/2 the Congress and public opinion!

Nothing to see here, Dom Lemon said so! Hahahaha

TRUMP 2020

He had more votes last night than both of those clowns...lolol

11 Mar 2020  #3,645

While Our Fearless (not to mention feckless) Leader intends to "go after" the Bidens as his chief priority in the upcoming primary, I think that current front-runner Joe ought to go after Trump and his innumerable scams, not the least of which, those who lost everything, including investors, in now long defunct Trump U!

I mean after all tit for tat:-)

11 Mar 2020  #3,646

hat current front-runner Joe ought to go after Trump and his innumerable scams,

After three years of lies and innuendo, your hordes of liars prove absolutely nothing, zero nada, the absolute absence of crime or even wrongdoing, Not to mention sending over 30 millions of American taxpayers money

11 Mar 2020  #3,647

Sounds once again as though you've been listening to too much
Fox 5 News, or the Polish equivalent!

11 Mar 2020  #3,648

Or CNN.....
Clearly, you Americans have a problem with truth in your medIa.....

Dirk diggler
11 Mar 2020  #3,649

long defunct Trump U!

People who are willing to shell out thousands for "real estate secrets" deserve to be ripped off. Financial Darwinism..

11 Mar 2020  #3,650

Tell me about it, Milo!
Actually, best to tell Johnny.
He's unfortunately a "true believer" in the Gospel
according to O'Reilly.

11 Mar 2020  #3,651

Tell me about it, Milo!

He was talking about CNN and libtards like you that cling onto every word...

I cant wait for the forthcoming meltdown, get your blankets ready for your safe-room:)

11 Mar 2020  #3,652

Or CNN.....Clearly, you Americans have a problem with truth in your medIa...

You are right, no different than British; fortunately, we can watch Fox News, which provides some sanity. Most of your countrymen are too brainwashed to understand. You, Milo, are exempted because of your Polish DNA

12 Mar 2020  #3,653

Faux News!

12 Mar 2020  #3,654

CNN's Ratings Collapse In 2019, While Fox News Dominates, Hits New Record

CNNs ratings took another huge nose dive after the faux impeachment hoax ended. I wonder how long they can sustain themselves as their ratings plummet?


Project Veritas has undercover video planted inside and exposed them as well.


Fox News, which provides some sanit

Notice how Lzyko never posts and links to his so-called facts? Its all regurgitated talking points from fake news CNN with a bunch of whining added to it!

Dirk diggler
12 Mar 2020  #3,655

Most of your countrymen are too brainwashed to understand.

If you go against the grain you better believe the thought crime cops will be on you. Paki rape squad - no problem the cops and social workers are too afraid to do anything for fear that someone may call them racist. But sharing uncomfortable facts like that muslims disproportionately cause rape, terrorism, violent crime - fine or even jail. Some polish kids were put in jail for years over posting a picture with prince harry saying goodbye race traitor. Theres no freedom of speech thats for sure.

If tucker carlson said the same things in the united kaliphate as he does in the usa hed get taken off the air right away, banned from future broadcasts, and fined heavily or even jailed.

I remember some british leftist woman arguing with a pis spokesman on how poland refuses to take in turd worlders. She was so mad that poland doesnt want to become like the united kaliphate.

Another good one with a "british" guy debating pis


Not one rapefugee will enter Poland!

12 Mar 2020  #3,656

Some polish kids were put in jail for years over posting a picture

Quite a bit more than that, including bomb-making manuals, advocating decapitating babies, as well as breach of existing bail conditions. He evidently prefers morbid fantasy to actual fact...

Dirk diggler
12 Mar 2020  #3,657

Szewczuk pleaded guilty to two counts of encouraging terrorism and five counts of possession of terrorist material, including the "White Resistance Manual" and an al Qaida training manual, according to the reports.

From nypost.com

Apparently sharing a picture that says goodbye race traitor with the coalburners brains blown out counts as encouraging terrorism in the united kaliphate. Hard time over meming. The thought crime police really made an example out of these kids.

So having documents freely available on the web and spreading a meme gets you hard time in the united kaliphate? Meanwhile paki rape squads get a slap on the wrist and mosques that are known to preach hatred against europeans remain open and even receive government funding. Such is the clown world of the united kaliphate. Even doing the nazi salute to your dog as a joke is a hate crime. A hand gesture is a crime rofl.

12 Mar 2020  #3,658

Quite a bit more than that, as you were told before.

May they rot in prison.

12 Mar 2020  #3,659

Notice how przelotnyptak deflects the very facts I mention, pretending they don't exist.

12 Mar 2020  #3,660

People who are willing to shell out thousands for "real estate secrets" deserve to be ripped off.

Dirk. He delivered what he promised. Trump told them how he got rich, not his fault; many of them did not have brains to implement his ideas.

The moral is: if you lack the brainpower, money is not a substitute for brains

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