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USA News and Poland - Part 2

18 Jul 2019  #1

Part 1: https://polanda.com/off-topic/poland-usa-news-part-84692/

training business leaders.

In the English language. Yes. Holding the floor, voice projection, etc etc. Etc.........
But you already knew that....just being the smarmy git as per usual?

I can retire there with my Yankee dollars

Why the hell would an American want to retire to Poland? You would be spending half the winter in the Canary Isles, along with the rest of "Middle class" Poland, instead of in your solar powered villa with your feet up. Ah, but ignorance is bliss.

It sucks here in winter for old people. Do you think they actually enjoy it?

johnny reb
18 Jul 2019  #2

U.S. News and Poland - Part 2 ?

What the hell happened to Part 1 ????????
All of the post from March of this year until present in Part 1 have been DELETED !

Now do you see why I don't take this place seriously Lenka ?
For entertainment purposes only.

18 Jul 2019  #3

All of the post from March of this year until present have been DELETED !


Countless multitudes of people will now tragically miss your highly intelligent posts about American Conservative v. Liberal culture wars on a POLISH FORUM.

18 Jul 2019  #4

Sorry Johnny but I really start to think you have some mental disability- how many times was it said that it will be moved and where? It's off topic and as such besically considered rubbish.

For Pete's sake, you even have a link to part one!!!

18 Jul 2019  #5

Countless multitudes of people will now tragically miss your highly intelligent posts about American Conservative v. Liberal culture

I will miss my old discussions here. I still laugh when I recall some great moments. I will remember them till the very last hour of mine. Thanks everybody, again. :)

18 Jul 2019  #6

Let's continue with unanswered questions from old thread...

Did the globalist cabal make any inroads in Russia to undermine your sense of what is moral and what is not?

Yes, they keep trying hard. Most pressure is on teenagers and general family values. We are working with this problem. Not so easy, as it intervenes in quite private area, but we hope to keep it under control.

Separate problem is juvenile justice that start to take monstrous forms in Scandinavia, and we also had some horrible examples locally. But looks like reaction of society is also healthy for now.

Does Soros and his "ilk" have any presence in Russia's politics?

They was extremely active during 1990's and in beginning of 2000's. Lots of NGO, grants to some strange activists, etc, etc... Then "Open Society Institute" was closed in 2003, but a dozen of their "daughters" continued to receive funding from Soros. In 2015 "Open Society Institute" and another their NGO (cannot remember now its name) was finally declared a "non grata" organisations according to new law. Some of "daughter" organisations was declared "foreign agents" that receive foreign funding while intervene in internal politics.

Generally, as I can see, influence of Soros is on decline now. I hope that I'm not mistaken.

Do your TV programs have one of each, a black, gay or an Oriental....?

Probably you will not beleive me, but TV in my household was turned on for 20 seconds during last 2 years. Since death of my mother who spend a lot of time watching it, I turned it on just once to assure that it is operational. I get all news out of Internet and prefer to choose time and what to look.

So, it will be not fair to try to answer this question, I'm not competent enough.

johnny reb
19 Jul 2019  #7

I really start to think you have some mental disability

I can't decipher if yours is a mental disability or you just being Polish.

how many times was it said that it will be moved and where?

For Pete's sake Lenka I was very aware where it was moved however when I went there it was only posts up until March like I said.

Since I brought it to your attention that thread now has had most of the posts added to it through July, minus your baiting ones.

Thank you for helping me help you with that.

19 Jul 2019  #8

Not very well understood the question. I turned it on myself from remote control for 20 seconds to check if it remained operational after almost 2 years in the standby mode ...

And the TV, which is turning on by itself and does not allow to turn it off - it is something from the field of fantastic anti-utopias of the 20th century. Especially once manufacturers started to integrate microphone for voice control and camera for internet videochat to a TV set. Now it is possible to run search for a voice keywords across all modern TV set owners and start to record everything from this moment. ;)

19 Jul 2019  #9

That seems very unlikely. If it is not, then mods manipulate threads in a nasty way!

No, the Stuff don`t manipulate, only Jonh looked at page 1 of archived posts and they are indeed from March. If he looked at the last page, he would see the posts from July 2019.

So, guys. Why such ALL Quiet on the American Front, I wonder???

Tell us, what is American Polonia`s opinion on the rising influx of {...........} and what is {.......} going to do with them? Will {.......} fulfill his promises or was it only a red herring for naive voters?

PS .Not that I want to discuss things. I simply see you are a bit disheartened or offended by the Stuff`s ` "nastiness" so I would like to encourage you a little.

19 Jul 2019  #10

Why such ALL Quiet on the American Front, I wonder???

Calm before the storm?

20 Jul 2019  #11

Yes, and Drang Nach Westen. :):)
And Osten, too.

But not with me. I have had my fun already and some time must pass for me to come back to have it again. I am busy in other threads.

20 Jul 2019  #12

Tell us more about the Russian people and [...] what and why they think of American's

Re-reading a compilation of Igor Guberman quatrains, I found some, that perfectly express attitude of most of Russians to some "edges" of American everyday life...

1. Internal politics of U.S. of A. and all those bipartisan clashes...

Ни вверх глядя, ни вперед,
сижу с друзьями-разгильдяями,
и наплевать нам, чья берет
в борьбе мерзавцев с негодяями.

Translation (as I can do it)

Neither looking up nor forward
I am sitting with sloppy friends
and do not care for us who win
in the fight of scoundrels with villains.

2. MSM

Читать обычно дико и забавно,
как ярко, достоверно и отточенно
все то, что протекало лишь недавно,
уже искажено и скособочено.

It's usually fun to read
how bright, reliable and honed
all that happened only recently,
already distorted and contorted.

3. Persistent imposition of democratic values in countries where there are still some material values remaining...

Срываются запретные покровы,
стихает растревоженности смута,
и видно, что священные коровы
всего лишь были дойными кому-то.

The forbidden covers are broken,
dismay calms down,
and it is clear that the sacred cows
only were dairy to someone.

(to be continued... maybe...)

johnny reb
20 Jul 2019  #13

and do not care for us

Not true. I think just the opposite, you don't care for us.

I am just an average joe blow in nowhere U.S.A.
No Russian has ever done me any harm.
In fact I think Russian & Ukraine women are the most beautiful in the world.
I live in a resort town and every summer there are Russian girls (18 to 22 years old) working here as waitresses.
They drive the American guys here nuts with their cute accents and shoulders back.
It's nothing for them to earn $200 - $300 (12,500 to 19000 ruble) a night in tips serving food and smiling.

I admire Putin a lot in how he handles some of your countries problems.
Only could I imagine if he were in Trumps place and wanted to shut down the United States Southern border.
My guess is that Putin would have that job finished in about two weeks tops with a COMPLETE permanent shutdown. (with no wall)
So maybe my government does not care for yours but I assure you that the younger Americans have no animosity toward Russia.
Neither you nor I can do anything about the past. It wasn't any of our doings personally. So I carry no grudges.
That is why I find you very interesting Velund is because my government has kept me in the dark about Russia and the Russian people.

Well except for the propaganda they have instilled in me since I was a child in practicing how to duck under my school desk in case Russia fired a nuclear warhead. lol

No Velund, you would be hard pressed to find any American under 40 years old that has any animosity towards Russia.

20 Jul 2019  #14

I think just the opposite, you don't care for us.

Now I think I should translate it as follows:

and we do not care who win
in the fight of scoundrels with villains.

For us, your two parties is just two wing of same "system". One or another - it will serve for hyper-rich and generally ignore needs of regular citizens. And we (Russians) is "universal enemy and root of all troubles" once it come to explain some epic fail.

shut down the United States Southern border.

I suspect that there is no real interest in closing border totally.

System need hard working illegals to fill positions on a low paying jobs. System need more criminals to explain expenses for a horde of lawyers, judges, marshals, prison guards, etc, etc...

And then read Amendment XIII carefully... Slavery and involuntary servitude is abolished, except as punishment for a crime.

So, potential slaves are welcome. Everyone can became a legal slave owner by purchasing shares of a company that owns and manages private prisons .

20 Jul 2019  #15

I admire Putin a lot in how he handles some of your countries problems.

Yeah. On British soil too.Not content with having Russians murdered in their homeland on the nod, he is not afraid to send operatives to murder on our streets.

I'm not surprised you like Putin johnny. People who can't think for themselves need a loudmouth populist like Putin or Trump to shout for them.

Your post is pathetic and you should be ashamed. If Putin is not the enemy, then do pray tell who is. Ah we know, the muslims or the leftists...

Luckily Britain and the EU will stand against such dangerous meglamaniacs - but thanks for admitting where your sympathies lie.

20 Jul 2019  #16

he is not afraid to send operatives to murder on our streets.

Will we see at least SOME real (verifiable) evidence for Litvinenko, MH-17 and Skripals cases?

20 Jul 2019  #17


Dear oh dear. Not entering into debate with you on what is proven beyond forensic doubt.

20 Jul 2019  #18

proven beyond forensic doubt.

Who said you this? Nothing is proven, unless evidence can be presented in a court. Even Litvinenko coroner inquest still kept secret, so we are offered to believe in a words of british officials (level zero trust). Total rubbish with MH-17 evidence, and just hollow words and massive MSM campaign around Skripals case.

So, thanks for your thanks, but you have to operate real proofs or keep silence until you will have at least something beyond fantasies of PR officers.

20 Jul 2019  #19

evidence can be presented in a court.

What court?it has to be a British court. There was a very expensive enquiry (all public) and it was found that your MP chap had messed with the plutonium and left a trail as long as your arm.

But he was here on a holiday, right? Johnny said that Putin is a good bloke. I was just calling him up on it. The Russians will never be our friends. Individuals, sure. Not the crim state. Never.

20 Jul 2019  #20

What court?it has to be a British court.

No problem. But a significant part of documents was classified, and still not made public AFAIK. And when investigation ends with a words like "probably" or "highly likely" in conclusion - this is BS.

There is absolutely no problem to forge Polonium 210 trail to anyone. Even now, you can buy anti-static brushes and extract enough polonium to poison one more former spy or made a half planet long trail, touching tables in hotels and handles of seats in planes by a felt tip pen, soaked with a 210Po salt solution. I'm sure that I will pass airport security with a such pen, as Polonium is alpha active and not detected beyond few millimeters in air.


This one is too old to contain significant amount of Polonium as it decays fast, but it is still produces and sold in United States. And polonium used is made in Russia, because no other commercially available sources exist now.

20 Jul 2019  #21


My bad....

"probably" or "highly likely" i

Diplomatic language for guilty as fukk. No disrespect intended to Russian citizens.

20 Jul 2019  #22

e real proofs or keep silence

Katyn need I say more you commie git

20 Jul 2019  #23

Actually - on this momentus day, 50 years since the moon landing, we should get together. Velund is Russian - not a commie git......

20 Jul 2019  #24

All brainwashed, all think they are hero's of 1918 and WWII, all unfix able commie murderers , you are too kind Doug, spend some time with them you will see what I mean, should have dropped the second nuke on Moscow instead of Nagasaki.

20 Jul 2019  #25

all unfix able commie murderers

Can't agree...:) Berlin, yes, If the Russkis hadn't done for them.
But a lot of Russia was trapped in another murderous dictatorship, that enjoyed butchering its' own (and neighbours') threats. Even today 75 years later Russians cant break free. It is the richest land mass on the planet in terms of natural resources, and yet Johnny thinks Putin is "doing a good job"

Not laughing.

20 Jul 2019  #26

Can't agree...:) Berlin, yes

I get ya , but remember they started the war with Germany ,slaughtered 3/4 of my family and sent what was left to be slaves in Siberia along with tens of thousands of other Poles, the hidden holocaust that no one will speak about , no different to nazis.

20 Jul 2019  #27

but remember they started the war with Germany

What? Please more details about this...

Looks like Goebbels is nervously turning in its grave, as someone trying to outperform them.

20 Jul 2019  #28

more details about this...

Dolno means you invaded from the East, stabbing your slav "comrades" in the back and sealing their fate. Poland has recovered, but countless millions of Russians still live in some concrete hell.

Why do you take it?

20 Jul 2019  #29

stabbing your slav "comrades" in the back

Germans invaded 1st September. Soviet Army invaded 17 September and proceeded to Curzon Line, and at that time Polish government lost control completely and started to move abroad. War was lost, de facto, before invasion of SA.

For those who are not understanding what is Curzon Line - google will be glad to help.

For me, it is not "stabbing in the back", it is attempt to not allow germans to occupy territories with predominantly Ukrainian and Belorussian population.

still live in some concrete hell

What do you mean under "concrete hell"? Do you try to offer us to build 21-story buildings from wood? ;)

20 Jul 2019  #30

What do you mean under "concrete hell"?

I meant that millions upon millions of Russians are still poor, while your government robs you blind. I was just wondering why you don't rise up and fight them?

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