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USA News and Poland - Part 6

30 Jun 2022  #661

all over the private lives and individual rights of women,

Private lives are private at home, not in hospitals. Once you step into one of those, you are not "private". If you refuse to give them your name, address, and insurance they will ask you to leave. Emergency situations are an exception.

What rights of women are you talking about? To violate a right, a right has to exist and it must be in writing, not in your mind. So, if you want to continue, quote the documents where the rights of women that have been violated are spelled out.

Lately, the news has been good. Roe, guns, prayers,...
Now the 50+ dead in a truck from heat and 50+ parasites and future Dem voters fewer. How cool is that...
My prediction: the families will sue the US Border Protection for their failure to stop that truck and "apprehend" the scum at the border.

johnny reb
30 Jun 2022  #662

What rights of women are you talking about?

The Second Amendment makes more women equal than the entire feminist movement.

30 Jun 2022  #663

The Second Amendment makes more women equal

...and sexy with those equalizers.

1 Jul 2022  #664

The US should stop taking applications for asylum since this is nothing else than a perverted way to bypass our immigration laws. Unfortunately, Dems and RINOs are in on this scam so we are fu*cked.

Under the UN rules, nobody in Mexico has a legal basis to claim asylum in the US.

johnny reb
1 Jul 2022  #665

I have no problem with vigorous background checks when it comes to firearms.
While we're at it, let's do the same when it comes to immigration, voter I.D., and candidates running for office.

1 Jul 2022  #666

voter I.D

Are you kidding??? "Voter ID" is both racist and hateful.

1 Jul 2022  #667

To my fellow Americans...Please read this...


...and you will never even spit in their direction.

I will be fine in Peoria, Palatine, or Pisshole in Iowa - if there is such a place.

1 Jul 2022  #668

To my fellow Americans...Please read this.

WoW! I never liked the weasel French and you couldnt pay me to go there either. This is just icing on the cake.


I was in Aurora today, sucks. Kankakee is much worse! Stay way! I putting it on my list of worst places like Gary, IN. Its not worth the risk going to any Democrat controlled city.

I went to a Chicago Cubs game last night, no issues.... Traffic is a nightmare and too many rainbow fags... Im done.

johnny reb
1 Jul 2022  #669

Its not worth the risk going to any Democrat controlled city.

If gun control laws actually worked, Chicago would be Mayberry, USA.

1 Jul 2022  #670

If guns were the problem, the US murder rate would be 15 times higher than it is in Brazil. In fact, it's 4 times lower (5 vs 20) for the final ratio of 60 to 1 in our favor. Duh!


The real problem is the people. No, that was not racism. It's science aka statistics plus correlation.

1 Jul 2022  #671

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who is committing these crimes. It's 99% blacks in democrat cities.
Hate groups like Antifa and BLM are one of the Leftist demoRats weapons.

1 Jul 2022  #672


99%? You're being purposely hyperbolic, right?

1 Jul 2022  #673

In Chicago, he is lowballing...It's 100%.
The worst of it is that kneegros kill for fun - directly or from the bridges. To them, a street is a gun range minus the fee.

1 Jul 2022  #674

I'll post stats later

I'm up in Oconomowoc, WI right now. It's looks nice and clean, very peaceful.
*** Haven't seen any pavement apes.
I should document my daily travels!

1 Jul 2022  #675

In Chicago, he is lowballing

Oh stop it. I've been there - you can't tell me this.

Chicago and Atlanta are the two places where you can see with your own eyes the mythical Black Middle Class. Black men, in suits, driving Mercedes and BMW on the morning commute to work.

Yes, the South Side - in very specific areas - is a DMZ-type territory. But even in the South Side there are affluent and gentrified neighborhoods with all the Whole Foods Market, Soul Cycle, and Ayurveda you want.

Not even going to speak for North Side, West Side, and the suburbs. Chicago is not Detroit. It's not Cleveland. It's not Rochester. Bad in places, but overall hopeful.

1 Jul 2022  #676

two places where you can see with your own eyes the mythical Black Middle Class.

{in a whisper}Bobko Bobkovich...shhhhh...don't tell anyone, but...you can see those mythical creatures in every city in the US. But, keep that to yourself...we can't let that out of the bag.

1 Jul 2022  #677

Oh stop it. I've been there - you can't tell me this.

Your post missed my point. Nobody claims that all blacks in Chicago are murderous criminals.
The problem is that all murderous criminals in Chicago are black. Especially the random, for fun types.
Even the Latinos here pay cash or with cc. Not the black mother fu*ckers because they know how the game is rigged in their favor by the black DA bit*ch.

1 Jul 2022  #678

you can see those mythical creatures in every city in the US

I meant compared to their kind of retrograde position in places like NYC, Boston, LA, SF, Miami, and pretty much all other large cities (except Charlotte maybe).

Atlanta and Chicago are almost Black-run cities. I saw entire neighborhoods in Atlanta that were extremely affluent and consisted primarily of Blacks. You are telling me this is normal in the rest of the US? I think this is still anomalous.

1 Jul 2022  #679

Point taken.

I guess my point is that being black doesn't necessitate lower economic status. Plenty of blacks are in the middle class--the opportunity for blacks is there, and more than many realize (including blacks), a good number of blacks take advantage of the opportunity.

1 Jul 2022  #680

I guess my point is that being black doesn't necessitate lower economic status.

Nobody is saying that.

My point is as in this table and I don't give a damn about anything else. Things got a lot worse since then.

1 Jul 2022  #681

So,so, 20-29 years old Whites are 50% more dangerous than 10-14 years old Blacks. I have always said Whites are dangerous.😇

1 Jul 2022  #682

...and 10-14 blacks are 12 times, or 1200%, more dangerous than Whites.

1 Jul 2022  #683

Blacks mature earlier...?

1 Jul 2022  #684

No, they fu*ck more, make more bastards, and go to prison earlier.

1 Jul 2022  #685


This mess is an American mess that is not happening in the UK yet.
But sooner or later we always import your sh1t.

1 Jul 2022  #686

This mess is an American mess

Now that we agree on this, never, ever tell us that we don't need the death penalty.

Speaking of the death penalty...Quoting:

Murder by malnutrition: Vegan mother is found guilty over the death of 18-month-old son who weighed just 17lb when he died after being fed a diet of only raw fruit and vegetables

This nut and her freak husband are facing life in prison because they forgot one very simple rule: if you want to kill somebody, never, ever do it in Florida, Oklahoma, or Texas. They don't take sh*it from anybody.

Instead, move to Mass or Washington, and later claim bad childhood or drug addiction. You will be amazed...

We are on the roll...Another moron down. Quoting:

REVEALED: Baltimore Ravens linebacker Jaylon Ferguson died from an accidental drug overdose after taking fentanyl and cocaine

Quoting Dr. Novichok: Don't take this sh*it and you will be fine!

BTW, there is no such thing as an "accidental" overdose. There are morons who don't google "how much of this crap is too much". Accidents are when a wheel falls off and you hit a tree.

johnny reb
2 Jul 2022  #687

Another moron down.

It's the new norm in obama and his cohorts agenda to destroy America.
Fentanyl is Killing More People Than Guns so where's the Outrage about open borders that allow these drugs to freely flow into our country ?

All we see in the media is that guns are evil and should be banned.
The NRA (National Rifle Association) murders 0 people and receives (0 $$) nothing in government funds.
Planned Parenthood kills 350,000 babies every year and receives $500,000,000 in tax dollars annually.
Where is the outrage with that in the Liberal media ?
Terrorist obama's agenda sure has destroyed this country in his three terms.
November can't come quick enough to start dismantling these home grown terrorists.

2 Jul 2022  #688

Fentanyl is Killing More People

It should be declared a WMD so the government can go after the producers and the cartels that distribute.

These aren't overdoses, they are poisonings! We are being attacked by China, they are counterfeiting normal medication with this WMD.

What is the Xiden Administration doing about it? Nothing! Border is wide open! Fentanyl Joe is beholden to China.


2 Jul 2022  #689

These aren't overdoses,

Overdosing on Fentanyl is like overdosing on arsenic.
My celebration when some moron dies from an "accidental overdose" is always ruined by other morons - typically women - and their RIPs. Or "such a loss".

No, that was no loss and I hope these idiots rot in hell.

If they could, they would bring teddy bears, flowers, and candles.

Yesterday, I started watching an old 20/20. It was about a double murder in Winnetka, a suburb of Chicago so it caught my attention. Then I realized that it was more about forgiveness than the crime itself so I stopped watching. I can take all kinds of sh*it but not a story about forgiveness from a moron - a woman, of course - whose sister was murdered by some pos with a "bad childhood" or whatever...

2 Jul 2022  #690

I am glad this subject is in the USA thread as, so far, this is an American problem.

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