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Random Chat 2

8 Jan 2023  #2,611

...according to the rules set in the US.

Wow, I noticed you gave up your infantile strike and began conversing with me again. :):) Amassing! :):):)

Just ask Germans.

I thought we were talking about American or Polish provenance of this forum??? :):):)

...according to the rules set in the US.

And??? In practice, does it make the forum Polish or American???

8 Jan 2023  #2,612

Two reasons...To remind you how stupid you are and before I get suspended again.

8 Jan 2023  #2,613

how stupid you are

hahaha I see you have started flying off the handle as first. Good. I win this one. :):):)

To remind you how stupid you are and before I get suspended again.

There is sth wrong with the logic here. Can you correct and repost it after you calm down? :):):)

8 Jan 2023  #2,614

Just ask Germans. They, like the rest of them, are getting tired of Polish antics,

Not Polish but PiS`. Don`t mistake those concepts. :):)

8 Jan 2023  #2,615

Allien can be tripled lol

You mean clowning??? :):):)

Cargo pants
8 Jan 2023  #2,616

LOLOLOL should i make him jump???I bet he is a virgin will cry out loud lol like milo doug and paulina

8 Jan 2023  #2,617

hahaha I see you have started flying off the handle as first. Good. I win this one. :):):)

Heeee! Suck of the human excrement is talking about someone flying od the handle. Recently demasked rapist /pedophile nave the gut, the audacity
to show his heinous face in public, shamelessly pretending he is one of the normal. Absent is a hint of embarrassment. So shameless sleazeball,
why don't you follow on your drunken threats and expose my supposed aggressive sexual behavior toward women? Who are they? It can't be Lenka; we had disagreements, but not of a sexual nature, Not Roz; we joked it was mutually harmless. Chemikiem, I hardly knew her, exchanged a few innocent posts,

Not Acht rose of the Irland. Most respected woman on PF. So who is it? Battle Axe' and I jokingly asking for rides on the haywagon?

I doubted, but if you ever find a sense of humor, you will get over it. I had nothing to be ashamed of and owned every word I wrote.

My occasional trip into a sexual area was a journey into my past, with a pinch of exaggeration, but most of it was accurate, harmless, clean, and hurting nobody.

For your possibly impotent, any mention of normal sex drives you to an irrational state of mind. But, on the other hand, to regular male sex is an integral part of life, which permeate

most conversations among ordinary men and women. So what is the problem in the PF Pure as snow virgins and infuriated deviants?
Do you advocate burning all the books? Ninety percent should be burned following your sex phobia.

8 Jan 2023  #2,618

From dm:

Why do women never get called cowards when they fail to act but men do?

8 Jan 2023  #2,619

Why do women never get called cowards

Because they get called "blondes" ???

8 Jan 2023  #2,620

How did a blonde kill a bird? She threw it over a cliff! LOL

Why did the blonde purchase an AM radio? She didnt want one for nights...

Why did the blonde sell her car? She needed gas money.

8 Jan 2023  #2,621

That depends where. Germans were OK with killing everybody in sight for nothing more than being the wrong race or ethnicity.
My point: people can be persuaded to commit most heinous of crimes.

Back to abortion...There is a reason why abortions are never on TV. Open-heart surgery was as well as a colonoscopy, but not abortion - that cherish "constitutional right". Why not? It's just "health care". The answer: because even pro-abortion feminazis know it's revolting.

8 Jan 2023  #2,622

how stupid you are
hahaha I see you have started flying off the handle as first

To conclude continuation of the sorry affair, started by a suck of excrement, rapist, and possible practitioner of bestiality, judging by his suggestive
loaded with sick sexual, bestial content correspondence. Ordinary men do not retain a collection of photographs of countless monkeys displaying repulsive sexual and anus areas suggesting that decent men find that filth attractive. Not to mention commercially advertising the attractiveness of his own anus, advocating its availability to violently vomiting normal men. Then the bestial imitation of men imagines possible consequences for my decent behavior, forgetting a smart Polish proverb:

Gora z gora sie nie zesjdzie ale czlowiek a czlowiekiem zawsze"Miscresant hopping to hide behind anomisity of the computer screan Not realizing how close to desester he really is.How easy would it be to demask the criminal? Search for the rapist would be of short duration. He already disclosed the geographic location, Southern Poland, and the English teacher, a man in his sixties with five offspring, flaming liberal. Believe me, it would be a piece of cake. How many stupid men

would fit the description? Of course, the man is ridiculous beyond the imagination. Empty accusations of an honorable man compared with his criminal activity.
I don't pretend to have expertise in the Polish criminal code. But jeopardy to his teaching position assured, contacts with minors denied, without a doubt, not sure

about the Social Security privileges probably being suspended.
So chew on it for a while. I am planning on extended showers alternating hot, cold, hot, cold, ten times at least to wash the stench clinging to my skin after the contact with the filthy beast.

8 Jan 2023  #2,623

A politician is an elected official.
A religious leader also has principles

Is there anything you don't accept at face value?

To conclude the continuation of the sorry affair,

Hey, Ptak, you are now officially a one-string banjo. What would you do without the maggot?

Sorry or sordid?

Also, your posts are too long and without a punchline.

8 Jan 2023  #2,624

Russia must resist no matter the cost


8 Jan 2023  #2,625


"Ukrainian woman wants to know why there's an American with the SBU unit that's terrorizing her church."



8 Jan 2023  #2,626

[quote=Novichok]Also, your posts are too long and without a punchline.

Rich, I realize my post is way too long, but the depravity of Pawians accusations requires a long answer. If I would brake the post into shorter

messages I would spend all day dealing with the despicable pervert; unbearable; as for a punch line, the whole post is nothing but a punchline.

8 Jan 2023  #2,627

Russia must resist no matter the cost

You don't have to worry. The Jews are light years away from their goal and that without russian influence.

8 Jan 2023  #2,628

Next time try this...

Hey, xxx, you are a moron and a scumbag. Here is why...

...followed by no more than five reasons why xxx is a moron and a scumbag.

That highlighted opening is the punchline and a reason why we should read the rest.

8 Jan 2023  #2,629


I see you love asking questions. Let me ask you one, too, in your own fave style:
Why did you stop battering your wife???

8 Jan 2023  #2,630


A typically stupid reply.
Answer my question first, you coward and then I will respond to your childish one...

8 Jan 2023  #2,631

childish one...

Tit for tat, balance of nature, tadaam. ):):)

8 Jan 2023  #2,632

..followed by no more than five reasons why xxx is a moron and a scumbag.

Rich, I doubt that moran and a scumbag would receive the right message. You know that the main symptoms of psychopathy are not taking responsibility for

wrongful act end vehemently deny own fault. I see your point, Rich, and your approach would be right in normal circumstances, but scumbegs actions are way beyond normal.

8 Jan 2023  #2,633

The reply of a srupid, ignorant coward that is too scared to debate.
Because he knows he will be exposed..... Goodbye monkey brains....

8 Jan 2023  #2,634


Goodnight. Sweet dreams. Your cheap tariffe finishes at 11 pm?? :):)

8 Jan 2023  #2,635

Poland is not a third world country

Talk to johhny about it, not me! It was his concept. HA!!!

You really are truly

No, I can`t be so bad. You are probably biased! Ha!

8 Jan 2023  #2,636

More evidence of your cowardice.

Dobranoc, I know that the you can't afford to keep your hearing on much longer....mine is at full blast!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!

8 Jan 2023  #2,637


Yet more pathetic deviations!
We can all see what a pathetic coward you are.
Run away little boy.....

8 Jan 2023  #2,638


Go to bed Pawian.
We all know that a poor schoolteacher like you cannot afford to keep the heating on now.

8 Jan 2023  #2,639

afford to keep the heating on now.

That is purely off topic message. :):):)
Besides, I have plenty of wood in the storage, I can burn it at will. .

Go to bed Pawian.

I don`t go to bed but to my Jap sumo wrestler mattress. Remember about it.

8 Jan 2023  #2,640

little boy.....

I am neither, unfortunately, though I would like to. Life. :(:(:(

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