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Serbia etc. thread 2

6 May 2021  #901

how many of you Polish had family members who sided with the Serbs or wanted Russia to join in and even Poland against NATO during it? I remember some of my family screamed in the USA when I was living but I was only a kid like 10 when it happened and they were for the Serbs not NATO.

6 May 2021  #902

It's been confirmed: Croatia is forming a military camp on the so-called Kosovo

More on this news article.

Croatia as the German, Italian, Vatican and Austrian project hurry in oblivion. Day of freedom for our brethren- Orthodox and Catholic is closer and closer. Project is about to be canceled and invasion repelled.

6 May 2021  #903

they were for the Serbs not NATO.

Your family are as nuts as you are.
I now see where your problems come from.
You have my sympathy... seek help....

Croatia as the German, Italian, Vatican and Austrian project hurry in oblivion

You need to urgently seek medical help too.....but I think it may already be too late for you......

7 May 2021  #904


Thank God you or anybody like you are not President of venerable Poland. You don`t have sensitivity for the inter-Slavic things. Duda knows and he helping. Thanks to Poland and Russia, our wings, Serbia is well armed and Balkan is firmly Slavic.

7 May 2021  #905


I was right........... it is too late for you.

7 May 2021  #906

Not THAT late, I assure you. Not late for you too to become character in my book.

BDW, what are you doing in my thread?

7 May 2021  #907

What is this? No Poland has not withdrawn from the Three Seas Initiative, Duda keeps banging on about it and asking USA to put in billions. It is the next big thing for Poland along with Visegrad Group and Baltic alliance.

7 May 2021  #908

Why would Poland withdrawn from Three Seas Initiative? We want Poland there to counterbalance Germany. It marks interests of Poland for warm waters of Europe. What Serbs wanted is Croatia out of Visegrad plus talks. Deal is perfected with Hungary and rest of Vesegrad supported. See, Hungary is also interested in what happens with territories in what is now Croatia, an sacrificial state. Visegrad is crucial for final phase of Three Seas Initiative. Visegrad plus wait for solution of Serbian question but also Hungarian question. Those solutions include dissolution of Croatia- a German sphere.

7 May 2021  #909


Vučić: Croatia is trying to humiliate Serbia, we understood the message


"All those who think that there will be new 'Storms', pogroms, expulsions of the Serb population - my message is that it will not happen.

7 May 2021  #910

Croatia or Albania? Who do you dislike more?

7 May 2021  #911

Croatia is threat from within. So, the bigger problem.

7 May 2021  #912


Czech President Zeman: Recognition Of Kosovo Is A Mistake


I am very glad that my friend, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, has accepted my invitation to Prague.

I have long been a supporter of strengthening the V4+ format.

Serbia seek ways to avoid direct EU membership and achieve it thru Visegrad Group. This is a strategic Serbia`s aim. Then would Serbia move things in distancing from EU and in direction of Central-European Union.

8 May 2021  #913

Crow, Do you regard Macedonia and Slovenia in the same way as Croatia?

8 May 2021  #914

Slovenians are different Slavic ethos. Some experts says they even aren`t South Slavs but Eastern Slavs that migrated closer to Adriatic, onto the Serbian realm, at a time when line of Serbs from Baltic to Balkan was weakened/depopulated due to constant exposure to Roman and later Teutonic and Frankian genocide. By that, Slovenians are closest to Slovaks. I personally think this is truth.

Anyway, Slovenians are different, kin Slavic ethos with whom we Serbs never had any problem. During WWII under pressure of Germans, 40.000 Catholic Slovenians didn`t escape to pro-Germanic clero-Catholic Nazi state of Croatia but traveled across it and across Hungary and settled in Orthodox Serbia where they were welcomed as brothers, no matter ongoing genocide on Orthodox and Catholic Serbs in Nazi state of Croatia.

Slovenians also have their language and don`t belong to Serbian Shtokavian Slavic dialect and, no matter South or Eastern Slavs, it is also proof they are ethos on their own.

Macedonians are different story. Its a mix of Serbian and Bulgarian language. Border region between us and Bulgarians, plus heavy Hellenic influence. With time they developed their own language. Some of them feel Serbs, some of the Bulgarian and some of them Macedonians. Truth to say, Slavs of today`s Macedonia are Slavs that still didn`t finish process of forming as nation. So, majority of them today aren`t Serbs but they may decide to be Serbs in 20 years, let`s say. Or they may decide otherwise.

8 May 2021  #915

BDW, what are you doing in my thread?

BTW, it's BTW, not BDW.
Other than the forum owner, nobody owns anything here. Once you start it, it's wide open to all.

It seems that you like all that multicultural crap and the success the USSR and Yugoslavia had with that concept. Don't forget that balkanization is a pejorative term.

8 May 2021  #916

I was joking.

11 May 2021  #917

These days Serbia starts to receive import of Chinese FK-3 mobile SAM systems via air-space of Poland and Russia.



Thanks Poland! Your confidence in Serbia is wise.

11 May 2021  #918

These days Serbia starts to receive import of Chinese FK-3

Thats what you idiots need, more weapons! Remember what happened to you last time?

Don't forget that balkanization is a pejorative term.

This guy gets off on missile launch and tank photos. No wonder NATO bombarded these savages.

11 May 2021  #919

We arm ourselves well, in case mongrels try to attack us again. Plus, we are not alone anymore.

11 May 2021  #920

Plus, we are not alone anymore.

Kissing that commie chink flag paid for you. How does it feel to sell you soul to the Devil?

12 May 2021  #921

You serious? Man, it is USA Demoncrats and people like brat Zbigniew Brzezinski who moved USA industry and opened USA educational system to the China.

Them. Not Serbia.

12 May 2021  #922


Gianluca Vacchi, Italian millionaire and favorite woman in Belgrade vaccinated: Without a t-shirt and with a smile

> newsbeezer.com/serbiaeng/gianluca-vacchi-italian-millionaire-and-favorite-woman-in-belgrade-vaccinated-without-a-t-shirt-and-with-a-smile/


to Belgrade on a private flight and came only for vaccination. The Italian playboy will come back to Serbia, where he will be vaccinated again

13 May 2021  #923

serbia is the future of the new europe.

14 May 2021  #924

If EU survive Capital from Brussels moving to Belgrade. If Serbia soon don`t became member of EU, it means that EU soon cease to exist.

Few moments ago Serbian President foc**d Slovenian President, nicely, diplomatically foc**d him because Slovenian President Pahor came to Serbia to BS in the name of EU. Poor Pahor received sex for EU. Eh, Slovenians, Slovenians, how low you have fallen, eh brothers, eh.

Now, Brussels and Vatican learned. They can fo* some Slavs but not Serbs. With Serbs Foc***g of Slavs stop.

> youtube.com/watch?v=5w0kZZrjLV4

video on 20:41


I love the moment when Vucic said ``You now talk how borders can`t be changed, when you in last 30 years twice changed borders of Serbia. So just don`t talk us about principles. Rather just say to us- you are small, we can destroy you, you Vucic are a scum and we don`t wish to listen to your arguments anymore,... all that I accept, just don`t tell me how you have principles.``

That`s it man, Fo* them. If we are to be destroyed let us died as decent people, not as kurv*. But no, they can`t manage to destroy us. If they mistake, they are destroyed.

14 May 2021  #925

all heil serbia.

16 May 2021  #926

Serbia to buy several military transport planes Airbus C295 from Spain /to replace old Antonov transport warplanes/

> youtube.com/watch?v=f2txOxTsd-o


Also, Serbia seek to buy squadron of Mig-35 multi-functional fighters from Russia /to strengthen air-force that is projected on 21 pcs of Mig-29 generation 4+ fighter warplanes/ > youtube.com/watch?v=JF1-9cBDlP4


Then, Serbia is to buy squadron of SU-30 high maneuverable fighters > youtube.com/watch?v=mSSBeraZIwU


I agree only Serbia can do it in all reality.

Absolutely. Its not even about number of Serbs but about idea around them. Not subjugation to Constantinople, not subjugation to Rome, not subjugation to anything. Loyalty to ancestors, Slavic culture and language, tradition, modernism, profit, business, nature, normal tolerance (not forcible that lead in imposed multiculturalism but normal level), no to slavery, social factor in behave of state institution, religion as private thing but where official religions stay in relation to state (symbolically- two headed eagle).

16 May 2021  #927

, Serbia seek to buy squadron of Mig-35 multi-functional fighters from Russia

Why do you waste all your money on weapons of war when your country looks like a bombed out $hithole.

16 May 2021  #928

So, Joker, you support Biden? Is that so? Why don`t you tell it openly but spit on those whom Trump support? You deny Trump?

Vatican, is that it? You are clero fanatic?

16 May 2021  #929

So, Joker, you support Biden?

Man, your truly are as stupid as your posts!

16 May 2021  #930

Insults will bring you nothing. I am immune. Vaccinated with Sputnik V.

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