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Should we establish new section of this forum; section under name- `Examples of EU crimes'

22 Sep 2017  #1

Oh, what you people think? Shall we punch them back? I know I am ready


Sarmatian awakening
22 Sep 2017  #2

This is Polish Forums, not a platform for lunatics who pray to pagan gods with four heads.
22 Sep 2017  #3

Why would you here on Polish forums allow to yourself to insult Svetovid and people who shows respect to this old common Slavic God? Tell me, why would you do that? Where is tolerance? What is Svetovid`s transgression? What is crime of people who shows respect to Svetovid? Is that wonder for you that all who respect Slavic past, mythology and old pantheon, aren`t slaughtered already, from long time ago? I have no words for you, man, what a worm you are

At the same time, you don`t answering to the question of this thread- Should we establish new section of this forum; section under name- `Examples of EU crimes and propaganda` ? And we know there were and are EU crimes and propaganda. Lets talk about it.
22 Sep 2017  #4

I've been called a few things in my time but never worm. Thanks for the laugh. OK, let's swap crimes. EU crimes for Serbian crimes. You start.
22 Sep 2017  #5

Spot on, Roger ol' man! Yup, that's the pot sure calling the kettle black, all right:-)
22 Sep 2017  #6


If this was not a crime of genocide against one nation then I don't know what is.

Not a single western media made a report about this.


22 Sep 2017  #7

As a result "Operation Corridor of Life" is launched by the Serbian army. The most humane operation of the entire Yugoslav war.


22 Sep 2017  #8

Spot on, Roger ol' man! Yup, that's the pot sure calling the kettle black, all right:-)

No, there won`t be start of long discussions started on my part. I would merely inform people here of some things what were done by EU as organization and by EU officials. Let people then investigate on their own, sources are many, not to mention that time works against EU and people more easily recognize pattern of behavior of EU ruling elite. They see it on example of Hungary and Poland, too. Oh yes, Serbians would be listened more and more carefully. And not only them but, voice of all free who raised their voice against EU tyranny.

After all, why would I defend Serbs, when EU crimes itself defending them. Wars in former Yugoslavia were not started by Serbs. Its well known fact. Then, first crimes in that bloody Civil War were committed by EU itself, then NATO, then by German and Turkish regional satellites- Croatian ustashe and Bosnian Muslim extremists, by Albanians. So, why would I in this situation tries to say how are Serbs perfect. They are not perfect.

Thanks for the laugh. OK, let's swap crimes. EU crimes for Serbian crimes. You start.

Well, you started it already. Didn`t you? And Serbian crimes? Yes, some crimes happened in the name of Serbs. In that bloody pot that was imposed on my people, yes some Serbs also committed crimes, But, those crimes are crimes of side that defended itself. That is what EU tried and tries to hide. Sure, those crimes have to be punished but, not only those crimes what is main approach of politically motivated court in Hague. ``International`` court in Hague, itself, one more EU crime. Mockery on international judicial system. But, we will come to it.
22 Sep 2017  #9

One of many opened questions connected to EU morality is trafficking of body organs of Serbian civilians kidnapped on Kosovo by Albanians. There are high ranked international officials that accused EU and EU officials for direct involvement, for cooperation with Islamic terrorists, on this matter. Anyway, investigation was stooped without real answers.

Serb prisoners 'were stripped of their organs in Kosovo war'


Carla Del Ponte, who stepped down in January as chief prosecutor at the Hague tribunal for crimes committed in the Balkan wars of the 1990s, said investigators found a house suspected of being a laboratory for the illegal trade.

Ex-prosecutor details Kosovo organ trafficking

A former United Nations war crimes prosecutor says she visited a blood-stained house in Albania where organs were thought to have been taken from prisoners during the 1998-99 Kosovo conflict.

Bernard Kouchner Involved In Albanian Organ Market

Former and current Albanian prime ministers Sali Berisa and Fatos Nano were involved, with the blessing of Bernard Kouchner, French Foreign Affairs Minister and former UNMIK head.

Kouchner refers to reporter as "sick, insane"

French FM Bernard Kouchner has referred to a VOA (Voice of America) reporter in Kosovo as "insane", when asked to comment on the Kosovo human organ trafficking case.

Crimes blessed by EU

Dick Marty on organ trafficking of kidnapped Serbs


Kosovo and Albania - ORGAN TRAFFICKING (Anatomy of a Crime)

Accusations against EU from within EU

Kosovo PM is head of human organ and arms ring, Council of Europe reports

Two-year inquiry accuses Albanian 'mafia-like' crime network of killing Serb prisoners for their kidneys

Everything is possible to happen if sovereign countries just try to resist to dictate of leading EU powers.
22 Sep 2017  #10

A much better idea would be using a bot to sweep all posts which contain the words Serbia, Slavia, Svetovid etc into a dedicated thread in the off-topic so this the false-flag operation run by the Albanian who pretends to be a Serb no longer clogs up the rest of this forum.
22 Sep 2017  #11

I can only say, Harry, how happy I am, for you and likes of you aren`t owners of this beautiful forum, neither you are Admin, to put cross on myself. But, I understand that you, an Anglo, English teacher in Poland, as we all see from your contribution to this forum, who consider Poles to be sub-humans which exist only to serve western Europeans, have necessity to put all what oppose to your comprehension of the world, in the garbage.
23 Sep 2017  #12

yes,such section would provide us with alot of informations about massive criminal and unlawful behaviour of EU elites and western politicians.
just today was announced that german bundestag parliamentary lawyers established that Merkel immigrants policy was unlawful according to German law.and implemented with criminal like methods(such as lack of minister notes and Bundestag approval)

it is hilarious that Germany want to punish Poland for not taking part in implementing a policy, that was proven by bundestag to be unlawful

23 Sep 2017  #13

Well, Poland wants to "punish" Germany in her own way by forcing the Federal Republic to pay compensation to Poland for crimes of the Second World War!

Now which is more punitive? Honest to gosh, I really can't say.

Surely, legitimate grievances exist on either side; Germany literally DESTROYED many areas of urban Poland, while Poland retained broad swaths of formerly German territory lost to Poland during the War, which the latter now want back.

Like the unending saga of the Heimatvertriebene from former Silesia and Sudetenland long since resident in Germany, at least since '45-'47 or thereabouts, it's a lose-lose situation which remains a vicious circle. Who will break the circle is as nagging a question practically as CAN in fact the circle even be broken!!
24 Sep 2017  #14

legitimate grievances exist on either side...while Poland retained broad swaths of formerly German territory lost to Poland during the War

Germany has no claim or right to any "legitimate grievances" against Poland. Germany was the aggressor. Poland was the victim. Germany lost. Poland continued to be victimized in the post-war period by Soviet occupation and a communist puppet government. The loss of Kresy and the establishment of the Oder-Neisse line was not a result of Polish demands. Poland had no voice when the Soviets, British and Americans were carving up what was to become the Eastern Bloc.

At least Schengen allows Germans unimpeded travel and rights to settle in Poland. However, Germanisation of Poland is clearly a no-go prospect.

Even now in the 21st century Poland does not enjoy unfettered access to Kresy. But the spirit of the 1st and 2nd Republics remains alive with Polonia returning to Poland proper along with many Ukrainians and Belarusians and some Lithuanians also now calling Poland home.
24 Sep 2017  #15

Now which is more punitive? Honest to gosh, I really can't say.

I know but that is due to the fact that you're slow.

Surely you don't equate some political mambo jumbo and racking for power with a destruction of life and property due t o actions against a civil population of a totalitarian power during the war?

legitimate grievances exist on either side

There is no legitimate grievances on both sides. There is only legitimate grievances of Poland as only Poland hasn't been propyl compensated while Germany paid to all and sundry. Including money paid to some obscure Jewish orgnazions whose only claim to compensation stemmed for the fact that a one of their Jewish members uncle's second cousin at one time or other corresponded with a person who became a victim of German obsessions with Jews.

Germans may have their grievances but they are hardly legitimate in any sense of this word.
24 Sep 2017  #16

@Bieganski and Ironside, nearly all arguments have more than ONE side, that is, among thinking people!

Germany may indeed have been the aggressor, yet neither the valiant French, the Poles nor the Americans, were necessarily entirely without some blame.
The Germans might have "started" the War, yet the French had their Vichy, the Poles their occasional collaborators, and the Americans their Lindberg, America Firsters along with certain painfully misguided members of the American Legion who thought Hitler must have been doing a bang-up job, as everybody looked happy and gainfully employed!

Why didn't Roosevelt bomb the railroad tracks leading to Auschwitz along with other camps, huh?

No sirree, don't pawm that sole German guilt stuff on me, 'cuz it won't wash!!
24 Sep 2017  #17

the Poles their occasional collaborators

There you go again with your defamatory lies.

The Zionist New York times (your neck of the woods) recently ran a story titled "From Poland to Lithuania: A Writer's Search for Her Jewish Past"


Needless to say the comments section is filled with anti-Polish hatred and lies such as yours. One Polonophobic crazy lady from Ohio has three of the top 20 reader's recommend comments like this casually thrown out piece of worthless trolling tripe:

In 1933, Poland had the largest Jewish population in Europe, numbering over three million. By 1950, the Jewish population of Poland was reduced to about 45,000. Most were killed by the Nazis or the Poles. Some emigrated.

Complete and utter lies which only feed the psychosis of self-important, self-regarding East and West coast liberals and their low rank useful idiots in between.

Why didn't Roosevelt bomb the railroad tracks leading to Auschwitz along with other camps, huh?

That's for leftist Americans like you to answer. Roosevelt was a Democrat after all (just like the Clintons and Obama and Carter and Kennedy and Schumer and Feinstein and Sanders and Pelosi along with every tax avoiding celebrity in Hollywood and banker on Wall Street).

All of the aforementioned put Israel high on a pile of cash in the billions of dollars and have done nothing for Poland during their long political careers straddling centuries.

Jan Karski told the Democrat Roosevelt in person what was going on.

So why indeed did your former Democrat president ignore a heroic Pole who spoke truth to power?

If a new section needs to be established it should be for all the anti-Polish propaganda spread daily on here. I recommend such posts be closed immediately and go straight to the Polanda archive.
24 Sep 2017  #18

The comments are mostly quite pleasant, only are couple are as as racist as you,
24 Sep 2017  #19


Who are you?

Oh, that's right, just another smug two-faced nobody contradicting himself.

Yes indeed, it was only back in April of this year that you had this to say about the "mostly quite pleasant" comments on PF:

...this forum is full of anti-Polish bile. I don't see how that justifies the rest of the stuff that goes on - PF simply provides a platform for anti-Polish racists


Most of my posts challenge the anti-Polish sentiment which finds its way on here.

Anyway, here are words of wisdom for you to follow old man:

25 Sep 2017  #20

I sometimes wonder if Lyzko is a holocaust denier as he/she seems to have an alternative take on historical facts

I am thinking of running ads whether on Craigslist Poland or elsewhere [5]America's also got its Wyborcza, Newsweek and TVN [27]

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