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Should we establish new section of this forum; section under name- `Examples of EU crimes'

27 Sep 2017  #31

Deleted for good reason, namely, because they were misunderstood by you and others here, even those who's first language is EnglishLOL
To deny that there was much more overt anti-Semitism in, say, Poland and/or the Ukraine and the Baltic states as compared with Denmark or Holland on the whole, s to deny the simple historical truth!

Jewish Holocaust survivors have attested to this, under oath much less. Sure, it's painful and unpleasant. So can life be painful and unpleasant, yet we don't usually play ostrich and bury our heads in the sand.
27 Sep 2017  #32

Deleted for

You earlier stated (on several occasions) that Poland shared part responsibility for the Holocaust and that the Nazis were successful in building death camps on Polish soil (rather than some of the other occupied countries) also due to the support of the Polish population.

I know what I read and I know what you said.

If anyone wants to read your exact words then they only have to read the thread about Auschwitz.
johnny reb
27 Sep 2017  #33

You can find this quote in the "Why do you visit Poland ? " thread.
Post #132

Auschwitz-Birkenau remains one of Poland's places of shame, "Polish" concentration camps, or not:-)

Why should Poland feel shame Lyzko ?
27 Sep 2017  #34

What you both quoted above in no way contradicts my statements regarding Polish guilt during the Holocaust. For every righteous gentile, among them Jan Karski, Leopold Socha, Irena Sendler, farm couples who at risk to their own lives as well as that of their loved ones, gave succor to Jews etc., there were certainly as many who hated the Jews! Jedwabne and Kielce are not my imagination and have no precedent in any other post-War European country, with the sole exception of Ceascescu's Romania, where during the '50's (on solid evidence) Jews were condemned to death as political enemies of the state by being strung up from piano wire!!
27 Sep 2017  #35

I support this. You'll have to pick and choose though due to the high number of crimes. Alone the crimes committed by the Merkel Regime against the German people and other white Europeans would warrant its own section.
27 Sep 2017  #36

What you both quoted above in no way contradicts my statements regarding Polish guilt during the Holocaust

This isn't a discussion about whether there were good Poles and bad Poles during the war. It's about your denial that you ever posted anything to suggest that Poland was "responsible" for the Holocaust or that the Nazis built death camps in Poland with the support of the local population.........that is EXACTLY what you said
27 Sep 2017  #37

Spiritus, as a non-native English speaker, perhaps the distinction has eluded you between being out-and-out "responsible" as opposed to being "complicit".
The French, for example, were among the Allies, not the Axis, the average Frenchman was anti-Nazi down to their very marrow, and yet there was Vichy, Laval and other less flattering instances of France. There were also numerous pro-Nazi collaborators as well. As in Poland, a number of the French were "complicit", yes, but I'd never in professional good conscience deem them "responsible".

I trust you finally see the difference.
27 Sep 2017  #38

27 Sep 2017  #39

The emergence of the United States as the empire of evil


The United States emerged as the epicenter of Judeo-Masonic civilization. This state was created mainly under the influence of Jewish elements and, according to Somberg's words, was "the emanation of the Jewish spirit". All the forces of evil, cruelty, debauchery and decay, inherent in the Judeo-Masonic civilization, have been shaped the most completely and most consistently in the history of the United States.

In this book I found one very interesting statistic about Poland which I plan to publish soon.
27 Sep 2017  #40

Spiritus, as a non-native English speaker

Lyzko, don't jump to conclusions as you don't know anything about me.

I understand the difference between "responsible" and "complicit" however we can discuss the complicity of Poles if you ever make a point to that effect. In the discussion we are now having we are talking about YOU saying that Poland shared some responsibility (your words) for the Holocaust.

It's a pity you couldn't go to such lengths to clarify your provocative remarks earlier rather than just make glib remarks about Poles supporting the death camps
27 Sep 2017  #41

What about the ethnic composition of the Frankfurt School or the original Politburo? No wonder Stalin was paranoid.

28 Sep 2017  #42

I never intimated that the government of Poland during WWII (government in exile, actually) was behind or supported the death camps! Far from it.
For the bazillionth time, I simply wish to clarify my position that a large number of Poles WERE anti-Semitic, and this merely made Hitler's job somewhat easier in facilitating Jewish extermination.

There's no reason for making stuff up. The history's the wellspring of truth since it records what really happened.
You guys draw your own conclusions:-)
28 Sep 2017  #43

EU spread propaganda of pederization and islamization.
28 Sep 2017  #44

"Pederization"??! Yet another Crowism?

Write English, for pity's sake:-)
28 Sep 2017  #45

fagotism then?
29 Sep 2017  #46

I never intimated that the government of Poland during WWII (government in exile, actually) was behind or supported the death camps

This is actually true. You never suggested the government of Poland during the war supported the death camps. What you did say was that the Polish people were partly responsible and as you so glibly put it in the thread about Auschwitz "it takes two to tango".
29 Sep 2017  #47

It's a pity you couldn't go to such lengths to clarify your provocative remarks earlier rather than just make glib remarks about Poles supporting the death camps

As he is a troll, that is his bread and butter. It is hard for me to discern if he is really that dumb and at the same ignorant as to the truth of the matter or he is simply trolling.
29 Sep 2017  #48

@Spiritus, I offer the words of the writer John Steinbeck who once observed that he'd hate to have ever been "dictator" of Ireland, for fear of being laughed to death!

My point here is that certain populations (fear of reprisals notwithstanding) often lend themselves to a particular way of thinking and that as Hitler's program in Poland was anti-Semitism first and foremost, anti-Slavism second and not solely exterminationist, no fools, the Nazis doubtless researched the area well in advance and found the local populace much more prone to anti-Semitic feeling than other European countries.

The Irish, although also staunch Catholics, except the North, have a long tradition of distrusting rules, particulary those of the Church, as well as distrusting authority. The Poles tended to take Church teaching re: the Jews as "Christ killers" literally, thus, when offered the bull by Hitler the Jews were the enemies of Christianity, a large number of Poles bought the lie hook, line, and sinker, with very few among the farming communities especially, who thought to question such ravings.
29 Sep 2017  #49

None of us here are qualified enough to know exactly what Hitler's program in Poland was let alone come up with an order of action.

Your assertion that the Nazis chose locations for their death camps based on painstaking research into whether the local populace supported anti-semitism is really not even worthy of addressing as it's such a dumb statement to make. However..........all it takes for bulls*it to be considered as truth is for other people to stop correcting the liars so with that in mind...

How would the Nazis determine if a geographical area was more prone to anti semitic feeling and more importantly whether that anti-semitic feeling was deep enough to base a death camp in their back yard ? What do you think they did ? Interview the local townsfolk ?

And what did it matter to the Nazis if the local populace was ambivalent about Jews anyway ? The local populace in every occupied country were subjugated and oppressed. You cannot seriously think that the Nazis were bothered about public opinion.

Another glaring hole in your argument is that much of the local populace ended up in the death camps that you claim they endorsed being built.
29 Sep 2017  #50


Alright. Aside with human rights, considering that we all know how all human beings have right to freely choose their sexual orientation but, EU`s forcing of topic actually promote specific (in this case- homosexual) behavior. All that for all kind of reasons. For political manipulation with individuals and their rights, for political pressure on governments, for cultural pressure on societies, etc, etc.

So, we have clear example of EU crime and propaganda, even in this case,
29 Sep 2017  #51

There's no point discussing things with him. As much as he complains about antisemitism, his posts are full of prejudice towards Poles and the Catholic Church. He's actually not that much different from an anti-semite with all his biases. I wonder if he realises that. If he doesn't, it's high time he did.

you mentioned Sendler. Do you know where children she had smuggled out of the ghetto were hidden?
29 Sep 2017  #52

@Spiritus, once again, you underestimate the resolve of the Nazis in scoping out the areas in which they chose to impliment their mass killings of Jews, along with others:-) Calling an expert in his own right "dumb" shows the degree to which you are insecure in your own knowledge of this area, since the Nazis were known to be the most careful of planners....UNLIKE the PolesLOL

@kaprys, I know that many of Sendlers' "smugglees", so to speak ended up in, among other places, monasteries, convents, while many others perished in flight!
29 Sep 2017  #53

Poles 'just' planned routes of escape for hiding Jews and organised resistance in occupied Poland (including the Auschwitz camp) among other things. All of that with help of numerous priests and nuns. Yet another example of how prejudiced Lyzko is towards Poles - glorifying Nazis at the same time.

ehhh ...
Dirk diggler
29 Sep 2017  #54


It's to control population growth. There's too many people around and promoting homosexuality is just one of many ways to help control population growth.

You're not going to convince him - believe me I've already tried. We all already went through this before. He'll continue to think that Poles were at least partially responsible for the slaughter of the Jews in PL with statements like 'Nazis relied on local support' and such. As a Jew, he ought to know that Poland received more 'righteous among the nations' awards from Yad Vashem than any other nation.
29 Sep 2017  #55

@Dirk diggler
Right. They promote homosexuality and feminism to keep the white birthrate low in order to justify the need for unabated third world immigration.
29 Sep 2017  #56

ow prejudiced Lyzko is towards Poles - glorifying Nazis at the same time

He does seem to combine the worst of both worlds.... weird.
30 Sep 2017  #57

@Dirk diggler
I know I'm not going to convince him. It's just funny to see how similar his views are to antisemitism. If you changed 'Poles' to 'Jews' and 'Catholic' to 'Jewish' in some of his posts and had him read that, I bet he'd scream: ANTISEMITISM! not even realising it was his words. I admit I'm tempted to do so ;)

Weird indeed. And all those LOLs when talking about Holocaust.
30 Sep 2017  #58

My posts have been both misquoted as well as misunderstood! It's not "weird", Maf, it's pititful:-)

Kaprys, I've always said there were good Poles, and there were bad Poles. Case closed.
30 Sep 2017  #59

there were good Poles, and there were bad Poles

You better stop talking or posting anything about the issue . You are so clueless its just staggering/perplexing.
30 Sep 2017  #60

That's what you say when you want to sound politically correct - usually after you have been proved wrong. But there are other things like suggesting bribery is common in Poland, monsignors and local politicians- all that crap. You can't possibly know or have experienced that but you can't miss a chance to bash Poles and Catholics.

Also your admiration of how Germans planned things during WW2 and all those awkward LOLs in threads about the Holocaust are disturbing.

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