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Should we establish new section of this forum; section under name- `Examples of EU crimes'

25 Sep 2017  #21

I a Holocaust denier??! Quit projecting, spiritus:-)
25 Sep 2017  #22

The comments are mostly quite pleasant, only are couple are as as racist as you,

The poster in question has posted quite a lot of racist content towards others, including an unwavering obsession with Jewish people.

Even now in the 21st century Poland does not enjoy unfettered access to Kresy.

Nor should they. The colonial ambitions and aggression of some Poles are kept firmly in check this way.
25 Sep 2017  #23

Delph, with hatred one is raised as with their mother's milk.
25 Sep 2017  #24

Yes, unfortunately, the internet gave a voice to the voiceless you might say.

There is something about the marginalised and the unsuccessful in society harbouring deep hatred towards Jewish people.
25 Sep 2017  #25

Because the Jews had traditionally been shut out of all trades and professions during the Middle Ages! The only thing open to them was money lending or tax collecting, occupations typically off limits to gentiles, particularly the former, as it violates Catholic teaching:-)

Therefore, the Jews were not permitted to join the army, thus, when returning soldiers came home to nothing, the Jews retained much, usually all, of their possessions because they never went off to fight. It appeared to the Christians that the Jews were lucky and had everything while the gentiles became impovrished. The argument ran that the Jews enriched themselves by stealing from the Christians, patently false premise.

What the gentiles didn't understand was that the Jews weren't permitted to join guilds, and so they had little choice other than to become pawnbrokers, a thankless job which obligated the village pawnbroker, (typically a Jew), to charge usurous fees for what their gentile neighbors need to hock so desperately.

From there, grew intense anti-Jewish hostility!
25 Sep 2017  #26

From there, grew intense anti-Jewish hostility!

And it's absolutely ridiculous.

The amount of anti-Jewish propaganda on this forum among others is just unbelievable. You'd think in the 21st century, we would have moved on from such primitive intrigue and allegations.
25 Sep 2017  #27

26 Sep 2017  #28

The amount of anti-Jewish propaganda on this forum among others is just unbelievable


You are one of the main architects of anti-Polish propaganda on this very forum. You must have missed the irony gene :)

If Lyzko wasn't so provocative with some of his posts e.g. Poles were responsible for the death camps (or whatever crap he comes out with) then perhaps people wouldn't fight fire with fire.

If someone likes to throw punches then they better be sure they don't have a glass jaw.
26 Sep 2017  #29

You show me where I ever stated that Poles were "responsible" for the death camps!! You're telling an out-and-out lie. All I ever stated was that Hitler's campaign in Poland wouldn't have been half as successful without the tacit support of numerous locals. Poland was admittedly a mixed bag during the War.

On the one hand, she boasted the second-strongest resistance throughout Occupied Europe, on the other hand, Poland had a history of anti-Semitism which the Nazis were able to parley into a strong advantage for Hitler's anti-Jewish policies, carried out to be sure, by GERMAN henchmen/gauleiter.
26 Sep 2017  #30

You show me where I ever stated that Poles were "responsible" for the death camps!! You're telling an out-and-out lie

I just did but the mods have deleted the content because your quotes supporting your claim that Poles were responsible for the death camps in Poland were rather numerous.

Thanks mods
27 Sep 2017  #31

Deleted for good reason, namely, because they were misunderstood by you and others here, even those who's first language is EnglishLOL
To deny that there was much more overt anti-Semitism in, say, Poland and/or the Ukraine and the Baltic states as compared with Denmark or Holland on the whole, s to deny the simple historical truth!

Jewish Holocaust survivors have attested to this, under oath much less. Sure, it's painful and unpleasant. So can life be painful and unpleasant, yet we don't usually play ostrich and bury our heads in the sand.
27 Sep 2017  #32

Deleted for

You earlier stated (on several occasions) that Poland shared part responsibility for the Holocaust and that the Nazis were successful in building death camps on Polish soil (rather than some of the other occupied countries) also due to the support of the Polish population.

I know what I read and I know what you said.

If anyone wants to read your exact words then they only have to read the thread about Auschwitz.
johnny reb
27 Sep 2017  #33

You can find this quote in the "Why do you visit Poland ? " thread.
Post #132

Auschwitz-Birkenau remains one of Poland's places of shame, "Polish" concentration camps, or not:-)

Why should Poland feel shame Lyzko ?
27 Sep 2017  #34

What you both quoted above in no way contradicts my statements regarding Polish guilt during the Holocaust. For every righteous gentile, among them Jan Karski, Leopold Socha, Irena Sendler, farm couples who at risk to their own lives as well as that of their loved ones, gave succor to Jews etc., there were certainly as many who hated the Jews! Jedwabne and Kielce are not my imagination and have no precedent in any other post-War European country, with the sole exception of Ceascescu's Romania, where during the '50's (on solid evidence) Jews were condemned to death as political enemies of the state by being strung up from piano wire!!
27 Sep 2017  #35

I support this. You'll have to pick and choose though due to the high number of crimes. Alone the crimes committed by the Merkel Regime against the German people and other white Europeans would warrant its own section.
27 Sep 2017  #36

What you both quoted above in no way contradicts my statements regarding Polish guilt during the Holocaust

This isn't a discussion about whether there were good Poles and bad Poles during the war. It's about your denial that you ever posted anything to suggest that Poland was "responsible" for the Holocaust or that the Nazis built death camps in Poland with the support of the local population.........that is EXACTLY what you said
27 Sep 2017  #37

Spiritus, as a non-native English speaker, perhaps the distinction has eluded you between being out-and-out "responsible" as opposed to being "complicit".
The French, for example, were among the Allies, not the Axis, the average Frenchman was anti-Nazi down to their very marrow, and yet there was Vichy, Laval and other less flattering instances of France. There were also numerous pro-Nazi collaborators as well. As in Poland, a number of the French were "complicit", yes, but I'd never in professional good conscience deem them "responsible".

I trust you finally see the difference.
27 Sep 2017  #38

27 Sep 2017  #39

The emergence of the United States as the empire of evil


The United States emerged as the epicenter of Judeo-Masonic civilization. This state was created mainly under the influence of Jewish elements and, according to Somberg's words, was "the emanation of the Jewish spirit". All the forces of evil, cruelty, debauchery and decay, inherent in the Judeo-Masonic civilization, have been shaped the most completely and most consistently in the history of the United States.

In this book I found one very interesting statistic about Poland which I plan to publish soon.
27 Sep 2017  #40

Spiritus, as a non-native English speaker

Lyzko, don't jump to conclusions as you don't know anything about me.

I understand the difference between "responsible" and "complicit" however we can discuss the complicity of Poles if you ever make a point to that effect. In the discussion we are now having we are talking about YOU saying that Poland shared some responsibility (your words) for the Holocaust.

It's a pity you couldn't go to such lengths to clarify your provocative remarks earlier rather than just make glib remarks about Poles supporting the death camps

I am thinking of running ads whether on Craigslist Poland or elsewhere [5]America's also got its Wyborcza, Newsweek and TVN [27]

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