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Should we establish new section of this forum; section under name- `Examples of EU crimes'

30 Sep 2017  #61

@Ironside, you've yet to offer one shred of evidence, either real or imaginary, to support your last claim as to my alleged cluelessness.
Generally, when someone heaps only negative abuse onto to someone, what we in American slang refer to as "dumping", it is more often than not merely a reflection aka projection of their own inadequacies. A secure person might reply, "Lyzko, I can't agree one whit with what you've written, but you do make a point" etc. instead of the dismissing that person's comments out of hand.

@kaprys, why is it so hard for you to admit that not every Pole was an angel? If I can point to the various flaws in both my fellow Americans as well as fellow Jews, I think you can kindly be woman enough to admit that plenty of Poles were not all Jan Karskis or Leopold Sochas either. You seem overly sensitive to criticism. If someone constructively finds fault with my logic, I might not agree, but at least I'd acknowledge same by listening.
Dirk diggler
30 Sep 2017  #62


The vast majority of Poles didn't kill or harm Jews but rather helped them. There were perhaps 1 or 2 known incidents in some backwater rural area where the locals rose up against the Jews - that's it. Most Poles either helped the Jews or were neutral and prefer not to get involved since then they too would be killed. During WW2, Poles were generally known to help the Jews, not hurt them. Poland had the most Jews of any European country at the time yet the least amount of pogroms committed by locals. When you compare the pogroms and violence against Jews in places like Russia (where Jews were referred to as 'rootless cosmopolitans'), Hungary, Ukraine, etc committed by the locals to Poland it doesn't even compare even though Poland had the most Jews out of any European country.

What did occur is Poles would take over peoples' homes and belongings when they would be sent to the camps, many of whom were Jewish as roughly half the deaths in the concentration camps were Jews. Although that happened not because Poles were against Jews as they did this to anyone who was thought to be dead or missing.
30 Sep 2017  #63

@kaprys, why is it so hard for you to admit that not every Pole was an angel?

I don't see where Karpys is denying or suggesting that not every Pole was an angel. That's just you putting words into someone else's mouth.

For the record, ladies and gentleman, do not take my word or Lyzko's word for it just visit the thread on this forum titled "Can anyone from Poland tell me about Auschwitz and The Ghetto? " and you will see exactly what Lyzko has written.

I am not continuing an argument with him about what he said and didn't say when it is there in black and white for all to see.
30 Sep 2017  #64

What did occur

Would you please stop making claims about subjects you know very little about?>

A secure person might reply,

Lyzko, you talk BS. I have had posted for you some links, facts and all kind of fun things. It has never changed your views, you simply stopped talking about it for a while and after some time you would came back peddling the some old goods. .

I have no more time for your BS and call you as I see you.
An educted person with a wit of sense would act diffrently than you do. So either you are:
1,a mental case
2, a troll
3, a moron
take your pick.
If you're somthing else it is the high time for you to fess up or to shut up!
You have no idea how ingnorant you sound when you talk about WWII in Poland and Europe, Holocust what have you.

Suggesting that Hilter was polling which country is the most anti-semitic country before the war started to choose it as the place to start Holo. just take the B. What ignoramous and a fully fledged moron one has to be to utter such a tripe. ? Spoon fed HR?
30 Sep 2017  #65

You really don't want to see the truth, do you? Or you simply want people to believe you're different from who you really are.

I have stated before and I can do it again: antisemitism exists everywhere. In Poland, too. But your attitude towards Poles is as biased as antisemitism.

It's not about your posts about WW2 only.
Things that you have repeatedly said here:
Poles can't speak or understand English - especially when they point out you're wrong.
Poles speak English with a terrible accent.
Poles are corrupted - they bribe others to get things done.
Poles are inferior to Germans in pretty much everything - your latest claim was about Germans being better planners in terms of the Holocaust with a 'lovely' LOL at the end.

Poland was given German lands - you really can't comprehend that they had been Polish before. And all these ' GdaƄsk aka Danzig', ' Szczecin aka Stettin' and so on.

I could come up with some more examples proving your antipolonism. But what for? After all, I'm just a dumb Pollack, aren't I? What do I understand? Right?
30 Sep 2017  #66

Actually, his ignorance is striking not only in terms of WW2 but also what life looks like in Poland and the rest of Europe nowadays. He definitely should travel more.
Dirk diggler
30 Sep 2017  #67

Would you please stop making claims about subjects you know very little about?>

I'm not. This happened quite a bit during and after WW2. A lot of families would come out of the camps only to find someone else living in their homes or their homes were completely looted. Of course not all Poles did this but it did occur quite frequently especially as the war was drawing to an end and Soviets advanced towards Berlin. A lot of the Soviets were happy to help themselves to peoples' belongings too. Looting and such happens all the time in war though so this isn't some unique circumstance.

Similar things occurred in PRL times where peoples' stuff was simply confiscated by authorities if they didn't like someone or labeled them a dissident.
1 Oct 2017  #68

I'm not. This happened quite a bit during and after WW2.

What happened? Soviet or German authorities placed people there? Unless you're talking about some remote village and exception to the rule, you don't know what you're talking about. Germans could sell or rent it. Soviet just direct people there.

You're talking about people moving willy nilly into emptied houses - that is BS.
1 Oct 2017  #69

Nobody ever suggested that the Germans "polled" various neighboring countries, kaprys! That's sheer ludicrousness. Either you're VERY young or naive as well as clueless at the same time.

It is well known that the Nazis scoped out fledgling territories in advance of any planned attack and indeed, they knew full well that invading Denmark, Sweden, and Norway was a completely different matter than either Poland or Russia. In the latter case, clearly, Hitler's hybris (NOT his generals!) was in the end responsible for his losing the Russian campaign big time.

Concerning Poland, both his staff and their subordinates were to be sure brutal bastards of the first rank, but they were neither disorganized nor stupid, lest some people kid themselves into thinking of the Wehrmacht as "Hogan's Heroes"-type bumblers a la Colonal Klink!!
1 Oct 2017  #70

I begin to question your sanity...
Wtf are you talking about? Hopefully, you just need glasses as you can't tell people apart here :S I never wrote anything you're suggesting ... Has anyone?

You do need a break. Your posts are getting more and more disturbing :S
Dirk diggler
1 Oct 2017  #71


The Nazis also had defense treaties with UK (German naval agreement) France, Poland and others. The western powers basically gave czechy to Hitler wrapped in a bowtie during the Munich agreement. Actually the Molotov Ribbentrop act was one of the last treaties the Nazis signed with a foreign power as the ones with UK Poland France etc so there's plenty of fingers to point and ineptitude to go around. Most the western leaders found Hitler to be rational and even marvelled at his achievements in Nazi Germany.
2 Oct 2017  #72

Indeed, Dirk diggler! Our own American Legion, Charles Lindberg (even the great "liberal" Norman Thomas, I believe) were all fooled by what they saw when visiting Germany or watching propaganda films. People (very few if any Jews, naturally ) saw marching millions, happy, fresh-scrubbed German faces of people going to work and actually swallowed all that business about the Nazis' program for building a better Germany. Little did they know.

@kaprys, not sure which is even more disturbing, other than your gaslight treatment of my response post of yesterday! If you attribute quotes to me which you claim you never stated, then I can only assume therefore that it is you who has "the problem", and not I!
3 Oct 2017  #73

Will you, please, show me in which post I stated that:

-every Pole was an angel ( as you claimed I had said - #61)
-Germans 'polled' neighbouring countries (as you accused me of suggesting in #69)

If you can't, it just proves you're making things up again.
Facts, Lyzko, facts! Do I demand too much?
Of course, you can't do it because I have never claimed that.

All I said and I can easily say it again and again is that you're prejudiced against Poles and that you're ignorant as far as Poland is concerned

that's a fact. Several people have noticed that and told you about it. Also it's disturbing how you admire Nazis -after all you claim to be a Jew.
3 Oct 2017  #74

after all you claim to be a Jew.

Maybe he's a "wannabe Jew" ? Who knows ? I've heard of all types of strange folk in my life like the people who pretended to be in 9/11 but actually weren't involved at all.
3 Oct 2017  #75

Our own American Legion, Charles Lindbe

Democrats, Kennedy, Rooselvelt. All in love with the Nazis. Not after the WWII of course but before....

It is well known that the Nazis scoped out fledgling territories in advance of any planned attack and indeed, they knew full well that invading Denmark, Sweden, and Norway was a completely different matter

How do you know? Your dad told you? Had he worked for them, one of them ? What that even mean? What do you mean? Are you mental? Spitt it out.[

Sure, They have never atatcked Sweden, took all two hours and two soldiers killed to take over Denmark, And about three months for Norwey, with terrian easy to defend and with British, French and Polish soldiers help.

ou're ignorant as far as Poland is concerned

Nah, it is more than that, he is ignorant in most issues he post about here.
3 Oct 2017  #76

My alleged "prejudices" rest solely on the historical facts which you can twist any which way you like! You claim to know English with the comfortable ease of a Brit, kaprys, am I right? Well, all I can say is that you continually miss my sarcasm, irony, and innuendo, taking literally instead of figuratively what I mean to say.

The whole point about knowing English as a language is the degree to which one can hide behind words on occasion in order to express a different meaning, at the same time, making the opponent appear inadequate. Lawyers in the US do this on a regular basis:-)

@Ironside, I find it odd, yet predictable I suppose, that you nit pick over every historical fact I've laid out as if you steadfastly refuse to concede that just maybe, I could be right. Why so bloody defensive all the time?
3 Oct 2017  #77

I find it odd, yet predictable I suppose, that you nit pick over every historical fa

In order to talk about facts you would need to know it. That was the point of me talking about facts you have no clue about.

I could be right.

Right about what? You don't anything about fact, history, Poland and WWII. Some random facts and few bits here and there is not enough to claim to have some kind of understanding of the issues or overview of a big picture.. You don't even know what you wnat to say or u are unable to articulate it.

You don't get it. I'm not saying that you're wrong becasue I'm mean, nasty or in denial. I'm saying that you're wrong because you have no clue.
3 Oct 2017  #78

Stop claiming I said things I didn't. Where did I say my English is native-like? Yet another link you can't provide.
And it's not about English, irony, innuendo or sarcasm. I have seen Brits and Americans who question your way of thinking. The problem is within you not others. Food for thought, isn't it?

I know. Just to mention his advice concerning Lithuania ...
I'm pretty sure he has made some things up concerning his persona here.
Dirk diggler
3 Oct 2017  #79


This was generally during the 30's and especially around the time of the 36 Summer Olympics in Berlin. While there was certainly anti-Semetic rhetoric, the Nazis/SA/SS weren't generally acting on it till later. To my understanding there really only were like 2 or 3 countries that boycotted the Olympics.

You have to also understand that there were many Germans in the US as well as a very strong German lobby. Going to war with Hitler was generally an unpopular idea until the situation was already out of hand.

When you wrote though ' Lyzko - It is well known that the Nazis scoped out fledgling territories in advance of any planned attack and indeed...' that's SOP for an invasion or even just simply surveillance of your neighbors. All modern nations do that - including spying on allies.
3 Oct 2017  #80

One of biggest examples of EU crimes and propaganda is injustice committed on general of Bosnian Serbs Ratko Mladic. Only crime of Mladic is that he resisted to Islamisation in Europe at a time when western European leading powers supported Islamisation and used it against Slavs as kind of part of `Drang Nach Osten` but also, used this lunacy against its own people.

Broken link deleted

General Ratko Mladic with his commanding staff prior to ending mujaheedine violence over Srebrenica Slaveno-Christians, in Bosnia, in ancestral land of Polish St. Jadwiga that originates from Nemanjic Imperial noble house
3 Oct 2017  #81

@Freely admitted, DIrk diggler! And yet that doesn't make it right. If all's fair in love and war, then why bother with pre-nups or conventions and treaties if rules are (allegedly) meant to be broken, huh?

@kaprys, often people project what they dislike most about themselves onto others who attitudes they feel they can't tolerate because they never even try to understand them:-) You once posted to me in private that when you were last in England, absolutely NOBODY had a problem with your English, furthermore, that I must therefore have a mental problem, not being able to understand some of your English.

As far as food for thought, your offerings would appear to have little nutritional value!
Dirk diggler
4 Oct 2017  #82

hen why bother with pre-nups or conventions and treaties if rules are (allegedly) meant to be broken, huh?

As one saying I've heard - 'The appearance of the law must be upheld, especially while it's being broken'

Not all treaties, contracts, etc are broken. Nonetheless, we see time and time again people, especially governments, breaking agreements. Recently I was discussed the fact that Ukraine was suppose to be helped if it was ever attacked since it gave up a significant nuclear stockpile. Well, as we know Ukraine was basically offered little to no military aid directly on the front lines. Governments and politicians especially break their promises in a far worse way than some a corp breaking some agreement or a consumer breaking a service agreement earlier than agreed too. As we see now, the EU is supposedly all pro-democracy and helping people yet they're clearly against the referendum in Catalonia and haven't criticized Spanish police for using excessive force.

So while yes, laws, treaties, agreements, contracts are constantly broken usually a person or corp at least go to court if they feel they've been wronged. It's more difficult when a government or government body breaks some agreement or treaty. Yet it happens all the time and depending who's doing it and the political climate determines the level of enforcement and punishment from breaking the treaty/law/rule/agreement/etc from sanctions, severe punishments, to a slap on the wrist, to basically no punishment at all or even condemnation.

Such is the world...
4 Oct 2017  #83

There's a difference between knowing English 'with the comfortable ease of a Brit' and being understood by native speakers of English. So you're making things up again, Lyzko ;) I have never claimed my English is native-like.

Still a number of native speakers of English have questioned your posts. But of course you decided not to refer to that part of my post. Yet another example of you decide to ignore things you find too uncomfortable to answer ;)

You poor little thing. I'm done with you. You have repeatedly proved you're fake and arrogant. And you're not even a man enough to admit your mistakes. Keep living in your own world of delusions ;)
4 Oct 2017  #84

I address any and all issues thrown my way, if they are worth responding to.
10 Oct 2017  #85

How To Recognize War Propaganda


How the US government and CIA fooled the American people into supporting going to war with Iraq in 1990 - Operation Desert Storm. It was based on a lie.

Spain to deploy police to prevent Catalonia's Independence Vote [112]America's also got its Wyborcza, Newsweek and TVN [27]

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