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European News Thread

17 Apr 2018  #61

You can keep repeating yourself over and over until you are blue in the face. Try jumping up and down and stamp your feet like a child, if you think that will help.

The fact is, you are not a Mod and nobody has to seek your approval around here.

17 Apr 2018  #62

You're obsessed. Completely and totally obsessed. Normal people are working at this time, you're posting on PF.

17 Apr 2018  #63

Im only responding to your childish demands. I know you always have to have the last word, its part of your psychiatric condition.

Normal people are working at this time, you're posting on PF.

This is comical and totally hypocritical as well. You are this forum 24/7/365 whining and complaining like right now!

All youre doing is baiting and trolling this thread to chase off new posters!

Btw, Im being paid now, lets compare salaries?:):)

17 Apr 2018  #64

So, let's talk about European News.

An American pastor is on trial in Turkey for aiding a terrorist organisation. He's from North Carolina, and has links to the banned Gulen groups.


Looks like he was pretending to be a pastor to cover up his illegal activities.

American paedophile arrested in Britain for arranging to meet a 14 year old girl in a hotel room


He had a suitcase full of sex toys as well! Fortunately the vigilant and hard working British border police caught him before he could inflict any harm on children.


Americans were also arrested in Serbia for illegally photographing military facilities. Given the recent history of America bombing the hell out of Serbia, you'd think they would have some more common sense!

17 Apr 2018  #65

An American

Shite we are all in trouble poles and Americans alike delph is on a mission take a look at his catalogue of latest threads below, anti pole anti Americana. and now he is trying to take the european news thread down by bleating about americans

Brutal rape by Polish man on homeless woman in Rome
Polish man jailed for using dog to attack Muslims leaving mosque
Two Polish Men on trial for brutally murdering German Pop Star in homophobic attack
Reckless Polish Man starts wildfire in Montenegro
31 year old Polish man causes accident under influence of alcohol and kills 8
Thousands of undocumented Poles in Chicago
Vatican Police raid drugs-n-gay-sex orgy
Majority of Poles support same-sex civil partnerships
The Polish Failures Club in Berlin
Polish migrants fight to sleep in toilets overnight in London
Half-Polish Terrorist attack on the Champs-Elysses
Drug smuggling by Poles into Australia.

17 Apr 2018  #66

Back to real news you have to be a libtard to be European .

"French President Emmanuel Macron has warned that the European Union is in a period of 'civil war' between liberal democracies and illiberal democracies.


EU is at risk of 'civil war' says Macron: French leader warns rise of nationalism could tear the Bloc apart

17 Apr 2018  #67

Wow, Polish people were responsible for all those crimes!?

Time for some British Euro news, while Poland is being accused of being a historic German partner in the holocaust.

An MP's wife threatened with rape, and a dead bird through the letterbox: Labour MPs reveal the horrifying abuse they received after daring to speak out on anti-Semitism - as they tell Corbyn 'enough is enough'

17 Apr 2018  #68

you have to be a libtard to be European

What a peculiar thing to say by someone who claims to be Polish.

johnny reb
18 Apr 2018  #69

Humans will be genetically modified for the first time in Europe after regulators have given the go ahead to trial DNA splicing therapy.
They won't eat GMO grown foods though.

What a peculiar thing to say by someone who claims to be Polish.

You mean you are not the only one here to make such a peculiar claim ?

18 Apr 2018  #70

I'm a European Libtard. I love Islam and what catholics banned. Americans **** pigs. This is news in Europe. Libtards don't like pigs. I have ten heads. Americans don't. Weirdos.

19 Apr 2018  #71

I'm a European Libtard.

Nothing to brag about.

19 Apr 2018  #72

Apparently this 31 year old Albanian woman snuck into the U.K. in 2014. Recently, she required an emergency kidney transplant. She posed as a Greek using a fake I.D. in order to obtain the USD$150,000 procedure at taxpayers' expense.


I guess Junker heard of this woman's story.

20 Apr 2018  #73

I'm a European Libtard. I love Islam and what catholics banned. Americans **** pigs.

After a night out on the tiles, I like to have a go at them yanks:)

Meanwhile, in France


When you scroll down they are 3 more violent lefty protests occurring there, sounds more like the city of frights!

20 Apr 2018  #74

French president Macron and German chancellor Merkel meet in Berlin and talk about possible reforms for the Euro zone.


Both sides will have to make compromises in the end, but hopefully they will eventually come to an agreement that is acceptable to all Euro members.

20 Apr 2018  #75

nationalism could tear the Bloc apart

Let's pray it does.

20 Apr 2018  #76

What you people talking about? Slavs (ie Sarmats) are people, not nations. Nations are other Europeans, those who under different influences evolved from Slavs (ie Sarmats) into new cultures. Therefore, only Slavs (ie Sarmats) preserved continuity of Western world.

Please, let us be precise. Nations can give nationalists. People can give patriots.

21 Apr 2018  #77

What you people talking about

I was referring to the danger that the EU poses to national sovereignty.

21 Apr 2018  #78

What danger? The EU is the greatest chance for national sovereignty, as it means that Russia can't walk into the EU and break our countries apart.

21 Apr 2018  #79

If its such a "waste of time" why do you keep coming back here?

21 Apr 2018  #80

The EU was specifically engineered to dissolve it's member nations. Russia isn't interested in dominating Europe nor could they.

BTW, there is a potential for Poland to become the "Slavic Turkey" and go it's own way, again.

Turkey has had stormy relations with Russia, but it doesn't fear it. Nor should Poland.


johnny reb
22 Apr 2018  #81

What a HOOT of putting a spin on the story.
WHY did Turkey kick the U.S. nukes out of Turkey is what the headlines should read.
The truth of the matter is that the U.S. had nukes in Turkey at U.S. military bases.
Turkey told the U.S. that they wanted full control over the nukes.
The U.S. told Turkey that wasn't going to happen now or ever.
Turkey got p.o.'d and told the U.S. that they were going to take over the U.S. military bases on Turkey's soil that the nukes were located at.

The U.S. said no problem ........... as soon as we move our nukes in which they did.
They moved them to Greece.
Now you know the rest of the story.

22 Apr 2018  #82

Russia isn't interested in dominating Europe

LOL! Of course not, they've just invaded (and now occupy) several countries. Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Azerbaijan - all of them would love to have a word with you. Not to mention the Estonian and Finnish territories that they illegally annexed post-WW2, among others.

Ah, got to love a Russian apologist on a website about Poland.

22 Apr 2018  #83

Slavictor...you are a filthy subhuman.

22 Apr 2018  #84

anti pole anti Americana


you are a filthy subhuman

We all are in the eyes of the Talmud.

The french national identity group Generation Identitaire staged a symbolic blockade April 21,2018 in the region of the Alps bordering France and Italy, well known as an invader thoroughfare. France received 100,000 "asylum seekers" in 2017, not counting those that remain outside the system. "Demonstrations by Génération Identitaire are increasingly prohibited by the French authorities". It would seem that a treasonous government is not a government at all.


U.K. Surgeon forced to resign over "racist" concerns about competency of co-workers who happen to be Indian.

About the engineers of the EU, a truly benevolent organization.


Nothing personal, just business:

26 Apr 2018  #85

Russia isn't interested in dominating Europe

Hahaha, all their government think about is the 'Great Game' and in their case how to pay for it. Fortunately they do it so badly.

28 Apr 2018  #86

Recently in France:

French authorities have ceased selling gasoline to certain no-go zones


Some photos of culturally enriched Paris. Macron pushes for further enrichment. "Give it a few years and the streets of Paris will be indistinguishable from Cairo's or Islamabad's"


Macrons' boudoir pal Trudeau agrees. It's almost as if its a competition between the two to run their countries into the ground.

Health Warning about LED lights. Have they come to your streets? They have here just recently. LED emits no infrared light, necessary for life:


Opinion Piece - "Is there any better illustration of the huge Soviet-style revolution we have suffered?..." ------


29 Apr 2018  #87

No leds do not emitt IR. This is basically the heat spectrum. So no heat. This has nothing to do with life as we do not use those lights to warm. In fact it is just less artificial heat placed on the planet and is a good thing. IR out of old fashioned light glibes is a waste if energy as only a fraction is converted to visible light and ir is an unnecessary bi product. They are no good for hatching chicken eggs or growing plants but great for everything else. Btw an old fashioned light globe is one of the worse and most obsolete relics humans have.

30 Apr 2018  #88

Not much news in this thread, except classic Russian style trolling in the most obvious way.

30 Apr 2018  #89

but great for everything else

Or for terrarium dwelling animals. Blue light from computer screens / Iphones etc at night are also a hazard to humans. Those are LED powered.

30 Apr 2018  #90

In fact it is just less artificial heat placed on the planet and is a good thing.

A very good thing indeed.

Have they come to your streets? They have here just recently. LED emits no infrared light, necessary for life:

Try going outside in the day time if you're deprived of light.

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