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European News Thread

1 May 2018  #91

Blue light is from the energetic side of the scale of visible light and the next one in that direction is UV. It has short wavelengths. It also comes from the sun and fluro lights which have been used for ever in schools including russia. None of this is a problem.

As it is also coming out of phones and screens which we hold closer to our face and spend hours on it is now a problem for sure. No doubt about that. My phone has a blue light filter, i have it set on 50%. This is a more realistic level our eyes can take no problem.

1 May 2018  #92

Try going outside in the day time if you're deprived of light.

Ad hominem... must we?

1 May 2018  #93

Boo hoo hoo.

After all, you seem to think that a spectrum of street lighting is "necessary for life".

The new LED lights are a good idea.

1 May 2018  #94

As I say, the new LED lights are a good idea.

Anyone who feels that their health is compromised by the spectrum of streetlighting should either go out more in the day than in the night, or switch to day shifts.

1 May 2018  #95

Research is pointing to increases in Breast and Prostate cancers when exposed to blue light, Its allegedly messing with the way serotonin is produced.


1 May 2018  #96

When you put on the blue light filter on the phone it looks dull and strange so people dont do it. After 24 hours or so it looks normal and other peoples phones look unnecessarily bright and annoying. Try it.

1 May 2018  #97

My iPad is set up for this. You're right, at first it seems odd, the screen being a bit yellowy. After a while, you don't notice it at all.

2 May 2018  #98

In Oslo - cvikas.com/2018/04/30/oslo-police-declare-we-have-lost-the-cityislam-has-taken-over/

Cop says: "Islam has taken over, the city is lost."

Cultural enrichment in full marxist bloom.

Its allegedly messing with the way serotonin

Thank you for a useful post.

4 May 2018  #99

Try it.

I did last night with an ipad and yes, it does make a difference.

Backlit kindles are supposed to be OK, however I find they can have a similar effect.

4 May 2018  #100

Yep it saves your eyes. At first weird but its funny how the brain decides its normal after a short time.

5 May 2018  #101

Ukraine won't belong to Yids!


Not quite Europe, but close and influential.

This Nationalist leader had better turn things around before Porky the puppet quagmires Ukraine in NATO. This means Ukraine stationed ABM missile systems pointed at Russia.

Expect an influx of Ukranians into Poland over the next decade.

5 May 2018  #102

Yep it saves your eyes. At first weird but its funny how the brain decides its normal after a short time.

Yes, it really does make a difference to your eyes, especially if you have to spend a long time looking at screens. Thanks for the tip; it's made a small difference in quality of life already.

johnny reb
5 May 2018  #103

In the past I have heard that you are suppose to turn your electronic screens off one hour before you go to bed.
Here is where to go to read about what Wizard & jon are talking about.


The weird thing is that RED LIGHT helps heal injuries quicker like with laser treatments.

6 May 2018  #104

the screen being a bit yellowy.

I changed the settings on my laptop to cut out the blue light in the evenings, but my screen turns a sickly shade of pink, not yellow. I'm sure I'll get used to it, but then there's the matter of the LED light bulbs I have............didn't realise how many things emit blue light to be honest.

johnny reb
7 May 2018  #105

it's made a small difference in quality of life already.

Maybe the blue light is the cause of why the crackpots here are a little bit unhinged.

7 May 2018  #106

That is actually a good point.

8 May 2018  #107

For the benefit of all in this european news thread whether sane, crackpot or marxist, try f.lux


I've used it for 2.5 years. It's an unobtrusive program that alters monitor colour temperature based upon time of day and geolocation.

8 May 2018  #108

I'll give it a go.

An issue for me is that I've just switched to reactolite lenses (I think they're called Transitions lenses in America) a which take a bit of getting used to. Great when you step outside into the tropical sun and they go black instantly. Not so great when you go back inside and they take a few minutes (of the wearer looking like a mafioso) to slowly go back to normal. And of course sunglasses indoors for those who are not in hiding are a fashion crime beyond possibility of explanation.

19 May 2018  #109

Scottish Karate girl fends off two Scottish men, Shehab Smekramuddin and Mohammad Islam, after they jumped her after she left a nightclub. Islam and Smekramuddin, both prisoners at HMP Perth, denied a charge of assault with intent to rape.


19 May 2018  #110

Shehab Smekramuddin and Mohammad Islam, after they jumped her after she left a nightclub. Is

They dont sound very Scottish to me?

What a blessing the multicultural invasion from the middle east has brought to the UK.

Scottish Karate girl fend

She is a Champ!

19 May 2018  #111

"What a blessing the multicultural invasion from the middle east has brought to the UK"

Read the article,they are not from The Middle East.

20 May 2018  #112

The pair have been jailed for three years each and face deportation to their native Bangledesh after serving their sentences.

Sorry, The last names of Mohammed and Islam must have thrown me off, what was I thinking! lol

It seems like the entire UK is really starting to suffer because of the liberal open door policies.

Except the Royals seem to be doing fine, thats all that matters! God save the Queen, You just might have too!

johnny reb
25 May 2018  #113

Julian Assange may be at the end of the line in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, as the WikiLeaks founder may be evicted "any day now."

If he comes back to the United States he could face the death penalty.

johnny reb
1 Jun 2018  #114

A middle-aged man has been stabbed to death in London's second wealthiest borough, Kensington and Chelsea, bringing the capital's murder rate so far this year to 67...

Time to arm the law abiding citizens with guns so they can defend themselves since the Socialists multi culture experiment isn't going so well.

1 Jun 2018  #115

Id say the Socialist experiment has hit the skids!

Just yesterday, another terrorist attack in the EU capitol located in Brussels (lol)

Yet, barely a word about it from the msm???


Time to arm the law abiding citizens with guns

No,No, No, dont give them any guns, they cant even be trusted to have knives.


cms neuf
1 Jun 2018  #116

If yoh are talking about Liege then It was extensively reported. It was a rećently released criminal who shot two unfortunate policewomen and a bystander. The guy was a white Belgian born person and not a known terrorist. Turns out he was maybe converted to Islam in jail.

2 Jun 2018  #117

A recent emmigrant to the UK from Poland explains why organized jewry hates Polands' recent Judicial reforms:

"Why World Jewry and the EU Hate Poland's Judicial Reforms"


johnny reb
6 Jun 2018  #118

Id say the Socialist experiment has hit the skids!

You mean the "cultural enrichment" of the U.K. ?
British authorities are conducting more than 500 anti-terrorism operations involving approximately 3,000 "subjects of interest" at any given time and the situation is only poised to get worse in the near future.

The Liberal Socialists created the monster, let them deal with it.
We tried to tell them.

8 Jun 2018  #119

The Liberal Socialists created the monster, let them deal with it.

Thats too bad because it used to be such a nice place before PCness took over and destroyed their way of life.

If youre brave enough, the airfares are at rock bottom dirt cheap prices right now.


One way from Chicago to Londionstan $360 like you would only go one way, who would want to go at all......lol

Ive never seen prices this low before and its almost summertime!

Finally, there is some good news out of Europe.

Austria is closing down 7 mosques and deporting the Imans


17 Jun 2018  #120

Today Germany tries to insult Mexico at the Soccer Game....."Today we build the Wall"

Ive heard Merkel`s days are numbered as well. The Germans must be sick and tired of the forced multicultural experience.


Make Europe Great Again!


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