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Poland`s aid to Ukraine if Russia invades

22 Apr 2022  #8,881

More good news.

Thanks to supply issues sanctions, the Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant has been forced to close. They make/made Buk, Tunguska, Pantsir and other systems.

BJ was in India today and has announced that there will be measures against countries (including Serbia, Turkey and surprisingly Czech) where there are companies helping russia get round sanctions.

Every little bit helps. Next, it's time to stop payments reaching them.

22 Apr 2022  #8,882

Some good news. A third act of sabotage (or very bad luck for russia)

According to this article it's possible that those fires were acts of internal sabotage, a revenge for needless deaths of Russian soldiers, for example:


Btw, not long ago a passerby has thrown a Molotov cocktail at the Kremlin walls.

22 Apr 2022  #8,883

According to this article it's possible that those fires were acts of internal sabotage

Let's hope so.

johnny reb
22 Apr 2022  #8,884

Ukraine now has more tanks on the ground than Russia does.

Could you post a link?

Copy and paste, (Ukraine now has more tanks on the ground than Russia does) in your browser and hit "Enter".

Bratwurst Boy
22 Apr 2022  #8,885

Huh? I found that interesting tidbit in an otherwise average comment about Scholz latest speech....did someone else comment on it?

Therefore, it can be stated: Ukraine's survival depends most not on the Europeans, but on the Americans. Because they supply Ukraine with more weapons than all European countries put together. This fact will once again become very important.

Europe's security is secured by the Americans

Namely when it comes to the so-called "security structure" after the Ukraine war. In short, a large part of Europe's security, as shown by Putin's attack on Ukraine, is secured by the Americans and not by the Europeans themselves, even though Ukraine is a European country.

And this applies not only, as has always been claimed, atomically, but also conventionally. Europeans can't even defend themselves - far from it. Scholz reveals that there is an agreement in NATO that the Europeans have to hold out for twelve days in the event of a conventional attack. Only twelve days (Ukraine now manages about 60 days) - until the Americans come.....


Is that a fact? Has anybody else ever heard about that?

22 Apr 2022  #8,886

Europeans have to hold out for twelve days in the event of a conventional attack

until the Americans come


Europe could handle this Russian army without help from the Americans, as the Ukrainians have proved.
We just need the Germans to pull their socks up.... :-)

BB, you were our enemies in the past.
You need to be our friends now.

Bratwurst Boy
22 Apr 2022  #8,887

....we need a true "Zeitenwende"! An end of the "after-war-period"...of the anti-militarism after WWII.

For getting our socks up we would need a new self-assured/self-confident Germany, patriotic, also abit nationalistic...respecting it's military...re-building on our military traditions etc. and first of all being allowed to do that!

But since the experiences with the Brit Jon even here on this board I wonder if that is even wanted by Europeans? For many of them Germany is already to powerful and still only one step away of another genocide.

A pussified, pacifist, still guilty Germany will never be a big help in such a crisis!

That's not only Germany's problem I guess....

22 Apr 2022  #8,888

According to this article it's possible that those fires were acts of internal sabotage

It's very possible. That or a combination of overproduction combined with poor maintenance. Of however it is sabotage, we can expect a great deal more as things develop.

Nordstream one is looking increasingly vulnerable too, however that is a much bigger task to take out, as is Yamal.

Europe could handle this Russian army

Yes. As I said before, BJ has really stepped up to the mark here and helped Ukraine regardless of cost; especially given the number of rich russians with assets held in London. Hopefully those assets will go to help Ukraine. There will be a lot of Ukrainian kids named Boris after him, and they are already naming streets.

Although Australia is far away, we can see the value of AUKUS now.

johnny reb
23 Apr 2022  #8,889

Those 105 Howitzers

I misspoke, the U.S. sent 155 Howitzers, not the 105's.

I am affraid, it's not enough for Crimea Bridge.

Enough to damage it enough to shut it down for a very long time.


23 Apr 2022  #8,890


Everything helps in the war effort (except mouldy helmets), however they have made it clear that for this task they need something specific for this, something that has both sufficient range and explosive force.

23 Apr 2022  #8,891

Enough to damage it enough to shut it down for a very long time.

That bridge is safe. Z-hole knows what will happen to the parliament building if that bridge is damaged.

23 Apr 2022  #8,892

Amsterdam Trade Bank (ATB), a subsidiary of Russia's Alfa Bank, was declared bankrupt on Friday, according to a statement by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB), citing a court order.

That is progress. The tip of the iceeberg.

23 Apr 2022  #8,893

@johnny reb
There are some 500km betwen Crimea Bridge and Ukrainien positions. It's too far for Howitzers.

23 Apr 2022  #8,894

will happen to the parliament building if that bridge is damaged.

Yes, you are nicely pointing out the difference between savage RuSSists who mercilessly target and destroy civilian buildings and Ukrainians who should take out a strategic bridge used for military supplies.

23 Apr 2022  #8,895

I misspoke, the U.S. sent 155 Howitzers, not the 105's.

Here's the full list of lend lease 2 from the good old usa :) twitter.com/PaulSzoldra/status/1517672700126265344

23 Apr 2022  #8,896

Once again you show your absolute stupidity. The government buildings in Kiev are part of Russian history, they are one of the primary reasons Putin wanted Kiev so badly. He would never destroy them as it would only tell the public in Russia that everything he said before about Ukraine being at the heart of Russian history was a lie. You must have missed that in your Kremlin briefings traitor.

23 Apr 2022  #8,897

Horrible news, guys. The balance of power between NATO and russia seems to have tipped significantly towards russia - they are now allied to Cameroon...


...the agreement of military cooperation was signed on 12th April but revealed only recently. Cameroon, damn it... we're f*cked. xD

johnny reb
23 Apr 2022  #8,898


There are some 500km between Crimea Bridge and Ukrainian positions.

I wasn't aware of that fact.
How about a one way drone attack ?

cms neuf
23 Apr 2022  #8,899

Ukraine could build a new parliament, find another temporary building or heaven forbid, meet on zoom for a few weeks.

But the Crimeans have a major problem getting toilet paper and tinned sprats if that bridge goes. And it will go. Of course they thought about that during their referendum so it won't bother them.

I don't get it with the Malians and the Syrians and the Cameroons - why hitch yourself to the losing side ? And from the Russian side, what is the use of throwing random, untrained manpower into a modern war, without proper equipment. These are not Gurkhas or Zouaves but just naive village kids who need a few bucks and want a passport to Europe.

23 Apr 2022  #8,900

Z-hole knows what will happen to the parliament building if that bridge is damaged.

nyah.... he would have said the same thing about the Moskva....

the bridge is a legitimate target.... (as is any part of Russia, really)

Nothing in Ukraine is a legitimate military target, everything in Russia (or anything Russian in Ukraine) is a legitimate target.

23 Apr 2022  #8,901

For getting our socks up

You can stay where you are. Poland needs to do the army that will protect Germany as well. I have been always thinking that German weapon or some of it would be good for Polish army but Poland conn't be depended on immport, you have those cute submarines for the Baltic, we could use some, Leopard is a good tank and tad cheaper that Abrams.

Rather than undercut Poland, Germany should support it.

Is that a fact? Has anybody else ever heard about that?

I could be true but I would swap Europeans with Poles.

I misspoke, the U.S. sent 155 Howitzers, not the 105's.

They send 18 Howitzers caliber 155 and 40 000 amo for it. Seem you are really an old person, sorry I did not belive you sir.

23 Apr 2022  #8,902

@johnny reb
Bayraktar drone (Wiki) can fly with max speed of 220km/h but average flying speed is only 130km/h. Range ca. 220km (2x220 round trip). They need something better or special forces.

johnny reb
23 Apr 2022  #8,903

What kind of weaponry does Germany have that you could send to Ukraine to take out that bridge ?

Seem you are really an old person, sorry I did not belive you sir.

That's what all the young girls say too. :-)
Actually I am older than the Commandments.

23 Apr 2022  #8,904

Which side are France and Germany on again?

article is behind a sub-wall.... but the teaser....


What do France and Germany have against the EU?

23 Apr 2022  #8,905

are now allied to Cameroon

Time to boot them out of the Commonwealth. Only a bit of Cameroon was ever a colony anyway.

Mind you, China is now allied to the Aolomon Islands so we can expect the 45th Cannibal Battalion to invade somewhere.

They need something better or special forces

They've said it can only be done either with planes (and a higher attrition rate than the task merits) or specific long-range/high explosive force weapons).

And in sadder news, confirmation that the axis have been supplying russia with weapons:

Bratwurst Boy
23 Apr 2022  #8,906

Hmm....I can't find anything about such a report in the german media!


Now I found some.....already back in mid March...thats not news!


23 Apr 2022  #8,907

Great news about the russian command post in Kherson being destroyed. Apparently several dozen senior officers taken out of action permanently and many more injured.

A good article on the weapons scandal story investigate-europe.eu/en/2022/eu-states-exported-weapons-to-russia/
Hopefully every penny earnt from it will go to Ukraine.

Bratwurst Boy
23 Apr 2022  #8,908

That's a report from "Investigative Europe" using data from the Working Group on Conventional Arms Exports (COARM)


I wonder why Telegraph and Mirror/Express sell that es news just now....mainly against Germany and France....

...This data comes from the official arms export registers of all 27 EU countries and shows that at least ten member states exported weapons worth 346 million euros to Russia between 2015 and 2020. France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Finland, Slovakia and Spain have - to varying degrees - sold "armaments" to Russia. Our research shows that the term "armaments" can include anything from projectiles, bombs, torpedoes and guns to missiles, land vehicles and ships. ....

....When asked by IE on March 4, it took 11 days for the French Defense Ministry to reply that France was "very strictly" adhering to the 2014 embargo. The missiles, rockets, torpedoes and bombs sold to Russia over the past five years are "in a word, a residual water drain based on past contracts (...) that has gradually drained away," the French government assures. ....

...The German exports are marked as "dual use" - that means they can be used for both civilian and military purposes. That is why even military-critical German politicians, as well as pacifist NGOs contacted by Investigate Europe, say that these exports do not constitute a formal breach of the embargo. ....

...The third largest exporter, according to COARM data, is Italy, which sold €22.5 million worth of armaments to Russia between 2015 and 2020. Our research shows that the first major deal with Russia was signed in 2015, when Matteo Renzi's government allowed Italian company Iveco to sell 25 million euros worth of vehicles to Russia. Investigate Europe has the "final approval" from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (the minister at the time was Paolo Gentiloni, who is now a member of the EU Commission). After all, only 22.5 million euros worth of armor was delivered to Russia. But a journalist from the La 7 the war vehicles - Iveco Lynce model - on the Ukrainian front in early March spotted . These vehicles were assembled in one of the three factories that Iveco operates in Russia. But the components came from Italy. ....

Interesting read.....

23 Apr 2022  #8,909

And in some sadder news, the tally of Ukrainians murdered by russia and buried in mass graves in Bucha has reached 412.

23 Apr 2022  #8,910

@Bratwurst Boy
Because France has an election coming up and Macron is being targeted by the far left and the far right. And Scholz is simply incompetent. But I have to wonder why any country would sell arms to Russia at any point.

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