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Poland`s aid to Ukraine if Russia invades - part 2

21 May 2022  #2,551

Azov defender are Heroes of Today and Martyr of Tomorrow.🗽

21 May 2022  #2,552

Welcome to the Russian World Kids!

Let us remind ourselves about American democracy


Liberalism, human rights, gay parades... fvck it.

21 May 2022  #2,553


True. Hitler and WW2 Germany are celebrated by some.

21 May 2022  #2,554

Let us remind ourselves about American democracy

This thread is about ruSSian nazi invasion of Ukraine and Poland's help for Ukrainians. It's amazing that some people are continually trying to discuss issues related to the USA here.

If you are so keen on American democracy, history or culture, then by all means start a thread about it but don't spam this one.

Hitler and WW2 Germany are celebrated by some

Not by some but by many ruSSians today. It is amazing how many neo-nazi groups are there (I posted links to very interesting articles in this thread). However, even if somebody is not aware of the staggering rise of neo-nazism in ruSSia, then it's enough to notice what they are doing now: murdering Slavs - realising one of the most important nazi aims, reducing the population of Slavic people. Adolf is very happy with Vladimir.

This betrayal of Slavia will never be forgotten - with one hand ruSSia is pumping Chinese and Indian d*cks and with the other slitting the throats of Ukrainian children. No words... no words.

21 May 2022  #2,555

Yes by Z people.

21 May 2022  #2,556

They say that this is the last group of Azovstals...


Not counting the forum Azovstals, because they still remain on the defense of the Russian steel plant.


21 May 2022  #2,557

They say that this is the last group of Azovstals...

Some of them have a lot of nazi tatoos - so as nazi sympathisers they can be easily incorporated into ruSSian elite Wagner group led by the nazi Hero of The Russian Federation...

ruSSian nazis


... I am still waiting for someone to explain to me how is it possible that there are so many neo-nazis among slavic population of ruSSia, whom nazis considered nothing more than cattle to be slaughtered and how those nazis can be awarded the title of "Hero of the Russian Federation". Maybe some of the pro-putiniSSts will be able to explain the prominence of nazism in modern day ruSSia. I wouldn't hold my breath though...

21 May 2022  #2,558

Azov militants handing over weapons to Russian forces and are preparing for a long and thorny journey full of uncertainty

i heard zelensky himself organized this tactical withdraw/evacuation. reminds me of tactical withdraw of paulus army. azov -same ideology same direction

21 May 2022  #2,559

Azov defender are Heroes of Today and Martyr of Tomorrow.🗽

What happened to the, "I will not alive fall into their hands"...
Balls made of steel...




Azov commander Prokopenko: "Don't make heroes out of deserters and fighters who voluntarily surrendered. They chose the path of shame."



Alexander Sharko "Azov"prisoner that surrendered at "Azovstal" said that he want to go home to his parents

Suddenly fierce "Azov" warriors who were at human safari in Donbass wants to see their parents now



The "Spartan" would go home a little.
No no.

Dozens surrendered, then hundreds, then thousands ... it's time for tens of thousands.

The denazification and demilitarization of the area that was formerly known as Ukraine is taking place slowly but surely.

21 May 2022  #2,560

same ideology

...as the decorated Hero of the Russian Federation Dmitry Utkin, and same ideology as numerous neo-nazi groups in ruSSia. I don't know the ideology of Alexei Bychkov - the pedophile ruSSian soldier, who raped a one-year-old Ukrainian toddler and put the video of himself doing that on the Internet, but one has to notice that it's a "lovely bunch" that you are supporting.

21 May 2022  #2,561

Most of Westerplatte defenders also survived and they are heroes today.

21 May 2022  #2,562

Bodies of tortured & executed civilians were put in a car crusher to hide evidence before being disposed of in mine shafts & waterways.

"There are several mass graves"


English speaking torture experts present with Nazi brigades in 2014, "like Guantanamo".

Laurent Brayard #Donbass #Mariupol


more and more harrowing details will emerge and are being uncovered... many of the Azov "Spartans" will be held accountable for this, I hope Prokopenko and Kalina as the ring leaders.

21 May 2022  #2,563

Looks like Russian troops are gathering equipment and are preparing to cross Donets again...


... :)

*grabs popcorn*

21 May 2022  #2,564

murderers are leading a group of prisoners to an execution site in Bucza.

Grass looks suspiciously green for alleged date of this video. Especially compared to original coverage (with dead body waving by hand and seating in back mirror). ;)

21 May 2022  #2,565

Italy and Germany have given approval to their companies for opening ruble accounts for gas payments, after EU regulators confirmed that this does not represent a breach of sanctions. Thank you EU regulators! The ruble has now gained 17% on the dollar since the start of the year, making it the best performing currency in the world.

I really feel for those Russians that bought dollars @ 140 in early March.


21 May 2022  #2,566

Italy and Germany have given approval (...) The ruble has now gained 17%

Italy and Germany... if this is true then it would mean that historical nazis/fascists are now supporting present-day nazis. Very bad news when countries with nazi past support countries with nazi present. That could mean nazi future. :-/

cms neuf
21 May 2022  #2,567

Wrong - it is the best performing Potemkin currency in the world.

21 May 2022  #2,568

@cms neuf

Ehh, too bad zloty already lost 8% vs USD this year. As US Fed keeps raising interest rates in attempt to combat inflation more foreign capital will flow out of Poland, adding to pressure on zloty on top of existing recessions fears. Enjoy your eroding purchasing power Poles.

Ruble 17% up, Zloty 8% down. Funny. Seems gas station is better business than apple farm.

21 May 2022  #2,569

The ruble has now gained 17% on the dollar

So... is it freely convertible? Or is this more Soviet recreation along with the new renewed young pioneer and komsomol organizations that the citizens of the President's @ss are going to get?

Will you enlist to fight in Donbas if the possibility presents itself?

And another day, another Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute up. in. flames.


Sabotage or just the usual incompetence?

21 May 2022  #2,570

best performing Potemkin currency in the world.

My purchases on Aliexpress yesterday shows that Potemkin was right. ;) Chinese guys accept rouble at very good rate to USD.

21 May 2022  #2,571


It's convertible, but not without limits. For businesses it's easier, but for people (residents and non-residents from "friendly" countries) it's a $50K monthly cap for now. That is, if you have a ruble account, you can convert a ruble sum equivalent to $50K into euro or usd (no limit on how much you can convert if you continue to keep it on account) , and send it out monthly.

If you need to get around this $50K cap (most normal people don't have this problem), you have to send rubles to friendly country like Kazakhstan or Armenia. Switch it from rubles to dollars or whatever you happen to need, and then send it from there on. Of course it's not free, the rates the banks charge for selling and buying rubles are substantially different earning them big profits. If you don't want to lose money on this, you have to work within the $50K limits because then the Russian bank has to honor the rate posted by the Central Bank on that day.

Also, yesterday the CB changed rules again, now allowing banks to sell unlimited amounts of foreign currency, with exception of USD and Euro. So sterling, yen, Swiss franc, lira, dirhams, yuan - all good.

21 May 2022  #2,572

Chinese guys accept rouble

When will they accept Siberia?

Bratwurst Boy
21 May 2022  #2,573

I got blocked for posting "meaningless" stuff, can you believe it! I never posted one meaningless comment in my life!!!

The proof: LOTR today :)

21 May 2022  #2,574

@Bratwurst Boy

Helmet is used to protect brain. Maybe Germany can transfer some of its famous brains to Ukraine also? This way the next time somebody warns them for months on end that war is imminent unless they seriously pursue diplomacy, they will use these German brains to make the correct decision. This would save us all trillions in the process, and allow us to continue focusing on what a clown Boris Johnson is.

21 May 2022  #2,575

LOL - nice polandball cartoon :)

I got blocked for posting "meaningless" stuff


By the way, is it true that Germany and Italy will be paying in rubles for mongol oil, or is Bobko spreading fake news?

somebody warns them for months on end that war is imminent

ruSSia (including russians on this board) claimed until the last moment that those troops are just on exercise and some stationing there permanently and that there are no plans to attack Ukraine. Lying comes incredibly easy to you, doesn't it?

Bratwurst Boy
21 May 2022  #2,576

By the way, is it true that Germany and Italy will be paying in rubles for mongol oil, or is Bobko spreading fake news?

That's the most actual news I could find....

group Uniper wants to pay for Russian gas in euros in line with EU sanctions


The German gas importer has found a way to legally pay bills from Russia. Gazprombank plays a key role in this.

It's from a week back....so.....there seems to be some confusion though:

...Düsseldorf Germany's largest importer of Russian natural gas, Uniper , expects to be able to settle Russian natural gas bills due at the end of May in line with EU sanctions. Uniper receives the bill in euros, said a spokesman for the energy company on Tuesday at the request of the German press agency dpa. "And we pay in euros to a Gazprombank account in accordance with the new payment mechanism. In this way, timely fulfillment of the contract on our part is guaranteed." We are in close contact with the federal government on this procedure.

Uniper CEO Klaus-Dieter Maubach told the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" (FAZ) at the end of April that the company was basically preparing to pay using the "two-account solution". "That means we continue to pay in euros and an immediate conversion into rubles takes place, orchestrated by Gazprombank. The Russians then say that we paid in rubles, so we'll have to live with that."

It seems we pay in Euro as usual, but Russia says we pay in Ruble since Gazprombank converses those Euros into Ruble....🙄

21 May 2022  #2,577

I also have Polish articles from 6-7 days back. Let's wait and see then.

To be honest, I find it hard to believe that major gas importers in the EU would like to support ruSSian regime in this way. That would exceed multiple times any sort of help they ever provided or will provide to Ukraine. Impossible. Must be fake news.

It seems we pay in Euro as usual, but Russia says we pay in Ruble since Gazprombank converses those Euros into Ruble...

*sighs with relief* :)

21 May 2022  #2,578


I posted a link to one of your trash media outlets so it would be above suspicion with your crowd.

Also I meant Grandpa Joe warning Zelensky to seek out diplomatic solutions, not Russia. Biden was really bending over backwards warning Zelensky that Russia is planning to attack (basically pushing him towards stating publicly that Ukraine renounces NATO ambitions and will negotiate re: Donbass and Crimea status - something Biden himself could not allow himself politically to do). Zelensky chose not to believe in the possibility of an invasion, or was confident that the chosen strategy was correct. If he thought his chosen strategy of slowly waltzing the world into world war 3 was correct, then who can blame him. Now he is the "Churchill of our times" and America is routinely underwriting a $5B monthly budget deficit with credit guarantees on top of arms transfers and humanitarian aid. Yemen and Eritrea of course are watching from the sidelines with their jaw on the floor.

In the end Zelensky is just lucky that America has never seen such a cheap opportunity to remove Russia as a threat. Only in that context does a $40B aid package begin to look like a worthwhile investment. Not for Ukrainian democracy, but for a chance to cripple a strong adversary. In the same way it will be an even bigger effort when China goes for Taiwan. Even $400B in aid will be a small price to pay for potentially crippling China.

Bratwurst Boy
21 May 2022  #2,579

There is more.....it seems a possible solution for others too (France and Italy):

EU gas providers want to pay through Gazprombank


Several European gas suppliers are confident that the EU they have found a payment mechanism for Russian gas that is acceptable to flow.

"in the coming days" Gazprombank open an account in euros and one in rubles Eni [i](Italy)
can pay in euros, and the Russian bank will then convert it into rubles.

Gas suppliers are testing payment methods across Europe

However, the head of EnBW (France), Frank Mastiaux, told the " Süddeutsche Zeitung " that the new "mechanism is in place".

EnBW also wants to pay "in accordance with the sanctions" in euros, and the conversion into rubles at Gazprombank is to take place "subsequently". "We did a test with a positive result." "We'll see" how long the mechanism works.....[/i]

21 May 2022  #2,580

Italy has increased imports of Russian oil despite sanctions - The Financial Times.


🔥🔥🔥 Italy has increased its imports of Russian crude more than 4 times despite EU efforts to end ties to Russian energy 🔥🔥🔥


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