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US Presidential Elections 2016 - Poland's View

11 Oct 2016  #41

Regarding those 'body count' lists, this is worth a read: snopes.com/politics/clintons/bodycount.asp
johnny reb
11 Oct 2016  #42


We have already discredited Snopes by those who run it jon.
Kind of hard to say all those deaths were coincidence.

In a leaked email sent on August 17, 2014 by Hillary Clinton to her current campaign manager, John Podesta, who back then was counselor to Barack Obama, she admitted that Qatar and Saudi Arabia "are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region."


I wonder how many deaths Hillary is really responsible for ??????
11 Oct 2016  #43


Far from discredited and in any case the analysis in that link and in other sources is good.

she admitted

Not any sort of admission, is it, especially as she is discussing the actions of other countries over which the US has no sovereignty and only very limited influence.
johnny reb
11 Oct 2016  #44

Far from discredited

It has been proven jon that they are not creditable.

Not any sort of admission

Crooked Hillary "ADMIT" to any of her wrong doings !
Why are we not surprised. lol

In a leaked speech Hillary has vowed to stand against the legalization of Marijuana.
Bernie Sanders said he would legalize it across the Nation.
Why may you ask is Hillary against the legalization.
Perhaps because the pharmaceutical industry is a major part of Wall St., and they are desperately fighting ballot initiatives to legalize cannabis in several states, as it represents a direct threat to their profits.


Payback time to Wall Street Lobbyists for the $650,000 twenty minute speeches that she was paid for by Wall St. members like Goldman Sachs.
What would legalizing do to the profits of the pharmaceutical and alcohol sales.
Start to get the picture of how Hillary went from being broke to being worth over $200 million.
Follow the money !
The people that have invest millions in her CAN'T let her lose at this point.

Wikileaks has arguably been the most important thing that has happened to elections, if not the veneer of democracy, in quite a long time. We've been able to see the true side of politicians and bureaucrats like never before.

In Hillary Clinton, we see a figure beholden to Wall St., working diligently to advance the influence of financial corporations over government policy and taxpayer money.

Her mega-donor list is a who's who of megabanks that also happened to benefit from the TARP government bailout.
11 Oct 2016  #45

It has been proven


Hillary "ADMIT" to any of her wrong doings !

In what way are the actions of Qatar and KSA 'hers'?
johnny reb
11 Oct 2016  #46

Take the TWELVE year old girl that got raped that Crooked Hillary dragged thru the ringer to get her client the rapist off.

Plagiarized = removed

Vincent this does not sound like you.
What is plagiarized about a VIDEO that I posted in post #40.
Here is the source again about Hillary

the TWELVE year old girl that got raped that Crooked Hillary dragged thru the ringer to get her client the rapist off.

And then Hillary laughed about it.
Posting a source video certainly is not plagiarizing is it ?
Let me post that video again.


Try this one:

plagiarized = removed

Plagiarized by posting (in post #43) a list of 50 people that have died around Hillary (Mysteriously) that could have exposed her wrong doings ! Write them in your own, original words. or add a reference without copy-pasting anything.

How else could I post that list of all those people and how they died 'mysteriously' just before they were about to testify against Hillary ?

This just seem like your style Vincent.
Do we have a new moderator here by any chance ?
Now I know how Trump feels with 3 on 1.

Write them in your own, original words.

If I had an extra three days with nothing to do..............lol.
Here, how is this regarding my post #40 as it is VERY import to show Crooked Hillary's true colors as she points a finger at Trump about what he "said" and to ACTUALLY what Hillary "did" to a twelve year old girl.

I thought you should know before voting.

11 Oct 2016  #47

are unaware of the fact that the plan is delusional

One could say exactly the same about Trumps plans.

Once elected, the plan will never materialize

A bit like Trump's wall in fact.
johnny reb
11 Oct 2016  #48

One could say exactly the same about Trumps plans.

Yeah but America likes Trumps plans, especially the one about putting Crooked Hillary in prison where she belongs. :-)
11 Oct 2016  #49

The rats are finally abandoning a sinking ship....FINALLY!! (..though still not soon enough).
johnny reb
11 Oct 2016  #50

The rats are finally abandoning a sinking ship.

I think you may have read it wrong Lyzko.
Trump is getting rid of the dead weight holding him back.
WASHINGTON - Donald Trump all but declared war on the Republican establishment Tuesday, blasting House Speaker Paul Ryan for his criticism and vowing to campaign as he sees fit.

"it is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to," Trump said during a morning tweet storm that targeted Ryan and other Republicans.

11 Oct 2016  #51

Tell all that to Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain and the rest of the pack!! Trump's committing slow suicide. Lucky thing for Hillary is that she's not up against Pence, a smooth-talkin' preacher type vs the blustering clown which is Donald J.(for Jerk) Trump:-))
11 Oct 2016  #52

Trump's committing slow suicide.

No, he's just lining up another excuse for losing. Now his line will be that the election was rigged and his opponent is a criminal and the Republican elite stabbed him in the back. And from that he'll start his own media company.
johnny reb
11 Oct 2016  #53

Now his line will be that the election was rigged

Well actually it has been Harold, from the get go, when Hillary's campaign screwed Bernie.
Now the media is her campaign.
She was given the questions before the last debate which is what you call, "stacking the deck", "cheating", "Crooked", "RIGGED".

Former CNN contributor and current Democratic National Committee interim chairwoman Donna Brazile provided the Hillary Clinton campaign a question for a town hall event in advance, according to an email dump by WikiLeaks.


Trump never really had a chance from the start.
Like I have repeatedly said, "This election was determined years ago".
Do ya believe me now ?
How could someone who killed four Americans in Benghazi, knowing risk our National Security with her illegal private e-mail server, delete evidence (33,000 e-mails) AFTER it was subpoenaed by the F.B.I. and not go to prison ? LOL

Follow the money !
11 Oct 2016  #54

Johnny, ya mean the guy's actually screwing up ON PURPOSE????!!

Uh-uh, pal! I don't think so. Y'all give him credit for too much brains for that:-)
johnny reb
11 Oct 2016  #55

ya mean

No, that is what you mean.

Tell all that to Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain

All worthless cry baby traders.
Remember what the T-Party told those Republican elite's ?
Get off your ass and represent the people or your party is done......
and look what happened.
Just wait until Trump runs against Chelsea in 2020 as an Independent if America endures the next four years.
The war monger Hillary is we most likely will be nuked and wiped off the map.

The latest today;
Now the Liberal Media is claiming that Trump's sniffles are because of cocaine abuse.
What hatred the Clinton campaign is using.
I have a feeling that Trump will win the popular vote by a landslide as the American people are fed up with the elite's and their money influencing Washington. (Follow the money)

Trump will fire the whole bunch of them (and that is why they are refusing to support him as well as Wall St. and the big banks) and put Crooked Hillary in prison.

Damn, wouldn't that just be poetic/political justice at it's best.
12 Oct 2016  #56

Anybody who disagree with Johnny The Great therefore, must be crazy ergo a cry baby??
That's rich, pal:-)
johnny reb
12 Oct 2016  #57

must be crazy ergo a cry baby

I don't know what that has to do with this thread but if you say so.

Back to the twelve year old girl that Hillary attacked and assaulted.
She just laughed about it.
Did not participate in it.
But how could she ever?
She's a mother who has no nurturing skills whatsoever and she wants to lead a nation of Molly coddles who need their asses wiped by people who specialize in nothing of the sort, but are in front of the line doing so with the other hand in the cookie jar.

Whilst the Club of Rome trots out the next narrative that the next up and coming may put their tongue upon the rhetoric of office that sounds plausible until you realize the head they are offing is your neighbors.
12 Oct 2016  #58

There's rot coming from both campaigns; it all comes down to he said/she said:-) Difference is, Trump really did say and do the stuff he's alleged to have said. He's nearly as bad as WienerLOL
johnny reb
12 Oct 2016  #59

Trump really did say and do the stuff

No, he never did it, he said that it was possible to do.
It was Bill Clinton that actually raped women and Hillary Clinton that attacked and threatened them if they testified against her husband.
Got it straight now ?
Trump has the Dems against him, the media against him, the large banks against him, Wall St. against him and now the sell outs that had claimed to be Republicans against him.........how could anyone win against such a stacked deck ?

Is it a wonder Crooked Hillary requested a drone strike against Julian to stop him from exposing her corruption and deleted e-mails.
In ain't over to the fat lady sings and I think we have just seen the tip of the iceberg of what is about to come from WikiLeaks.
12 Oct 2016  #60

It was Bill Clinton that actually raped women

Is that on tape too?

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