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USA News and Poland

johnny reb
2 Sep 2018  #1

Can anyone believe the abuse President Trump has taken from the Lefts Deep State and bias Liberal News media.
Teflon Trump keeps right on marching to Make America Great Again ignoring it all.
Trump sure has exposed the corruption on Capital Hill which is causing the Left to have meltdown after meltdown.
Uprooting the Socialists destruction of America is long over due.
Trump sure makes my day when he clobbers the Commie Leftists time and time again by keeping his campaign promises.

2 Sep 2018  #2

Teflon Trump keeps right on marching to Make America Great Again ignoring it all.

The name has reminded me of Teflon Bill (Clinton) who marched to Make America Small and Unimportant, but first of all he always marched towards Monica Lewinsky (Monika LewiƄska would have been her name if she were born in Poland).

2 Sep 2018  #3

Just name it "One America Thread" and it will never get deleted. What`s the point anymore?

Rich Mazur
2 Sep 2018  #4

Why does this thread have to include "Poland"? The group has the title Off-topic talk not necessarily related to Poland.
How about just "USA"? STOP posting in this thread if you don't like the title.

johnny reb
2 Sep 2018  #5

The reason I started this thread is because the citizens in Poland don't get to hear the Trump side of the news.
Like when obama came on t.v. and said that 2.5% GDP was no longer attainable as he was struggling.
obama stated that 1% was the new norm to make himself look good.
obama mocked Trump and said, "How's Trump going to bring back jobs, with a magic wand or something ?" hahaha
The GDP just hit 4.1% under Trump making the Democrats look very bad after obama being president for 8 years running America into the ground.
That's just one more reason they want to impeach Trump.

2 Sep 2018  #6

The reason I started this thread is because the citizens in Poland don't get to hear the Trump side of the news.

It seems a bit redundant to keep posting when they deleted the 2 previous almost identical threads already? It is not deleted - check on Polanda.com.

"How's Trump going to bring back jobs, with a magic wand or something ?" hahaha

Obama looks like a court jester right now! He was totally worthless as my Senator and even worse as our President!

The name has reminded me of Teflon Bill (Clinton) who marched to Make America Small and Unimportant

Seeing him standing at Aretha Franklins funeral alongside with anti-white, anti-Semite Louis Farakahan and race pimps Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson makes me want to hurl projectile vomit.

The image says it all: Former President Bill Clinton stood feet away from notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan at the funeral for the "Queen of Soul," Aretha Franklin. Farrakhan, founder of the Nation of Islam, sat front row at the funeral, next to the race-obsessed Rev. Al Sharpton and former Democratic presidential candidate Jesse Jackson.

Rich Mazur
3 Sep 2018  #7

Aretha Franklin.

A grossly overrated, one-trick pony. Just like McCain.

johnny reb
3 Sep 2018  #8

Joe Biden quote:
"All Trump seems to be trying to do is undo everything obama has done."
Duh !
Oh I hope this moron tries to run in 2020. lol

Rich Mazur
3 Sep 2018  #9

...and gets hit by a lightning on November 5.

3 Sep 2018  #10

Oh I hope this moron tries to run in 2020. lol

Joe Biden is your stereotypical "Yes man".

The only reason Obozo chose him is he will agree and say anything his puppet master tells him.

This grinning clown already ran for President twice and lost, let him go for strike 3! Just like Crooked Hillary! Losers! hahahaha~:)

Rich Mazur
3 Sep 2018  #11

Words of wisdom, Joker. Let me be a lawyer for the other side just for fun...
Stereotypical = a regular guy next door we got to like.
Yes man = agreeable nice fellow
Puppet = loyal
Grinning = pleasant man to have around
Clown = kids will love him
Strike 3 = a great man who never gives up

How am I doing as Joe's spokesman?

johnny reb
3 Sep 2018  #12

I do appreciate the Admin. letting us have this thread here.
Poland needs to know what is really going on in America from America's citizens and not bias news medias like CNN.
EVERYTHING is hinging on the mid term elections right now.
If the Democrats take over the House Trump will be done.
If the Republicans keep the House you WILL see Crooked Hillary go down with her cohorts falling like a row of domino's.
There will be people going to prison one after another once we get a new Attorney General as Sessions hasn't had the balls to do it.

Much has already been exposed on the Deep State take down as the corner has already been turned on it.
Just a little more time is all we need to put them all in orange jump suits for Treason, Collusion, Espionage, Extortion, and much more.

The Chinese have already told Trump that they have the 30,000 e-mails that Crooked Hillary sent that they intercepted from her unsecured server.
The same e-mails that she had acid washed with bleach bit from her illegal unsecured server after it was subpoenaed by the F.B.I. as evidence against her.

Ask WHY the Attorney General Jeff Sessions refuses to start and investigation on all the new evidence against Crooked Hillary which has surfaced.
I would give my life saving to see Trump appoint Representative Trey Gowdy as our new Attorney General after the mid term elections.
Trey has torn Crooked Hillary apart, chewed her up and spit her out along with her partners in crime over and over again.
(Google Trey Gowdy - Clinton on U-tube if you want some laughs)
Trey has called and proven Crooked Hillary a liar many times while in front of the Congressional Hearing Committees.

3 Sep 2018  #13

How am I doing as Joe's spokesman?

So far, so good. Lets turn the heat up a little on Creepy Uncle Joe.

A lot of women seem to cringe when old "Handsy" comes around. However, in a day where a 26 year old lesbian and a Dem socialist can win elections. The only thing missing is a crazy leader to follow into battle.

What could possibly go wrong? lol



How will you defend him against his history of groping young women and girls? lol

If the Democrats take over the House Trump will be done

They cant impeach him without 2/3 majority of the Senate which will never happen. The Dems are just wasting their time and making themselves look even more foolish than we already know they are.

I would like to know, what is the Democratic agenda/platform moving forward? Do they even have one? Im sure its nothing positive, just resist, pout, cry, but mainly impeach Trump. Some really sore losers!!

johnny reb
3 Sep 2018  #14

It's like this, if Trump goes down the stock market will crash and there goes the Democrats 401k's and thy know it.
If Trump doesn't go down Crooked Hillary eventually will taking a multitude of the people that have been protecting her.
(See post # 12)
The Dems are so damn stupid with HATE that they will never get it.
Take how they make a big whoop about Trump giving $130,000 to a consenting hooker but quickly forget about the $400 MILLION obama gave to a known terrorist country (Iran) in hard cold cash that jeopardized our country and that was no big whoop.

Will the Left ever catch on ?
And who in the hell do they even have for a presidential hopeful ?
The old wrinkled up ass hags Crooked Hillary, Nancy Pelosi, Pocahontas Warren, Aunie Maxine Waters, Whoopie or how about Crazy Bernie or Creepy Uncle Joe Bite Me.

It ain't lookin' good for them at this point yet they are talking about the Blue Wave with no agenda. lol

Rich Mazur
3 Sep 2018  #15

Trashing 401k's is a lesser included evil or a collateral damage, if you prefer. They are ready and willing to destroy the country with their insane affection for the illegal scum for the future votes, so 401k's don't matter.

The Dems are so damn stupid with HATE that they will never get it.

I read somewhere that the main requirement to being a member is the applicant's IQ lower then 85, 10 pounds of white guilt, or a certificate of unsuccessful stay in a mental institution.

johnny reb
4 Sep 2018  #16

willing to destroy the country with their insane affection for the illegal scum

I always have said, "a family deported together stays together."

Rich Mazur
4 Sep 2018  #17

...except for those who fake being a family. You know, rent-a-kid to make dumb ass American women cry.

johnny reb
4 Sep 2018  #18

Women run on emotions, men run on facts.
The D.N.A. testing put a skids on all those women bringing six kids into our country that did not belong to her biologically.

The liberal groups that paid and organized to have them come up from Central America into the United States were outraged.

cms neuf
4 Sep 2018  #19

Why would it crash ? I have plenty of stocks and bonds in the US and i would be quite happy to keep them there if Pence was in charge. Who feels different?

Plenty of other country's markets are growing strongly - will they crash too because America loses some senile moron as President?

From the point of view of foreign investors Trump presenta some risk - his politics makes an investment in the US much more volatile abd his deficits will weaken the dollar.

But in any case i feel far less safe with Trumo - the Dow Jones is going to make me happy if i have to look for a nuclear shelter for my kids

johnny reb
4 Sep 2018  #20

Who feels different?

I do.
Things are not as rosy in America as CNN wants you to believe.
American families are struggling with debt and savings in the "greatest economy ever".
More than 80 percent of American families define the "American Dream" as financial security and homeownership, and more than half think this dream is unattainable.
The market is ready to tank any day now.
Trump is the only one that has got us this far.

cms neuf
4 Sep 2018  #21

? But then if its ready to crash now what does Trump have to do with it ?

And how much of the funds invested on the market at the moment are from ordinary working American families? Much of it is from institutions or from abroad or from wealthy Americans.

I dont watch CNN any more than you do, and certainly not for market news

Rich Mazur
4 Sep 2018  #22

Women run on emotions, men run on facts.

That explains why there were only guys and no women in the chief's tent when deciding how to stay alive. That also explains why we are as messed up as we are. In spite of Roe, the merciful God still loves the United States enough to hand the bi*** a loss.

johnny reb
5 Sep 2018  #23

My opinion today.
Time to cash out of the markets and invest in some good farmland.
The Global Financial System Is unraveling, and No, the U.S. Is not immune.
We All are in for some hard times as these "Good Old Days" are about to come to an end world wide.

Rich Mazur
5 Sep 2018  #24

On Titanic, which reminds me of how the Western Europe is run today, there were those who died first and those who died last. I hope I will die last.

johnny reb
7 Sep 2018  #25

Trump is truly Making America Great Again.
US economy added a strong 201,000 jobs in August.
The jobs obongo said that would never come back.
Average hourly earnings increased 2.9 percent from a year earlier while the jobless rate was unchanged at 3.9 percent, still near the lowest since the 1960s.
Oh is Trump making the Democrats look bad, very bad.
No wonder they want to impeach him so bad.
Can you imagine if the Left would just stfu and let Trump do his job where we would be.

Rich Mazur
7 Sep 2018  #26

US economy added a strong 201,000 jobs in August.

None of this matters because Trump colors his hair and talks pussy talk.
And, instead of taking s*** from the swamp, he fights right back. Unforgivable. A truly terrible man. Impeach.

7 Sep 2018  #27

US economy added ... jobs

Thank you, weed industry! LOL!

johnny reb
7 Sep 2018  #28

Are you trying to insinuate that all those 200,000 jobs were all new jobs in the weed industry. lmao
Better you say that they were a carry over from obongo if you are going to lie, lie big.
TRUMP 2020 !

Rich Mazur
8 Sep 2018  #29

From the American Mirror: HE'S BACK! Obama refers to himself 102 times during 64-minute speech
Uncharacteristically, I will leave the above without a comment, as no comment is necessary other than to highlight what happens when white guilt turns them into morons. Twice.

johnny reb
8 Sep 2018  #30

China has been stealing technology by cyber warfare, students in the U.S., copyright violations, behind the scenes mechanism of turning American innovation into cheap Chinese knockoffs.

It costs the American economy $5 trillion per year.
Sixty years ago China was a third world poor country.
How did they catch up so fast besides stealing from the U.S.A. ?
China has not surpassed the U.S. in technology for a reason.
Trump is FINALLY trying to do something about this to Make America Great Again by stopping the thieving of America.

By failing to actively support Serbians, Poland facing untold capitulation; I see danger for Poland. [3]After Brexit, Northern Ireland may obtain a special status in the EU [489]

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