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Trump admits America has blood on it's hands.

8 Feb 2017  #61

I agree one hundred percent, Atch!

Most homogenous European countries are, on the surface anyway, "hospitable" to visitors, so long as they sense the guest will soon be leaving, otherwise, he becomes a burden (like the old German saying goes).
9 Feb 2017  #62

I think that I admire to Trump.
9 Feb 2017  #63

I think that I love America. At least it has hint of honesty now.

But just imagine if mad Clinton Hillary won elections. She would lie and shake hear head, f*** rest of the world till the very end in nuclear mushroom.
9 Feb 2017  #64

If you understood him, which you obviously don't, you wouldn't, you couldn't, admire such a creature!!

Our first DIVORCED president???! What a precedent.
9 Feb 2017  #65

No, Lyzko, you seams don`t listen to me for all these years. USA did collaborated with Al Qaeda during Civil War in former Yugoslavia, did transported mujaheedines in Bosnia, did supported Muslim extremists and Croat Nazis in the region, did illegally bombed Yugoslavia, did used depleted uranium against Serbia, did militarily occupied Serbia and started partition of the country. Effectively, USA was tool of German and Islamic expansionism. Tool of Clinton`s clan deals with certain financial circles in Britain, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Germany.

Now, in my perception, Trump is far lesser evil them Hillary Clinton. Trump even brings changes. You heard the man about Germany and EU. Its for starter
10 Feb 2017  #66

After I've translated your message from Crowsian into proper English, I'd be only too pleased to respond to you! Maybe GoogleTranslate can help, or perhaps another Serbian native speaker here on PF can help out. Me? I simply have neither the time nor the desire:-)
11 Feb 2017  #67

Lyzko, you are lizac

How would Poles and Poland react if its proved that NATO organized branch of ISIS army in the heart of Europe? [29]News from parallel universe [6]

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