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European News and Poland Thread

Rich Mazur
18 Feb 2019  #211

Warsaw or not, me thinks that the very non-Orwellian "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" would somehow be loosely mentioned at least once.
Kind of like that the Iran Muslim sh**heads don't actually mean it and that they were sort of joking and that they are sooo sorry and misunderstood - you know those language barriers - and that the Americans and the Israelis should have a better sense of humor.

And why would anyone pay any attention to those meaningless political slogans and the fact that Iran supports all kinds of 72-virgin terrorist a-holes whose sole mission is to make Israel just disappear, possibly forever.

Yeah, I, too, wonder why the Israelis don't find "Death to Israel" funny. Like ha ha ha funny.

26 Feb 2019  #212


How will Poles living in the UK deal with forced trans & gay sex ed for 5 year olds?


Note that opting out will be illegal.

cms neuf
26 Feb 2019  #213

Source RT.

The Sunday Times article is actually far different from your idiotic headline.

26 Feb 2019  #214

Source RT

Never,ever,trust RT.

26 Feb 2019  #215

Russia Times never to be trusted..

Rich Mazur
26 Feb 2019  #216


I read this one and the other stories.
The contempt I have for the Euros is impossible to express. After contempt, comes the anger that the US actually defended and continues to defend these sick bastards. What a waste of money. From now on, I will celebrate every rape and every murder when white Euros are the victims. Serves you right, a**holes. Enjoy it.

Rich Mazur
26 Feb 2019  #217

Russia Times never to be trusted..

OK, why don't you look there and find a story that is false. I will be waiting....

Bratwurst Boy
26 Feb 2019  #218

Lessons for five-year-olds and upwards will cover consent, sexting, and protecting themselves online.


I can't find any fault in that! Especially with all these sick pedos prowling the net looking for fresh young "meat"!

The Department for Education said, that as part of a strengthened curriculum, secondary school students will learn about female genital mutilation (FGM) other forms of honour-based abuse, as well as grooming, domestic abuse and forced marriage.

Should be needed for but not only muslim students....especially muslim parents often don't want their children to be educated about all things sexuality, especially the girls.

Now they can't opt out anymore!

26 Feb 2019  #219

OK, why don't you look there and find a story that is false. I will be waiting..

None of them are completely false Rich,this is how they get you.
They take a true story and put a twist on it.
The reason so many people trust RT is because they report some stories others don't and then put their spin on it.
So easy to fall into their trap.....

Rich Mazur
27 Feb 2019  #220

Sorry, but this explanation does not work for me.
There are only two ways to lie: by commission and by omission. Other than that, by a clever use of exaggerations - typically by adjectives and adverbs.

So, how does rt.com lie?

This is just an example how the global warmers lie here: Only never anything remotely this rapidly........as if anybody actually needed reminding of that simple fact (unless such denial serves some ridiculous self-serving politics of course)

I highlighted the lies. One sentence - at least five lies. Plus one baseless putdown, denial, only meant to shame the opposition.

Dirk diggler
13 Mar 2019  #221

Speaking of UK...

Seems that one video I shared with the Muslim praying from UK army is just part of one in a series!!

Theres other recruitment videos show how a dude all happy to be accepted as a fag in the army, another one tells men it's okay to cry.. OMG bwhahahahhaa and these fools think they're gonna go up against Russia or China 😂

UK recruitment videos vs China's for comparison

I thought this was a parody or something but no it's even worse the UK government spent millions of pounds making these ****** recruitment videos.

Guess they didn't have their inteded effect since muzzies still don't care much for your armed forces, unless its part of a wider goal to carry out jihad

Now they're even telling boys in gymnasticsthat they can share a locker room or showers with girls in the UK and the coach can't even tell the parents. Man you're country is fuuuucked. As if the Muslim invasion and demographic replacement wasn't enough. The merchants really did a number on the UK...

14 Mar 2019  #222

"Never,ever,trust RT"

"Russia Times never to be trusted"

A lie is always best sold sandwiched between two truths. It is up to you to determine which is bread and which bull$hite.

No mainstream press can be trusted completely.

Dirk diggler
14 Mar 2019  #223

More people watch RT than any other media network, mostly through youtube. Their videos have something like 5 billion views. They're pretty objective but of course they won't criticize Putin. Besides why bite the hand that feeds..

15 Mar 2019  #224

New Zealand: Enrichment Edition


Shouldn't they just have been deported to Poland, or "israel"?

How much will I be paid to stay in your Country?

Dirk diggler
15 Mar 2019  #225

New Zealand: Enrichment Edition

The memes already starting ROFL

On his weapons one of the things he wrote was polish King Jan III Sobieski and battle of Vienna....

If you go on breitbard 4chan 8chan even Reddit etc people are praising this guy.

That's what happens when dudes get sick of multiculturalism and are backed into a corner...

Nonetheless this only is a drop in the bucket. Since Muslims breed like rats, new ninjas and neckbeards have already spawned to replace them. This must be a more concerted effort to free white lands in one fell swoop.

One thing is for certain. More and more people are becoming red pilled, nationalistic, etc. Whether it's a normie voting for obran, salvini, a polish paper publishing an article on Jews' m.o, or a new Zealander who listens to mariachi music on his way to **** up a mosque - people and I mean white Europeans who don't want to be replaced are fighting back each in their own way.

Bratwurst Boy
16 Mar 2019  #226

Özil wants Erdogan at his wedding....the man should had been kicked out from the Mannschaft immediately.

18 Mar 2019  #227

More people watch RT

I can't say one way or the other but there is no way that this news item should be trusted. It must be fake and any discussion of it may be construed as anti-semenetic. Life in prison and children sold into bondage for a mere mention.


Dirk diggler
18 Mar 2019  #228


So what? Better to have people informed than slap labels and keep them ignorant. After all that's what the neurotic yids controlling media desire...

18 Mar 2019  #229

The main problem with this forum is that some people on here deliberately post outragous stuff just to get a reaction.
They think it's funny.
I believe they are commonly known as trolls.
I have been guilty of it in the past,but have learnt how weird this forum can be.....so my advice is;

Bratwurst Boy
18 Mar 2019  #230

Jack the Ripper was a Pole!


Jack the Ripper was Polish barber Aaron Kosminski, scientists claim after fresh DNA tests

Is that photo real???

18 Mar 2019  #231

Jack the Ripper was a Pole!


I get you now BB......

Bratwurst Boy
18 Mar 2019  #232

Heh :)

18 Mar 2019  #233

One of my faults is that I sometimes take things at face value.
If you insult my Mum I will probably punch you in the face rather than look for the subtle joke first......
Must restrain myself......

Bratwurst Boy
20 Mar 2019  #234

I lead Poland's united opposition. We will bring the country back to Europe

Grzegorz Schetyna


We can defeat the ruling rightwing populist party - then help Emmanuel Macron to reform the EU

Now that's a goal! Who is that guy?

20 Mar 2019  #235

the Mannschaft

Awfully somber atmosphere this evening at the Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg for Jogi's men I hear.



20 Mar 2019  #236

More Senegalese school bus drivers for Poland? This bus driver chap in Italy was misunderstood. He merely wanted to treat the buses' occupants to an unscheduled marshmallow roast.


If only Mastroianni were still with us surely he'd direct a beautiful & poignant film of the ordeal.

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