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Poland - Serbia etc. thread

8 Jul 2020  #1,741

And according to this article, it does not own S-400 themselves.

Let us believe to the article.


Poland gave middle finger to EU and NATO because of Serbia. Who can ask for more. When the time come, Poland will annul its Kosovo recognition. Just like that.

8 Jul 2020  #1,742

middle finger to EU and NATO

When was that supposed to happen? Is there some sort of embargo against Serbia?

the time come

What time? When Serbia invades Kosovo?

8 Jul 2020  #1,743

I just voted on parliamentarian and local elections in Serbia. I voted for SNS.

Sendvič zaradjujes na Polishforums-u?

8 Jul 2020  #1,744

They deserved it, I don't need sendvič. Economy.

Vesko Vukovic
9 Jul 2020  #1,745

And then people complain about the so-called brutality of the police in the US.


At least the US cop only put the knee on the guy's neck, he didn't actually beat him.


Another example of police brutality in Serbia, people sitting peacefully on the bench are beaten by the police in the park just because they happen to be in the vicinity of the demonstrations.

9 Jul 2020  #1,746

Yes. I heard for that. At first protesters surprised regular police and urinated them. Then came the special police unit. Those who didn`t finish in hospital says it was horrible. I can imagine.

9 Jul 2020  #1,747

Another example of police brutality in Serbia,

At first protesters surprised regular police and urinated them

Sounds very primitive. No wonder the rest of Europe has nothing but contempt for Serbia

9 Jul 2020  #1,748

Nothing happened here what isn`t usual in Europe and US these days. This makes us very modern actually.

9 Jul 2020  #1,749

The problem is that Serbian policemen don't have that quality training as LAPD.


That's how it's done, when you're the elite.


9 Jul 2020  #1,750

When was that supposed to happen? Is there some sort of embargo against Serbia?

When Poland gave middle finger to EU and NATO because of Serbia? Actually there is embargo against Russia. And all Serbian choices are limited in cooperation with EU and NATO. Now, Poland increased Serbia`s maneuverable space and relaxed situation, secured heavy arming of Serbia, despite resistance of Germany to it.

What time? When Serbia invades Kosovo?

Serbia can`t invade its own territory. Its our land by the constitution. More then half of the world thinks so.

But Serbia won`t move army if local Serbs aren`t directly life threatened, because Serbia already wins diplomatic battle for Kosovo. Why complicate. By UN resolutions Kosovo is UN protectorate and part of Serbia. Time works for us. We strengthen economically and militarily. Entire region of former Yugoslavia gravitate to Serbia. Bulgaria, Albania, Hungary, too.

Now, what TIME?

When it is time. When it suits Poland, as one of instruments to contain German and EU aggression. Serbia knows that and have time to wait for it. Even to coordinate with Poland, I have no doubts.


Macron welcomed Vucic in the Élysée Palace PHOTO / VIDEO



After the meeting of the two delegations, a working dinner will follow, which Macron is organizing in honor of President Vucic.

Serbia is giving them a reason by aligning too closely to Russia.

Serbia is quite enough power to hold the keys of the South Stream and of the Nord Stream. Let Ursula and Merkel just continue to tackle the Serbian penis and you shall see.

See, when dobri brat Corey Lewandowski visited Serbia he didn't asks why Serbs cooperate with Russians, but what is the price of it. Corey knows the business. The answer he got satisfied him. The answer was- in the short and long run Russia expects Serbian military and political neutrality on the global military alliances, while in the long run expect Poland's neutrality or neutrality of any future conglomerate Poland and Serbia form. Corey smiled at that. They say he smiled a lot of that day and evening, so much that he next day opened the money flow line from Polonia to Bosnian Serbs. Corey understood. It means that Russia giving the green light for the formation of Intermarium as long as it isn't hostile on Russia in its nature. It means full and guaranteed sovereignty and independence for a number of countries from Baltic to Balkan. It means Poland to become a power on its own, a European, and even world power. It means Poland, as well as Serbia, has a realm where non can threaten Her.



Brat Corey in Belgrade, with Serbian top business magnates

Oh how would Germany finish in three nice mamas (u tri lepe mame). Croatia, too, where Catholic and Orthodox Serbs would be liberated from pro-German ustasha and Vatican`s Franciscan order and Opus Dei yoke. US embassy in Serbia statement overlap with statement of Serbian President who mentioned Germany behind protests in Belgrade and organized attacks on police. Germany and Croatia were mentioned by Serbia`s President Vucic.

US Embassy in Serbia: We are deeply concerned; Coordinated assaults on the police

"We condemn all forms of violence, including what appears to be coordinated attacks on police that appear to have provoked excessive reactions

O, sit foe on the Serbian d**k and rejoice.

Germany is now sex slave in orgie where USA and Russia compete to f**k more. Ursula and Merkel can`t walk normally anymore. Its such a wild sex.

10 Jul 2020  #1,751

If Crow's Serbian endorsement of Howdy Doody

o sure Duda approves of the Srebrenica massacre from now on - and yeah Serbian support for Duda really ale to really counts

10 Jul 2020  #1,752

Just for the record. You know, Ratko Racow was systematic but some Arab mujaheddins survived in Srebrenica when they escaped in local US base. It was USA in time of Clinton. Had great deals with coalition of Islamic league, Britain of Blair, France, Germany and Vatican.

11 Jul 2020  #1,753

25 years ago, Bosnian Serbs slaughtered 8000 civilians in Sarajevo, the first genocide on European soil since 1945.


11 Jul 2020  #1,754

USA in time of Clinton

Its not Clintons fault for your barbaric behavior.

Duda approves of the Srebrenica massacre from now on

The amount of rubbish that Crow posts here is astounding.

11 Jul 2020  #1,755

Bosnian Serbs slaughtered 8000 civilians in Sarajevo,

Yes, a very tragic event, like always during civil wars which are the cruellest of all coz neighbours murder each other with unconstrained ferocity.

However, Serbs claim they only prevented the slaughter if their own people by their Muslim compatriots who were going to kill/expell non Muslim Serbs but didn`t have enough time, power and resources for that.

Where is the truth, then?

11 Jul 2020  #1,756

However, Serbs claim they only prevented the slaughter

Unfortunately we failed. More then of our 3000 man, woman and children was killed in most bestial ways by Arab and local mujaheedines in Srebrenica villages. Ratko Mladic happened too late. Only some local Serbs were saved but then revenge occurred. That is when some Muslim man and young man (but not a single child) were killed. Also, some captured Muslim fighters (Arab mujahedines included) were killed while tried to escape and some did escape in local USA NATO base.

So, genocide in Srebrenica happened on Serbs. What happened to Muslims was no genocide. A massacre in some degree, yes, and some died during escape.

11 Jul 2020  #1,757

Where is the truth, then?

That is like saying that the Germans only killed the Poles because otherwise they would have been killed. The only mass scale killings were commited by Serbs.

but not a single child

There were children as young as 12 years among the victims. None of the victims were armed, many of them were found with bound hands behind their backs. Have some shame and stop filthy lies.


The testimony of one of the very few survivors.

11 Jul 2020  #1,758

The only mass scale killings were commited by Serbs.

You are like your Goebels. Repeat lies and it will become truth. Ah, oh, you deluded Germans. Late you would complain.

But what saddens me the most, you Germans are nothing but northern Serbs. That you were less than 500 years ago. That is what Romans did to you and then when the richest Romans of Rome created the Vatican, you moved in joint Drang Nach Osten.

The testimony of one of the very few survivors.

If you say so. I have no doubts that when horror was unleashed some maniac was able to kill a child. But, even Hague proved it was not organized by state institutions. Plus, it's very well known that Ratko Mladic saved Muslim women and children, moved them out of the area.

But man, that Civil War Germany created. Others from the west of Europe and the USA followed Germany in the adventure. Just wait. You won't escape. Third time in one century Germany attacked Serbs. Now, as a reward, those who prove to be nice would be Serbs again. Those who aren`t nice merge with Arabs.

12 Jul 2020  #1,759

The testimony of one of the very few survivors.

What a horrible, but compelling story. I can't believe that Crow has been allowed to flood this forum with his serb propaganda for over a decade. These serb crimes aren't any different than the Nazis ( holocaust) and should be treated as such.

You are like your Goebels. Repeat lies

No you are! The Serb "Minister of Propaganda". Nobody believes your lies around here anymore!

Dirk diggler
12 Jul 2020  #1,760

The only mass scale killings were commited by Serbs.

Complete B.S. The Albanians were way worse. The Serbs weren't killing people and selling their organs like the Albanians.

Besides, Serbs had every right to fight to keep their country intact and when that wasn't possible with Croatia and Slovenia leaving, they wanted to at least keep the land where lots of Serbs live especially in Bosnia and around Kosovo. Poles did the same when the powers tried to rip them apart. Even to today Bosnia is divided up into a Serb zone because in those parts they outnumber the Bosnian kebab.

12 Jul 2020  #1,761

Complete B.S.

Yet you follow it up with othing except whataboutism to refute my point (that the Serbs were the only one who commited mass killing of that scale).

had every right

They had no right to continue oppressing the other people (Yugoslawia was created by force anyway) and they certainly had no roght to commit genocide.

where lots of Serbs live

That doesnt include e.g. Kosovo though

Bosnian kebab.

Just goes to show what kind of human garbage you are that you feel to degrade the victims of this genocide.

Vesko Vukovic
12 Jul 2020  #1,762

May everyone have a happy this 25th year anniversary of the liberation of the Serbian town of Srebrenica from mujaheedins.




12 Jul 2020  #1,763

What a brilliant military operation that was...

My respect and congratulations to all who participated in it. Worthy of our glorious ancestors.

Greetings from Serbian Sparta.


Dirk diggler
12 Jul 2020  #1,764

@Vesko Vukovic

Salute Vojska Srpske!!! They really did a good job removing kebab there. It's a shame that the W Europeans don't have the balls to do the same in their own lands.

Vesko Vukovic
12 Jul 2020  #1,765


I will not deny Srebrenica nor do I deny it now; therefore, Srebrenica is a city in Republika Srpska that undoubtedly exists.


As for the alleged "genocide" that allegedly "happened" there, I can only say that I did not see a single piece of evidence that civilians were killed there, and even if they did, it would only be a just retribution for the many crimes committed by the balije (mujaheedin) in the villages on the territory of the municipality of Bratunac, so I think that what these anti-Serbs allege would be completely justified even if it happened, as it did not.



12 Jul 2020  #1,766

I can only say that I did not see a single piece of evidence

You are willfully blind then. The evidence is so overwhelming that it can not be overlooked. The identities of the murdered covilians are mostly documentes and they include young children.

a just retribution

1. Genocide is never "just".

2. Most of the atrocities before Srebenica were commited by Serbs as well, so it can't even be argued that it was somehow "provoked".


It is really funny joking about the murder of innocent people, isn't it... .

Neither is posting long debunked video are particulary clever.

Dirk diggler
12 Jul 2020  #1,767

a just retribution for

A lot things.... like for example no one talks about jasenovac or killing Serbs for organs by the KLA

12 Jul 2020  #1,768

Absolutely agreed. Among those public taboos is Greek genocide on Serbs after WWI. Serbs seams to be rare thing that unites Vatican, Greeks, Patriarchate of Constantinople, Islamic league, western Europe and those magnates of USA that are behind Clinton`s.

Isn`t it then so logical that Serbs represent maybe last thing that can make Poland and Russia work together. For example, like this ongoing project of arming Serbs with Russia`s modern weaponry via Poland`s air space no matter all NATO and EU objections. Can you imagine Poland allow transport of Russia`s S-400 Triumph fly in Russian planes above Poland? And destination is Serbia from where you can hit airplane even above Rome and Constantinople. With missile shield in Serbia and in Kaliningrad in coordination, one have perfect coverage of western Europe.

Interesting isn`t it.

12 Jul 2020  #1,769

Absolutely agreed.

You should have find yourself an alliance that would help you out. What about might Russia? Left you out to dry. Crying foul if you are loosing is just not working. Huffing and sulking and yapping your nonsense about Germany, Slavs, Vatican, USA and who knows what. Won't help you in the slightest. It make you look like an half-crazy goat F..er!

You lost. That all that there is!. Do better next time. All your woes and resentment keep it for yourselves. Unless you can turn it around and use it as Jews did it.

12 Jul 2020  #1,770


Arrogant as ever. And ignorant whats going on around him. Don`t you see what moved Poland to allow Russia`s transports to Serbia? Poland realizes that Vatican, Greeks, Patriarchate of Constantinople, western Europe and those magnates of USA that are behind Clinton`s betrayed and works with Islamic league against Slavs, Europe and Western world. And venerable Trump and magnates behind him realized that and sided with us, too.


With support of Poland and Russia, we Serbs will win and our victory will be for all Slavs, ie Sarmatians and free world. We Serbs are last chance to Poland and Russia to prove yourself in front of ancestress. Save yourself from shame, misery and slavery!

Macron insults The USA. [98]By failing to actively support Serbians, Poland facing untold capitulation; I see danger for Poland. [3]

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