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USA News and Poland - Part 1

10 Apr 2019  #151

crnogorec and vesko are like Laura and Hardy?Tom and Jerry?Pinky and Perky?

You choose.......

Whatever you choose, they are a joke......

Rich Mazur
11 Apr 2019  #152

The following is a list of countries where Americans are likely to be kidnapped for ransom. That's according to the State Department.

Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Colombia, Congo, Ethiopia, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Mali, Mexico, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Russia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine (in Russian-controlled eastern Ukraine), Venezuela, and Yemen.

Not surprisingly, it consists of the world's first-class sh**holes where white people are rare. What is shocking is the inclusion of Russia. So, my question for the forum Russian posters: it is so or is it just one more way to get even with Russia for that brutal and bloody Crimean referendum?

My apologies to the mods for cutting and pasting. I do it so rarely that you can cut me some slack this time.

For the full article: cnn.com/2019/04/10/politics/state-department-travel-advisory-kidnapping-risk/index.html

11 Apr 2019  #153


I would not agree that it is first-class sh**hole, been there, seen that. More likely it is NATO founding member that suddenly (after failed coup attempt orchestrated from US) started to have their own opinion, not necessarily in agreement with US "recommendations".

Rich Mazur
11 Apr 2019  #154

Turkey may not have raw sewer flowing in the streets but it is an Islamic state no sane person should visit.

11 Apr 2019  #155

It's a largely secular state with nice people and thousands of visitors a year.

Rich Mazur
11 Apr 2019  #156

Some gladly visit Uganda, too. Secular state does not mean safe state. North Korea is a secular state.

11 Apr 2019  #157


A beautiful country with a tourism industry.

Rich Mazur
11 Apr 2019  #158

Where I go I want to be one of the poorest, not one of the richest. Unless they provide me with a battalion of UZI-carrying guards.

The problem is that every American has ten grand, and the local scum knows it. They also know that ten grand is ten times their annual income.

No, thanks.

11 Apr 2019  #159

Where I go I want to be one of the poorest, not one of the richest.

Oops then. Seems you have got too much dollars to be able to go everywhere you wish. ;)

I feel myself equally well in Istanbul, in Madrid and in Vilnius, for example. But maybe already too rich to fly to Lagos. ;) Oops again.

11 Apr 2019  #160

Istanbul, in Madrid

Two great cities.

11 Apr 2019  #161

thousands of visitors a year.

Millions, you mean. 40m visitors last year, which rather shows that Turkey is more attractive than a windowless dungeon in St Petersburg.

11 Apr 2019  #162

The newer businessy parts of the huge (15 million plus) city are as shiny as anywhere.

Rich Mazur
11 Apr 2019  #163

And I should spend 20 hours flying to see that crap and the 15 million Turks I don't give a sh** about?
The only tourism that's worth anything to me is the one that involves emotional attachment and nostalgia. That is why I went to see Poland after fifty years. That is why I went to Radom, a nothing town to others but a place where I spent the best six years of my childhood until my grandma died.

There is no way I would spend a dime to see Turkey.

11 Apr 2019  #164

I doubt they'll lose much sleep over that.

Rich Mazur
11 Apr 2019  #165

I don't care about their sleep. I care about mine and the torture of a ten-hour flight to see what?
Also, I don't travel to places that don't have the 1st Amendment in their constitutions. With my big mouth, I would be serving life-no-parole in the UK for hurting Muslim migrants' feelings.

11 Apr 2019  #166

Also, I don't travel to places that don't have the 1st Amendment in their constitutions

That limits you. Stay in America; you know you want to.

11 Apr 2019  #167

Two great cities.

Agree. Nice to be there. But only in Moscow I feel myself at home.


Rich Mazur
12 Apr 2019  #168

I don't know how things are outside, but, here, in "America", when a woman opens her mouth on TV, something really stupid comes out it - 9 out of 10 times.

To make the pain close to insufferable - in that shrieking high-pitch voice.

12 Apr 2019  #169

When she open her mouth in a court room, that "really stupid" can drain your bank account as well.

Rich Mazur
12 Apr 2019  #170

...because, against all statistical evidence, women must always be believed, and a mere accusation is all the proof we need.

12 Apr 2019  #171

Is US and UK governments should be considered female?

Rich Mazur
12 Apr 2019  #172

Yes. The feminization of both is what turned these two into a pussified mess. That is why they hate Russia and Putin.

12 Apr 2019  #173

Looks like they hate everyone who dare to have balls.
Assange come to mind from last news.

Rich Mazur
12 Apr 2019  #174

When a foreign policy is based on a publicly stated desire to be nice and good, one thing is for sure: you (editorial) are a moron or there is a woman right behind you who makes you act like one.

Trump and his prodding females is one such example, notwithstanding his "America First" red-meat proclamations to keep the faithful warm and happy for the next cycle of promises. The limp-wristed Obama was another ball-less "man" - famous for doing curtsies better than any woman could.

Bottom line: when you see a weak man, check who he goes to bed with. A real woman or "Michael".

Assange come to mind from last news.

How does Assange connect with the subject of girly men?

12 Apr 2019  #175

Because Assange definitely had [copper] balls. But now "pussified mess" will try to kill him.

Rich Mazur
12 Apr 2019  #176

With his fame, he is as safe as pope. Unless, of course, he will one day decide to end his life.
On the other hand, since women are certified idiots when it comes to the notorious prisoners - including serial killers and mass murders - he will have the kind of following and offers you can only dream about.

12 Apr 2019  #177

Unless, of course, he will one day decide to end his life.

Way too narcissistic for that.

the notorious prisoners

I heard that federal prisons are much easier than state ones.

Rich Mazur
13 Apr 2019  #178

Way too narcissistic for that.

My fault for not writing decide in quotes. It should have been: Unless, of course, he will one day "decide" to end his life.
That quoted decide will be in a future press release by the Bureau of Prisons explaining why he will not be able to testify about Hillary's conspiracy and collusion with Russia and the "contributors" to her charity.

I heard that federal prisons are much easier than state ones.

That depends why you are in. Treason will land you in Florence, Colorado - the nastiest place on earth other than Black Dolphin. Before they sent me here, I had to spend three months there to toughen up. It was not fun.

13 Apr 2019  #179


Interesting question I found: Number one thing shocking Polish about U.S. or any Europeans

I would say that the number one thing is the fact that a society founded on racism and founded on destroying entire populations like the native americans and slavery has the audacity to try being a world policeforce or try telling europeans or Russians what to do. Anyone agree? This person said the exact same thing in a Quora post I recently found about Poland and the U.S:


Shitonya Brits
13 Apr 2019  #180

America was founded by the British.

The racism and genocide you are referring to is what happens when British dogs are taken off their leads.

This pattern repeats everywhere Britain had colonies.

It still exists in Britain today.

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