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Priority of Buildings signals what matters to a Nation - Germany

Bratwurst Boy
7 Mar 2019  #61

PS: Apropos speech patterns....I grew up in East Berlin...my dialect is the same like in West Berlin (spoken by true Berliners that is, not the Zugereisten from Swabia or Bavaria, heh:)

7 Mar 2019  #62

Allright then, a "Wessi wannabe":-) Furthermore, she's only part Polish on one side of her family.

8 Mar 2019  #63

you could also say she is polish because her grandparents had been Poles.

Nah, she is not. So you couldn't say it. She is a German. Don't try to get rid off her. Nobody wants her. For a good measure you can keep Tusk, after all his grandpa was in Wehrmacht.

8 Mar 2019  #64

Better Merkel or Kramp Karrenbauer, even Merz, than Hoecke.

8 Mar 2019  #65

I vote Höcke :)

8 Mar 2019  #66

You would, wouldn't you! And you have the chutzpah (Wagemut) to assert that you personally have no problem with Jews per se?? The man wants to water down

Holocaust education in Germany, allowing once again for the fertile soil of anti-Jewish bias to be sown by the seeds of indifference!!

How much to water such ground after a violent AfD victory rain storm, huh? More a "****-Storm", in fact:-)

8 Mar 2019  #67

Look, we talked about Holocaust at school. I did not care, none of my class mates did care. Infact most joked about it between school lessons. Its boring and takes too much room. I would have prefered to learn more about old egypt.

8 Mar 2019  #68

You are being flippant about about a very tragic event in the history of mankind.

8 Mar 2019  #69

For a good measure you can keep Tusk, after all his grandpa was in Wehrmacht.

That only shows what a stinking manipulator you are. Tusk`s grandfather was forcefully enlisted into Wehrmacht like thousands other Poles under German occupation.

8 Mar 2019  #70

Dolnoslask, don't try to convince that type of warped sensibility about anything much concerning history or most topics higher than the stomach, because it will fall on deaf ears!

Most younger Europeans nowadays tire quickly of history lessons, indeed the more Americanized can barely handle talking about much of anything, with the
exception of their latest material bauble:-) A hopeless bunch, I'm afraid.

8 Mar 2019  #71


If you talk too much about something, it loses its sense. Thats the problem.

My grandma says there is more Hitler in media today than when Hitler was actually chancellor.

8 Mar 2019  #72

Lord knows what she meant by that:-)

It always loses something in the translation anywayLOL

8 Mar 2019  #73

there is more Hitler in media today than when Hitler was actually chancellor.

Really?, sounds like more like someone is in historical denial, what with 8 million Nazi party members in WWII, compare that with only 425,910 member of the ruling CDU today.

9 Mar 2019  #74

Denial is that generation's first, middle, and last name, dolno! Those who grew up post-war during the Economic Miracle were practically fed denial along with their mama's milk. The so-called "Rubble Years" (Truemmerjahre) taught plenty of pluck, grit, and resiliency, though scarcely humanity! I should add moreso in the former East and in Western Germany at the time.

Typically, a good way for any young German boy to get his face slapped hard by papa, was to bring up at the dinner table something he learned that day in school or might have heard about the Nazi Era, or whether daddy was part of those Mobile Jew Killing Units (Einsatzgruppen) in the East. This, usually accompanied by some

screaming, only to be placated by mommy or some other older female family member present. And then, the whole matter would be swept under the rug:-)

Two excellent books highlight this situation, "Verschollene Jahre: 1933-1945" (The Missing Years: 1933-1945) and "Papa, hast du's getan?: Taeterkinder sprechen"
(Dad, did you do that? Children of war criminals speak out).

9 Mar 2019  #75

The problem is...and all this pseudo intellectual bla bla ignores it...that most people dont care.

G7ve me a reason why it shoukd affect me mire tgan aztec human sacrifice? Or red khmer.

10 Mar 2019  #76

And because they don't care, they devalue themselves both as "proud" Germans as well as human beings, period!
You seem to justify ignorance, sir. Scarcely a credit to the country you seem so adamant in defending.

10 Mar 2019  #77

Oh really? Who died that you think you can give the definition what makes a proud german?

I´m not ignorant. I´m aware of the Holocaust. Know about it. See it as negative politics. And thats it. No need for sentimental folklore.

10 Mar 2019  #78

Without conscience, without soul, there can be no humanity. This not one man's opinion, but a plain statement of immutable (unerschuetterlich) fact!

10 Mar 2019  #79

Yep, i also find the sinking of the Titanic sad. 911, the 30 year war, the sinking of the Gustloff ect. Many sad things.

11 Mar 2019  #80

It's not how sad we find a tragedy, but rather what do we do to prevent it from happening, as well as most of all, to try to leaven the heavy load of the living who have survived and now must bear the consequences of such tragedy! Honeyed words mean nothing unless accompanied by action.

Furthermore, comparing the sinking of the Titanic with WWII and the Nazi onslaught against civilization beggars commentary, it's so insultingly ludicrous.

11 Mar 2019  #81

The Titanic was a really beautiful ship and well designed. She was sunk by human idiocy. Im interested in technology. I find Titanic far more interesting than that WW II stuff.

11 Mar 2019  #82

Of course, because you all needn't become emotionally involved, robot-like, you can remain detached and "relax" while others suffer all around you..
often right in front of your eyes!!

11 Mar 2019  #83

A man must always put rationality over emotions. All this WW II is nice folklore but should never stand in our way

11 Mar 2019  #84

Such a deep-seatedly cynical bunch you lot!

11 Mar 2019  #85

All this WW II is nice folklore

Yeah, a nice folklore! Anyone for repeating the thing?

11 Mar 2019  #86

Don't ask, you might just get an answer:-)

Bratwurst Boy
12 Mar 2019  #87

...I frankly don't think WWII in any way is about to repeated! For that you would need at least a Wehrmacht v2....

12 Mar 2019  #88

Wise words to live by, B.B.

Bratwurst Boy
12 Mar 2019  #89

....the next World War will have to happen without the Germans! :)

13 Mar 2019  #90

If Ursula von der Leyden has her way, you'll doubtlessly be right.

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