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Cargo pants
13 May 2023  #3,121

I only have one person to impress and that is myself.

That will be me.

wear them only with shorts.

I hate shorts except going to gym.Even taught my kids not to wear em half pants.lol hey do you also wear sandals with em socks & shorts lol?

I don't try to live up to other peoples expectations.

LOL unlike some homo here dresses up to go to a freaking bar lol

13 May 2023  #3,122

I don't try to live up to other people's expectations.

I have a wife to remind me that I look like sh*it and need a haircut. I would kill (that was a Polish metaphor) to look like Keith Morrison but my hair is not that good and my wife won't let it grow that long.

I buy my socks from Costo for their quality. They last forever...

So if you are right (which I am sure you are) jon & bobko are mentally ill too?

I didn't see their medical records so I can't tell.

You will be disappointed with my answer...If my own son told me that he enjoys sticking his penis into other guys' rectums, I would tell him that he is a sick moron and in need of medical intervention.

I would also tell him not to touch anything when visiting. On the positive side, I would hire the best-looking hooker in town and tell her to start banging or sucking him until he realizes that a woman's vagina is the correct hole and so much more fun.

I would do it for only one purpose: to get grandkids to love later. Our own is just an expense and a PITA that kills all the joys of being young and free to go places.

Now that I answered you provocative question fully and honestly, you can return the favor by leaving other guys' wives and daughters alone.

13 May 2023  #3,123

Especially the things he assumes two men do in bed.

Men don't get AIDS coloring books.

13 May 2023  #3,124

GK, please don't answer the question above until he does.

I just love those kindergarten games of yours. Funny! :):):)

stick your penis into another guy's rectum.

Why do you never cease thinking and talking about male homosexuality? You would like to try it out but are sort of shy or afraid???? :):)

Don`t forget there is also lesbianism. It is even in the thread name. What do you think of it??? :):):)

13 May 2023  #3,125

Because no matter where I go I see more faggot flags than the US flags to remind me about the sick bastards with no limits.

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