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Serbia etc. thread 2

23 Sep 2020  #61

You people know what means the word - `DIFFERENCE`? Let me explain you. You see Albanian sufi Muslims who call themselves Shiftars celebrate USA, you start to worry, seriously worry. But, when you see Serbs celebrate USA, you know USA lead the world, without any doubt, 100% lead. See, that is the DIFFERENCE.

But, most of you even don`t comprehend what just happening. You don`t know. So much about BBC and CNN.

Not that President Trump didn`t try to tell you. Do you even understand him? First class world statesman. Leader. Played on Serbian question and won the world.

And Serbs took on themselves last charge of restless evil, to buy time to USA and world, one Trump to come.

Racowie, last line of defense, Sarmatian finest!

25 Sep 2020  #62

On a press conference after today`s visit to Turkey, Serbian President Vucic, in a diplomatic way, said (referring to Greek-Turkish conflict) to journalists....``Since the 12th century we Serbs paid grave price in protecting the others. We now develop and others should be wise to avoid conflicts themselves.``.... ``So, we finished our wars with Turks after fateful Kumanovo battle in 1912 when we defeated so called `Turkish European army` and pushed Turkish state border behind Bosporus. We now seek only peace with Turks, as long as they offering peace to us and respect Serbian interests.``


In the air was also bitter taste of memory how Greeks treacherously repaid their debt to Serbs (for helping them when Ottoman Turks invaded and by supporting Greeks uprisings against Turks in later centuries) by genocide committed on Serbs in what is now Northern Greece (what never was Greek but Slavic) after WWI, despite even being in alliance with Serbian Kingdom.

Using most simplistic terminology, Serbia gave middle finger to Greeks because of serious historical betrayals. No Serbian army and no Serbian influence would be used on behalf of interests of Greece.

26 Sep 2020  #63

I will miss summer and those scenes of naked Serbian girls from time to time in public. This one moved naked out of her car to buy a watermelon. Her pussy needed cooling, sure.


Spot the video within the article /correct quality of video - even English subtitles/ >

>>>> objektiv.rs/vest/335746/gola-srpkinja-kupuje-lubenicu-usred-dana-na-pancevackom-putu-ovaj-video-raspametio-je-region-video/?utm_campaign=alo.contentexchange.me&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=alo.contentexchange.me

26 Sep 2020  #64

I will miss summer and those scenes of naked Serbian girls

Dang! Time to dust off the passport....lol

26 Sep 2020  #65

See, some of them doing it for fun and some are religiously motivated. Rodoverists (pagan or Christian-pagan, if you want but I don`t like word `pagan`). Those say that our Slavic pre-Chritian faith guarantee them natural right to be walk naked within their society (state). Woman, man but in reality movement is strong within young populace. Married man and woman usually avoid walking naked. And no, its not religious fanaticism. Its just expression of freedom. Like when Muslims use hijab or when LGBT demonstrate. Its just freedom and becoming fun to many.

I know I don`t complaint. After fall of communism, Serbia is finally free and true land of wonders. Freedom for every layer of society.

26 Sep 2020  #66

I know I don`t complaint.

Its kind of funny if you ask me. Why not? They aren't hurting anyone. Perhaps, the babcias will be shocked and a few pervs will have their cameras focused.lol

Freedom for every layer of society.

Yep, freedom is a beautiful thing!

1 Oct 2020  #67


A precedent in a Christian world. Pope set Catholic Church in Croatia under jurisdiction of Serbian Patriarch of Serbian Orthodox Church in particular matter.

Does this mean that Vatican giving up from its project of transforming a Catholic Serbs into Croats and then their germanization?

Latar more on this.

13 Oct 2020  #68

Decided, and story of which are ordinary people in the region aware. Serbian state is about to control Slavic part of Adriatic sea.

19 Oct 2020  #69

Great thanks to American Polonia led by brat Corey Lewandowski that invest great money to support local Bosnian Serb Republic as counter measure to Saudi and Iran investments in Bosnian Muslims. Serb Republic is probably only project on Earth where Poles and Russians coordinate and their interests goes hand in hand. Poles providing money, Russians diplomatic support in top UN bodies. At the same time Vatican sided with Muslims and force local Catholics to live within Muslim provinces of Bisnia under Sharia law.

Thanks Slavdom!

Vesko Vukovic
20 Oct 2020  #70

Jihad in Bosnia:

Mujahideens in Bosnia in 90s'


Some of the worst atrocities during the war in Bosnia was committed by the mujahideens which included beheadings, cutting off people's ears, gouging out the eyes, cutting off fingers, mutilation of bodies...

Mujahideen in Bosnia. Killing Hvo (Croatian) pow.


Saudi Arabia paid off tens of millions of dollars to American TV networks (in which they are already sizeable shareholders) in order to cover-up muslim crimes and atrocities in Bosnia, so that videos such as these would never be broadcast to a Western audience.


Army of Republika Srpska rescuing Croatian civilians and soldiers and allowing them safe passage, treatment of the wounded and providing them food and medical supplies who were about to be massacred by muslim terrorists in middle Bosnia where Catholics were too weak and dispersed to be able to properly defend themselves.

"After we watched CNN and BBC reports we believed that if we tried to reach safety by crossing through Serbian territory that the Chetniks would butcher us, what we discovered is that the Serbian army was even more disciplined and better organized than even our own. Wounded Serbian soldiers got up and gave our pregnant women their own hospital beds who were about to deliver."

Obviously such reports were never allowed to see the light of day.

20 Oct 2020  #71

That reminded me of Austrian propaganda against Serbian army at the end of WWI. When Serbians advacing cavalry reached nearest Village to vienna, on the contrary of propaganda about savage Serbs, our army started saving local civilians from famine sharing their own reserve food with them, no matter all genocide Austrians commited in Serbia during the War. Serbian soldiers special attention dedicated in saving local children, war orphans.

There is the monunent to Serbian soldiers in that Austrian village even now.

No doubt, Serbian culture is high above culture of western Europeans that are very backward and therefore irrationally violent in nature. Like Muslims.

20 Oct 2020  #72

Serbian culture is high above culture

What culture are you talking about. Serbia has never produced anything of note in this regard. Is there a Serbian Mozart, a Serbian Shakespeare?

Like Muslims.

Serbs are still the recordholder in civilian atrocities in post WWII Europe. Remember Srebenica.

20 Oct 2020  #73

Remember Srebenica.

Another deed of western Europe. Investment on terain and in propaganda offices.

Is there a Serbian Mozart, a Serbian Shakespeare

Sure. We have our great people. Plus your great people used to steal from our great people and culture and present it as western European.

Not to say that western Europe colaborated with Turks while we bleed so your great people can work undisturbed.

But things coming back to normalcy. Serbians goes up, western Europe goes down. Good luck on the way down.

20 Oct 2020  #74

Forgot what Vatican done to Serbs? In what bestial ways ustashe led by Catholic priests in person were instructed to kill Serbs. Even Germans were disguist.

Just think of Medjugorje, declared holly site, while in fact place of ritual killings of Orthodox.

20 Oct 2020  #75

Yes, Crow, I read a lot about it and I will never forget ustashes` atrocities.

20 Oct 2020  #76

We Serbs will cut Poland's ties with Vatican. We must so our joint projects can continue. Our joint history and civilization are older then Vatican and Constantinople. Catholic Poles would be better without Vatican above them.

20 Oct 2020  #77

We have our great people.

Such as?

21 Oct 2020  #78

Take Vuk Stefanovic for starter. He worked in extraordinary hard conditioned during Turkish occupation. He worked on reformation of Serbian language and did it so well that even modern experts says he was genius. He established rule one letter, one voice. There are sugestions global computer language to be founded on Vuks rule. Did you know that Bernard Alan Show deposited some 400000 British pounds to anyone who reform English language the way Vuk reformed Serbian language.

Then Vuk Stefanovic, by his colections of Serbian people s oral tradition influenced one Goethe, Tolkien, Grim brorhers, etc. Many dont know that entire work of Grimm brothers, their fairy tales represent copy of Serbian peoples oral tradition. Tolkiens phantasy world is inspired by Serbian language and mythology. Jakob Grimm even concluded that non can understand German mythology without studieng Slavic mythology. Goethe compared Serbian epic poetry with Scabndinavian Kalevala.

21 Oct 2020  #79

means French or German companies freely getting fat in Poland

Poland is a colony, what you expext. Poland to get fat? No, not in the EU, not if Vatican is asked.

discussing things with you is very tiring coz you twist and mix everything up

He just getting older, I presume. See, when I first time came to this forum Iron was a firce Slavic patriot. Now sometimes sound as religious fanatic. Reminds me of that nasty bishop Absolon.

21 Oct 2020  #80


Yes, the same as ustashe in WW2 Croatia - the same fascist ideology. If he had lived then, he would have run a death camp for his ideological opponents.

21 Oct 2020  #81

Political oponents and all who oppose to Pope. I am sure that he see EU as a new AH. Never mind if Poland stays eternal village in the EU but its EU.

And he is completly ignorant to fact that Gavrilo saved Poland. He never supported erection of monunent to Gavrilo in Poland. Nothing what would harn grandeur feelings of Germany and Vatican or that incompetent Brussels.

Vesko Vukovic
21 Oct 2020  #82


"ISIS Before ISIS," Radical Islam in Bosnia, British Sky News TV report

The first attempt by ISIS to set up an Islamic state was not in Syria, Lybia, Afghanistan or Iraq it was in the heart of Europe, Bosnia was their first theater of operations. They planned to use Bosnia as a launchpad for a future muslim migrants invasion of Europe.


British jihadists in Bosnia and Herzegovina




Britain now faces its own blowback

"The report estimates that about 200 Pakistani Muslims living in the UK went to Pakistan, trained in HUA camps and joined the HUA's contingent in Bosnia."

"Less well known is evidence of the British government's relationship with a wider Islamist terrorist network. During an interview on Fox TV this summer, the former US federal prosecutor John Loftus reported that British intelligence had used the al-Muhajiroun group in London to recruit Islamist militants with British passports for the war against the Serbs in Kosovo."


21 Oct 2020  #83

point about the Pope`s latest utterance?

Might fragment and split the RC church (Not that i'm bothered about what the Vatican says)

21 Oct 2020  #84

Do you, mean decent Catholics will follow Pope`s preaching, while others will create their own fanatic pseudo Catholic sect??

21 Oct 2020  #85

Now listen this

Seams that Polish Archbishop Henryk Hoser sent on Balkan have problems in dealing with Croat Nazi Archbishop Bozanic and now Bosnian Nazi Bishop Vinko Puljic. Polish Archbishop Henryk Hoser is also involved in dealing with Medjugorje fraud.

Plus, Polish Archbishop Henryk Hoser have problems with most recent scandal when Bishop Puljic desecrated catedral church in Bosnias Sarajevo where during his visit served Polish Pope Paul II. There is even monument to Paul II in front of catedral. Anyway, Puljic used catedral to organize mess for Nazis last year. So seams that Polish Archbishop Henryk Hoser retaliated and retired Puljic this year. But scandal continue as Puljic refuse to be retired and traveled to Germany to connect to Nazi circles.

Might fragment and split the RC church (Not that i'm bothered about what the Vatican says)

If Polish Catholic Church separate from Vatican the way Serbian Orthodox Church is distant from Constantinople Patriarchate things may move in direction of closer ties between Polish and Serbian Churches what could result in new Slavic Christian Church.

We should then all celebrate family SLAVA custum as common uniting spiritual factor beside Christ.

Do you, mean decent Catholics will follow Pope`s preaching

Don't underestimate fact of Vaticans involvementin in massive genocide on Serbs. Its not only spiritual and morale fall of Vatican. It was also direct attack on Polish vital strategic interests and on behalf of German intetests. Vatican practically forcing Polish Catholics to distance themselves from Vatican. No choice here actually for Poles.

21 Oct 2020  #86

This is why Trump support Serbs. He knows truth

22 Oct 2020  #87

Fortunately, we are backed by European institutions which stick to law.

oh yes like Targowica, similarity is striking.

Isn`t it simple?

Yes, is very simple you are a very confused soviet. Some emotionally charged rants that do not make much sense.


He was a loony with loony ideas. The war stared because everyone wanted it and Austria-Hungary fed up with Serbia used that as a pretext. Get your facts straight. If not for that some other pretext would do.

ppose to Pope

You are a nutter with one track mind. Sure better watch out or the Pope will nuke you.

22 Oct 2020  #88

If not for that some other pretext would do.

Of course, but Gavrilo is one to which Polish emigres to France counted most and as you see by results played well. Mitzkiewich asked by Prince Czyrtorusky replied - count only on Serbs, play on Balkan-Batic line to set tampon zone between west of Europe and Russia, what suite Russia on the long run. Pilsudski later defined that as Intermarium but true genius was Polish Mitzkiewich and Serbian Garasanin, man of Serbian King Petar Djordjevic whom Polish emigres help to come to power, against pro AH Obrenovic dynasty and Russia was content with the Polish-Serbian operation. Then comes the Black hand organization when King Petar consolidated power and just then Ferdinand died.

See, war was in the air but outcome for Poland after the war didn't look well. Vatican hated and was using Poles, Brits and French using and despice Poles, Germany wanted extinction of Poles and Russia didn't trust to Poles, while USA didn't care.

So, Mitzkiewich, genius as he was sow Serbs as solution. Idaa was Poles to support Serbs and when Serbs move (when Germanics move on Serbs) Russia will follow. If Poles are with Serbs, Russia allow independance of Poland.

That is it my dobri brate. Rest is BS of daily politics.

22 Oct 2020  #89

Sure better watch out or the Pope will nuke you.

Vatican already did the genocide on Serbs. Its War. One will perish in that War its certain as a death is certain. Yes it will finish with the nuke.

Rumors says that man who controls Russians nukes have picture of Gavrilo on the wall. His great admirerer.

Be thankfull if Serbs get rid you of the Vatican. Only then Poland will be free.

Dont tell me Irone that you actually support Vatican. Is that really possible?

You are silent now Irone. In shame for sure in front of one Racow, ie myself. Deep in your soul and heart you dont support Vatican. It isnt about Catholicism. You know that. Its just about evil of those who sit in Vatican, in shadows, even behind Popes.

They grinding Poland too, for centuries.

I dont fear them. You do fear them.

And your fear is enough to them. They dont need your love.

cms neuf
22 Oct 2020  #90

Crow - we need Serbia in the EU. Bring some more fun guys to the party to replace the UK

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