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Serbia etc. thread 2

22 Oct 2020  #91

Sure, like in AH. Sombody must come for Poland. How else Poland can find way out.

Mr Grunwald
23 Oct 2020  #92

Catholic parties in the EU are trying to create a unified Christian Europe, which again goes hand in hand with socialists wish for one centralized state in Europe.

When one is filled with love and compassion, one doesn't leave the church when it needs you the most, having boundaries is normal so creating distance when necessary is fully understandable.

What reason has Serbia to distance itself from Poland?

Are you saying that, as Serbia is a smaller (demographically) state then the Russian Federation and while, quite similar to each other. Main difference is economical? And when Poland treats Serbia well, it is as if how Poland would treat Russia if she was smaller?

23 Oct 2020  #93

Serbia wont distance itself from Poland. We cant. We love Poles and plus too many Serbs within Poland. We wont give up our people that need us and call us.

And we don't distance ourselves from the Church. We only dont have ilusion with whom is possible to work. Vatican declared War on us and wont stop,. Globalists push their agenda.

So Serbia shows another path to all Our people and people close to our people from Baltic to Balkan how Church can work and serve Christ and also serve our particular ancestors.

23 Oct 2020  #94

Have your refugee plan in case that Biden win.

This is my city described by American who came to live here >>>

Best City for Americans to Retire in: Novi Sad, Serbia

>>> youtube.com/watch?v=IsXfe7CXqB0

Back in Serbia as a Serbian Citizen

>>> youtube.com/watch?v=i2dRHf0kFw4

I'm baaack! I flew into Nikola Tesla Airport at 5:30am this morning from New York City! ....... " Serbian passport holders" line!

BDW, Charles Cather live in my part of the city. Cool guy

This American who choose Belgrade to live in >

American Moves to Belgrade During COVID- 19 - The Capital of Serbia 2020

>>> youtube.com/watch?v=JX9uaYieKcU

23 Oct 2020  #95

Have your refugee plan in case that Biden win.

Anyone with the money will leave the USA for good, you got that right!

Bidens plan for taxing the rich will be over before it starts and the middle class and the poor will have to flip the bill.

How is the weather over there in the summer? lol Im glad my wife is a Polish citizen, could be a early retirement for me:)

23 Oct 2020  #96

@Crow How are Božanić and Puljić Nazis? Who fed you all this Serbian propaganda?

Your country are more like the Nazis than the Croats and Bosnians. Serbia once tried to commit genocide on the Albanian Kosovars. And rightfully, Kosovo gained independence.

So don't be the boy who cried wolf and stop lying about the Vatican "committing genocide" on Serbs.

23 Oct 2020  #97

Hey Crow there are serbians living near a property of mine, they are stealing and causing trouble , what should I do with them?.

23 Oct 2020  #98

Just tell them you believed Popes are the worst, before you didn't encounter your Serbian neighbors. That might shock them and make them decide to improve. In psihology its called shock therapy.


You call me a liar? I pitty you. You are hypnotized by Bill Clinton, CNN, Deutsche Welle and Co. Go and shot at your TV. Save yourself.

23 Oct 2020  #99

Popes are the worst

Should i pour holy water upon them?

23 Oct 2020  #100

Dont. If they are possesed by demons they could explode and you could finish in a jail. And who would believe in your story. All would think you lost nerves and burned them with gasoline

23 Oct 2020  #101

could explode

Hmmm very tempting

24 Oct 2020  #102

Anyone with the money will leave the USA for good, you got that right!

Considering many migrants coming to Serbia (point on White migrants from the developed countries, not just Serbs in origin, all sorts), experts here revealed plan for fast building entire ultra-modern new little towns with entire modern local aerial infrastructure for our came backs from USA, Australia, Canada and western Europe. By the plan idea is to build those little towns in the middle of rural areas so they are surrounded by villages that will support needs of towns.

Talks of this are usual on TV so I suspect somebody here have no good predictions (for all sorts of reasons) for political and economic development in USA, EU, Australia and Canada.

This one is interesting. Instead of Florida he retired in Serbia >

Angel Lewis (an Anglo) from New Orleans bought old house on the Serbia`s village and renovated. Opened village pub and now live like a king.


>>>> objektiv.rs/vest/345771/amerikanac-dosao-u-selo-kod-milanovca-kupio-staru-udzericu-i-porucio-srbija-je-najbolja-zemlja-na-svetu/

He bought a house in Teočin and opened a bar in the basement serving only Serbian toast
>>>> newsbeezer.com/serbiaeng/he-bought-a-house-in-teocin-and-opened-a-bar-in-the-basement-serving-only-serbian-toast/

an American chose Serbia as the land of his dreams. Angel Lewis from New Orleans came to the village of Teocin


Locals love him

26 Oct 2020  #103

What reason has Serbia to distance itself from Poland?

Put the opposite question. If Poland fail to coordinate with Serbs, Poland may face severe Geo-strategic problems. All what Germany desire is to see Poland shows disrespect on Serbs and their interests. It opening door wide for Germany to plot another and final partition of Poland. That way Germany would avoid its own collapse.

And Vatican pushing Poland in betrayal of Serbs. Think about it. Vatican is always on Germanic side against Poland and other Slavs.

Good that Polish President Duda changes rethorics. He was reprimanded by Corey Lewandowski. He now speak less about Three Seas innitiative and more about Serbia in Visegrad. Slavic Adriatic is Serbian question, not Croatian. Hungarian Orban helps Duda here.

26 Oct 2020  #104


How am I hypnotized? I don't even watch TV that much.

Croatia is older than Serbia. Don't deny that.

26 Oct 2020  #105

Croats are Catholic Serbs. Read about it in Catholic online encyclopedia. Catholic Serbs declared to be Croats as politically invented nation. Its only case in Europe where is religion taken for factor to create nation. And it was not easy process. Catholic Serbs, especially Serbs of Dubrovnik protested to Pope, begged but, all in vein. It was decided.

Its one people with one and same language, living on one and same territory. One village and settlement Catholic, the other Orthodox. Then suddenly Catholics are new nation, Croats. Then plus came Turks and invented islamized Serbs to be Bosniaks.

And term `Serbs` is older then any other ethnic name in the world. But here now we speak about Serbs of Shtokavian Slavic dialect, of all three faith, as even Polish Czartorisky spoke and suggested united Serbian state on Balkan.

26 Oct 2020  #106

But here now we speak about Serbs of Shtokavian Slavic dialect, of all faith, as even Polish spoke and suggested united Serbian state on Balkan.

Nobody believes you that Serbs are older than Croats.

And I am not hypnotized.

nobody here believes your propaganda. stop lying.

26 Oct 2020  #107

You are very negativne person, you know. And boring. You must be some old granny that cant be satisfied with abolutely anything.

Try rakija. Direct application.

26 Oct 2020  #108

Nah, you're the old guy that can't be satisfied with anything in the world. You can't be satisfied with Croatia, the EU, or everything else. You're only satisfied if everything in the world is Serbia.

26 Oct 2020  #109

Oh, I am satisfied. EU crumbling. Vatican is global joke, a black one. NATO is crumbling. Croatia crumbling. Etc.

Plus, I'm not that old. Not at all.

27 Oct 2020  #110

Croatia crumbling?

You are wrong, lol.

27 Oct 2020  #111

Surely so. But engaging with Crow (aka insane Serbian uber-nationalist) is about as productive as talking to a bag of potatoes...

27 Oct 2020  #112

Say wrong or no wrong, Croatia (also Crna Gora, Bosna i Hercegovina, Kosovo) is a Serbian question. I just informed you. And, it would be wise from all Poles to have it in their mind. Or, who knows, maybe Serbian stance on Poland also change. Maybe in the eyes of Balkan/CE Serbs, Lusatia stop to be Poland`s question. Or Silesia. Or Kashubia.

Or, or Poland itself.

Because, you see, Lusatians, Kashubs, Lemkos, Silesians, etc, they aren`t Polish (Polani). They are incorporated in Poland. And we Serbs respect that and contribute in stability of Poland.

Croats? Croats and Serbs are one and same people, forcible separated by the political will of Vatican and Germany. You even can`t compare Lusatia, Kashubia, Silesia, etc ethoses relation to Polani, like you compare Serbs and Croats because as I informing you Serbs and Croats are one and same people (one language, one genetics, one culture, one origin, etc all what one people makes one), where Croats represent Catholic Serbs. Who knows, maybe some remain Croats if Vatican and Germany are too powerful but, Poles are advised to respect fact of Serbs and Croats being one people. Or, as I also said, why would we Serbs respect unity among Polani themselves. Maybe Orthodox Polani aren`t Polani. Maybe Kashubi, Lusatiians, Silesians do have rights to separate from Poland.

So, I just say, elemental respect from Poles on Serbs is needed. Sure, in the process to do so, Poles would have to give middle finger to Vatican`s-Germanic schemes but, well, its not us Serbs who started this but the Vatican and Germanics.

Mr Grunwald
28 Oct 2020  #113

Yet you want to start something now Crowie, I understand your emotionally torn up about this, like a close family being disunited. Still how you want to go forth with this? Spewing toxicity and animosity among brothers and sisters? Or show them your support and love?

See how Poles try to help Belarus, even tho those lands and People used to be part of the big union and could had resentful feelings, thoughts of revenge or wanting payback for all hell created against our holy Union of slavic tribes and any free man or women. We as Poles chose what improves us, helps us on a better path. Cause rotting up internally leads only to one place, and we ain't returning to that ****

World War Two and what national or international socialism or even a "Polish type socialism" did to Poland was simply wrong. Thinking it's good for Poland... One has to be quite delusional thinking that Poles are identical to one another, we are different to one another and that is our strength. We are United in our knowledge of being different, even amongst ourselves. Which is why we need the love for Poland the most, so that we are United about something beyond politics, likes and dislikes. The heart is what counts, nobody can tell us anything else

And if I am wrong, I welcome any brother and sister to correct me

28 Oct 2020  #114

Still how you want to go forth with this? Spewing toxicity and animosity among brothers and sisters? Or show them your support and love?

This reunion of Serbs of all three faith (Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim) must come firstly by the defeat of Nazi-clero-Catholic-ustasha and Nazi-Islamic ideologies. To defeat it is to unmask all deception behind it, all lies about Serbian and general Slavic history. That for starter.

Plus, parallel with it must go economical prosperity what Serbia bringing to the region by refusing to have colonial status to any world power but to cooperate with all on equal bases, being even militarily neutral in the process.

Poland should learn something from Serbia. Heads up and speak truth. All truth, not selective truth.

See how Poles try to help Belarus, even tho those lands and People

Try by speaking truth. Condemn Vatican`s genocide against your most loyal brothers- Serbians. Then you shall see how many doors opening to Poland to come to the top.

Show Belarus that Poland do have backbone to speak truth and to arise its voice for those who are loyal to Her. Force Sarmatism, then non would care are most Poles Catholic or what else. Problem isn`t in Catholicism, Orthodoxy,... Problems are elements within Churches. So best is to force Sarmatism. And maybe to think to incorporate SLAVA custom within your Catholicism, as Serbs did within Orthodoxy.

Mr Grunwald
29 Oct 2020  #115



This happened as German minority in Poland disloyally supported invaders as they were closer in contact with the German state then Poland. Execution for treason which lead to even more death and international stigmatization


Polish Boy Scouts executed by German military Wehrmacht created a ever lasting stain for the German military for not only executing prisoners of war, but also children.

Srebrnica woke up all those memories which people in Europe had already worked through by dialog. If Serbs decide to play and act as the victim (no matter if that is true or not) instead of taking the lead and responsibility for their own actions. Serbia won't be able to reach any agreement with the population in Croatia, with or without Vatican influence.

You want to lead in the balkans? Serbs to take a stand? Do so and show the world what Serbia means, does Serbia represent death, or does Serbia represent love?

How do you treat your enemies? Especially when disarmed? And I am not talking about only women and children, but men too.

Germans got a lot of grief about the expulsions from their lands past ww2, do you see them crying about mean communism and Stalin that grabbed their eastern borders and shuffled as he wanted? No

Ask yourself, are you worse or better then Germans?

29 Oct 2020  #116

Srebrnica woke up all those memories which people in Europe had already worked through by dialog.

Srebrenica is arena organized by certain foreigners and their media, exactly for the reason to woke up memories of people of Europe. Its no secret. Genocide there happened on Serbs and then some (!) Serbs committed killings of Muslim war prisoners. But those media never woke up memories about genocide on Serbs in Srebrenica or during WWII or WWI. Its because Vatican still wage war against Serbs what is utterly stupid, because attacking Serbs on the long run securing many problems to the attacker.

That is how Putin and Trump emerged. More attacks on Serbs, there will be many more interesting events.

29 Oct 2020  #117

People of one Nikola Tesla won`t betray the USA. We are now ready. Will be peace.

To be clear with one thing.

Trump, Putin and Xi decided Serbia is center of Europe. Not just Belgrade is oldest European Capital, not just because White people and the West started from here. No, not just because of that. Also because people here have specific sense for sanity, modern culture and global and local business. And, Serbs dont have prejuduces and for that they are to rewarded and it is good to all free minded people.

In that sense and having in mind threts to the regional and continental peace, via Poland's and Hungary's air space, air brige from Russia to Serbia is right now established with consent of the USA. Right now most heavy Russian thanks and armoured vehicles are transported to Serbia in large qantities.

Will be peace. Pax Sarmatica.

30 Oct 2020  #118

My support to all sisters in Poland. Endure, you Sarmatian Amazons

Vrana Racow love you. Regards from Novi Sad

Vesko Vukovic
30 Oct 2020  #119

My support to all sisters in Poland.

You support them to commit the worst possible sin which is Čedomorstvo?

You're a deeply misguided individual.

My advice for you is to stop commenting about issues especially about religion which you obviously don't have a clue on.

31 Oct 2020  #120

Vesko? What you talking about?

Woman were free to choose to give birth 10.000 years ago and should be free to choose now.

Orthodox Church here isn`t better then Catholic. Both are crazy. But in Serbia we have state, we have better law for woman.

If we want to improve birthrate we should invest in education, financial incentives, health care and not force injustice on woman, turn then in factories for children.


Vale Sean Connery [34]George Floyd authopsy report [296]

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