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How are you spending self-quarantine?

17 Mar 2020  #31

army choppers were landing and taking off like crazy. Either routine military training or they are dispatching troops

Yes, Serbian army also has order to shot at Corona virus on sight.

17 Mar 2020  #32

Reading Vasari's lives of the artists -

Wrong! In such times as we are experiencing now, we should read classic staff: Dekameron by Bocaccio, Plague by Camus and Journal of the Plaque Year by Defoe.

Well then you shouldn't have driven to the woods!!

Of course I should. I drive very fast but also very safely.

Why doesn't your wife want to take the children out??

She wants. I didn`t.

You brought them with you today didn't you?

After you advised me to.

What sort of an accident does she think they could have walking??

Very simple like falling down and breaking your wrist. It happened to one of our sons last year and I wouldn`t like to live it again. My kids grow very quickly already in their preteen years and sometimes lose their coordination/balance coz they need time to adapt to their longer limbs. Didn`t your kids have such problems? My eldest son is two metres tall now - 14 cm taller than me.

Cargo pants
17 Mar 2020  #33

Getting out after shave shower at 12 running around 3/4 miles in saski park and around,come back to flat shower talk with Pals on komurka and at around 8ish open vodka albo wino botulka and try POLISH speaking and spee in cpl hrs.ACHIEVEMENT of the day in quarentine.

17 Mar 2020  #34


Which is your fav?

Cargo pants
17 Mar 2020  #35

grey goose or organic oginski which is available not more then 700 ml

johnny reb
17 Mar 2020  #36

Tito's on the rock's with one olive.

I have been going through all my college year pictures.
So many girlfriends in such a short time.
I wonder where they all are and what they are doing now as grandma's.

17 Mar 2020  #37

Grey goose is vodka? Not whiskey? And organic you mean with those piano keys on the bottle? Organy?

Cargo pants
17 Mar 2020  #38

Ha Ha Ha when was the last time you went around a alcohol shop?(I owned a bar and a high volume liquor store for years)and yes oginski is cheaper and way better with no smell and no hangover:)Have a shot BOI!

**** man are you serious that vodka guys are playing???ORGAN Y?? its says organic?those piano keys means really fooling on bottles?lol somehow I felt its good vodka.Piano keys on bottle with name ORGANIC??SERIOUSLY?

17 Mar 2020  #39

Oops, you are already intoxicated. Now it is 9.10 pm, it took you only 70 minutes. You have a weak head. hahaha

Tito's on the rock's

Josif Broz Tito? That Yugoslavian leader? Crow will be elated reading it.

Cargo pants
17 Mar 2020  #40

Yes I am and FU.Dobranoc.

17 Mar 2020  #41

Drunk again..... you will be $hitting yourself next..... LOL!
Indians can't drink...... all get drunk too quick and many become alcoholics.

17 Mar 2020  #42

Drunk again.....

Milo, can you leave this nastiness of yours behind the door when you enter this thread.? It is a decent place, we don`t need your scandalous remarks.

17 Mar 2020  #43

Not scandalous at all, I know many Indians, many are friends, some are employees, but this is a fact.
Indians do not grow up with alcohol as we do in Europe.
In states like Gujerat alcohol is banned. ( though easily available ).
I post honestly and truthfully, so stick your virtue signalling up where the sun doesn't shine.....

17 Mar 2020  #44

I post honestly and truthfully,

No, you don`t, you insult Cargo, if you suffer from amnesia, go back and read again what you wrote. :)

so stick your virtue

And now you are insulting others. Shame on you. You are not a cultural Brit.

Rich Mazur
17 Mar 2020  #45

where the sun doesn't shine...

...where the sun don't shine...is the correct way.

17 Mar 2020  #46

, you insult Cargo

That drunken bully boy that poos his pants deserves everything he gets.

...where the sun don't shine...is the correct way

No, it is not.
That is the American way..... :-)

17 Mar 2020  #47

Why doesn't your wife want to take the children out??

Aaargh, I looked through our posts again coz I still couldn`t figure out why you asked me that question. Sorry, I made a mistake and quoted too long from cms: A walk and a bike ride with the kids every day

I should have made it shorter to a bike ride. My wife didn`t want kids to ride bikes, rollerblades and a skateboard - they use all of them. A walk was prefectly OK.

Sorry for that qui prop quo.

That drunken bully boy that poos his pants deserves everything he gets.

No, you should be nicer to other posters. Be a cultural Brit for a while. Remember, you live not far from the Queen - royalty keep their manners - follow their noble example, don`t be such pleb.

17 Mar 2020  #48

This pleb can critisize drunken plebs with $h** filled cargo pants all day long....
Because I am a better pleb than he is... :-)

17 Mar 2020  #49

No, you are a moron who pollutes a decent thread with garbage.

17 Mar 2020  #50

And you are a communist sypathising pleb.

17 Mar 2020  #51

Milo is Turk or Chinese provoker. I concluded that using technic of inverted logic.

17 Mar 2020  #52

All your logic is inverted........
Normal for Turkic Serbs.......

17 Mar 2020  #53

No, your mouth are full of Turks or Chinese. Don`t deny. You are interested in our stance on one of those.

17 Mar 2020  #54


Sorry mate, didn't understand a word.
Come back to me when you learn English.

17 Mar 2020  #55

My grandmother (Let Christ and Svetovid provide peace to her good soul) pretended to be mute when was suitable to her. In first days of my Polishforums meberships she was still well and alive. She was sure that I must explain things to Poles.

johnny reb
18 Mar 2020  #56

No, you are a moron who pollutes a decent thread with garbage.

But he wants to get in the game with the big boys so bad.
The problem is though that he has no game.

My friend is going stir crazy being self quarantined.
He ask me what to do to stop going crazy.
I told him what an excellent time to teach your kids how to sew a button on or boil an egg.
Teach them how to clean their rooms and teach them how to do a load of wash in the wash machine.
All the lost arts since the I-phone came out.

18 Mar 2020  #57

All the lost arts since the I-phone came out.

I seen a guy last week almost get hit by a train walking while playing with his phone.....

Check out this funny song about them.......... Phone Zombies


Making a new kind of cocktail every night

Not a bad idea! Im drinking a few beers for St.Paddys and playing me guitar:)

18 Mar 2020  #58

. My wife didn`t want kids to ride bikes, rollerblades and a skateboard - they use all of them.

Once again I'm conscious of the cultural differences between Poland and 'my country' :)) Ireland is going through the same lockdown as Poland at the moment but people are behaving quite differently. Poles are terrible worriers! Don't be worrying - John Paul II has your back ;)


18 Mar 2020  #59

There is nothing more annoying than hearing about the list of Hollywood Celebrities that are self quarantining themselves in their self righteous mansions.

18 Mar 2020  #60

Poles are terrible worriers!

Ha! better be on the safe side. I have just read that cancer patients don`t know where to go to after some hospitals were turned into infectious disease facilities. So, if such patients have problems, what about simple fractures?

Don't be worrying - John Paul II has your back ;)

Nope, I havent` tried him out yet. He is a new saint whose powers haven`t been fully tested yet so prefer the older ones.

but people are behaving quite differently

Hmm you gave a link to an article about one street in Dublin where people come out and exercise together. Is it nationwide?

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